The john boat glided over the calm slow moving water of Bushy Creek as it cut through the low country, most of the land along the creek in this section swamp with ancient cypress trees growing tall and majestic, the Spanish moss hanging in long woven strands from their branches. Paul was sitting in the back steering the old three horse power outboard motor, a rough running old motor that left a small hazy trail of oil smoke wafting up behind the boat. Up front was Jacob with Travis sitting in the middle. They had been on the creek for an hour, easing along it winding path, as they made their way to the old fishing shack, a place that Paul's great-grandfather had lived in when he was young and already on his own, before he got married and moved back to the family farm. From that time on it was used by the family as a place to fish and hunt on the creek, a place to get away. It was a two room structure with a screen porch sitting up on poles in the edge of the swamp with a dock just above the normal water line. It had been upgraded by Paul's father with a composting toilet and a water collection system for a shower located on the screen porch with only a shower curtain for privacy. Potable water still had to be hauled in and the house still did not have electricity. Trips up the creek to get ice had to be done daily and most cooking was done on a grill or a gas cooker out on the small screen porch.

Paul had not been here in three years but the last semester at college he had told his friends about the old shack and the more he talked about how remote it was, what a rough place it was to stay the more his friends wanted to come down for a long weekend. As Paul now navigated the winding creek he watched how his friends sat in rapt attention to the wildlife they saw along the way, the large white and grey cranes, hawks and even a nest of eagles. Around one bend they came upon an alligator crossing the creek, low in the water, slow moving as it made its way under some overhanging limbs disappearing from sight. But it was the snakes that made Jacob and Travis anxious, made them sit up on guard. Time and time again they would spot a water moccasin cutting along the shore, lying on a fallen tree sunning itself, or swimming out from the shore. Paul just kept the john boat moving along knowing the snakes couldn't catch them.

Even though it was early spring and only mid-morning the temperature was climbing fast and it was soon hot. Paul tossed Travis a bottle of sun screen pointing to his knees and arms. Travis was so fair skinned Paul knew he'd burn easily out on water. Paul watched Travis rub the lotion onto his skin, skin so smooth and fair that Paul had thoughts of rubbing the lotion on for him, of getting to touch him, to feel him, but he fought the image in his mind, discredited it; pushed it out of his mind. Travis and he were roommates in the dorm and Paul had seen Travis many times changing clothes, getting ready for his shower or coming back to their room to finish drying off, standing in their small dorm room, his nakedness so close, and Paul had brazenly began to do the same, stripped in front of Travis time and time again, coming back from the showers still partially wet, letting Travis see his body as he dried off, only to put on briefs and lie back on his bed trying to tell if Travis was effected in any way, if he had really noticed him, gave him a look, that look he tried so hard not to do toward Travis. He knew he did it all the time. In some ways the two of them were so different, Paul being dirty blonde haired, his skin tone dark with a soft covering of hair on his forearms, his legs, and thick darker hair under his arms and over his cock, while Travis was so fair skinned, with practically no body hair, but his head had full thick jet black hair. But in build they were similar, both tall and lean, Paul from active work on his parent's farm, from some sports in high school and from his bicycling, miles at a time he rode his bike but for Travis it seemed to be in his genes, for he didn't play sports except the occasionally friendly game in the park, and being from Atlanta he only had part time jobs in retail, and he hated to work out in a gym, saying it was boring. He did enjoy biking with Paul and could after a few weeks finally begin to keep up with Paul on his long rides.

It was Jacob that Paul had finally crossed that line, and it was Jacob who had initiated it, the touching of each other, the drunken fondling, the getting each other's cock out and jerking each other off. It had happened a week ago and neither had spoken of it since or allowed themselves to get alone with each other, put themselves in a position to do it again, or to try something else. Jacob had been in Paul's English class, then his history class, each time finding they were sitting next to each other. Jacob had jokingly asked Paul if he was stalking him. They began to get to know each other and when the first test loomed ahead of them they had studied together at Jacob's apartment. Jacob was a little shorter than Paul and Travis, stockier, his body reflecting his regiment of working out and playing rugby and soccer, two sports that seemed almost alien to most of the others on campus where football and basketball reigned. Jacob had brown hair he kept longer than most of the other guys, and Paul knew he had very little hair around his cock, a thick cock he could barely get his fingers around and he knew Jacob's chest and stomach were smooth, bare of any hair which let him see clearly his muscular body, thickly muscled, his skin tight and smooth over it.

Paul now sat looking at the two of them, wondering if it was a mistake to have both of them at the shack for the next four days. He wondered how Travis would react if Jacob tried to do something and yet he wondered how he could make something happen, or if he wanted something to happen, afraid it could go wrong with Travis. They finally came to the small clearing along the side of the main creek bed and Paul steered the john boat into it following the narrow clearing to its end and bringing them under the canopy of the trees, the air temperature being a little cooler. Paul eased back on the throttle and glided the boat through the trees, the way so familiar he thought he could do it blindfolded. Travis and Jacob were looking all around them, up in the trees, over the surface of the water and where the water was clearer, the dark tea colored water being shallow enough and over a sand bottom to reveal its depths, they saw fish dart away from them as they passed. Soon the old shack came into view, its sides unpainted, standing tall among the trees, its pole foundation being several feet above the water line. All the windows had shutters dropped down over them and the eaves had spider webs hanging down. It would take a little time to get the shack cleaned up for their stay. Paul glided the john boat to the dock, with Jacob hopping out to secure them. They climbed out and made their way up the steps to the screen porch. Paul unlocked the screen door and the door to the house. They entered the dark interior, barely able to see by the light bleeding in around the shutters.

"Let me get the shutters open so we can see, then we'll clean the place up a little before we bring everything up" Paul told them as they made their way inside. Soon Paul had the shutters pulled up and propped open and the windows all open to air out the interior. They wiped off the counter that ran along one wall that had a sink but no faucets. They sweep the floor and knocked down the spider webs. Paul brought out the old oil lamps and set them on the small table in the middle of the room and on the counter. They swept out the second room and checked the compost toilet in its enclosure in the corner. There was a raised platform along two walls for them to lay their sleeping bags. In no time they had the shack cleaned up and their gear brought up.

The rest of the day they explored the surrounding swamp, fished in areas Paul knew were good breeding grounds and went for a swim back in the creek. By the time the sun was getting low on the horizon the three of them, still in their damp swim trunks were in the screen porch watching Paul fry up the fish as they enjoyed the beer they had iced down. Each of them was feeling the weariness of a long day on the water and even with sun screen Travis was beginning to show some redness on his shoulders, arms and legs. They had been joking around all day, talking about college, sports, what it was like for Paul growing up in the region, and by the time the fish were cooked they sat in silence as they ate.

When darkness settled over the swamp, with the screech of owls and noise of insects filling the air Paul, Jacob and Travis sat in the dark on the screen porch, the only light coming through a window and the door from the oil lamps inside. They were still sipping on beer, slightly buzzed, talking in spurts with long periods of silence. It was Travis who stirred first, who stood up and stretched.

"Damn I feel grubby. How does that shower work?" he asked twisting back and forth stretching his arms and shoulders.

"I checked the storage tank earlier and bleed the lines so it would be clean. Just use enough to wet yourself, soap up and then rinse. It should last for all three of us while we're here. Towels and soap are in the plastic bin on the shelf in the bedroom."

"Well, I'm hitting it for I think I'll be ready for bed soon" Travis replied as he went inside. Jacob and Paul sat back both waiting for Travis to come back out, neither admitting what they were thinking. Travis came back out stripped naked his pale skin appearing to glow in the dim light. He tossed a towel on a chair and stood under the shower not bothering to close the curtain. The spray came out cold and he gasped as it hit his warm skin.

"Fuck its cold."

"The tank is in the attic insulated to keep it from getting hot so the water stays fairly cool since the sun doesn't hit the roof" Paul commented as he watched Travis under the spray. Travis held his head under the spray, his black hair matting down on his head as the water cascaded down his body. Jacob watched the way the rivulets ran down his lean body, over its curves, and around his cock, over it, dripping off the head. Paul had to make himself look away and he glanced over at Jacob and saw him staring at Travis the same way, watching Travis get his body wet. When Travis cut the water and grabbed up the soap he looked over at Jacob, then at Paul.

"What are you guys looking at?"

" gotten too much sun" Paul stammered, finally pointing to Travis's shoulders and arms.

"Yeah, I'll have to be more careful tomorrow. The cold water did feel good once I got use to it" he replied as he began to run the soap over his body, lathering up his skin, the white suds foaming up and sliding down his body. He leaned over with his back to Jacob giving him a view of his ass as he washed his feet. Paul looked at Jacob and saw him make a face, one of frustration, and when Jacob looked back at Paul he grimaced, shaking his head, suddenly acknowledging what the two of them knew they were thinking.

Jacob knew he was gay, knew he didn't really care for girls and had experimented in high school and then finally went all the way with a guy he met while hanging around outside a bar. At college he had hesitated to come out, had been afraid for reasons he didn't understand, but when he met Paul he saw someone he thought he could relate to, someone he might like to be around and so began their friendship and when he got Paul back to his place and one thing led to the next and he had Paul's cock in his hand, stroking it, feeling it swell up, flex in his hand and shoot, it had been such a simple thing, not even real sex as he thought of it, but the more he was around Paul the more he wanted real sex, penetrating sex, sex he could taste. And then there was Travis, who at times seemed clueless, to be as asexual as a guy could be, but there were other times, times like now, when Travis seemed to know what he was doing, displaying his body, the way he ran his hands over it, soaping it up, taking longer than necessary on his cock, making it get half erect. It made Jacob squirm in his chair, made his cock start to get hard.

Paul saw Jacob tug on his shorts, adjust his cock and he knew watching Travis shower was doing to Jacob what it was doing to him. He reached down and adjusted his own cock, moved it so it could stretch out, have the room it needed to get fully erect. Paul watched as Travis soaped his cock, actually stroking it till it was half hard. Paul watched as Travis ran his hand over his ass, down between his cheeks, soaping himself there, in a casual pace, taking his time, letting the soap build up and cascade down his legs. Paul jumped up and headed inside.

"I'm going to get a towel; you want one?" he asked Jacob as he passed by.

"Yeah, I could use a shower" Jacob replied, his voice barely audible, his eyes glued to Travis.

A couple of minutes later Paul came out wearing just his boxers, the front clearly tented and he tossed a towel to Jacob. Travis saw him come out and couldn't help but notice how his boxers were tented out. Travis glanced over at Jacob and saw how he was looking at him and it felt strangely erotic, suddenly realizing how this scene was really playing out and he knew how his cock would get partially erect so easily, with stimulation by his soapy hand and how it had felt so good. Travis looked at Paul, his lean body, his dark skin and remembered all the times he had seen him back on campus, compared their bodies and yes at times wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. Travis didn't think of himself as having some sexual identity, didn't think in terms of straight, gay or even bisexual, although he knew bisexual was how he had to think of himself, for he liked sex and in high school and afterwards he had experimented with both sexes and when he arrived on campus, with Paul as a roommate, he had wondered about sex with him but Paul seemed reserved, and Travis couldn't read him like he had other guys, but as time passed, especially after Jacob came on the scene he had second thoughts about Paul.

"While I soap up you want to get wet?" Travis asked Paul and he moved over giving Paul room. Paul hesitated for just a moment, then he saw Jacob stand up and pull his shirt over his head, and he dropped his boxers, let them fall to his ankles allowing him to step out of them as he moved under the shower head. His cock was arced outward, its darker skin stretching out, the head flared, and he wasted no time getting wet, letting a spray of cold water wash over him, as he ran his hands over his head feeling the cool water wet his hair. When Paul turned the water off he found Travis holding out the soap and he began to soap up his chest. Jacob walked up, naked, his muscled stocky body glistening from the sweat that covered it, his cock hung thickly over his balls and he reached down and tugged on it, pulled it out straight as he watched Travis, then Paul, soap up their bodies.

"Move over asshole and let me get wet" he stated to Paul, his voice strained.

Paul moved to the other side of the shower drain area and let Jacob move under the shower head. As the water sprayed down on Jacob Travis and Paul stood staring, barely moving as they watched Jacob let the water wash over him. Travis suddenly leaned over and looked Paul in the eye, nodding his head. When the spray stopped Jacob wiped the water out of his eyes.

"Okay, hand me the soap" he asked holding out his hand. Paul stood holding the soap, looking from Jacob to Travis, then he stepped up close to Jacob, so close their cocks could almost touch.

"We'll do it" Paul whispered as he reached out and ran the soap over Jacob's chest, over his shoulder, and back down one arm. Travis moved up behind Jacob and he ran his soapy hands over Jacob's back, slowly he ran them over each shoulder blade, down along his spine and finally over each cheek. Paul ran the soap over Travis's chest in slow circles, then downward circling his stomach, then downward again, running his soapy hand over Jacob's cock, soaping its thick shaft, and he used his other hand to soap Jacob's balls, tugging slightly on his sac, feeling them roll around in his hand. Jacob caught a deep breath as Paul played with his cock and tugged on his balls. Jacob was more surprised to find Travis soaping the cleft between his cheeks, his fingers probing him and he put his arms around Paul's neck and held on, let them manipulate him.

Paul leaned over and kissed Jacob, lips connecting, tongues soon dueling and Jacob pulled their bodies together, making him feel hot, his skin slick and wet. Travis pressed his body against Jacob's back and Jacob could feel the hard cock press against his ass, feel it work up between his cheeks, touching him there as he felt Travis' mouth come down on his neck, his lips pushing through soap, nibbling at his skin, moving up and taking his ear, tugging on it, Travis' tongue working into it and Jacob leaned back against Travis, pushed his cock against Paul letting the feel of their warm bodies push his excitement, giving him a sense of urgency.

"Fuck, you guys feel good" Jacob whispered and he found himself undulating his hips, pushing his ass against Travis then pushing his cock against Paul. Paul stepped back and grabbed Jacob by the back of the neck and pulled him over, made him lean over as he held his cock up, eager to feel Jacob take it, to slide his lips over it. Travis put his hand on Jacob's back and pushed down, reinforcing Paul intentions and his own desire to have Jacob bent over, his mouth down on Paul's cock, sucking it, and soon Jacob was in position, bent over, feeling Travis's hand on his back as Paul's cock was pushed in his face, rubbed over his cheeks and lips, smearing pre-cum and soap over his face. Travis grabbed Jacob by the hair and pulled his head up forcibly.

"Suck his dick, come on, take it, suck that dick" Travis commanded, his voice urgent, pleading as Jacob opened his mouth, waiting on Paul to push his hard flexing cock, hovering in his face, into his mouth. Paul moved forward, rubbed his cock over Jacob's lips, smearing them with his pre-cum letting Jacob taste him, and he pushed into Jacob's mouth, eased his hips forward till his cock was buried in Jacob's mouth, his stomach pressed against Jacob's face.

Travis watched as Paul's cock slid into Jacob's mouth, watched as it disappeared and Jacob's face was pressed into Paul's stomach and he held Jacob's head against Paul feeling Jacob swallowing, feeling him struggle for breath until Travis let him pull back. Travis eased back and took his own cock, rubbed it up and down Jacob's ass, smearing his pre-cum and soap along his ass. He rubbed the head against Jacob's hole, pressed against it, felt its tightness and Jacob pulled off Paul's cock and turned around looking up at Travis, his eyes pleading.

"Do it...come on Travis, stick me, put that cock in me" and Jacob turned and sucked down Paul's cock, sucked the shaft over his tongue, felt the spongy head slide over it and push into his throat. Travis pressed his cock against Jacob's hole and leaned into him, pushed forward with his hips feeling his cock breach Jacob's hole, penetrate him. Travis leaned over Jacob, let his body fall forward and his cock sink into him. Soon Paul was fucking Jacob's mouth and Travis was fucking his ass, pushing their cocks into him, slamming their bodies against him. The heat of the night brought sweat onto their skin, the soap and sweat running down their bodies. Jacob took their cocks, letting Paul work through his mouth, while Travis hammered his ass.

Travis felt Jacob's hole loosen up, his cock no longer feeling the tight ring of Jacob's hole as it milked his cock and he pulled Jacob off Paul's cock and pulled him up and back against his body.

"I'm going to lay back and you're going to sit that ass on my cock" Travis said in Jacob's ear. He sat down on the floor and fell back holding his cock up. Jacob eased down, hovered his ass over Travis then he dropped down, his ass sliding down over the cock, all the way till he was sitting on Travis' lap. Travis reached around Jacob and pulled him back and began to pump his hips up and down thrusting his cock into Jacob. Paul watched as Travis' cock pump back and forth in Jacob's hole, in and out, over and over and over. Travis slowed to a stop and rose up, looking up at Paul.

"Come on Paul, put that cock in him, slide that cock next to mine."

Paul thought it would be impossible, Jacob's ass too tight, but he dropped down on his knees and shifted up between their legs. He rubbed his cock over Jacob's skin below his balls, ran it around the stretched opening and the exposed shaft penetrating it. Then he did it, pressed his cock up against Jacob's hole, pressed hard till he felt Jacob loosen a little and his cock breached the tightly stretched opening and slid in next to Travis' cock.

"Goddamn that's tight" Paul uttered as Jacob and Travis fell back , Jacob's arms reaching over his head and holding on to Travis, both of them grunting and moaning as Paul pushed his cock in beside Travis'. Paul held still, waiting, feeling the tight hole grip his cock so hard he wondered how it felt to Jacob. Slowly, gradually, Paul felt Jacob loosen up, his hole more accommodating of the two cocks stretching it open and Paul began to move his hips, slowly, easily, he pulled back a little and pushed back in. Over and over he worked his cock back and forth, increasing the swing of his hips and his pace. Travis began to work his hips up and down, sliding his cock along side of Paul's and the two of them worked their cocks harder and harder, their pace increasing till Paul leaned into Jacob, his tall lean body towering over Jacob and Travis, his cock thrusting inside Jacob, deeply forcibly as he fucked his cock along side of Travis'. Jacob opened his eyes and watched the taut lean body above him as it pumped away at his hole, the muscles of his stomach standing out as Paul worked himself hard, his body sweating profusely, it dripping down on Jacob.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum" Travis uttered as he kept pushing his hips up working his cock along side of Paul's. He held Jacob's hips and fucked furiously till he came, pumping his cum deep into Jacob, and he kept fucking, thrusting his cock, still hard, along side Paul's, feeling Jacob's hole become slick with his cum, and he kept it up, feeling his cum pump out onto his balls as it became apparent Paul was close, his face grimaced as he thrust down hard, slamming his cock into Jacob till he pumped his load into Jacob mixing it with the load Travis had already pumped into him.

Paul collapsed on top of Jacob and Travis, all three of them breathing hard, exhausted from their exertions. Paul finally got up and pulled Jacob up, then Travis. He saw Jacob was still hard not having cum yet and he dropped to his knees and took it in his mouth, worked himself up and down the hard shaft. Jacob was so wound up it didn't take long and he pumped his load into Paul's mouth, held his head as he worked his cock back and forth, pumping out each wad till he was spent. Paul swallowed it, licked off the head of Jacob's cock then leaned into his crotch, breathing his scent, savoring the moment. He looked up at Jacob, then Travis and smiled.

"I guess we should get cleaned up for real this time and hit the sack. I'm exhausted" and Jacob and Travis just nodded in agreement. It didn't take long for the three of them to shower and get in their sleeping bags. A few minutes after Paul shut off the oil lamp, with darkness completely settled over the shack the three of them were fast asleep, unaware of the sounds of the swamp around them.

The sun was above the horizon for over an hour before it could filter through the trees and illuminate the old fishing shack, its light coming in on the sleeping forms inside. Travis stirred first, held his arms over his head and stretched his body out. He glanced down to see how his knees and arms were red, sharply contrasting the pale whiteness of the rest of him. He absent mindedly reached down and tugged on his morning hard on enjoying the feel of its hardness in his hand. He turned his head up to see if Paul and Jacob were awake and saw that Jacob had gotten up sometime during the night and was now snuggled up with Paul, one arm over Paul's chest, one leg draped over and down between Paul's legs. Travis could see Paul's hard cock as it was lying up over his stomach and he could see Jacob's hard thick cock pressed up between them. They were still fast asleep, their breathing heavy, so Travis straightened up and relaxed, his hand on his own cock, slowly stroking it, thinking it would be nice to cum. But he knew to wait, wait just a little while and he knew he'd get to cum. He just wasn't sure if it'd be in Jacob's hole or Paul's...maybe this time it'd be Paul.



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