'Hey How's it going,' Robert said, as he walked down the alley in back of our house.

I looked up and saw a very nice looking man with a bag of groceries in his hand, walking up the alleyway.

'Just fine,' I said with a smile, 'and how are you?' I asked, he smiled and answered in the affirmative.

That was actually the first time I had seen Robert, and he would walk to the store from behind the house down the alley way and across the street to the market, several times a week, rather than drive a car.

Now you must understand that this is the story of my first becoming involved in gay sex.

I was quite young,, and I knew that I had this thing for cocks and naked guys.

For some reason, guy's dicks were of utmost importance to me.

After I got into high School and started dressing out and taking showers I found out that I was almost obsessed with the looks and shapes of guys cocks and testicles, I was very interested in the looks of cocks that were uncut too, by the way.

I had been cut, and they just looked different. I wanted to feel one, to caress it, slide that foreskin back and lick on the head.

Well in my real early years about twelve my friend up the street and I had gone to the basement of his house and checked each other out, and I was awe struck in the fact that Tim's cock was so much bigger than mine, and I was so lucky too, Tim was uncut. It looked like Tim had a fifteen inch cock, and balls like a horse. Truthfully he just had six inches,(we measured one time,) I guess it was just the eyes and amazement on my part coming thru, but he was really big for his age. Just matured earlier than I did I guess.

Hell I had only finally gotten pubic hairs. But even at that age I realized that I was interested a lot in sex with other guys.

I guess I was strange but I never did have a thing for girls, like most guys my age were having.

I wasn't there yet, making sperm, but I knew it would be only a matter of time and I would be.

My desires were blossoming like mad, even though I couldn't shoot sperm yet, I was jerking my little pecker like a mad man, and wouldn't stop until it almost hurt from that powerful sensation that comes and builds up and then 'KABOOM.' I found out later that it's what they called a climax, it was awesome feeling.

Well I had just turned thirteen when it happened, I finally started producing that white stuff and I felt like king of the universe.

Well Tim's family moved away, I felt empty and alone in my quest for sexual knowledge.

Several years passed and I was just eighteen when my first sexual experience happened with a grown man.

Now at this point I want it understood that this was my doing, not the guy that I did it too, but it did grow into a regular sexual relationship later.

I had been chatting with this Robert that lived up the street, he was a bachelor, never been married. I would guess he was about thirty, maybe a little younger, very handsome, and so nicely built bodily.

I couldn't understand why he was such a loner and all, but he was.

I would go up to his back yard and he would be working in his yard, with the flowers, damn he had some awesome roses, and other flowers too of course, but he loved roses.

I use to go into his yard and talk with him and even began to learn about roses, and growing things. He was really an awesome guy.

Then one afternoon, I went in and he was kneeling down working in his flower beds, with these loose fitting shorts on and he wasn't wearing underwear, and these shorts, although loose, were very short, I saw his awesome looking nut sack, hanging down thick and round, and I felt this almost like a pain in my stomach, god I wanted to reach down and put my hand inside his shorts and rub those nuts so bad I was aching.

Truthfully for almost a month after that, I would use the memory of those awesome looking balls as jerk off inspiration.

Well one afternoon, I was horny as hell and I went up to Robert's yard, opened his back gate and walked in. I noticed he was on his back porch, which was a covered porch, with pillar like posts, holding up the roof of the porch. It was actually very nice.

Robert was laying there with a wet cloth over his eyes, and those loose shorts on again, he had evidently fallen asleep.

I looked at his beautiful neat looking hairy chested body laying there, and felt my cock starting to swell, hard and thick, god he was really beautiful, very handsome and for some reason very desirable.

I then noticed the outline of a very hefty looking cock there in his shorts, laying over to the left of center.

I spoke to Robert but there was no response, an I even shook him a little to see if he would wake up, he was dead to the world.

I decided then, as I lusted after his gorgeous body, to do something really stupid. I knelt down beside his lounge chair, reached over and felt that awesome cock of his, I felt it lightly stir in his shorts and realized he was getting a boner. I felt my heart start beating like a freight train running down the side of a mountain.

I lifted up the edge of those loose shorts, and gently and lightly, fished it out into the light, I felt Roberts body shift a little, and he spread his legs as if he knew what I was doing and he was giving me a better access to his hard throbbing cock.

When I finally got his cock out, I realized it was really thick and beautiful, perfectly straight, nice with nice veins on the upper side, and about seven maybe, seven and a half inches long and uncut, wow, my favorite, I gently played with it for a few seconds and felt it swell as I wrapped my hand around it.

Its beautiful sheathed head was swollen and flared out tight inside that awesome foreskin, god it was awesome looking.

I gently began to play with that skin covering over the head and started sliding it back, and watching as the beautiful purplish pink head began to emerge from it's hiding place.

I could smell the sweat from his having worked in the garden that day, and his manly clean crotch aroma took me to another place like a fine drug, lifting me upward to that place that only certain aroma's and odors can do.

Playing with that cock and rubbing those hairy balls was making me weak from the exquisite pleasure it was shooting thru my body, I felt alive, on fire, exhilarated.

Before I could even think straight I leaned down and engulfed that beautiful cock into my mouth, it was very thick and I started trying to take it to the balls, at first it was too much, and I hadn't learned to relax my throat to accommodate it.

I heard Robert slightly moan and raise his hips just slightly, I knew that even in his sleep, he was enjoying my sucking his cock.

I knew I wanted to taste his cum, and I started to sucking and gently licking and swirling my tongue around and around his beautiful, hard swollen cockhead.

I had been sucking and working on his cock for almost fifteen minutes and I would feel his body move a little and he would raise up his hips and he would moan or groan, and it was when I learned to relax my throat and take that awesome meat to the pubic hair into my throat that I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing my head down farther. I knew he was enjoying what I was doing now.

I Felt his cock seem to grow tighter, thicker, more swollen out and then I noticed his nuts had slid up tight on either side of his thick cock and he let out this loud Moan and I heard his voice, 'AWH Shit, man, Awe Shit, UGHMMMMMMMMMMMM Fuck!!!!!!!!!!! and I felt his cock firing off inside my mouth, and it blasted out a full load of cum into my mouth and down my throat, I was surprised at its taste, and there was so much of it.

His cum tasted like a sweet, salty, thick, bleachy, musty blend of awesome tasting man seed.

I just kept sucking and swallowing and licking it clean, nibbling on that extra skin, And when his cock was finished shooting it's contents into my mouth, he just laid there like he was dead.

Me, I was about the most happy person in the world.

Finally Robert stuffed his junk back into his shorts, opened his eyes, smiled and looked straight into my eyes and said, 'Damn, I had no Idea you liked that sort of thing.'

I smiled and just said, 'Well now you know,'

He invited me in for a soda and something to eat, and then after we were done eating he took me to his living room, pulled my pants down and sucked my seven inch cock until I was almost screaming, damn he drained my nuts totally, I had up until this time never felt anything so friggin awesome and powerful in my life.

It Turns out Robert once had a male lover in his earlier years and he was killed in an auto accident, he had never tried to find another lover since that time and I was the first actual male on male sex that he had had since his boyfriend had been killed almost five years before.

Well the following Friday night Robert wanted to take me to supper and to a movie. Which I loved, just knowing that he wanted to be with me was awesome, at least to me.

Damn man, while in the theatre we sat back up in a corner, and while I held a box of popcorn, like two kids in a candy store, He took my cock out and slowly jerked me off and just as I got to the blast point, to shoot my load, he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth, there in the movie theatre. People all around and me letting out a noticeable moan.

We both just giggled. I went back home and spent the night with Robert and I got initiated into male to male love making, we went to bed, and Robert began to strip me naked, he raised my legs up while I was on my back and began to eat my asshole out, making me feel like I was flying, he was fingering my asshole as he sucked and licked that little starfish looking pucker hole of mine.

God Robert was awesome, but it was when he took my hips, raised me up and then lubed up his awesome uncut cock, and my asshole and then slid about five inches into my anal canal that I felt that awesome feeling of love for Robert, I hurt like hell that first ten minutes of his fucking me, and I wanted to scream, but I knew I wanted to have Robert enjoying himself and making a real man out of me.

Finally I began to feel that awesome feeling of having my prostate rubbed with the thickness of his cock, sliding, lovingly into and out of my asshole, and I started on a journey of loving man 2 man sex like never before.

Finally I reached up with my arms and pulled Robert to me and as I watched tears of joy, pleasure, and love, come out of his eyes as I felt his body discharging his love cream, deep inside my body, the whole time I was kissing and making love to Robert. I actually came again from just getting fucked that night.

From that time on we were actually lovers I guess you might say, and I'm there most of the time now.

Life has been so wonderful since that day I met Robert, and I haven't regretted a day since then.

I don't think Robert and I could be more happy.



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