My name Is Kent, I live a realitively blah life except for the fact that I love to fish. I enter the Bass Masters tournament each time they have one, and I get to travel all over the place, Since I work for a sporting goods company, They sort of sponsor me.

Well this particular August summer week I took a week off to attend a tournament in a Lake in Lower Oklahoma.

I arrived there on Sunday Evening, Checked into my resort motel room, a single, and went down to the marina to check out what was happening.

Now you must realize that I am not a champion fisherman, in the sense of some of the guys, just a man that loves fishing.

While I was at the Marina, a man from the resort said I needed to check something or sign something back at the office of the Motel where I checked In.

While there I saw a young Man that was the spitting image of my ex-lover Mark.(Oh yea, I'm a gay man.)

I felt a little hurt and resentful, since I had not yet found another man that could replace the Man of my life. Such sad memories, I came home from a tournament last time and found a strange car in the driveway, and altho I was home two days before I was suppose I had no Idea Mark was two-timeing me. Oh how I remember sneaking into the garage, taking off my shoes and lightly walking into the kitchen, just off the garage, and no one was in the kitchen, then I had looked into the living room and it was emty and the light off, then I slowly creeped up the stairs,(A split level home) and the bedroom door was slightly open, I quietly walked up to the edge of the door and looked into the bedroom to find Mark with his gorgeous ass slowly pushing his superb 8 inch cock in and out of some young guy named Cory, and they were both into it big time, I got there just in time to see, Mark Hunch like a breading horse an shoot a load of cum up Cory's turd tunnel, And If that wasn't bad enough they were barebacking it, and didn't seem to care. That was the last straw, Mark had done that to me several times and from the looks of it he wasn't about to stop. I made a descision, I left him a note, 'The House Is mine, left to my by an Aunt that passed away, I will expect you to be packed up and gone in the next two days, I know about your messing around and thats bad enough, your putting my life in danger barebacking it. I won't let it go this time. I wish you well, and have a nice life.

I left the note on the Kitchen table in bold letters and left and went to a bar, got drunk and went out to a local park and slept it off in my pickup.

The memories of those past few months came rolling back into my mind.

Well while I was in the resort office talking to the desk clerk, an extremely handsome Man, looked to be about 23-26,Came in, my knees went week and I thought I was gonna start having trouble breathing, but I was just excited over this young stud, He was dressed in a polo shirt, showing off his beautiful chest muscles, Levi's, cowboy boots, and Had a perfect set of teeth, God he was gorgeous. He walked in and ask for a room, They ask him if he had a reservation, he said no, That he forgot to make a reservation and He had tried at about ten different places an couldn't find a vacancy, but no one had one. The clerk then told him that the Tournament took up most of the motels and resorts. The young man looked so disappointed and said 'What am I gonna do' I'm entered into the tournament and now have no place to stay.

Well you can guess it, I stepped up and said can I speak to you? He said yea, I said, Well I have a single room, It has a Queen sized bed and I wouldn't mind if you shared it with me, If you don't mind.

He said really, you don't mind? you really are a life saver to me. His Smile just about made me melt. and He acted like a kid in a candy store.

Well we went out to his new 4X4 and I noticed he had a beautiful Bass Boat attached to it, and I told Him what my room number was. He drove around to the back edge of the resort where my cabin was and It had it's own boat dock.

He said this worked out just perfect.

By the way My name is Chris and your? I told him my name was Kent. He shook my hand and told me that He hoped we could become good friends and maybe during the tournament we could partner up since that was usually what they did 'Pair us up' if you didn't have a partner, I said that would be great. I knew just from Looking at him, my plans were going to be more than fishing partners.

It was getting dark outside and we jumped into my pickup and went over to the little town and got a bite to eat.

When we got back to the motel room, we were both ready for bed and started getting undressed, I was down to my trousers, and Chris, says I have a rather unusual habit Kent, I hope you don't mind but I like to sleep in the nude, I said, Guess what? I have the same habit, He just laughed, He wanted to shower, he had been on the road all day, and I said go ahead I'll take mine after, He said Oh you don't have to wait, come and shower with me, I did it in school with other guys, didn't you. I was a little shocked and said sure. O.K.

Chris took off his Levi's and I like to swallowed my tongue His ass was just mind boggingly gorgeous, and when he bent over to take off his tidy whities. I thought I was going to faint. His Cock was a made in the USA certified grade A Monster, It had to be at least 8.5 to 9 inches and had the most gorgeous foreskin, that only covered about half of the cockhead the tip was lighly showing from under the hood. My mouth was watering. He said come on stud I'm ready, lets go. I was almost afraid to take off my trousers and briefs. When I took off my Levi's I stood there in my whities too, Chris said God Damn man your hot looking for a guy. I don't know if I should sleep with you or not, and then he started laughing.I thought it was really to my benefit that he had a sense of humor.

We headed for the shower and turned on the shower, Chris told me to turn around and he would scrub my back, and then I could do his. I ask him if that was a good idea. he said It didn't bother him, if it didn't bother me. He started washing my back soaping and slowly, so gently, rubbing my back muscles and all the way down to my ass and then he slowly slid his hand into the crack of my ass, kinda giggled and said gotta clean the honey pot, don't we? I let out a slight moan, he just kinda giggled, then he started back up with the soap and stuck his hands under my arms and around to my front, I thought if he hits my nipples with that hand I'm gonna pass out. Well shure enough he started rubbing my stomach, slowly pressing into the muscles of my abs and then he did it, he slid his soapy hand up to my nipples and slightly squeezed them with both his hands at the same time, An electric shock went all the way to my toes and back up, and just landed into the head of my dick, which by now was standing as tall as it had ever stood. Hard as a granite slab, I let out a groan and kinds slurred my speech, All I could say was, Awe Fuck Chris in a soft gutteral voice.

Chris pressed his body up against mine and squeezed me up close and started to kissing and sucking on my neck, and I could feel one hell of a hard hot cock sticking into my ass crack and he said in a soft, very erotic voice, ladened with desire, and said, Kent, I just want to tell you, Fishing isn't the only thing I love to do, I think I could fall in love with you, I hope your not upset with me, to which I replied, not on your life man, I'm needing this, please don't stop.

Then Chris reached down to my balls and started rubbing them with his left hand, and slowly gripping my hard as a peice of steel cock, and said baby, turn around, I slowly turned around and saw the most beautiful man I have ever beheld, Chris was like a God from 'Mt Olympus' and my heart felt like It was about to explode, my breathing was extremely intense, and if He didn't stop stroking my cock I was going to shoot him to death with the most powerful load of cum I have ever shot.

I told him to stop and lets retire to the bed and he said that sounded like a wonderful plan.

He told me ever since he saw me he had to try to have me sexually, He told me that he thought I was the most handomely sexy man he had ever seen, I knew I had found my soul mate.

We dried each other off and layed across the bed, He told me he like bareback sex and he liked to be tested about every other month, He said he had not had sex since he was last tested and he was negative this last time he just got the papers back yesterday and pulled them out and showed me then he said I'm looking for a live together lover that would be true to me since I was hurt by the last lover I had. I then told him almost the same story. I then told him I would be tested for him, but untill then we should use proteciton. He said great! Where's the condoms? then he laughed.

We rolled over on our backs and started Kissing, My Mind was about to explode. Could this be for real?. Well one thing for sure I was not going to blow this opportunity and at least while this fishing tournament was going on have the time of my life.

I slowly leaned over and started rubbing on Chris's chest and pinching his nipples and man did he like that He almost yelled and His cock then started leaking pre-cum like someone had turned on the faucet, I leaned over and started licking his cockhead and slowly sliding back the foreskin, He moaned and groaned like I this was his first time. He ask me to turn around so he could get to my cock, and the Hungry little monster immediately took me to the hilt into his mouth and throat, damn man this stud could suck a cock like nobodys business, I started sucking like a maniac and he started making all sorts of sounds, He kinda chuckled with my cock in his mouth and then stopped and spoke up and said, 'As you can tell I'm rather vocal. I said Yea! I kinda noticed.

he giggled and went back to sucking, I knew that If he kept it up I was gonna give him a mouthful of my nectar that would end all mouthfulls.

We sucked each other for a few more minutes I swirled my tongue, and sucked and made wonderous love to that beautiful cock. and then I started feeling that tingling in my balls and groin signaling the onset of a blast of cum, I started humping into his throat and making wimpering sounds, and groaning and grunting and I noticed he was doing the same thing, we were about to cum, I was just about there and then Chris reached around to the crack of my ass and slid a finger lubricated with saliva and pre-cum all the way into my ass hole and that did the trick, My cock started jolting, spasming and I was all but screaming, shooting volley after volley, and I don't think I had ever shot a load like this and It was so sexually satisfying, At the same moment I felt His body tense up and he grunted Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Awe fuck! he said, and Unloaded the most wonderful load of thick, salty, sweet, musty tasting nut cream I have ever had. After calming down for a few minutes he said, Wow! Mother fucker he said, that was the best blow job I ever had, he said. I felt so happy I thought I would cry, and He turned around and we hugged, truly hugged and Loved on each other for about the whole night, we fucked each other, several times and sucked each and acted like newly weds for the next four days.

Before the Tournament was over I had my asshole stretched to the limit with his gorgeous huge cock and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, he made me cum for the first time in my life without even touching my cock, Christ was an amazing Lover and he took my cock in his ass too.

Well needless to say that the tournament was kinda second to the love but we still fished the tourney and did quite well, although our minds were not really on fishing. We did come in the top 20 fishermen, which isn't bad.

We now live together outside of Oklahoma City, I was transferred to a sister company of the company I worked for, and Chris and I are both Very much in love and Yes we get tested every so often and are very monogamous with each other, and When we see each other, even tho we saw each other that morning, It is like we see each other for the first time, and that's a wonderful feeling. We still love to fish, but how wonderful it is to have someone to enjoy it with. True Love Is just Wonderful.



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