The Foreign Exchange Student II

(The Adventures of a Sex Addict)

When Barry Silver, and adopted brothers, Caesar and Mark Sullivan, graduated from the University of Buffalo, they all got good jobs in Manhattan. They rented a two bedroom apartment together. The three young men had been best friends and fuck buddies since their senior year in high school. That's when Caesar, an orphan, had joined the Sullivan household as a foreign exchange student from Argentina. The Sullivans adopted him before the year was over. The three friends set up the smaller bedroom as an office, and they all slept together in the master bedroom in a king-sized bed.

Mark got a teaching position in a prestigious private school, on the Upper East Side. Barry got an entry level position with a marketing firm, and Caesar landed a job as a translator at the UN. He also moon-lighted as a free-lance translator for several publishing firms, translating English works into Spanish.

The three young men indulged in three way sex every single night, and on weekends, it was non-stop debauchery. After a while they slowed down just slightly, and began to enjoy gay night life in The Big Apple. They started to hang out at their favorite gay bar, and to make other gay friends. It was at the bars that Caesar began to have a roving eye.

In spite of having two lovers, it was not enough for the young Latino man, who was addicted to sex. He loved his brother, Mark, like a brother, but he actually loved Barry with all his heart, like a true lover. In spite of that, both men together were not enough to satisfy his sexual appetite. Neither had his staying power, nor his desire for multiple orgasms, in any given session. He simply tired them out, and they fell asleep on him. Once Barry fell asleep while deep throating him, and on another occasion, Mark fell asleep while fucking him. The inevitable was bound to happen. When it happened the first time, Barry and Mark never expected there to be repeat performances.

It was on a Friday night. Barry and Mark were nursing a bourbon and water, and Caesar was wandering around, checking out the trade. In the past, he would often bring over a good looking guy to introduce him to his family. He always introduced both of his roommates as his brothers, which irked Barry, who ached to be considered Caesar's partner. This night, he shocked his lovers. The man he introduced them to was at least forty-five. That was old to the three young men. So what! He was stunningly handsome, and built like a brick you-know-what. His muscles were practically tearing through his tank top shirt, and his tight jeans clearly outlined his package, leaving nothing to their imaginations.

"I'd like you to meet Gipper," Caesar said. "They call him that, because when he was younger, everyone thought that he resembled a young Ronald Reagan." The four of them stood around together, enjoying their drinks, and chatting. Barry and Mark could clearly see that Caesar kept cupping Gipper's ample package, and Gipper was groping right back. Mark could care less if his brother participated in some innocent horseplay, but Barry was crest fallen. He loved Caesar with his entire being, and he suddenly realized that Caesar did not love him back with the same fervor.

He was absolutely wrong. Caesar loved him passionately, but he loved sex, and all the variety it offered, even more.

"I asked Gipper to come home with us tonight," Caesar announced without warning. "He wanted to meet both of you first, and he has agreed." There was little Barry and Mark could say or do, so Gipper came home with them. The four of them fucked and sucked in every combination. It was so hot, that for the moment, Barry forgot to be angry at Caesar. Caesar had several orgasms, which hopefully satisfied him. Barry and Mark had two foreskins to nibble on, and they were happy while it lasted. It was cramped for four men to sleep in their bed, so when the love making ebbed, Gipper got up, dressed, thanked the guys for a great evening, and left.

"Christ," Barry complained. "We don't even know his real name. Fuck this shit." He turned away from his brothers, and fell asleep. Caesar had no idea why the love of his life was so angry, but Mark had a deep suspicion. He decided to talk to Caesar about it, privately.

A few days later, Mark and Caesar got home before Barry. "You can't do that again," Mark began.

"Do what?"

"Bring home a stranger."

"Why not? It was fun. You and Barry had fun, didn't you?"

"Yes, we did, dufus, but do you know how much Barry loves you, Bro? It hurt him deeply that you brought home another man for sex."

"I love Barry more than he loves me. I always did. It's just that I need more sex than you and he can give me. It's only fun and games, not love. I love Barry. And you too, of course."

"I know you do. I think you should tell him when he gets home, and I'll tell you what. After dinner, I'll say I have to go out for a while, and I'll leave you and my future brother-in-law alone for a couple of hours. How does that grab you?"

"By the balls, Bro. By the balls."

When Barry came home a short while later, Caesar practically attacked him. He hugged him tightly, and started to kiss him all over his face. "I love you, you jerk. I love you with all my heart. How could you ever doubt it?"

When Barry got over his shock, there were tears in his eyes. He tried to talk, but he couldn't, so he just kissed Caesar, until they had to separate for air. Mark stood by grinning. It never occurred to him that someday, he might meet the love of his life, and the two couples might want to take up separate residences. In fact, he kept his promise, and went out for a few drinks at a local bar, a straight bar at that, leaving the two lovers alone.

The three man household returned to its serenity for several weeks, but Caesar's lust was soon getting the best of him. One night in a bar, Barry and Mark were milking a drink, and Caesar was busy working the room. This wasn't unusual, but in due time, he brought over a young stud. This one was the exact opposite of Gipper. Caesar made introductions.

The boy's name was Mickey, and he was a freshman at NYU. Mark was sure, he was jail bait, but the young man said, "I'm eighteen, but I can't drink in this state until I get to be twenty-one, so Caesar here was kind enough to buy me a drink."

Barry relaxed a little. Caesar was just doing the boy a favor. He could certainly see why. The twinkie was very handsome and well built. Barry's euphoria was short lived, when Caesar pulled him aside.

"Mickey's coming home with us tonight, and I don't want you to get all upset and go bananas on me. I love you and I'm committed to you, but I need more than you and Mark can give me. I just want to have fun, and play a few games, but please, never doubt that it's you I love. I'd die if anything ever happened to separate us."

There was little Barry could say. He loved Caesar too much to risk losing him or even offending him. Besides, Caesar didn't even wait for approval. Mark just stood by and shook his head sadly. When he got his voice back, he asked Caesar, "Would you want Barry and me to disappear, and you can have Mickey all to yourself?"

Caesar looked shock. "Are you kidding me? Mickey could never be enough for me. I need him to supplement what you and Barry give me. I love you two guys. I need Mickey only to fill my needs, if just for tonight."

Mark and Barry looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders as if to say, "What are we to do? We know what his sexual appetite is like."

"I guess it'll be OK," Barry finally mumbled. Caesar embraced Barry in a bone-crushing bear hug.

"God, I love you," he whispered in Barry's ear, and then he directed all his attention to Mickey.

After that, Caesar began bringing tricks home all the time. When these guys saw Caesar's handsome "roommates," they were happy to do foursomes. Barry and Mark disliked the orgies more and more with each man or boy Caesar brought home. But neither said anything because Barry was so afraid of losing Caesar. Instead, he indulged and enabled him, and then Jimmy Duncan came along.

Mark and Barry liked Jimmy immediately. He was pushing thirty, mature, intelligent, and very handsome. The four men enjoyed their time together more than any other foursome before Jimmy arrived on the scene. Shortly after Jimmy's first visit, Caesar started to bring Jimmy around more and more. He even started to sleep over, and he left some of his personal belongings in the apartment.

It became obvious to Barry and Mark, that Caesar was beginning to have more than a bam-bam sexual relationship with Jimmy. In fact, Jimmy was becoming the fourth wheel in their little paradise. Barry and Mark met separately one day, after work, at a local restaurant. They decided to look for an apartment of their own, and leave Caesar alone to enjoy Jimmy.

After they made their decision to leave, Barry started to blubber, and Mark had to envelop him in his arms to stop the crying. Instead of Barry stopping, Mark began to whimper like a baby. "He's my brother," he sobbed. "I never thought we'd ever live apart." The two men stood up, holding each other tightly and crying. A compassionate diner even asked if there was something he could do for them.

The next time the three brothers were alone, Mark announced his and Barry's decision to strike out on their own. Caesar was stunned. "You can't do that," he yelled. "We love each other. You can't break us up."

"It's beginning to look like you love Jimmy a lot more than you love us," Barry said bitterly.

"That's not true. I love you two more than life itself, but can't I love another person? Is that so impossible?"

"It's not impossible for you, I suppose," Mark answered. "But it's getting to be too much for us. We have put up with your addiction, but who's to say, how many more of your tricks will start to become part of our household? You'd better take good care of Jimmy. He may not be as liberal with you as we have been. He might not put up with your infidelity."

"You're wrong. He loves the time we spend together."

"That's all well and good. He knows we're brothers. He might not feel that way, when you bring home your first stranger," Mark pointed out.

"When will he be here next?" Barry asked.

"Tomorrow is Friday. He said that he'd meet us at the bar, and then spend the weekend with us."

"Barry and I are going home to Merrick after work tomorrow. I'll spend the weekend with our folks, and Barry will spend it with his," Mark said.

"In the meantime, Mark and I will conk out on the sleep sofa tonight," Barry chimed in. "The bedroom is all yours. I urge you to take the weekend to think long and hard about your life, about our lives. We'll be home about five on Sunday evening. Why don't you prepare one of your great Latin meals, and we'll discuss our divorce over fried plantains."

Caesar tried very hard to dissuade his brother and Barry from going through with their plans, but he couldn't change their minds. He slept alone that night for the first time in years. He cried himself to sleep, and vowed he would change his wanton ways. He finally realized that if he was to maintain a healthy relationship with his brother, and with Barry, whom he loved dearly, he would have to curb his sexual appetite.

He vowed to bid Jimmy farewell the next evening when they met at the bar. He had begun to have feelings for Jimmy, and he felt bad about dumping him, but it had to be done. Barry was more important to him than sex with Jimmy. He realized that something ... no ... someone was more important to him than sex, and that was a real revelation to his psyche.

When he and Jimmy spotted each other at the bar, Jimmy ran toward Caesar with the obvious intent of devouring him with kisses, but Caesar turned away. Jimmy was confused.

"What?" he asked. "Is something wrong? I can tell you've been crying. Your eyes are all puffy and red. Nothing has happened to Barry or Mark, has it?" he asked in alarm.

"No, nothing has happened to them. We need to talk, but not here. It's too noisy. Let's go to my place, where we can talk privately."

"Your place? Privately? But where are Barry and Mark?"

"They've gone to Merrick for the weekend. Come with me and I'll explain."

When they were comfortably seated, Jimmy looked into Caesar's eyes. His own eyes were begging for an explanation. Caesar turned his eyes away from Jimmy's and began to speak so softly, that Jimmy had to strain to hear him.

"I'm a sex addict," Caesar began. "Barry, Mark, and I, have been having sex together since high school."

"Yes, I know," Jimmy mumbled.

"Please," Caesar went on. "Let me continue and don't interrupt me until I'm finished speaking. This is very hard for me to admit."

Afraid to speak, Jimmy just nodded his head.

"I was satisfied for a while, but my addiction grew stronger, and I began to realize that even having two lovers, I wasn't being satisfied. I started to bring tricks home. Mark and Barry were appalled. In fact, they strenuously objected. The three of us had never used condoms, and now we had to. None of us was happy about that, but we saw it as necessary. They said that the only reason they put up with it was because they loved me so much, and realized that I was addicted to sex. Barry was particularly upset with me. He loves me so much, he couldn't bear sharing me with anyone except Mark. I couldn't see what I was doing to him, and I kept on indulging my lust."

Jimmy started to say something, but thought better of it. He simply said, "Go on, please."

"When you came along, I stopped seeking other men to join us. I felt a certain comfort level with you. I allowed myself to believe that we were a happy foursome. I was even going to ask you and the others if we could give up the condoms. Boy, was I wrong. Barry and Mark told me yesterday that they won't put up with it any longer. They're moving out, and told me that I could have you all to myself."

Jimmy was absolutely speechless. He and Caesar just kept staring at each other until Jimmy broke the silence. "You're a super guy, Caesar, but I don't have any desire to be your boyfriend in any kind of a committed relationship. Now sit down. I have a shocker for you. The only reason I keep coming around is not because I enjoy a foursome, but because I have fallen madly in love with your brother, Mark. I realized that the only way I could be with him was to be with the three of you, and submitting to the foursomes, which I hate doing as much as they do. Now, by not being honest, I've fucked up everything. How would Mark ever want to be with me now?"

"And what about me?" Caesar wailed. "I've finally decided that Barry is more important to me than my addictive lust. I had just sworn to curb my appetite, and he dumped me. What are we going to do?"

"We're going to be honest for a change. After all, we've always been taught that honesty is the best policy. When do you expect them back?"

"About 5 PM on Sunday."

"Great. I'll be here when they arrive. We'll explain how we feel, and try to beg them to forgive us. O God, Caesar, I love Mark so much. I can't lose him. I won't lose him."

"I know how you feel. I feel the same way about Barry. How could I have fucked us up so badly?"

Jimmy stood up to leave. "Where are you going?" Caesar asked.

"It starts here, right now. In their absence, you're committing yourself to Barry, and I'm committing myself to Mark. We are not having sex together or with anyone else this weekend. Use your fist all you want, but try to control your addiction. Promise?"

"I swear. At least give me a hug. I need it badly." They hugged each other, and when Jimmy felt Caesar's package erupting, he left promptly.

"Behave yourself if you want to win Barry back," he yelled at Caesar as he shut the door behind him.

About 5:30 PM on Sunday evening, the door to the apartment opened slowly, and Mark and Barry came in looking extremely sad. They were shocked to see Caesar and Jimmy sitting together on the living room sofa. They were fully dressed, apparently waiting for them to arrive.

"What?" the two travelers asked in unison.

"We want to ask you to hear what we have to say, and beg you to find it in your hearts to forgive us," Jimmy whined.

"It won't do any good," Barry said. "Mark and I are totally fed up with your promiscuity, Caesar. We want it to end. And you, Jimmy, don't seem to be any better.

"But that's just it. We agree with you. Won't you just hear us out?" Jimmy took up the challenge.

"OK," Mark said, "but make it short and make it good."

Jimmy looked at Caesar. "I'll go first," he said. He turned to look at Mark and Barry, and focused his attention on them. "I hate these foursomes, and near orgies, just as much as you guys do. I hated it from early on."

"Then why didn't you just quit and go merrily on your way?" Mark asked.

"Because, it was the only way I could be with you, Mark. I fell in love with you the first time I laid eyes on you, and I was afraid that if I didn't participate in your brand of love making, I'd never see you again. That's it. Short and simple." Jimmy buried his head in his hands, and started to cry. "I didn't want to live without you," he added.

Mark was flabbergasted. "You love me?" he asked incredulously.

"With my whole heart. All I want is for us to be a couple, and to make love with you and only you. You're all I need for the rest of my life. Being with you would be my real definition of happiness."

"Wow," was all Mark could manage. He walked over to Jimmy and removed his hands from his face. He stood Jimmy up and enveloped him in his strong arms. "I love you too. That's why I couldn't bear to participate in these foursomes any more, no matter how much I love Barry and Caesar. I love them like brothers, but I love you in a much different way."

Mark and Jimmy began to kiss passionately, and finally Jimmy whispered in Mark's ear, "Come home with me, where we can be alone, and I'll prove my love for you."

Mark whispered back, "Yes."

Jimmy looked at Barry, and said, "Barry please listen to what Caesar has to say." All eyes turned to Caesar. The poor man tried to speak, but he was hyperventilating so badly, he couldn't quite get his vocal chords going.

"Take a deep breath," Barry said kindly, "and tell us what's on your mind.

Caesar took a few deep breaths, pulled himself together, and started. "I love you Barry. I've loved you from the minute I met you on the beach so many years ago. I thought you were straight then, and I was terribly disappointed, but I made up my mind that I would try to seduce you anyhow. I knew it could never be one on one, so I let Mark arrange those orgies behind the middle school. When you were willing to participate I was thrilled. I didn't lie to you about needing so much sex. It's still true, but when I realized that my addiction was causing me to lose you, I vowed that I would stop the foursomes. I was even about to tell Jimmy he couldn't come around anymore, but you and Mark announced how fed up you were, and walked out on us before I could make my feelings known. I love you so much, Barry. Please forgive me. Let's get a separate apartment together, and let me prove my sincerity."

"You fucking idiot. That's all I ever wanted."

"That's not an acceptable solution," Jimmy pointed out. "I have a better idea. You guys give up this apartment, and I'll give up mine. Let's rent or buy a condo with three bedrooms. We can still have an office, but Mark and I will have one bedroom, and Barry and Caesar can have the other. We're a family and we should stay together. It won't hurt to economize either."

"That's a great idea," Mark said, "but in the meantime, Jimmy, let's you and I use the sleep sofa tonight, and let my brother and Barry use the bedroom. It will take too long to get all the way to your apartment to show you how much I love you." All the while he was talking, Mark was stripping. Jimmy started to undress as well, and Caesar and Barry ran into the bedroom.

That night the two couples made love to each other one on one. In the morning they both agreed that it was so much better that way.

At breakfast the next morning Caesar asked Mark, "What will we tell the folks when they wonder why we are moving into a larger apartment?"

"We'll tell them the truth. It's time. Besides, I want them to meet Jimmy."

"Let's worry about that another day, but for now will you all just give me a hug. I think the situation calls for a group hug," Caesar said. He jumped up and wrapped his arms around Mark.

"Of course I will, Bro. I love you. I always will. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, except have sex with you. From now on you'll have to depend on Jimmy alone. We both made promises that will be hard to keep, but I, for one, intend to try." Barry and Jimmy joined them in a wonderful group hug. To a man, they all had a tear in their eyes.

Caesar and Barry were alone in the bedroom the next night, and for the very first time, Barry made it very easy for Caesar to honor his vow. He sucked Caesar's cock for two hours, bringing him to orgasm three times. Then he let Caesar fuck him, and Caesar came again. For the first time, Barry completely satisfied his partner with no help from others. His ass hurt and his jaw hurt more, but he loved Caesar so much, he was willing to do anything for Caesar's pleasure.

When he got his breath back, Caesar sucked Barry until he was good and hard. Then Barry fucked him, and he came only once. Both men went to bed completely satisfied.

Mark and Jimmy decided to stay at Jimmy's apartment until the ultimate move to a larger apartment could be made. Alone in Jimmy's place, they more than satisfied each other easily, and it didn't take half the effort Barry exerted to make Caesar a happy camper. Once a night satisfied both of them.



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