Connor had the guys cock in his hand, stroking it, feeling it swell, turn dark red. He leaned over and licked the head, enjoying the taste of the guy, as pre-cum oozed out. The guys hips began to rise up, to move in that familiar way, the thrusting up and pulling back, dragging his cock through Connor's hand. Connor put his mouth over his fist, taking the cock as it pushed up, sucking on the head, tonguing it, feeling it slid into his mouth and just as quickly pull back. The guy's thrusts increased in tempo, urgent, his need building. The movements of his hips became ragged, as he shoved up hard.

Connor loved the feel of cock sliding through his fist, the feel of it as it expanded, swelled, hardened. He loved the way it slid though his lips, over his tongue, pushed into his throat cutting off his air. As he stroked it with his hand, smearing his drooling salvia and the guy's pre-cum over its shaft, he would also lick the guy's balls, run his tongue over the loose skin of their sac, feel each slide around, and with his face buried in the guy's crotch smell the scent of him, strong and masculine. He'd take one then the other in his mouth and tug lightly, suck on it, making the guy push up to his face. Connor would go back to his cock, pull his hand down to base of the shaft and take the head in his mouth. Connor worshiped the guy's cock, gave himself to it, rubbing it over his face till it was slick, wet. His own breathing got fast, his own cock hard. He'd stroke the shaft and mouth the head, suck on it, run his tongue over it. The guy grabs him by the hair, pulling his head down hard over his cock, then roughly pulling it back up, over and over, fucking Connor's mouth, using it like a cunt, a place to shove his cock.

The guy would cum hard, shooting his first wad into Connor's face, hitting him in the cheek, where it would run down to his chin and drip off. Connor would quickly cover the head with his mouth, capturing the rest of his load, savoring it, letting it slide over his tongue before he swallowed it. They all tasted different, each guy, and this one had his own unique flavor, bittersweet, as it slid to back of his tongue and down his throat.

Then it was over.

Connor was going into another guy's room, his apartment or condo. The guy had on a pair of faded worn jeans, frayed at the edges, knees blown out, hanging barely above his crotch. His chest was bare, showing his toned muscular build, the smoothness of his skin. They guy had short blonde hair and hadn't shaved in days, his chin rough with the growth. As Connor approached him, he was stripping off his clothes. He tossed them on the floor as he made his way across the room. By the time he is in front of the guy he is naked, his cock sticking straight out, hard, flexing up and down with his need. He drops to his knees, and rubs his face over the crotch of the jeans, feeling the hard cock confined within them. The feel of it excites him. The bulge stretches over to the guy's right thigh. Connor mouths it, runs his mouth along its length, wetting the fabric with his drool. He hugs up tight to the guy, feeling the worn soft jeans rub his torso, feeling own cock slid through the guy's legs. Connor reaches up and unbuttons the jeans, each button popping free as he tugs them apart, opening them up to reveal his blonde bush, the base of his hard cock and finally freeing it, letting it pop out, hitting him across the face. He tugs the jeans down to the guy's ankles and moves up taking the guy's balls in his mouth, sucking on them, tugging on them, then me slides his tongue up and over the shaft of the guy's cock, pushing it up against the his stomach, till he gets to the head which he eagerly pulls into his mouth, getting the taste of him, feeling the swollen head fill his mouth, plunge back to his throat, gagging him. The guy grabs him by the hair and proceeds to face fuck him. Rough, fast, he shoves his cock through Connor's lips, battering his tongue as it pushes to his throat. He pulls back, almost all the way out, and plunges in again, and again and again. When he pulls out, his cock is slick with Connor's drool; it drips off the end. He pulls Connor up by the hair, forceful, without saying anything to him, he drags him to a sofa, throws him on it, on his knees, his chest resting on the back.

Connor feels him push a finger into him, then two, then three, stretching him open, twisting around his insides. The pain fades into pleasure, sending shivers up his spine as his hole is pried open, stretched, ready to be fucked. The guy removes his fingers and Connor feels it, the blunt head of his cock, feels it rub over his opening, pushing against it. Connor pushes back as he hears himself beg for it.

"Fuck me, put it in me...fuck me...hard" his stammering, begging voice breaks the silence. The guy penetrates him, stretching him open more. He slides into Connor, slowly, spearing Connor's ass with his cock, till he is in all the way, pushed up tight to Connor's ass. The guy holds still a moment, letting Connor feel the fullness in his guts, the way cock opens him up, makes his skin tingle, he grabs on to the sofa with both fists and pushes back against the guy. Connor feels him pull back then plunge back into him, slowly at first, obviously enjoying the feel of Connor's tight ass grip his cock, feel it squeeze the shaft as he pulls back and slides back in, in deep, feeling Connor's hot insides engulf his cock. His keeps up this rhythm, moving his hips back and forth, his pace increasing until he is hammering into Connor, shoving all his cock into him, slapping up against his ass.

"Goddamn, fuck me" Connor mutters through clinched teeth. The guy grabs him by his hair, pulls his head back, arcing his torso up, changing the way his cock digs into Connor. Connor reaches back and spreads his cheeks as far open as he can, taking the battering cock, lost in his lust, to the feel of it slamming through his insides. The guys slams into him hard, hesitates a moment, buried as far into Connor as he can get, then pulls back and does it again, then again, hard jerky thrusts until he is cumming, pushing his load into Connor's guts. When he is spent, he pulls out and wipes his wet drooling cock off on Connor's ass.

The guy tells him to get out and everything is a blur. Nothing makes sense anymore. Suddenly he finds himself running, naked, down a street in a warehouse district. He can't believe he ended up here. It's the middle of the night, and only the sparsely spaced street lights give him any illumination. And half of them are out. It is darker than it should be. He runs around a corner and sees people going into some night club in an old warehouse and his nakedness suddenly makes him feel venerable, a foreboding passes through him. He turns down an alley, narrow and dark. He stumbles as he tries to make his way through it. He feels the cum still on his chin and on his ass and his own cock is half hard, the rush of fear fueling him on. He hears voices, and a door about to open. He ducks behind a dumpster and watches the door open. A guy comes out. He's tall, lean, wearing blue coveralls, grease stains covering them. His face is rugged, handsome with a black goatee and short hair framing his face. He hears the guy say something to someone back in the building. Through the door Connor can see it is a mechanics shop, a Chevy up on lift and a Ford sitting next to it, hood up.

The guy comes to the dumpster and throws something in it. As he is about to turn back he sees Connor.

"What are you doing?" his tone accusatory, threatening.

"I'm trying to get home" Connor stammers.

"Home?! What the fuck are you talking about? It appears to me you're looking for something else." The guy grabs Connor by the arm. He is stronger than he imagined, dragging him through the door into the shop. Another guy comes over. He is big, muscular, with his coveralls undone to the waist showing the dark reddish brown hair matting his chest. He hasn't shaved in days, and his reddish brown beard is clearly visible.

"Goddamn, he's naked. He was out in the alley like this?" the guy asked laughing in a menacing tone.

"What do you think, Devan?"

"I think we should help the boy out" Devan laughs. "Drag his ass over here."

"Wait, please, I just need to get home" as he struggles to break the other guy's grasp.

"Damn, Kyle, don't let him get loose."

Devan is at him quickly, with a chain. He wraps Connor's wrist several times and padlocks them together. Kyle drags him over to an empty lift as Devan raises it up some. They force Connor on the end of it and secure the chain to the opposite end, pulling his arms over his head, stretching him out. Devan is soon standing by his head, unzipping his coveralls all the way down, letting them fall to the floor. His cock pops up, free from its confines, hard, thick, big. He rubs it over Connor's mouth, over his face, pushes it roughly against his nose, his cheeks, then pushes it against his lips, pushing harder and harder until Connor accepts it, lets it slide into his mouth, stretching his jaws open. The feel of it packing the void of his mouth scares him and it excites him. He feels Kyle stroking his cock, tightly he grasps it, working his fist up and down. Then Kyle stops, and Connor can't sense him close by as Devan continues to use his mouth. His cock slides out of Connor's mouth, wet, hot, slick with Connor's drool, then Devan pushes back in.

"Kyle, open him up, get him ready" Devan says, barely audible, so lost in the sensation of having his cock sucked. Connor then senses Kyle at his feet, he feels him lift them up, spread his legs as he moves up between them. Connor feels how open he is , the warm air of the shop moving over his exposed ass, his hole turned up for Kyle. Kyle rubs his cock over it, spreading his pre-cum over it, making it slick, wet, then he plunges in, pushing all the way into Connor, pushing till his hips slam up to Connor's ass. Connor's cry is choked by Devan's cock lodged in his mouth, pushing at his throat. Kyle fucks hard , thrusting his cock into him.

"Shit Devan, there's dried cum on his ass. We ain't the only ones to get in his ass. Goddamn whore" and Kyle fucks him harder, slamming his cock through Connor.

"Devan, you want me to lube his ass up for ya?"

"Yeah go ahead and dump a load into 'im."

Kyle's pace quickens, his lust, his drive to get off, drives him on, the feel of Connor's ass loosing up and taking him, the feel of it on his cock, is too much and he pumps his load into Connor. Thrust after thrust his pushes his ejaculating cock into Connor till he feels his cum lubricate his cock, feel it backing out of his hole. Kyle pulls out.

"He's all yours."

Devan pulls his cock from Connor's mouth, smears drool and pre-cum on his face before he moves to between his legs. He lifts them to his shoulders as he aims his fat cock at Connor's hole, pushing up against it. He pushes for entry and Connor pushes back, wanting it. Devan breaches him, penetrates his opening and plunges into him...

"Connor...Connor...wake up."

"What? What is it?" Connor suddenly wakes up.

"You were having some weird dream, muttering something in your sleep" Elizabeth says to him. She is looking at him with a questioning look, concerned. Connor realizes his cock is hard as a rock, tenting up the sheet. His body feels clammy where he was almost sweating in his sleep. Elizabeth runs her hand through his damp hair.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, just a weird dream I know I don't remember them."

She nods at him, then smiles, her fingers twirling through his hair. "I think you're about due for a haircut."

Connor lays there letting her run her fingers through his hair before answering.

"Nah, I think I'll let it grow out some."



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