The storm ragged outside, lightning flashed, thunder crashed, and the wind howled. Rex began to drift off; storms always put him to sleep.

Rex was lying on his back in bed, sheets draped over his naked form. Rex was a Junior and full fledged brother. His body was large and solid from years of playing Hockey, with a hairy chest and large thighs and biceps he was something to look at. Adding a fair skin with raven black hair and moss green eyes with his physic and jock attitude kept a line of eligible coeds in his bed as well as in the pool and the back seat of his car.

As Rex slept he could feel something running along his strong thighs, tickling the thick hairs. The touch was gentle and sensual. His legs involuntarily spread drawing in deeper breaths as the touch intensified. The feeling soon reached his full churning balls as he let out a sigh of relief. He realized it was someone's fingers and he hopped they wouldn't stop there accent. After running their fingers through his thick bush he waited in anticipation of the hand touching his hard throbbing cock... but he was disappointed. The fingers traced along his balls eliciting a moan from his throat. The teasing continued until he was thrusting his cock up into the air begging without words to be touched by the fingers giving him such pleasure.

The fingers never did touch his now engorged manhood dripping with precum. Instead he felt the tongue run along the underside, tasting the precum, teasing the bulging veins that throbbed and pulsed. In just the blink of an eye Rex's cock was buried to the hilt in the tightest, velvetiness throat he had ever felt. The throat constricted and relaxed, squeezing the entire length ripping a huge deep moan from his belly. The throat began to relent and slowly move up the length of his cock as it spewed precum and was gladly lapped up my the tongue causing his ecstasy. When the mouth reached the head of his cock it squeezed it and flicked its tongue against it.

He couldn't believe it, a blow job and a great blowjob at that. He couldn't help it; he humped his hips up into the mouth as he felt the throat massage his shaft. The mouth moved off of his cock until it reached the head. The tongue flicked on the underside of the head sending a huge volley of precum down the awaiting throat. Over and over again the same maneuver; if Rex had been standing he would have collapsed to the ground when his knees gave out.

The moans and growns had turned to growls and raspy breathing, all of this seemed to spur on the giver as the pressure intensified, his cock going in and out of this warm mouth now at a rockets pace. His cock hit the back of the givers throat and the lips pushed into his pubes, the head of his cock agonizingly squeezed.

A roar escaped from deep in his gut, all of Rex's muscles contracted violently, he gripped the sheets and ripped them in his grip. His legs spread wide allowing the giver to run firm circles around his now cum swollen balls. Faster and faster the giver went now twisting his mouth on the up stroke and squeezing fiercely on the down. Rex couldn't hold on, he didn't want to. He had been so close for so long and he let go; volley after volley flooded the warm wet mouth. It felt like he wouldn't stop cumming. With every volley came relief and exhaustion. He panted as his cock was nursed, softly and gently and his now drained balls slowly massaged.

The thunder crashed and Rex begins to stir, his eyes opened just as his door closed. He just woke up and yet he feels as if he had never slept at all but at the same time feels relaxed. Glancing at the clock he sees that it's been an hour since he had laid down. He shifts in bed and feels the signs that his cock is spent and wet and notices he is breathing hard. Wait his door had just closed. He jumps out of bed and swings open his door, but no one can be seen in the hallway... did that really happen? He shakes his head and chalks it up to too many practices and not enough pussy, but as he lays back down and listens to the sounds of the storm outside he has this unsettling feeling that just a short while ago he was not alone...



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