Matt watched Jessie in front of him, hoeing along the row of beans, scraping the surface of the ground to cut away the weeds and grass. Matt hated the work but agreed to do it for it put him in the garden with Jessie, tall, lanky with brown hair so light the sun would bleach streaks of blonde into it over the course of their days out in its intense heat. Matt was stripped to the waist, his shirt tossed over the fence back near the gate, wearing only his jeans that rode so low the waist band of his briefs was visible and the sweat that ran in rivulets down his torso had them soaked. Matt was not as tall as Jessie, but his body was bulkier, more developed from his playing baseball and football and he had a dark skin tone and jet black hair. He hoed the row next to Jessie following along behind him, watched him out of the corner of his eye, the slow graceful swing of his arms, bringing the hoe down and along the ground's surface, a rhythm to his pace that didn't over exert them as they worked in the open sun, it mid June and ninety four degrees with air so humid sweat covered them, poured out of their hair, trickling down their faces, from under their arms and down their torsos. Matt had felt an attraction for Jessie for as long as he could remember, back when the other boys his age were discovering girls he was discovering Jessie. Two years older and always so far away. He saw him up close mostly on their bus rides to and from school; that is until Jessie got an old pickup and stopped riding the bus. Matt saw Jessie in other places, such as the general store, community fish fries or barbecues or up in Jackson at the diner or the tractor parts store, and each time Jessie would be dressed in a manner that got to Matt. Tank tops that were cut low and loose, t-shirts so stretched out of shape they practically hung on his body, or they had the sleeves ripped out or the entire sides. And his jeans; fuck. Some were the most ragged blown out things imaginable with skin visible at the knees, through holes in the thighs and you could always see his underwear at the crotch or a rip in the ass around a pocket. Others were cut to fit low in the waist and Jessie let them ride so low Matt at times thought he could see pubic hair. Jessie even wore tight fitting jeans that were worn soft and bleached out where his keys sat in a front pocket, where he kept his wallet in a back pocket and also around his crotch where his cock laid to the right, pressing up against the fabric, bulging seductively. Matt knew he wasn't the only one to notice. The girls flung themselves at Jessie, their mothers blatantly stared and the other men either ribbed him or criticized him, and some seemed to react the way Matt did. Whenever their paths crossed, Matt would move around Jessie, position himself where he could see his body, see a nipple behind the fabric as a breeze blew it away from his body or see the sparse hair under his arm when he reached out or up and Matt had to suppress the urge to reach out and touch him, to go up and bury his nose to his skin, touch it with his lips, lick the salty sweat off with his tongue. His attraction, his lust, made his heart beat wildly and his stomach knot up whenever Jessie was around, and right now he thought he could hyperventilate at times.

He couldn't believe what Jessie was wearing when he arrived that morning. A pair of overalls, old fashion, country boy overalls and he wore them sans shirt, his tanned upper body visible around the front panel hooked in place by the straps wrapping over his shoulders, the sides loose and open. Matt found himself looking at Jessie's body, the way the overalls revealed it, giving peeps and partial views of his torso, and the tease of it all made it worse. When they had gotten to the garden and the others went on to the potato field Matt had been bolder in his trying to look within the overalls, trying to see how much of the body within them he could see. Jessie seemed oblivious to Matt's hovering around him, his staring at his body, but after they had worked for a couple of hours and the heat had them sweating profusely Jessie had Matt go get them a bottle of water from the cooler stashed under a tree at the fence line. When Matt returned, holding out the water, he noticed right away Jessie had undone the side buttons, letting the overalls open up some more, letting Matt see down his side all the way to his hip. He wasn't wearing underwear and Matt tried hard to look away, not let Jessie catch him staring, but when Jessie bent over to tie a shoe the overalls hung down in front and Matt could see down within them and he could see Jessie's cock, see it shift and move freely and he unconsciously took a deep breath.


Jessie knew Matt. Knew what he wanted, knew as well as he knew himself, for he wanted the same thing. Until how he just wasn't sure with whom he wanted it. He had messed around with a classmate just before he graduated from high school but the other guy totally freaked out afterwards, couldn't handle it, and Jessie told him to fuck off, his immaturity and impatience having gotten the better of him at the time. He knew other boys had looked at him in ways that opened the possibility but most of them he wasn't interested in and some, like Matt, being two years younger seemed too young, just kids at the time and he ignored them, or tried to ignore them. It was Matt that got to him, the way he filled out, matured into a hot son of a bitch, with that dark skin and black hair. And there was the way Matt stared at him, his dark brown eyes just looking at him with such desire. The rumor in the community was Matt's great great-grandmother was African-American or Native-American, depending on who repeated the gossip, but either way, all Jessie knew it made Matt a hot fucker. Now that he was out of high school, taking classes over at the community college for the last two semesters suddenly things were different. Jessie couldn't help but notice his body, the way his clothes fit snuggly across the chest, the way his high round ass filled his jeans, and when he had stretched up to reach a cooler from a high shelf in the barn his t-shirt rode up revealing his tight stomach, so cut and well defined as it disappeared down into his briefs and jeans Jessie couldn't help but hold his breath for a moment. Jessie made sure Matt would be with him in the garden as he father and brother took the others to the potato field. His brother knew what he was up. He knew his brother was gay, and even though he kept the secret from their parents, he didn't lose any opportunity to take a dig at him, calling him a cock sucker or asking him at the most inopportune time if he liked it in the ass making both of them burst out laughing. But this time he didn't make a snide remark. Instead he looked at Matt, whom he had gone through grade school with and then looked at Jessie nodding his approval before getting in the pickup with their father.

At the garden they got hot quickly out in the sun and when Matt pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it over the fence Jessie had admired his body, the way he had matured and filled out, the defined pecs, the flat stomach all covered with the smoothest dark skin, shiny in the bright sun as sweat beaded up on its surface. Jessie knew by his arms, so smooth and hairless he would probably be smooth all over and he had been right. Only the thick black underarm hair and his short thick hair on his head were evident. Jessie knew to wait till after lunch, wait till the others would be in the middle of gathering potatoes with a desire to get finished before sundown. After lunch Jessie determined he would find out what Matt was made of.


Lunch was brought to them and they sat under a tree eating the sandwiches, chips and cookies provided and drinking colas from the cooler. Jessie's father and brother, along with the three other guys sat with them, fanning gnats, wiping the sweat that trickled down into their faces as they all finished up their lunch and prepared to get back to work, with one big push to finish up before dark. Jessie and Matt were to finish up and head back to the barn for some other tasks and were soon left alone to finish in the garden. Matt and Jessie got back in the garden working down each row, weeding, thinning and staking were needed. Matt kept looking over at Jessie, watched the way his body moved, looked at his shiny wet skin, and the way each rivulet ran down his body, and he kept looking along Jessie's sides, trying to see underneath the overalls, down in the dark shadow at what was hidden there. Jessie occasionally would look up at him and smile as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, a look Matt knew was egging him on, teasing him and when they got to the end of the last row, back in the far corner Matt dropped the hoe, just let it slide out of his hands and fall to the ground as he moved up behind Jessie, no longer afraid, and he wrapped his arms around him, pulling their bodies together as he let his hands slide underneath the front panel of the overalls, and over the slick wet skin of his chest. He hugged Jessie to his body, the dirt, the sweat, the heat of their bodies trapped between as he ran his hands up and down Jessie's chest and stomach. Matt buried his nose into Jessie's neck, kissed the skin and nipped his ear with his teeth before he whispered in his ear.

"I want you" he said, his voice barely audible as he ran one hand down, sliding it over the warm skin, firmly, roughly as he moved down and gripped Jessie's cock. He squeezed it, stroked it as it firmed up, thickened in his fist and Jessie leaned back against him and turned his head.

"Hey, that feels good."

Jessie reached up and undid the clips holding the straps of the overalls and let the upper panel fall in front, his chest and stomach naked to the sun, and Matt's hand stayed buried down in his crotch, manipulating his cock, tugging on it, tugging on his balls. Jessie reached behind him, pushing Matt back enough to reach between them and he undid Matt's jeans, pushing one hand in and manipulating the cock growing within the confines of the briefs. Jessie pushed down, tugging on Matt's jeans, trying to get them to drop and when Matt pulled his hips back they fell free, dropping to his ankles. His briefs were wet with sweat, almost transparent and they were tented obscenely with his growing erection which he pressed into Jessie's ass, grinding his cock against him as he kissed his neck, ran his nose through the wet hair along the base of his head. Matt let go of Jessie's cock and reached up and took the overalls at the waist and with them opened up, sides already unbuttoned, all he had to do was push them down just a little and they fell to Jessie's feet leaving him naked, his hard cock bobbing in the hot sunlight, his skin glistening, wet, hot.

Matt moved in front of Jessie and kissed him, hugged their hot sweaty bodies together, as their hands worked over their backs and asses. Matt pulled back and Jessie just knew he was going to drop down and suck his cock but Matt put his hand on Jessie's shoulder and pushed down and he knew it would be him going down instead, dropping to his knees in the dirt, pulling Matt's briefs down as he went and sucking his cock. He grabbed it by the base, held it up, leaned in and licked the head before sucking it into his mouth. He worked his mouth over Matt's cock in a voracious manner, starved for it he was, as he reached around and held Matt by the cheeks of his ass and pulled him forward, burying his cock further into his own mouth. Matt ran a hand over his head, raking his fingers through his hair as he urged him on, told him to suck his cock, to take it all as he pumped his hips working his cock furiously through Jessie's lips.

Jessie pulled up on one leg, getting Matt to raise it and he worked his clothes off of it, and then did the same with the other leg, getting Matt naked, his legs free and he pushed them apart a little and began to run one hand up and down Matt's ass, probing him as he sucked his cock. He found Matt's hole and pressed one finger against it, pushed against its resistance till he penetrated him, slid the finger all the way in. Matt bent over Jessie's head opening his ass up more, letting Jessie finger him, work his hole open and Jessie kept working him, put a second finger in, then a third, stretching him open, preparing him, for he was going to fuck Matt, push him down on the ground and fuck him.

Jessie pulled back and grabbed Matt's hand and tugged him down till they were both on their knees, facing each other and Jessie kissed him, roughly, holding his head between his hands. Then he flipped him over on his back onto the ground, and got between his legs. He looked down at the man beneath him, his muscular body all wet and hot, sweat and dirt streaking it, his cock hard, lying upward to his navel and he looked up in Jessie's eyes, saw the look he knew well. Matt reached out and grabbed his legs behind the knees and held them up. He pulled back and out, spreading himself open, his ass exposed, ready.

"Fuck me" he whispered.

Jessie moved down and rubbed his cock over Matt's hole, smeared his precum over it, and he pressed forward, but his hips into it and penetrated Matt, pushed his cock into him, stretching him open as he sank his cock into him. Jessie found his rhythm, that ancient desire and he began to fuck, to work his cock through Matt's hole. Matt grunted and moaned, urged him on, begged him to fuck harder as he let his legs wrap around Jessie's waist. Jessie held himself up on his hands as he pumped his hips, working his cock into Matt as he looked at his face, the way he was laid back, eyes closed, his mouth half open, his voice jarring as he moaned and begged to be fucked.

Matt lost himself to Jessie, let him do what he wanted as he lay on the rough ground, the feel of the hot sun beating down on them, making them sweat with their exertions, especially Jessie who was dripping down on him, for he could feel each hot drop hit his skin, for he felt everything. Felt the way Jessie's cock had him stretched open and easily taking his fuck, the way Jessie shaded part of the sun off of him as he hovered above, working his hips, thrusting away at his hole and he felt the drops of sweat, the rivulets running down his sides, across his face. He reached up and hugged Jessie with his dirty hands, smeared handprints left along his neck and shoulders.

Jessie was fucking as hard as he could and he felt his need to cum rise up fast. He hammered away at Matt, slamming his hips against Matt's ass till his cock swelled up larger, his body tighten, and he came, pumping wad after wad into Matt, fucking him till he was spent, his cock just sliding back and forth through his load coating Matt's insides. He pulled out and sat up, looking down on the heaving body still lying on the ground. Jessie looked at the hole he had just fucked and he pushed a finger into it, felt around the loosened opening, felt the wet slick cum he had just deposited coat his finger and he dug a second into him, twisting them through the cum leaking back out till both were coated and he smeared it on Matt's cock, added it to the precum leaking from the head, stroked his hand up and down the shaft till it was wet, slick, ready for him.

Jessie shifted up over Matt, hovering his ass over Matt's cock he was holding up and he eased down, felt the head touch him, rub against his ass and he kept pressing down till it breached his tight hole, painfully it penetrated him. He held still a moment, noticing Matt looking up at him, watching him intently. Matt placed his hands on Jessie's thighs, just rested them there but it was like he was pushing him down for Jessie let his body weight lower him on down, his ass taking the hard cock stretching its opening and pushing into its hot velvety tunnel. Jessie sat on Matt's cock, it buried in his own hole. Jessie leaned back, let the sun hit his chest and he began to work his hips, rose up and fell back down, working his ass over Matt's cock, letting the tight ring of his hole milk the cock sliding back and forth through it. Jessie's stamina amazed Matt as he worked up another brutal pace, slamming his hips down hard and pulling up quickly, over and over he rode his ass up and down Matt's cock. Matt ran his hands up Jessie's chest, through the dirt and sweat till he was rubbing each nipple, felt the hard centers and he pinched them hard, gave them a slight twist and Jessie pushed his chest forward and cried out, slammed his hips down hard as Matt had begun to push up, feeling the need, the desire to work his sensitive cock into Jessie. Jessie took Matt's hands and forced them to the ground, held him down as he rode the cock buried in his ass. Matt felt his need to cum rise up, the urgency of it and he pushed with his hips as much as he could.

"I'm going to cum" he cried out as Jessie rode him, hard and fast till he couldn't hold back any longer and he blasted his cum into Jessie, jerked his hips upward with each ejaculation, pumping each wad into him. Jessie slowed his pace, eased up and back down, letting his ass milk Matt's cock, work the cum out of it till he was completely spent. Jessie fell on top of Matt, his breathing rough and fast as their bodies slid over each other. Jessie leaned up and kissed Matt, gently, slowly, tongue buried deep into Matt's mouth. When he pulled up he looked down at the brown eyes staring at him and he smiled mischievously.

"You nasty fuck."



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