The Kappa's had just thrown their legendary toga party to kick off the New Year. It was the chance for the big three Frats and Sororities to get together and show off the new pledges in all their sexy glory. Which means that the night is full of booze, hot bodies, a complete lose of inhibitions. Tyler a first year brother and sophomore had hit the booze part a little too hard experiencing his first toga party as a full fledge brother and not a lowly pledge paraded around like meat. In the year from pledge to brother he had topped out at 6'3 and 185 pounds of muscle. Tyler was an athlete by nature he was one of the few in the house with a challenging course load as a Mathematics Major, but his big brother in the house TJ a senior was on the football team and taught Tyler that your body and how you keep it shows the world no matter what you're doing that you mean business. He kept his baby face and with jet black hair and grey eyes he had a boy next door meets mysterious look that was already starting to turn heads.

TJ and Brody, his little brother from two years prior were helping Tyler back to the house to put him to bed after almost passing out while leaning on a wall. They were both eager to get back with Gamma's just arriving fashionably late and fashionably under-dressed. Both boys complained about how heavy he had gotten and he just grunted and groaned as he was dragged all the way up to this bed. Plopping him down, rolling him on his side, and leaving the trash can that would inevitably be needed next to his bed, the two boys rushed back downstairs and out the door and were gone.

Tyler blearily opened his eyes to see a figure standing in his doorway, but was too far gone to see who the figure was. He blinked and the figure was gone and his vision blurred again. He next felt it. The hands running up his strong calves and thick thighs. Hands were replaced with soft lips kissing their way farther and father. He thought how lucky he was that he had snagged one of those girls from the party having no memory of being dragged home. He let himself fall into a haze of alcohol and hormones as his cock grew more rigid with every breath. Tyler wasn't the most hung guy around 6.5 inches, but he made up for length in girth with a pair of egg sized balls in a sack that hung close to his body, he kept his pubs trimmed but thick giving a manly yet maintained appearance. Slowly the hands reached up under the toga and unbutton the plain black boxers as Tylers hips pump into the air, growing impatient. Slowly, on the tightrope of pleasure and pain nails drag; tracing the base of his cock making it throb and jump. With every throb he trembles, with ever tremble he moans, and with every moan the teasing intensifies. Tyler spreads his legs as a hot breath can be felt on his swollen balls through his boxers right before a warm wet tongue begins to lick them.

Moving the leg of the boxers his balls are kissed with the air and the cold chill makes him shiver only to have his balls bathed in the warmth of the same teasing mouth. Loud moans come from Tylers throat as he feels himself so close to cumming and not even being touched yet. The hand gently pulls his now leaking cock from the front of his boxers and slowly strokes it as the mouth and tongue continue their efforts. Tylers cock is hot to the touch and as hard as steel. The head purple and engorged ready to explode. Tyler can't believe that he has scored a primo chick. His balls are released from the warm mouth and the tongue begins licking its way up and down his shaft, slicking it up and make it shine in the dim light from the hallway. Tyler tries to get a look at the girl servicing him, but with her head under the toga he makes out nothing but a nice jean clad ass hovering in the air. He thinks it's almost time, it's time for her to swallow his cock and take his load, but the mouth has other ideas. The licks pick up their intensity, but are soon followed by the gently blowing of cool air. At this Tyler's legs spread as wide as they can and he grips the sheets; biting his lip in an attempt not to scream.

He is so close he can't take it, hanging on an edge of a knife. Balls swollen beyond belief, his load desperate to escape. He doesn't know how long it's been, but he knows the front of his boxers are soaked through with his faucet of precum. His moans do nothing but feed the teasing mouth and hands. He's trying desperately to hump the hand slowly stroking him to reach his release, but when he tries the hand releases him. This bitch is so cruel and he yells at her to stop it. If he was more sober he might hold the hand in place or shove it in that teasing mouth.

It's time to end this game; the other brothers will be home soon. The hand begins to stroke a little faster, a little harder as the tongue flicks along the base of his cock. Tyler's chest heaves and his chest flushes and he gets closer. Begging please don't stop just adds fuel to the fire and the handjob intensifies overwhelming his senses; changing positions and techniques with every three or four strokes. The hand keeps stroking and Tyler's hips meet the strokes, his body thrashes on the bed. Just as Tyler's about to blow the mouth swiftly moves up to encase the purple throbbing head. The tongue swirls around the head to force out his load. Gently squeezing his swollen balls he unleash a torrent of 4 mouth full's of cum. He opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out as his back arches high off the bed, eyes rolling to the back of his head. His cock is gently nursed as he comes back to reality. Breathing still labored and body tingling in ways he didn't know it could tingle the figure slips from under the toga and off the bed retreating out the door.

The bathroom door closes and jeans slide down to the door. A nice sized 7 inch cock is gripped and furiously jacked off. Within 30 seconds and accompanied by a muffled gasp one two three four five ropes of cum escape and fly across the bathroom tiles. Falling into the door labored breathing and the smell of fresh cum fills the air. Jeans are pulled back up and the bathroom is vacated leaving the evidence on the floor to dry. Tyler is gently snoring; exhausted by what could be the best orgasm of his young life a smirk passes across a face. Two down and 14 more brothers to go.



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