The Garage Sale


Wesley Parsons met Brad Somers in a gay bar, on the night he received word that he had passed the bar exam. Wes was celebrating alone. He had no close friends. The only family he had was a sister, who lived half way around the world. She had met, and married, an Aussie while back-packing in Europe three years prior, and she was now living with him in Sydney.

Wes was talking to the bartender, when he heard a sexy voice ask him if he could buy him a drink. He turned to see a very handsome, well-preserved gentleman, smiling at him. Brad was fifteen years older than Wes, but he worked out regularly and had a killer body. Fortunately, he had all his hair, which he dyed a beautiful chestnut color. Wes was to find that out later.

Wes liked the handsome face, and the beautiful body that he saw. "Sure you can," he answered the suave looking man. Brad ordered another drink for Wes, and one for himself. There were no more seats at the bar, so Brad asked Wes to join him outside on the bar's patio. It was a rather nippy mid-autumn evening, and there were plenty of available tables out there.

Their conversation started off innocently enough. Wes let Brad know that he had just passed the bar exam, and was celebrating tonight. Brad told Wes that he was happy to be a part of his celebration. "I'm glad I'm able to be here," he said. "I'm a manufacturer's rep, and spend more time on the road than at home." He smiled at the happy young man. "I'll be home for the next two weeks," he informed Wes, with a wink.

"Where's home?" Wes asked hopefully.

"I'm originally from out west. I'm used to wide open spaces. Living in Manhattan just didn't feel right to me, so I own my own home, complete with lawn and garden, in Valley Stream, out on The Island."

"Wow, lucky you. I have a studio apartment a couple of blocks from here. I hope to own something of my own someday, when my career takes off, but I was thinking more like a condo in a high rise."

"That's fine for most people, but I need to have a fix of the green stuff, and I'm not talking about money."

"I've heard about addiction, but I never met anyone who was addicted to grass and trees," Wes laughed.

Then Brad got right to it. "You're really hot," he told Wes. "I wouldn't mind seeing that studio apartment of yours in the very near future."

"Would right now be too soon? I really do want to celebrate in style tonight. A day like today only happens to a guy once in a lifetime."

"And I told you I'd like to be part of your celebration. Why don't we finish our drinks, and get better acquainted at your place?"

Wes's studio apartment was small, miniscule in fact, but it was affordable. It had a small kitchen area, a table and two chairs, a sleep sofa, and a lounge chair which faced a television set. The minute he showed Brad in, the two men fell into each other's arms. Their kisses were immediate and passionate. Wes had to pull himself away to open the sleep sofa. While he did that, Brad stripped naked. Seconds later, they continued kissing in bed, but now they were fondling their hard cocks as well.

As quickly as they undressed, they had time to check each other out, at least in their aroused states. They were both cut. Wes was about eight, fat inches. Brad fell short at about seven, slightly thinner, inches. They both decided that the other's cock felt simply wonderful rolling around in their palms.

Brad used Brut after shaving, and he couldn't help notice that Wes did also. He recognized the scent. They both appreciated how good the other smelled.

"Now," Wes murmured, and they twisted into a sixty-nine position.

Brad was intoxicated by Wes's scented prick, and Wes could still smell Brad's morning shower. He was convinced that Brad smelled better than any trick he had ever been with. Minutes later, he decided that Brad also tasted better than any of the others before him. They both felt orgasms coming on, and wanted to stop so they could fuck, but they were too far gone. They continued to suck each other's cocks, and both emptied into the other's mouth just seconds apart. It didn't matter that they came faster than either of them would have liked. They had plenty of time to use their bodies for everything they could conceivably think to do. Less than a month later Wes moved into Brad's home. They lived together for ten years in a happy, apparently monogamous relationship. Then one day when Brad was about to celebrate his fiftieth birthday, and Wes was thirty-five, Wes dropped a bombshell.

"I'm leaving you," he said. "I've met a new associate at work, and we're moving in together in the city." He said it so matter-of-factly, without any emotion, that Brad knew there was to be no arguing. His only comment was that in all the months he spent on the road, he had been completely faithful, and now he was sorry about that.

Two months later, Brad could not tolerate living alone in this big house. He had lost any motivation to commute daily to the manufacturers he represented in New York City. In fact he had no desire to do anything, except to hang around the house feeling sorry for himself. He even let his hair go to its natural color. Finally he realized that it was time to get hold of himself, and plan for his future. He decided to sell the house, and move to the city. At least, there was some action there. He reckoned that at fifty, his life was far from over, and he should enjoy what was left.


Less than a mile away, a closeted gay man lived with his mother. Carl Green's mother was slowly dying of brain cancer. Carl provided a nurse for her during the day, when he was at work, but he took care of her himself at other times. He never went out, and spent all his evenings and weekends caring for her.

On the very day when Brad Somers decided to move to the city, May Green passed away. On the evening of the funeral, Carl also made a decision. He would sell the house, and buy a condo in Manhattan. He was forty-two, and he worked in New York City. He determined to come out, and pursue a life he had squelched for his mother's sake. He believed that he was still young enough, and handsome enough, to hook up with someone in The Big Apple.

Months before she died, and while she was still lucid, Carl's mother had transferred the deed to the house to him. He put it on the market about a month after her death. At the same time he started to search Manhattan real estate for a condo or a co-op to buy. He had always lived in the house in Valley Stream, and could not fathom being a renter. He found a spacious, one bedroom condo apartment in an older high rise in Chelsea, and he bought it.

The first thing he did was to try to figure out what furniture he could take with him to the new apartment. The furniture in his house was all older than he was. It didn't take him long to conclude that he wanted to buy all new furniture to go with his all new apartment. In fact, he decided that the house would show better empty, than with the shabby old furniture in it.

He bought all new furniture for the apartment in the city, and moved in. The only things he took with him, were some kitchen and bathroom stuff, and his personal belongings. He donated all the furniture in the old house to charity, and had the interior of the empty house painted white.

When he was settled into his new apartment, he decided that all it needed now, to make it warm and cozy, were accessories and some wall-hangings. He decided to go shopping that weekend. He had lived in Valley Stream all his life and was familiar with all the retailers. He took Friday off, and in the morning, he drove back to Valley Stream to buy what he needed. Before going shopping, he checked out the house to make sure it looked good for potential buyers, and to assure himself that he had left nothing behind that he might want.

On his way to one of the malls, he passed a house having a garage sale. He himself had no patience for anything like that, which is why he donated everything to charity. A sign on the lawn read "Moving Sale." Carl hated flea markets, tag and garage sales, or anything like them. He never knew why he decided to stop and check it out, but he did, hoping to find some nice accessories at a good price. He got out of his car, and stepped into his destiny.

He browsed among the various tables, and could not believe how many beautiful little knick-knacks he saw. He wondered why the owners of the house would want to part with them. The man of the house was talking to a customer, and placing a purchase in a plastic bag. Carl found himself staring at the man, and thinking how handsome he was. He was older than Carl, but not by much. His hair was thick, and silvery-white. When the owner concluded his sale, he walked over to Carl.

"Hi," he said. "Are you looking for anything in particular?"

"Hi," Carl returned the greeting. "I live a couple of blocks from here. I'm selling my house also, and I just moved into a condo in Manhattan. I need accessories and some art work to finish off my decorating."

"That's a coincidence," the owner said. "I'm moving to the city also, but I haven't found a place yet. Where did you end up?"

"In Chelsea. The building is a little long in the tooth, but they built it sturdily enough, and it's in good shape."

"Chelsea is good. I was thinking of looking there too. It's close to The Village without being right in it."

Carl wondered why the man thought it was important to mention Greenwich Village. Was he letting him know that he was gay?

"Actually, it's in the heart of everything," Carl said.

The owner held out his hand. "Let me introduce myself," he said. "My name is Brad Somers. As soon as I find an apartment, I'm putting this house on the market and I'm out of here."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Carl Green," Carl said shaking Brad's hand. "How long have you lived here, Brad?" Carl asked.

"Ever since I moved from Idaho, about twenty-five years ago."

"That's a long time. Why move now after all these years?"

Carl may have been in the closet, but Brad was out, and he didn't care who knew it. "Because my partner of ten years walked out on me, and I don't want to live here alone anymore," he answered.

"I'm leaving because I have lived here all my life, and it's time to make changes and move on. I've been my mother's caregiver for two long years, but she died recently."

"I'm sorry," Brad said. "Hey, Carl, I was planning on starting my search for an apartment tomorrow. One of my neighbors is going to cover for me at this garage sale. Would it be an imposition to meet me in the city, and help me out some? I don't even have a real estate agent yet".

"It would be a pleasure. I'll give you my address and phone number. Why don't you come over to my place, and I'll make us breakfast."

"That sounds great. Thanks Carl."

"Now let's see what you have that I can decorate my apartment with."

"I have plenty of accessories, but no art work," Brad answered. "I intend to take my wall-hangings with me when I move."


Brad arrived at 9 AM the next morning. By that time, the knick-knacks Carl had purchased from him the day before, were prominently displayed. When Carl opened the door, he held out his hand for Brad to shake, but Brad surprised him by giving him a manly hug. Carl may have been surprised, but it sure felt good. He wondered if he would have the nerve to tell Brad that he was gay and a virgin, and that he would really love to have sex with him.

Carl vastly underestimated Brad, and his amazing gaydar. Brad knew that Carl was gay the minute he walked into his garage sale. He determined to seduce Carl that very day.

"Something smells good," Brad remarked.

"Yes, that's probably the bacon. I'm making us French toast with bacon. Do you want regular syrup or lite?"

"Regular, please."

'Regular coffee or decaf?"

"Regular again."

"I made an appointment for us with my real estate agent at 11 AM. Is that Ok with you?"

"Very OK." Brad noticed that Carl said 'us.' He intended to go house hunting with him, and somehow he was very pleased. It was a very good sign, for his seduction plans.

It was over breakfast that Carl worked up his nerve. He confronted Brad point blank, "When you said your partner left you, I assumed your partner was a man. Please correct me if I was wrong."

"Nothing to correct. I'm gay. You're gay also. Am I correct?"

"I don't know. I'm a forty-two year old virgin. If I am gay, I've been in the closet my whole life. When my mother died, I made up my mind to explore my sexuality, and find out for sure. Are you shocked?"

"Yes, I'm more than shocked that you're a virgin, but I knew you were gay from the moment we met."


"Gaydar, man, gaydar. Now for the important question. Would you like to do your sexual exploring with me?"

Carl was speechless. All he could do was nod.

"Good," Brad smiled. "We'll come back here after our appointment. I can't wait to introduce you to paradise."

"I've waited this long. I suppose I can wait a little longer."

They met Larry Stahl at his office promptly at 11 AM. Carl introduced Brad to the realtor. Larry asked Brad if he had any idea what he was looking for, and Brad was very specific.

"I prefer a condo to a co-op, but a co-op is not a deal breaker. I must have two bedrooms. I need to have a home office for my work, so I need the extra room. I could put a sleep sofa, either in the office or the living room, should I have a sleepover guest." He wanted to say that would hardly ever happen, because his guest would probably sleep with him, but he sensed that Larry was straight, and he kept quiet.

"Perfect," Larry said. "I have several properties you can look at. One of them is in Carl's building, if you have no objection."

"Absolutely not, but let's save that one for last. If I like it, it's the one I would most likely put an offer on." He smiled at Carl, who actually blushed.

That's exactly what happened. Brad saw several beautiful apartments in Chelsea, but when he saw the one in Brad's building, it was perfect in every way. It was a corner apartment on the top floor. It had spectacular views of the city from two directions, and had the two bedrooms Brad required. He asked Larry to put in an offer at $10,000 below the offering price, and, of course, he and the seller settled in the middle.

When all the paper work was concluded, it was 5 PM. "Let me take you out for cocktails and dinner," Brad said to Carl. "I owe you for all your help. I know the perfect place in The Village, not too far from here. It's called Gene's."

"I'll accept gladly," Carl said, "if you promise to educate me after dinner, as you promised. In fact, since tomorrow is Sunday, it would be great if you stayed over." Brad gave Carl a broad, heart-warming smile.

As anxious as they both were to explore each other's bodies (Carl even more so than Brad), they didn't rush dinner. They savored every mouthful of the gourmet dishes they ordered.

Finally they entered Carl's apartment for what was to be the most exciting night of their lives. Carl was finally going to experience the joys of the flesh, and Brad was going to instruct his novice to do all the things that turned him into a fucking sex machine.

"Let's undress and take a shower together," Brad suggested as they entered the bedroom. Carl just nodded, and both men undressed quickly. Carl was mesmerized by Brad's seven inch, cut member, and Brad was in awe of Carl's uncut eight incher. They ran into the bathroom. Carl turned on the taps in the stall shower, and when both of them were satisfied with the temperature of the flowing water, they stepped in, hand in hand.

Brad took the bar soap from the rack, and pulled Carl to him. He began to soap Carl's chest, and moved ever so slowly down to soap his pubic area. Satisfied with that, he turned the novice around and grabbed his cock from behind. Brad had never felt a cock so hard. He began to soap it gently, and Carl's body collapsed against his, as his balls began to harden and shrink.

Brad stopped stroking, leaving Carl with a severe case of blue balls. He handed the soap to the weakened Carl. "Soap me up now," he instructed. Carl repeated the process. He took a long time before he began to soap Brad's cock. It was the first time he had ever held another man's dick in his hands, and he was both nervous and excited. He began to moan and stroke simultaneously.

Suddenly Brad turned around, and then he turned Carl. Now Brad's cock was probing at Carl's ass. Carl got scared, but Brad kept telling him to relax. Brad's cock was steadily rubbing up and down Carl's crack.

"Please," Carl begged, "let's get into bed. I don't think my legs will support me much longer."

They rinsed the soap off their bodies and left the shower. Brad dried Carl's entire body, and Carl returned the favor. Carl headed for his bed, but Brad stopped him. He enveloped Carl in his strong arms and placed his lips gently on Carl's. The neophyte had not thought about kissing another man, and he suddenly recoiled, but Brad was persistent. He pulled Carl back, and began to kiss him again. This time he parted his lips, and Carl took the cue.

Seconds later Carl was a full participant in the passionate kisses the men were exchanging. "Now," Brad whispered, "we can get into bed."

They continued kissing sensuously in bed. Their bodies were entwined, and each fondled the other's cock. After a while Brad said, "Now I'm going to teach you how to suck a man's cock." Carl began to shake again.

"Please relax," Brad whispered. "I won't let anything hurt you." He bent over Carl, and took Carl's balls in his hand. He rolled them gently around in his palm. Then he swiped his tongue over Carl's crown and sopped up all the pre-cum gathered there. When he had eaten all the pre-cum, he ran his tongue up and down the underside of Carl's throbbing dick. Then he sat up.

"Did you notice that my tongue did all the work? When I take your cock in my mouth, my tongue will do all the work, but my lips will pump gently on the outside of your rod. I will try to cover my teeth with my lips, so that they don't scratch you. Let me demonstrate."

With that he bent over and devoured Carl's cock. Brad's tongue bathed the rod all over, as his lips pumped sensuously on the outside. He kept rolling Carl's balls in his palm, and was encouraged by Carl's constant moaning. Suddenly the moaning turned to groaning. Brad knew that he couldn't stop. This was it. With one great wail, Carl ejaculated into Brad's eager mouth.

It took Carl a few minutes to calm down. When he did, he said in wonderment, "You swallowed all of it."

"Yes, and when the time comes, you'll swallow all of mine."

"Give me another couple of minutes."

"Sure. There's no rush." Brad closed his eyes, and settled back, waiting for Carl to be ready. Sooner than he would have expected, he felt Carl's tongue running up and down his shaft, and then, with no hesitation, his cock was inside Carl's mouth. He was proud of what he had taught Carl. There was no hint of teeth, as Carl's tongue brought Brad to a screaming conclusion. Carl did indeed swallow all of it.

"How does it feel not to be a virgin anymore?" Brad asked with a chuckle.

"I'll continue to feel like a virgin until you fuck me, and I fuck you," Carl said in all sincerity.

"Well, we'll remedy that little snag later. Let's try to take a little snooze now." Once again he enveloped Carl in his strong arms. Carl felt as if Brad had woven a cocoon around him. He fell asleep and slept until dawn. He slept the whole time in Brad's arms.

In the morning, they rose and showered. Carl gave Brad a new toothbrush, and lent him fresh underwear, but he wore the slacks and shirt he had worn the day before. They went out for the best meal ever created...Sunday brunch in New York City. Then it was home to continue Carl's education, and his initiation into the mysterious world of male to male sex.

On the way home they stopped at a drug store and bought an ample supply of condoms and KY Jelly. As soon as they entered Carl's apartment, they got naked and spent a half hour kissing passionately and fondling themselves.

Finally Brad said, "Fuck me first, and then I'll get you ready."

"That's too easy," Carl complained. "Fuck me first, so I can experience the pleasure I'll be giving you."

Brad smiled. "There's no arguing that kind of logic. OK. Lie down on your back, and put a pillow under your butt. Then raise your knees to your chest." Carl obeyed instructions, but he grew apprehensive and closed his eyes. He opened them wide when he felt something cold bathing his asshole, and even invading it. Brad was spreading KY Jelly into his crack. Carl could see that Brad's cock was sheathed, greased, and ready for action. Brad pulled Carl to the edge of the bed and lined his cock up with Carl's gushy ass hole.

Brad was amazed at how easily he slipped in all the way. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" he asked.

"I swear this is the first time."

"Here goes then," Brad warned Carl. He began to pump hard and steady. He figured that if he was too rough, Carl would let him know. But Carl was just moaning, and whispering how good he felt. Brad could only conclude that Carl was born to be a bottom, which was OK with him. He anticipated that this was only the first time between them. Brad felt his climax approaching.

"I'm cumming," he groaned. Out of pure instinct, Carl began to pump his ass muscles. That drove Brad crazy, and right over the top. He came with such force that the condom broke, and Carl could feel Brad's jism coating his innards.

"The condom broke," he informed Carl.

"I know. I could feel your stuff emptying inside of me, and I don't give a damn. Just stay in me as long as possible."

"I'll try," Brad murmured, but nature dictated otherwise. He softened and fell out, but he stayed lying on top of Carl, and kissing him, for a very long time. When Carl began to cry, Brad got up.

"What's up, baby? Why are you crying?"

"I'm crying because I'm so happy, and because I have wasted so many years denying myself such pleasure."

Brad wiped the tears from Carl's eyes. "Fuck me now, Baby, and the basic lesson will be complete."

Before the year was up, both of their houses were sold, and Brad was living in Carl's building. If this was a fairy tale, they would certainly commit to each other, and live happily ever after. But that was not in the cards for either of them.

After his first sexual encounter with a man, Carl just had to sow his wild oats, and make up for all he had missed. He cruised every gay bar in Greenwich Village, and he had no trouble scoring regularly. Brad, on the other hand, wished to find a new partner and settle down. Unfortunately, he had fallen in love with Carl, and couldn't get anything going with other men. Notwithstanding this set of complications, Brad and Carl remained good friends. They often went out to dinner and the theater together, but did not have sex again. Carl was too busy playing the field, and Brad was content to stay home and use his fist.

Brad knew that Carl was like a sixteen year old boy, discovering sex for the first time. He prayed every day that when Carl was ready to pull back and settle down, it would be with him. There was no guarantee, of course, but he just had to be patient and trust in providence.



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