It had been there for generations, the old fence, its posts weathered rough and cracked with the fencing rusted and bent, as it made a line separating the Bradley's from the Powell's. There was a time it contained a herd of cattle on the Bradley side and a few horses on the Powell side. Now it only separated fields of cotton or wheat or soybeans. Or it did.

Luke drove slowly along the narrow lane around his family's field, one that ran along the fence. The truck bounced and rocked over the rough lane as he eased along. He was out checking the wheat, looking to see if blight had gotten into it but time and time again he found himself glancing over the fence at the unattended field of Mr. Bradley. He had been in his eighties still trying to farm until last January when Jerry, Luke's dad found the old man lying in his back yard. He was gone and now everyone wondered what his family was going to do with the farm place.  Some had contacted the son to see about renting the land but were put off. It seemed the family was sitting on it even though the son and his two sisters had never wanted anything to do with the farm. Luke wondered if they were going to plant pine on the land. It had been done before to property none of the family wanted to continue farming but didn't want to give up or loose the tax exempt status.

The Bradley farm was 360 acres which included the house and barns next door and another 280 acres divided into two fields north of Oak Hill, the small community that anchored the region with the schools and two general stores. Luke considered how nice it would be if they could get the property but already knew they had all they could handle, farming over twelve hundred acres scattered around Oak Hill.  His older brother was in Montgomery working at a realty company and older sister was in college studying to be a pharmist.  That left him able to stay on the farm and work the land with his father. He finished high school last year and was still living at home for he was in no hurry to settle down on his own. He was content to save his money and wait. He  still drove the old truck he bought when he turned sixteen, a 1995 Chevy. It was a bit rough but still in good shape and he wasn't concerned with driving it where ever he needed to go, even out in the middle of the field.

Luke circled the field and satisfied it looked good he headed back to the house for lunch. Until it was time to harvest the wheat there wasn't much to do except do maintenance on the equipment and keep the grass mowed.

The following Sunday Luke helped his mother set the table in the formal dining room for his sister was home for the weekend. Lisa had to head back after lunch and Lynn, their mother, always made a large meal on Sunday. It was the day they relaxed, took their time and enjoyed sitting around the table talking.

"Lisa bring out the salt and pepper" Luke called out toward the kitchen, then went over to the doorway to the den, "'s ready?"

They took their usual places and passed the dishes of meat and vegetalbles around the table. They talked quietly about college and how well Junior was doing in Montgomery.  Lynn relayed news of the family, about her two sisters and Jerry's sister who lived in New Orleans and the latest news of the community till they fell into a moment of silence.

"Any news on the Bradley place?" Luke asked.

"Oh yeah, one of the grandchildren is suppose to be moving down to take it" Lynn replied.

"One of Brenda's sons I think" Jerry added.

"Do you know what he will do with the place?" Luke asked.

"Have no it I guess. But I don't know any of old man Bradley's grandchildren since they only came on holidays so I have no idea if this grandson is interested in farming or what he'll do with the place."

"I guess we'll find out in a week or so for I hear that is when he is to move down" Lynn said, then she turned to Luke, "Luke, that girl, Tina, called again. Are you going out with her?"

"No, I don't think so. She's alright I guess but I'm just not interested in her...I..." Luke replied stammering to a stop unsure how to say when he didn't even know what he was feeling.

"Oh I know, the right one will come along one day" Lynn interjected quickly.

That night Luke played video games in his room, checked his savings account again then loaded up a movie. It was around ten when the movie ended and he was tired so he headed to the bathroom for a shower. He had to take them after a day in the field or working in the barn during the week so he got in the habit of taking one on Sunday night as well.

He ran the water as cool as possible liking the way it made his skin feel, the tightness of it, smooth under his soapy hand and wash cloth. Invariably his cock grew partially erect as he soaped it up and ran his hand over it. He was tempted to masturbate but lately it seemed an empty gesture and the call from Tina seemed to reinforce this feeling. He liked her as a person but she just didn't make him feel whatever it was he suppose to feel. His cock grew flaccid as his mind wandered and any sense of arousal replaced by this sense of frustration. It had gotten worse in the last few months and he didn't know how to work around it.

Towelled off he stood in front of the mirror looking at his reflection. His light brown hair stood out all messed up from the towel, blond highlights running all through it from exposure to the sun. His high cheek bones, angular jaw line around thin lips and blue eyes with thin arched eyebrows made up his familiar reflection, the face of someone who still had a boyish appearance, not quite a man. He even had a scattering of freckles over his nose and below his eyes. His beard did not fill out completely leaving him with a thin patchy pattern of growth around his chin and along his jaw till it stopped short of his hair line. He was nineteen, out of school and making his own money, but he still felt like a kid. Still felt separated from the notion of a settled down life, like the one his parents had. He brushed his teeth, slipped on a pair of boxers and headed to bed where he would lay awake staring out into the pitch black darkness, wondering about his life, his future and what it was going to take to be happy and content.


Luke eased the combine across the field watching the header height as he went across areas with grade changes or terraces. The header pulled the wheat back, cut it off near the ground and worked it to the throat leading into the machine.  When the bin was full he rotated the unloader out which signaled his father to come out to him in the grain truck. They had started as early that morning and were making good headway.

He adjusted the air conditioning trying to keep the glass cab comfortable while music played over the speakers behind his head. Everything kept him busy, his mind occupied, as he made round after round across the field.  He began to make rounds that came up to the fence along the Bradley property and the first few times everything looked as before, weeds and grass growing up in the field, just taller and thicker than before. But on one approach he saw dust flying up from the Bradley place, then the green tractor moving across the field pulling a disc.

On each subsequent round Luke would look for the tractor, each time hoping they would come to the fence at the same time so he could see who was driving it.  Round after round he came to the edge of the field only to see the tractor driving away or off in the distance. It was noon, his father calling him to stop for lunch when he approached the fence again and this time he saw the tractor stopped.  It was parked less than forty feet from the fence. As he approached, slowing down to make the turn, he saw a guy at the back of the tractor messing with the hydraulic hoses. As Luke pulled to the end and began to turn the guy turned toward him and waved.

After a brief hesitation Luke waved back. He didn't know what he expected but the guy looked like a farmer, loose fitting jeans and a shirt with the sleeves removed revealing his muscular arms.  Dark hair stuck out around a yellow cap, still clean looking in the bright sun light. Luke turned and aligned up to cut the next section all the while glancing in his mirror over and over seeing the guy turn back to the tractor.

Luke cut back across to where the grain truck was parked and pulled up next to it. He unloaded the partial bin, shut down the combine and climbed down. Jerry pulled up in his truck.

"Hop in, your mother is getting ready to put lunch on the table" Jerry called from the driver's seat.

Luke climbed into the truck and looked out across the field at how much they had gotten cut.

"Making good break downs or anything" Jerry said as if reading Luke's mind.

"Yeah" Luke said as his eyes moved to the horizon, over toward the fence where he could just make out the tractor.

"What is happening at the Bradley place? I saw the dust rising up over there" Jerry said as he turned the truck around and headed to the house.

"A guy is over there discing the field, or he was. I think he is having trouble with the hydraulic hoses on that old tractor of Mr. Bradley's."

"Maybe we should ride over and see if he needs help after we have lunch."

"Should we invite him over for lunch" Luke blurted out then worried he seemed too eager to meet this guy.

"Good idea. Hang on; I'm going to cut across the field" Jerry replied as he turned out into the field heading to the fence.

The tractor hadn't moved and Luke quickly saw the guy sitting on the ground in the shade of one of the few trees that grew along the fence.

"He's over there under the tree" Luke said pointing.

"I see him."

When Jerry parked up close to the fence Luke hopped out and moved to it. The guy had stood up and was approaching them. Luke saw how tall he was, the muscular body, filled out so much more than his own. He looked a few years older with a full shadow of beard growth. Luke suddenly felt a little silly, an embarrassment at the way he had been looking at this guy. He looked down at the ground and when he saw the guy's shadow fall in front of him he looked up into his face. Dark brown eyes with a slightly amused expression stared back at him.

"I'm...Luke and that is dad...Jerry, in the truck. We were wondering...well we saw you over here...and wanted to know if you had lunch. Mom has lunch ready and..." Luke was stammering, suddenly tongue tied.

"I'm David and I'd love lunch. I haven't got a thing in granddad's house to eat and was about to head over to Oak Hill and see what those general stores had"

" want to climb over and ride in with us?"

Jerry drove a little too fast for the rough lane along the fence and Luke kept feeling his arm or leg bump into David's. Each contact had a weird stimulating feel to it making him struggle to keep still and avoid the contact. He couldn't stop himself from glancing down at David's arm, the fine dark hairs on his forearm, the way veins stood out along the arm and the ring he wore on his middle finger, a solid band of dark metal. He glanced over at the way David's jeans were tight through the thighs showing muscular legs within. The ride seemed to take forever, but did not last near long enough.

David told them he was a grandson and had moved into the house. He was going to start a farm growing things he could sell locally, not commody crops and was trying to get part of the field ready to do a late summer crop.

"What is wrong with the tractor?" Jerry asked.

"One of the hydraulic hoses is worn too much and keeps popping loose."

"How long is the hose?"

"Gee...nearly eight or nine feet long. Goes all the way back to the cylinder that lifts the wheels on the disc."

"We may have one that fits in the barn. Let's go eat lunch and we'll look" Jerry replied.


Luke had cleaned up and was helping Lynn set the table while Jerry checked the day's price for wheat.  David came from the bathroom, cap off, face and lower arms washed and Luke found himself looking at him, quick glances or longer stares when David was speaking to him. He looked at the wavy dark hair, how the cap had made an impression around his head and made the lower areas curl outward. The dark skin of his arms and face and the way the shirt fit, tight across the shoulders and loose around the waist. And the sleeves being removed revealed David's arms, the full muscular development of each, every move flexing the biceps and when David reached out to set his cap down on a side chair Luke saw the dark underarm hair, thick, damp and he felt his face flush as he looked away.

Lunch was just as tough for Luke, listening to David talk about his family and his plans next door. Lynn asked David his age and Luke found out he was twenty six, an age that seemed so much older than his nineteen. Once lunch was finished Jerry led them out to the barn to a room they stored parts. On the wall were severl hydraulic hoses of various lengths, the longest drapped over nails horizontally across the wall. Jerry reached for it taking it down.

"I think this is the one that will work with your disc; we have a similar model."

Jerry sent Luke back to combining while he helped David get the hydraulic hose put on the disc and plugged into the back of the tractor. David felt disappointment in being dismissed but knew he was being silly. What was this feeling? Jealously? And he admonished himself for it even as it continued to nag at him.

He maneuvered across the field and each time near the fence he would look for David. He would watch the tractor move across the field, dust rising up and being blown across the landscape. By day's end David had long since left the field and David had worked his way far away from the fence covering over one hundred fifty acres before quitting.  It would take two more days to finish the large fields behind their home and they would then move everything to fields at another location.

It would be the middle of the next week before they finished the fields planted with wheat. Once finished they would immediately begin planting them with soybeans.  All during this time Luke did not see David but occasionally he could see the results of David's efforts. Different sections of the field being planted, sections staked out and hills created for what Luke assumed would be for potatoes.

It was a Friday afternoon and David headed over to the grain elevator to their seed store to get more soybean seed.  He saw David's truck backed up to one of the bays. He maneuvered back to the one adjacent and went into the office.  David wasn't in there and Luke quickly placed his order and headed into the warehouse with the slip for his order. David was in the warehouse having bags of lime loaded into his truck.

"Hey Luke, how are you?"

"Fine, you getting your crops in?"

"Yep...almost done. What are you getting?"

"More soybeans. We're almost finished but ran out of seed and need enough to do the last ten acres."

"Hey, listen, I'm still trying to get to know my way around here and when you finish...if you're interested...I could use some help. I'd pay you..."

"Yeah, I love to help you" Luke interrupted.

"Great.  Well when you finish up let me know and we can get together and I'll tell you what I need."


As familiar as the front of the old Bradley house was Luke still had the sense that a lot had changed. The pruned shrubbery, the walls being scrapped for repainting, the new front door and the new chairs sitting on the porch.  He stood on the front walk that led from the drive across the yard then curved up to the steps. He stared up at the old house and found he was holding his breath. 'Don't be an idiot' he told himself taking a deep breath and moving up the steps across the porch and to the front door. He knocked firmly on the solid door.

David opened the door wearing a paint spattered t-shirt and worn jeans. Luke couldn't stop himself from looking down till he noticed David was barefoot as well.

"Come on in" Luke said to him stepping back from the doorway, "you caught me finishing up in the den. I'm trying to get the main rooms finished so I don't feel like I'm living in a construction zone."

Luke followed David down the entry hall to the back where an addition had created a large den and kitchen. The walls were freshly painted with the floor still covered in plastic, a step ladder sitting to one side and paint cans on the floor.

"Are you finished in here?" Luke asked.

"Not yet; that wall needs another coat" David replied pointing to the far wall.

"You need some help?"

"Oh no, not today. You're definitely not dressed to be painting. Besides I'm nearly done. I'll finish this wall while we talk."


David asked Luke what he was willing to do for he had work in the garden plots set up in the field, maintenance of tractors and equipment that needed to be done and construction projects in the house from painting to replacing windows and some dry wall work in the front bedroom. Luke said he'd tackle whatever job David needed help with while he could. Soybeans would not be ready for harvest till fall so he had the summer to help. David and Luke came to an agreement on payment and the kind of time Luke could commit to each week.

"Great, well today is Friday so why don't you plan on starting Monday" David said as he stepped back from the wall, roller in hand, satisfied he was complete in the den. "Since its the weekend I'm sure you have some things you'd like to do and I for one want to take a break."

"Oh I'm not doing anything this weekend" Luke blurted out.

David looked at him, his face taking a serious tone, then it relaxed, a smile formed and he nodded.

"Well, it'd be nice to have someone to hang out with this weekend. Would you like to go into town for dinner tomorrow and come back here for a movie...or maybe play video games. You like that new Official Maneuvers game?"

"Yeah...I got it when it came out back in April" Luke replied, "what time tomorrow?"

"Come around five thirty and we'll drive to that new diner in downtown and afterwards we can come back here."

"I'll see you tomorrow" Luke replied trying hard to suppress his excitement at spending Saturday night with David. David smiled at him,nodding his head.

"It's a date."

Luke was walking back to his home when it dawned on him how David referred to tomorrow night, calling it a date. 'Is that what he meant, or was it just a phrase denoting the time?' he wondered. He felt anxious about it, wondered if he could think of it as such. Did he want to think of it as such.  It excited him and scared him all at the same time. Two guys together was something he tried to wrap his mind around then tried to put himself in the equation.

He told his parents he was beat and retired to his room early, lying on the bed, music playing softly, only the lamp on his desk illuminating the room. He lay with his arms folded across his chest as he began to play out different scenarios that involved David. Scenarios that led to scenes intimate, of Luke touching David. Of David touching Luke. He wondered what such contact would feel like, wondered if it'd be like with Tina or some of the other girls he had dated. He pictured David sitting next to him or David lying next to him or he sitting in David's lap and he felt his cock stir, felt it begin to stiffen in his boxer. He moved one hand down his stomach and to his boxers, slipping underneath the waistband and down through the pubic hair to his cock till he felt the shaft with his fingertips. He ran his fingers along its length feeling it swell up thicker as it stretched out. It grew erect in his hand and he began to stroke it, to feel the hard shaft slide through his hand. He was beginning to breath hard as he imagined it was David touching him, stroking his cock, making him hard. He arched his back, pushed his head back hard into the pillow as he imagined David's mouth taking his cock; imagined his cock sinking into David's mouth. 'This is so gay' Luke thought, then the image of David taking him, pleasuring him pushed the thought from his mind. He pumped his hips upward working his cock through this tight fist.

'It would feel so much better if this were real' he thought as he thrust upward thinking of it as David's mouth. He slipped his other hand down by his cock, down below his sac where his fingers touched his opening, his middle finger raking over it, rubbing it. "Oh David" he uttered out loud imagining it was David touching him, David who was playing with his hole and as his middle finger penetrated it he imagined David entering him, David on top of him pushing cock into his hole. He came hard, cum spattering in his face and on his chest as he shuddered with the force of ejaculation.

He lay still, the cum cooling on his skin and turning runny. He was embarrassed at how wrapped up in the fantasy he had been, and more so on what it involved. Luke wondered what David would say if he knew. How long had these thoughts been there, unformed, ready to surface? He remembered what it had been like in high school in the locker room, struggling to keep his eyes diverted. He considered how he had been suppressing these desires, the things that aroused him, gave him a sense of longing that none of the girls he dated had provided.  He knew if he lived in a city everything could be different, but he didn't live in a city.

Luke slipped his boxers further down his legs and off using them to wipe up the cum. He tossed them on the floor, slipped beneath the sheet, where he felt his nakedness. He liked the feel of it, the way the soft cotton sheet lay over him. He rolled over on his stomach feeling the way he had his cock pinned beneath him. He felt his sex, his sexuality and he struggled to fall asleep wondering if there was any chance with David. And if there were could he go through with it.


For all of fantasies, the daydreaming of one scenario after the next, all of them ending up in an intimate way, Saturday night did not occur as he hoped. There was something between them, some barrier Luke couldn't figure out. David seemed to be studying him, sizing him up, asking him about his staying to farm, his lack of a girl friend and what he liked to do for fun and Luke stammered his way through the questions with half truths and partial lies. He wanted to blurt out something different, tell David how he felt, wanted the evening to be different from them ending it in front of the television watching some action flick both of them had seen before.

Luke walked back to his home, the moon bright enough to illuminate his way along the David's drive, up the two lane road along the white line at its edge and back down his drive. The whole way he tried to stifle his sense of failure and thought of ways he could have done things differently, scenarios where he wasn't walking home alone.


The next week Luke found himself helping in the garden plots, cleaning up along the fences on the property, doing maintenance on the equipment. David would come out and show him what needed to be done then go back to the house to continue his renovation.  At lunch they would be sitting at the Powell's dining table, Jerry, Lynn, Luke and David. By late evenings Luke was usually so exhausted he went home to eat, clean up and crash, but a couple of evenings David and he would ride into town for a burger or over to the fish camp. Luke struggled with his emotions during these moments alone with David, fought not to stare at him and found himself stammering around for what to say sometimes.

On Friday night Luke found himself with David at the old drive-in sitting at one of the few booths inside. Finished with their meal and waiting on the waitress to bring the check David eased back, relaxed from the comforting feel of being satisfied. Luke gave the room a quick scan noting those he recognized, nodding to a former classmate then turned back to David. He shifted his position and bumped David's foot and he jerked back at the touch.

"Sorry" Luke uttered.

"No problem, it's not like our long legs have enough room. What are you going to do this weekend?" David asked. David had given him the weekends off.

"Nothing...mow the grass and I think dad wanted me to bush hog around the field again" Luke repsonded. "What about you? You going to relax?"

David laughed then shook his head. "No, afraid not. I can't stand the house being a construction zone and until it is done I'm going to keep at it. I'm going to try to get the exterior painted in the next few days."

"You need some help?  I don't mind working over the weekend."

David looked at Luke with a serious expression, like he was trying to read him, gleaming some insight from within. Then he smiled and leaned forward resting his arms on the table. "Sure...if you're really want to help. I would thought you had some plans with friends...or a maybe a real date?"

Luke knew he blushed as he responded, " plans" he replied looking away for a moment.  "I'll just need to mow the grass first so it'll be a little after eight."

"No rush...I've got some errands to run so plan on coming over around nine."


Luke walked over to David's a few minutes before nine. He ambled up the gravel drive and saw David on a ladder at the side of the house trimming along the eaves. The house had been white but Luke saw David was painting the walls a deep mossy green. David had on the frayed worn jeans he always wore when painting and a ragged t-shirt. There was a rip in the armpit on the left revealing the dark hair within. For a brief moment Luke just stood below David and watched him, the way he moved the brush confidently along the wall next to the eave trim.

"Where do you want me to start?" Luke finally asked.

David jerked slightly startled by suddenly hearing Luke's voice.  He looked down smiling, "I didn't hear you come up.  I have the windows trimmed out so you can start painting the walls. The brushes are in that bag and you can grab one of those paint cans. They are ready to use."

Luke was quickly painting along the lower portion of the wall starting at the corner working his way over.  David moved the ladder and began to paint the upper portions of the wall. For the next two hours David talked about what he had to do on the house, asked Luke how his folks were doing or about some gossip he had heard at the general store. Luke for his part answered each question but found himself unable to carry the conversation.

David moved the ladder and climbed back up. He worked along the area around the louver working out across the wall. Luke was down along the lower edge of the wall trying not to get paint on the brick pier. They had fallen silent as each brushed paint on the wall. David shifted to reach out and the ladder rocked, the uneven ground throwing him off balance, and the ladder tipped over. David fought for balance and broke his fall by landing on his feet but the ladder crashed to the ground with the can of paint flipping through the air splashing paint across his body.

"Shit!" David exclaimed as he stood with paint dripping out of his hair and his shirt and jeans soaked. Luke stood staring at him shocked at how much paint had gotten on him. He stood with his arms held out head held down. "Fuck it got all over me" he uttered and then he began to laugh. Luke saw David shaking at first then heard the laugh, heard it build till David looked up laughing out loud. "Can you believe this shit?" he asked Luke who was laughing too.


"Okay it is almost lunch time and I got stuff to make sandwiches so let me go get cleaned up and if you will, straighten this mess up as best you can, clean out our brushes and then come on in."

"Okay, but let me finish this one area next to the window first" Luke responded.

David disappeared around the corner heading to the back. Luke heard the garden hose run for a few minutes as he painted the last gap between the corner and the window. A minute later he saw the light come on inside. The temptation was too great since he was standing  next to the window, so he looked in. David stood in his boxers, the wet white fabric revealing each ass cheek, the whiteness of each such a contrast from the rest of his body. David pulled clothes from a chest of drawers tossing them on the bed. Then he pulled down the boxers. Luke held his breath as he saw David naked, his ass on full display and when David headed to the door of the bathroom Luke got a brief glimpse of his cock as it bounced over its sac. He saw it's general shape, the way the head had an tapered shape and the shaft looked thick, thicker than any he'd seen before. Just before going into the bathroom David looked over at the window making Luke jerk away and act like he was painting.

When Luke went inside he found David in the kitchen making sandwiches. David was wearing a tank top, one that was faded and frayed and another pair of worn jeans. Luke noticed this pair hung low on David's waist, so low the tank top barely met the waist band. He diverted his eyes to the table and saw two can drinks sitting by empty glasses.

"Is there something I can do?" Luke asked looking for some distraction.

"Yeah, grab some ice for the glasses and that bag of chips on the counter over there."

At first they ate in silence, David looking over at Luke, studying him making Luke wonder what David saw when he looked at him. Luke wanted to stare back the same way, wanted to look at David, the way his upper body was partially exposed, a chain around his neck now exposed. But he could only look in quick glances or keep his eyes focused on David's face trying hard to suppress the emotions he was feeling.

"I've been here a few weeks and I have to say some of the women around here are pretty desperate. I've had a few call me looking to go out. I don't think any of the women back home or in college were this aggressive" David stated breaking the silence.

"Yeah, some of them only think of marriage and..."

"Having kids?  I don't know about that. So how are you still single? I mean, I haven't heard you mention even going on a date."

"I...well, I've gone out with several just didn't seem like the right one" Luke replied.

David just looked at Luke, smiled and nodded his head. "Okay, help me clean up here and let's see how far we get before I make another mess."


David stood in the hot shower, his body finally clean, the paint spattered on his skin raked off. He let the water cascade over his head as he watched it swirl down the drain. His cock was hard, had been since he touched it with his soapy hands thinking of David. The last three days had been so trying, the way David seemed to be flaunting his body around him. David wore that tank top then a t-shirt with most of the sides ripped out with those low slung jeans. Luke had noticed the way his ass filled out the jeans, the way they bulged at the crotch and how everytime David reached out he exposed that dark underarm hair. David's muscular body flexed and stretched in so many ways and Luke noticed everything. It was as if he was studing it, but really he privately worshiped it.

This afternoon had been the worst. They had finally finished painting and both of them were sweating profusely for the day had grown extremely hot and humid. They struggled for the energy to clean up, to get the brushes cleaned and the remaining paint sealed up and stored in the barn. Luke's t-shirt clung to his lean body and he felt the dampness of his jeans and boxers. His whole body was wet with sweat, muscles tired from their exertions and the heat. He could barely move. Finally finished he strolled over to David who was at the back of the house fiddling with the garden hose. When David turned he had the hose turned on and sprayed Luke soaking him.

"Time to cool the fuck off" David exclaimed laughing as he wet Luke.

Luke inhaled deeply, shocked to feel the cold water from the hose. He stood looking down at how his t-shirt was transparent revealing his body, one so boyish looking compared to David's. When he looked up David had taken off his tank top and was holding the hose over his head. Water cascaded down his body and Luke stared at it, the way the water ran over his chest, down the flat stomach and soaked into the jeans till they slid down lower on his hips. Luke wondered if David had on underwear for none were visible along the impossibly low waistband.

"Feels good doesn't it" David said when he looked up. Luke felt his stare and suddenly he felt trapped, afraid to let David know what he was feeling, afraid his expression would give him away.

"I've got to needed me to help him with something before it gets dark" Luke replied, his voice an octive higher, nervous in tone.

"Okay" David replied.

Luke looked away but before he did he thought he saw a look of disappointment on David's face. He headed home, walking fast, not looking back, cursing himself for not staying wondering if he could have made something happen.

Now he held his erection, felt his soapy hand move along the shaft till he was masturbating furiously, frustration and the need, the desire to get off so great he struggled to stifle his moans. He felt his release surge through him and he grunted as his body shook as he pumped his hips and stroked his cock pumping out his load. He pumped his cock till he was spent, so exhausted from his frustrations and exertions he fell forward resting his head against the wall.

His emotions were overwhelming, this frustration that something was there for the taking but he was too scared to take it. Tears filled his eyes. The hot water began to cool making him realize how long he had been in the shower and he quickly shut it off. He towelled off, slipped on boxers and went to his room. Lying on his back he stared at the ceiling fantazing about David, different scenarios that could have been. Each ending with him sharing David's bed instead of alone in his own.


Saturday morning arrived already hot, the humidity rising rapidly. Luke fueled and prepped the lawn mower, the big lawn and garden tractor with its wide mower sat gleaming the sun outside the barn. There were nearly 3 acres in the yard that included the area at the front of the barns and all around the house. Then there were the open ditches along the road that they mowed in front of the house and down along the field for about a hundred yards each way.

Luke ran the mower quickly around the yard, slowing for close work, then speeding back up in the open yard. By ten thirty he had the grass cut and everything put away. He walked back toward the house and he noticed his old truck was dirty with dust. It had been sitting for days and he decided to clean it up as best he could. He pulled it out into the back yard, got his small bucket, sponge and carwash, and dragged the garden hose out to the truck. He washed the truck slowly, letting his mind wander, constantly circling back to David. As he rinsed the top and hood he thought of David standing under the hose the day before, his upper body on display, water cascading down it and Luke felt his cock stir in his jeans, felt the first impulse of arousal and he slammed a fist down on his thigh.

"What's wrong Luke?" Lynn asked, his mother surprising him with her appearance.

"Nothing" Luke lied.

"I know something is bothering you...has for days now. You can tell me, Luke."

"It's nothing...just drop it okay. Please mom?"

"Okay. I came out to tell you lunch would be at twelve. I invited David to come over. I know he doesn't eat right over there working the way he does on that house. I saw ya'll got it painted."

"Yeah...its finished on the outside."

When Luke finished he pulled the truck back into the drive and put everything away. He kicked off his wet shoes on the back porch and went inside to his room to change. HIs shirt and jeans were wet and clung to him uncomfortably. He stripped them off and slipped on gym shorts and his basketball jersey from high school. In the mirror he saw how his long lean arms hung at his sides, the way the bones were visible just below his neck and across his shoulders. He felt like a kid when he considered how he looked compared to David. He raised his arms and looked at the sparse hair under each. He leaned closer to the mirror and saw how sparse his beard came in, still patchy along his jaw line. He ran a hand through his hair, it getting long and in need of cutting. It stood up wildly, in all directions and he left it that way as he left his room answering his mother's call to come for lunch.

In the dining room David and his father were already seated. His mother came in with a pitcher of tea and a spoon for one of the dishes on the table. David was dressed nicer than he had ever seen him, a button down shirt and khakis. He suddenly felt under dressed, some kid coming to the table to eat with the adults. Jerry was telling David about the current price for soybeans and how he thought he would pre-sell some in the next week or so since he believed the price would go back down close to harvest time. Luke pulled out his chair and sat drawing their attention.

"You get that old truck cleaned up?" Jerry asked.


"I don't know why you don't get something nicer" Jerry replied.

"I don't know...I mean I don't go anywhere."

"Well, David was telling me he's going down to Mobile this afternoon for some things for his house and was wondering if you wanted to go. I told him you had everything done around here and I saw no reason why you couldn't."

"What do you say? I need to get some things purchased for the house then I thought about a movie and staying overnight. I'd pick up my purchases tomorrow and drive back then" David said.

Luke sat silent for a moment cutting his eyes from David to his father and back to David.

"Well?" David asked.

"Yeah, sure" Luke replied and suddenly he felt anxious, some nagging feeling he was getting his hopes up again only to be left frustrated in the end.

"Okay guys, let's eat and then Luke, you can get changed and pack an overnight bag" Lynn interjected.

Luke fought the urge to shove his food in, tried to pace himself with the others but as soon as he finished his lunch he jumped up excusing himself. In his room he pulled one then another shirt from the closet trying to decide what to wear. In the end he pulled out a white dress shirt his mother had ironed before hanging up and his black jeans, a pair he had rarely worn since purchasing them last fall. Finally dressed, hair combed and bag packed he raced back out. His mother was in the kitchen and his father stood at the back door looking out the window.

"David walked home to get his bag and will come back to pick you up" Jerry said without turning around. "You boys be careful...okay?"

"Okay" Luke replied.


It was after three before they drove into Mobile and David headed to the home improvement stores first. They browsed the store, stopping a couple of sales associates for David to ask questions. Luke noticed how they approached them, how they gave them a certain look and he wondered if they thought David and he were brothers, or something else. After an hour David had the things he wanted purchased and set for pick up the next day. Back in the truck David started the motor, cranked up the air conditioning and sat back.

"It's too early to eat dinner and I got tickets to the eight o'clock showing so what do you want to do?"

"I don't care" Luke replied not sure what to say.

"We could go to the mall and kill some time then go check into our room."


The mall was crowded, the locals coming inside to shop and get out of the heat. They strolled each section, going in a few shops along the way, but neither seemed to care about shopping. When they got back to where they came in David nodded toward the door.

"Come on, let's go check in and by then we'll be ready to eat an early dinner before going to the movie."

Luke watched as David drove past one hotel after the next wondering which one they were staying the night.  David continued to drive heading toward downtown and Luke started to ask where they were heading but he sat silent watching the landscape of this small southern city pass by as they continued to drive. He felt David's eyes, every so often looking over at him.

"We'll be there shortly" David said breaking the silence between them answering the question Luke had not dared ask.

David drove into downtown maneuvering on the old one way streets. A few minutes later David pulled into a parking lot behind a bed and breakfast, on old structure, stately in its size and distinctly a part of the city's past.

"Where are we?" Luke uttered as he sat up looking at the old building as David pulled around to the rear parking lot.

"It's a bed and breakfast. The service is great, the food is excellent and we're not back there in that suburban crap we drove through earlier."

" we're staying here?"

"Yep...and having dinner too."

The interior exceeded all expectations that Luke conceived, the antique furniture that filled every room, the rugs that lined the old wood floors and behind the small desk that served as check-in sat an older woman, formally dressed. Their room sat on front facing the street, a large room with two queen size beds and its own bath with a tub and a shower. Luke was overwhelmed, and somewhat disappointed for he actaully thought the room would have only one bed. The idea of being forced to sleep with David seemed to be a lost opportunity and the narrow gap between the beds seemed insurmountable.

"Let's rest for a few minutes. Our dinner reservations are not till 6:15 so we have time to relax" David said as he kicked off his shoes and laid back on one bed. Luke stood at the window looking out across the city.

"I've got to hit the bathroom" Luke said as he turned and moved across the room. He relieved himself then washed his hands. He left the water running and washed his face, cupping the cool water in his hands and bringing it up to his face. He shut off the water and looked at his wet face in the mirror, water dripping off of his chin and his hair wet around his face. 'Get a grip and don't make more of this than what it is' he chided himself, picked up the towel, dried and headed back into the room. David's eyes were closed and he eased down on the other bed. He lay there staring at the ceiling for a long time then felt as if he was being watched. He turned toward David and saw him staring back.

"What is it?" Luke asked.

"Nothing" David replied as he turned back over looking up.

Back downstairs they were led to the small dining room that overlooked the flower garden in the rear yard.  Several of the tables were occupied, mostly couples and it made Luke acutely aware how it looked, they the only two guys together. At first it spooked him, made him anxious but then he relaxed, realizing he was away from home, away from prying eyes that knew his family. So what if they thought of Luke and him as a couple.  A part of him liked the idea, savored the notion till he found himself smiling at the very idea.

"What's so funny?" David asked.


"You found something funny...what?"

"It's just...well the room is full of couples and we're the only two guys in here. They must think we'"

David leaned back, glanced around the room catching a few others looking at them, then he looked at Luke, suddenly a definace about his expression. "So what...let them think what they will."


The movie was nearly full and David and Luke had seats near the center over half way up the stadium seating. David had grabbed a small popcorn and soda. Luke had not wanted anything but the smell of the salty popcorn made him change his mind.

"I think I'll go get some popcorn afterall. The smell of it makes me want it."

"Here, have some of mine, I don't want all of this" David offered and Luke settled back in his seat and reached for the offered popcorn. "You can have some of my drink too."

They sat side by side, arms bumping together and Luke was conscious of each touch. He kept his arm on the rest between them relishing every contact. David didn't seem to notice as he talked about his favorite movies asking Luke about the ones he liked. When the lights went down and previews began Luke felt David's leg bump his own, the briefest of contacts and he froze in place, waiting, wanting David to touch him again. The movie began, the opening credits scrolling across the screen and David's leg pressed up against his own and he held the contact pretending not to notice. For a long time they sat, leg against leg and arm against arm, both watching the screen. Luke angled his head slightly and cut his eyes over to David and saw him watching the screen, eyes reflecting the moving colored light of the images protrayed there.

A guy to Luke's left got up and apologized as he made his way to the end of the row. The contact between Luke and David was broken and Luke shifted uncomfortably in his seat afraid to try to restore it, afraid David wasn't really aware of something he was all too aware of.

The movie ended and they followed the other patrons out of the theater into the hot humid night time air. The sky was cloudy and dark, no stars or moon visible.

"Let's get back to our room" David said as he moved up next to Luke.

At the bed and breakfast David unlocked the door and went in first.

"Sorry but I've got to go...I'm about to piss myself" he jokingly stated as he hurried into the bathroom, not bothering to close the door. Luke tried not to look in but as he passed the door he couldn't stop himself and he saw David in profile, his tall muscular body, head held back sligthly as a strong stream hit the bowl. Luke couldn't see it, David's cock for the hand holding it was in the way.

Luke went to the window considering how the night was getting away from him, how he anxiously wanted more to happen but did not know how to make it happen. David was older, more mature, wasn't he suppose to start it he thought as he heard him come back into the room. Luke turned around and watched David ease down on one bed, shirt unbuttoned all the way revealing his chest and stomach. Luke found himself staring at David, a longing overwhelming him, frustrating him till he had to do something.

"I'm going to take a shower" Luke said as he headed to the bathroom.

Luke started to close the door, considered the safety of it being closed but he left it open. David hadn't closed it why should he and he stepped in front of the mirror and watched himself strip off his clothes, laying each garment on the vanity. Naked, he looked in the mirror. He was sill so lean but he wasn't that skinny, not really, so why didn't David want him? Why didn't David make a move on him? Was he really straight or just not interested?

The shower quickly heated up, steam rising up over the glass enclosure. Luke entered it letting the hot water hit him on the chest, turned and let it wash over his back, then he turned back around and put his head under the spray. It was soothing, relaxing, almost enough to make him forget David in the other room. He placed his hands on the wall and leaned toward it, head under the spray. He looked down at the way the water flowed down his body, down his legs and across the floor to the drain, swirling around before disappearing.

The door of the shower opened and Luke froze. Was David getting in with him, could it be true and he stood still. David's feet came into view, moving up behind him. He felt David's hands touch his back, move over him, one hand up to his neck massaging it, fingers gently working into the flesh. He looked up and felt himself shiver slightly as David's other hand came around his waist and pulled their bodies together. David kissed him on the neck, up along the side of his face then gently tugged on his earlobe.

"Is this okay?" David asked Luke in a soft whisper.

"Yes" Luke uttered in such a low voice David barely heard it, but he knew it was okay by the way Luke pressed against him, by the way Luke let him touch him, his hands moving over the lean torso, across the chest feeling each hard nipple, down over the undulating stomach till he felt the sparse pubic hair fanning out over Luke's cock.

David let his fingers move along the growing shaft, his touch light, barely grazing the skin. David felt the head, felt the way it swelled, flared out wider and he brought his fingers around the shaft and slowly, gently, stroked it. Luke's body began to move in his arms, to rock, to undulate against him. There was a certain wildness to Luke now, a primitive nature rising up. Luke pulled away and turned to him, arms coming around his neck, cock pushed against cock as Luke moved up to him till their lips pressed together. David felt the way Luke clung to him, felt the way Luke pumped his hips pressing their cock together. He grew fully erect and he pressed it against Luke, rubbed it over his smooth skin causing him to be so aroused.

"Fuck...I wanted you...let's go to the bedroom" David said as he held Luke's ass cheeks in each hand pulling their bodies together.

Luke kissed him again, then with lips still touching, "Okay" he whispered.

David dried Luke then himself. He led Luke by the hand to the bed, the covers already pulled back to the foot. He helped Luke ease down on it and moved over him as he lay back. David's thick cock moved up Luke's thigh and nestled next to his hard cock, leaving a wet trail in its path. David pumped his hips, his whole body moving over Luke, skin touching skin as their hands moved over the other. They kissed passionately as they explored the other's body. Luke pulled his legs up and David sat up, took each one by the calf and folded him over, pushed each leg down till Luke's ass rose up and spread open. David pushed his cock down letting the wet slick head rub over Luke's opening. He pressed against it and felt Luke push back.

"Please....David..." Luke uttered as he ran his hands up David's arms feeling the muscles flex under his touch.

David pushed watching as his thick cock stretched Luke open, penetrating him slowly, inch by inch till half the shaft was inserted. Luke held David as his whole body quivered. It hurt at first, this initial penetration but Luke relaxed into it, gave himself up to it pushing upward with his hips.

David felt his cock sink in further and he pushed down with his hips till his abdomen rested against Luke's ass. He held still feeling the tight ring of Luke's opening around his cock loosen, slowly relax to him. He began to move his hips, pulling upward then sinking back in, over and over and Luke cried out.

"Fuck...fuck me'' Luke uttered as he moved beneath David.

David increased his pace, thrusting faster and faster into Luke. He shifted positions letting Luke's legs wrap around his waist and he renewed his pace. He drove his hips hard, pushing deep into him till their bodies smacked together.

Luke reached up and held David tight to his chest. "Not yet" he whispered in David's ear and he rolled him over on his back as he shifted on top. Luke slowly got into position on top taking David once again. Up and back down, he took David deep within over and over. He felt David take his cock and stroke it, rubbed the head till he shook from the stimulation. He rode David harder, faster, thrusting his hips forward when he fully seated himself on David feeling his cock push through the tight fist that held it.

Luke was too aroused, the penetration of David's thick cock too much and he rocked roughly up and down feeling his body tighten up and his cock ache with its hardness. He slammed downward and thrust his hips forward feeling the surge, the rush of release as he came. It spattered in hot thick pools across David's chest and stomach, the scent of it filled the room and Luke kept riding David, feeling every ejaculation of his cock and the spasm of his hole around the thick shaft pushing deep within.

David felt it, the way Luke milked his cock and the release over his torso. He shoved upward, roughly, as he cried out. He came hard, his cock swelled up thicker, the sensitive head pushed deep into Luke as he came.

Luke rode him till he begged for him to stop. He rolled him over to his side and they snuggled up together, Luke in his arms. Exhaustion over came them as their breathing fell into a slow rhythm. They slowly drifted off.


Two months later.

It was obvious to everyone, especially Luke's parents that their relationship was something more than just friendship. Something much more intimate, but some old sense of decorum made everyone step around the issue and just go about their daily lives.  Luke knew sooner or later he'd have to tell them, make it official, but time passed, day after day, week after week, and their work kept them busy enough to not dwell on it.

Luke had started to stay at David's nightly when they returned from Mobile, then slowly his personal effects were moved over, some clothes and toiletries, then his gaming system and finally all of his clothes and bicycle. His mother and father initially commented in an off-hand manner but when Luke began to explain they would change the subject, so he let them have their time to adjust.

For David the phone calls stopped trying to get him to go out with one or another of the single women in the community and there were the stopped conversations in the general store when he would enter. This occurred for a couple of weeks, but over time everything fell back into its natural order.

Jerry had been the most standoffish but after a couple of weeks he climbed over the old fence and out into the garden plots where Luke and David were working. He amble over, taking his time, looking at the results of their labors and at them, the two of them working together, content, happy. David noticed him first and stood up straight, propped on the hoe and gave him a smile and nod of the head.

"David" Jerry said as a greeting. Luke turned to him upon hearing his voice.


"Son, you still going to help me with harvesting beans?" Jerry asked and the worry in his voice was obvious.

"Of course...if you want me to help" Luke replied.

"Yes I want your help. I need it, son" Jerry replied looking away for moment then back at Luke nodding his head. "You guys have this garden going well...looks like it will pay off" he added changing the subject.

David saw Jerry relax, his whole posture change into a more natural stance and he stepped over to him.

"Mr. Powell, if you're interested in helping we were going to start repairing that fence tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?  Yeah, I can do that...bright and early I presume" Jerry replied, smiling for the first time.

"Bright and early" David replied.



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