Graham found himself in the small town as one of its newest county hires for monitoring the condition of the surrounding farm lands, watching for erosion, checking the soil's fertility and what the farmers were growing and what crops that may be an option to them. He didn't know the area having come from Georgia so he had spent the first weeks riding around the countryside seeing the farms and the lay of the land. The farms sat mainly to the south and west of town with the east and north mostly planted in pine for one of the nearby mills. Graham learned the major roads and began to get his bearings on the secondary roads of the county, narrow two lanes, some marked and some unmarked and in some cases, still a dirt road, rough, rutted and in constant need of grading.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, the day hot, partly cloudy and little or no breeze and Graham was riding eastward on a narrow two lane road that skirted town along its south side. He had the windows down in his pickup, the low roar of the all-terrain tires on the rough slag surface nearly drowning out the radio. He been to three farms and down along one creek surveying an area with a gully that cut deep into the side of the hill exposing the layers of red clay. His notes lay in the notebook on the passenger seat but he was still processing what he had seen, still thinking of suggestions for improvements, or in the case of the gully measures to repair the area. He came to an intersection, the tires reverberating over the warning strips laid across the lane in closer and closer intervals as he got closer. He immediately saw an old general store on one corner and decided he would stop, meet the owner and get something to drink.

The interior was dark, the walls where visible were old natural wood planks, the ceiling wood decking and the floor old tile, broken or missing in places revealing underneath even older tile. The lighting was dim making the lights in a few newer display cases seem glaring to the eye. Just inside the door near the old plywood counter for checking out was an old drink cooler, one with sliding panels on the top, a type Graham had only seen before in a flea market being sold as an antique and here it was still in use.

Graham introduced himself to Hank the guy behind the counter who's age could have been late fifties or early seventies, Graham just wasn't sure and as he leaned back against the cooler, drink in hand, talking of his new position in the county and Hank telling him were to expect to find problems the bell over the door rang out and a man entered, one of the local farmers, and he called out hello to Hank and to Graham, grabbed a drink and went over near Hank and was soon immersed in the conversation with them. Over the next few minute two other farmers entered and then a local man who was going fishing over on one of the rivers who came in for drinks and snacks. The conversations were genial, easy going, with the occasional laugh or smirk and Graham felt comfortable with these local citizens. He was nearly done with his soda and about to leave so he could continue with his survey of the area when the bell over the door rang once again. He looked up to see two men enter. One was older, gray hair evident at the temples and the other younger, mid-twenties at the oldest and they moved into the circle, greeting each person and Graham realized quickly it was father and son. Graham found himself trying struggling to pay attention he was so distracted by the younger man, the son, who appeared to be a little under six foot tall and attractive. He had a lean muscular body which was visible through the cut open sides of the t-shirt he was wearing. His jeans fit snug around his waist revealing a round ass and thighs that filled the legs tightly. Graham's eyes roamed up and down the guy, from the ball cap that was worn and dirty, the bib frayed, as it sat low on his head with his light brown hair curling out from the perimeter, down to his scuffed boots. Graham looked at the smooth skin of his neck, jaw, cheeks of his face and realized the guy's beard came in sporadically, around his chin, a thin uneven line along his jaw and tapering out before it got to his hairline Graham looked down his long arms, the skin so dark and smooth, the light hairs of his forearms having dust and dirt clinging to them making them visible and Graham's eyes moved down over the jeans, the bulge at the crotch, the round ass, and the legs all the way down to the scuffed up boots. It made Graham feel short of breath, his heart race, for this was his fantasy, the local farm boy who's casual manner, the easy going nature, quick to smile showing his white teeth, just ever so slightly out of alignment to the side of his front teeth. Graham felt he should leave to prevent his staring, to stop the temptation of looking at every curve of his body, his constant attempts to look within the open sided t-shirt to see his flat stomach and chest.

Graham let his eyes roam down again, cascading down the masculine form as he heard the guy's father tell the others of their labors, the job they were working on at their farm but Graham didn't catch the details, didn't care, for he was lost to this fantasy before him and when he brought his eyes upward he found the guy looking back at him. For the briefest of moments Graham felt trapped, caught in the act and he saw the guy smiling at him and just as Graham diverted his eyes quickly away he saw the guy nod his head.

"What do you want to drink" the guy asked his father. His father stopped talking to the others and turned to his son.

"Just grab me a coke, but Chase not those large bottles, the smaller size is fine" his father responded and Graham caught the guy's name, Chase, let it repeat in his mind over and over a few times as he cut his eyes to the guy thinking the name really did fit.

Chase came to the old cooler, slid one side over and with his hands on the edge of it leaned down looking inside the dark interior. Graham could see his arms flex, see along his torso as the t-shirt hung free in the front letting him see the guy's flat stomach with its smooth dark toned skin and one nipple with a few hairs sprouting out around it. Graham swallowed hard as his eyes scanned the guy's body, this new position giving him a better view and as his eyes scanned up Chase's arm he saw the dark wet under arm hair, a thin sparse growth of hair, wet with his exertions, and Graham thought he could smell Chase, the dirt, the sweat that was still wet under his arms and underneath it all the basic masculine scent of him.

Chase looked down in the cooler and before he reached inside it he turned to Graham and winked at him, smiling, teasingly, making Graham inhale hard and divert his eyes quickly for fear of the others seeing his expression and figuring out what was behind it. Chase pulled two sodas out and went over to the counter and paid. He handed one to his father and then screwed the cap off his drink and turned it up and Graham found his eyes scanning down the up turned arm, down to the arm pit and along the edge of his torso visible now with the t-shirt pushed over with Chase's body movement. Graham cast his eyes down and then out the front window telling himself to go, to get out of the store and its confinement, squeezed in among these men and feeling trapped, cornered, this one guy, Chase now giving him a grin with his eyes scanning Graham, looking at him like he was prey.

Graham made his way to the counter, paid Hank for his drink and snack and headed out the door telling everyone it was nice to meet them and knew he'd see them around. Chase stood closest to the door, the last person Graham had to pass on the way out and as Graham came up to him Chase held out his hand, friendly like.

"Nice to meet you...but I didn't get your name?" Chase said.

"Graham" he replied his voice suddenly sounding nervous, a pitch higher than normal and as they shook Chase gave him a lingering squeeze of the hand and as they let go his fingers stroked over the palm of Graham's hand flustering him more.

"See ya around" Chase stated as Graham fled the confines of the general store.

It was only two days later Graham crossed paths with Chase again. Not nearly enough time passed to get the image of him dulled in his mind, to have masturbated often enough to have the fantasy, his arousal at the thought of him, lessened. He had gone to the small lumber yard on the east side of town, a small family owned operation with open sheds protecting the different cuts of lumber. Graham was doing some repairs to the deck at the back of the house he had bought and had his truck pulled up to the bay with the pressure treated lumber. He saw a heavy duty pickup, one with the dualie rear-end with a goose-neck trailer pulled up a few bays down where it was being loaded with posts for a fence. Graham didn't recognize the truck and was busy picking through the decking lumber looking for the best pieces. He had a stack set aside to load in his pickup and was just shifting over to another stack when he heard Chase's voice behind him.

"You need some help?"

Graham was startled for he hadn't seen anyone approach and when he turned around he saw Chase standing behind him in a white t-shirt and jeans. His ball cap was tipped back revealing his face fully as he smiled at Graham.

"Uh...well, yeah, sure, I just need to load that stack into the pickup, but if you give me a minute I can help. I just need to select a few more boards."

"Go ahead and pick through the stack and I'll start loading this stack up."

"Okay" Graham replied as he watched Chase lower the tailgate. He looked at how the t-shirt hung loose over Chase's lean body and the tail was long enough to block his view of his ass knowing it was filling out the jeans, a similar cut to the pair he had on the other day. Chase turned and smiled at him as he grabbed the tail of his t-shirt and lifted it over his head pulling it off and tossing it over the side of the truck bed. His lean torso, the skin so smooth, dark olive toned, shined in the bright sunlight. His torso was long with a short waist and his jeans hung low on it.

Graham watched as Chase loaded a few boards, watched how his arms bulged, the muscles in his chest and back strain and become visibly defined, the way he moved gracefully with each board sliding it easily into the bed of the truck. Graham didn't think about how he was staring until Chase stopped and looked at him, his right hand grazing down his stomach to the waist band of his jeans.

"It's hot as fuck, isn't it?" Chase asked in a seductive tone and Graham suddenly realized how he was staring.

"'ll hurry and pick a few more boards...just a minute..." he rambled, his voice hoarse, sounding out of breath and he heard Chase snigger behind him as he resumed loading boards into the pickup. Graham selected a few more boards and began to help Chase load them in the bed of the pickup all the while cutting his eyes to Chase's body, watching the muscles flex with his exertions, the bulge of his arms, the way his pecs tightened up. His eyes roamed over Chase's smooth skin, with its dark olive tone and he felt this unbelievable desire to touch Chase, to put his hands on his warm body and he struggled with loading the boards, hitting the sides of the truck, nearly tripping as he turned from the stack to the bed and he stammered his responses to Chase's questions about where he was from, what brought him to the area, how he was single, not dating anyone, that he was only twenty-six and no he didn't work out regularly.

When all the boards were stacked neatly in the bed of the truck and secured Chase stood close to Graham, too close, for he could smell his scent, that masculine aroma of his body immediately after exertion. He also watched the trickle of sweat run down one side from under his arm, a thin line cascading down his side, and the way his stomach moved with his breathing at times gapping his jeans around the waist so he could see the band of Chase's briefs just below the top edge. Graham struggled to look up at Chase, to look him in the face for fear the guy could read his thoughts, see how he desired him, lusted after his body and when he looked into Chase's blue eyes he saw the amusement in them reinforced by the grin on his face.

"Well...thanks for helping me...I really appreciate it" Graham stammered.

"No problem. I understand you're surveying areas with erosion damage" Chase replied.

"Yeah, I've done about half the area so far."

"Well when you get to our place let me know and I'll take you back to the field we're having problems with since last winter's heavy rains."

"It washed out bad?"

"A thirty foot deep gully down near the edge of the woods that is a short distance to the creek."

"Oh wow...where is this field?"

For a few minutes Graham was able to focus his mind on his job, and listened to Chase tell him where the field was located on their place and how to get to it. When Chase held out his hand to shake and say goodbye Graham took it, felt the strength of it, the calloused palm and he felt himself hesitate to let go, just for the briefest of moments and Chase smiled.

"I'll see ya later...Graham" Chase said as he turned and walked back to his truck and trailer and Graham watched him walk away, watched the move of his back, the way his ass moved in his tight jeans until Chase came up along the side of his truck, turned, waved and opened the door to climb in. Graham waved back and moved to his own pickup.

Graham let the image of Chase rise vividly in his mind all afternoon and evening, while he unloaded his lumber, while he prepared his dinner and sat to watch television finding he couldn't concentrate on anything being shown. He went into his home office and pulled up a porn site and scrolled through images, looked at the naked guys, cocks hard, stoic expressions, and none of them could distract him from thinking of Chase. He opened up his jeans, slipped them down along with his briefs letting his hard cock rise up and he took it in hand, closed his eyes and thought of Chase.

The next day Graham went to the diner in downtown and ate breakfast, his notes and maps scattered out across the table. He knew if he stayed with his schedule it would be next week before he went to the Patterson's farm, where they farmed over five hundred acres, not including the three hundred acres around the old Miller home place they bought for Chase and the other acreage they rented from others in the county. Graham looked at the map and saw the creek and the farmland that backed up to it, mostly the Patterson's place and he decided he would go today, this afternoon, making it his last stop. He looked at his maps, reworked his schedule and rearranged the route he would take all to accomplish his goal.

As he went from one site to the next he would call ahead to two or three land owners and let them know he was coming and for what purpose. Most already knew he was doing the survey and were expecting his call for last winter's heavy rains had done a lot of damage to some sections of the county. It was nearly four o'clock when he finally pulled into the drive of the Patterson home place. His stomach was tied into knots, even his hands felt clammy on the steering wheel and he scolded himself for the way he was acting. As he pulled around the house and up to the carport he saw the heavy duty truck coming from the barn at the back of the yard nearly a hundred yards from the house. Graham got out and stood by his pickup watching it approach, moving slowing over the dirt lane till it pulled up next to him. Curtis was driving with Chase in the passenger seat.

They greeted each other and talked for a few minutes about the farm, Graham's work and finally what to expect at the site where the gully washed through the back of the field. Curtis held out his hand to shake Graham's hand.

"I'm going to let Chase take you down there and you can ride in our truck. I've told the Misses I'd take her to dinner tonight so I best be going inside to clean up. Nice to meet you again Graham and I'm sure we'll be seeing you around."

Graham felt a moment of exhilaration, realizing he would be alone with Chase, but just as quickly he felt that knot in his stomach. He looked over at Chase and saw him already heading to the driver's side of the pickup.

Chase watched Graham climb into the truck giving him a grin.

"Ready?" Chase asked as he started the pickup. As they drove out to the highway and down to the drive for the gate to the particular field they needed Chase told Graham what to expect, how the water cascaded down from the flat section and then just cut a deep gully into the ground just as it pooled up in one spot and ran into the woods. The drive along the edge of the field was rough, grass tall enough to rake the underside of the truck and they rocked and bounced along at a slow speed till the grade began to fall away, to slope downward toward the woods along the back of the field. Chase turned at the back of the field following the lane along the edge of the woods till they came to the gully. Graham leaned forward, whistled as he saw how deep it was and the way it cut up into the field.

"Wow, this was cut in one storm?"

"Pretty much. The rains since have made it deeper but the worst was that flood" Chase replied. Graham got out of the truck and moved to the edge of the gully. Near the woods it fanned out and was only eight or nine feet deep but the cut into the hillside as it went up the grade got deeper and deeper. A few trees toppled over into it at the edge of the woods.

"If you want to walk the bottom it'll be easier to go into the woods and then come back up" Chase said as he headed into woods leading the way for Graham to follow. They cut down into the woods and worked over into the cut where it was swallow and turned back toward the field coming up the bottom of the gully. The clay was hard in the bottom and Graham could see the natural laying of the soils with bands of deep red and white clays, a layer of gravel and the upper soils so easily eroded away. Graham made his way till the sides loomed high overhead and the width of the gully tightened up to less than ten feet.

"It's like a canyon" Graham whispered. He stopped walking and just looked at the cut eroded sides that towered over his head. Then he sensed Chase, close behind him and his earlier anxiousness arose again, his feeling trapped when around Chase and the sexual tension he felt. Chase was standing close to him, too close, and he was afraid to turn around.

"Chase?" Graham asked with a quiver in his voice.

"Yeah" Chase whispered as he moved right up behind Graham. Graham was holding his breath, afraid to say anything, hoping Chase would actually try something, anything, but also afraid he was letting his desires run away with him. Then he felt hands take him by the waist, gently holding him, pulling him back and soon he felt the bare chest of Chase against his back and he inhaled deeply. Chase had slipped his t-shirt off.

"Is this okay?" Chase whispered in Graham's ear, his mouth so close Graham felt his breath blow over it. Arms came around Graham's waist and he felt lips on his neck, move over to the side of his head and nip his ear. "I want to fuck you" Chase whispered, his tone urgent, demanding and Graham relaxed into Chase's arms.

Chase began to undo Graham's shirt, working each button through its hole till the shirt fell open and Chase ran his hands over Graham's chest, worked his fingers into the flesh, rubbing it, stroking Graham's arousal. Chase pulled back and slipped the shirt off Graham's shoulders and down his arms, tossing it recklessly onto the ground. Graham started to turn around but Chase stopped him, put his arms around his waist once again and began to undo his pants, undoing the button, pulling down the zipper and pushing them roughly down Graham's legs. Graham felt his nakedness the way the hot still air touched him, the way Chase's hands roamed up each side of his body, rubbing the skin, stroking his arousal till his cock rose up hard. Graham leaned back against Chase feeling the soft denim of his jeans against his ass and legs and the bare chest and stomach against his back, the contact hot and he reached back and held Chase by the thighs as Chase took his cock and stroked it, slowly, his hand moving up and down the hard shaft till it was leaking, clear lube beading up at the slit and Chase's hand smearing it over the head and down the vein lined curved shaft. Graham began to pump his hips and to push his ass against Chase feeling the hard cock still confined within his jeans. Graham ran one hand between them and groped Chase, felt his cock, thick and hard, ready to fuck.

"Fuck me" Graham uttered in a low voice and Chase held him by the neck and bent him over, his head down till he felt the blood rush to his head and he saw Chase fumbling with his jeans with his other hand, working them open, pushing them down and Graham felt Chase's cock smack against his ass as it became free of its confinement.

"Oh yeah... I'm going to fuck the shit out of ya...damn..." Chase uttered as he rubbed his cock up and down Graham's ass smearing his lube over Graham's hole slicking it up. He pushed Graham over a little further making his ass open up more and he pressed up against it and when Graham, lost to his lust, pushed back Chase shoved forward penetrating Graham, stretching him open and sinking into his hole.

"Oh...Fuck..." Graham cried out as he felt Chase slide into him, inch by inch. Chase gave Graham very little time to adjust and he began to fuck, to fuck hard, his hips slapping up against Graham's ass till the sound of their bodies smacking together echoed in the gully. Graham put his hands back on Chase's thighs and felt the drive of his body, the flex of his leg muscles as he pumped his hips. Graham let his mind focus only on the cock sawing in and out of his hole, deeply penetrating him, then pulling nearly out, over and over, as his own flopped back and forth, drooling slickly from the head and smacking his stomach.

Chase pulled out of his hole roughly and pushed him down on the ground. On his knees and Chase kept pushing him over till his face was down in the red clay. He breathed its unique odor, smelled the earthiness of the clay as Chase dropped down behind him and pushed into him hard, one shove all the way into his hole making him cry out. Chase lay over his back trapping the heat of their bodies between them and he rocked slickly over him, back and forth as he worked his hips driving into Graham's hole.

"Goddamn...nice...tight...hole..." Chase grunted as he hammered Graham, drove his cock deeply into him. Chase fucked with a fury, his body undulating over Graham, rubbing against him. Graham had never been taken like this, so forcibly, with such a vengeance, feeling the penetration throughout his body. Chase pulled out and stood up on his knees.

"Roll over" he cried out urgently as he took Graham by one leg urging him over quickly onto his back and Chase took Graham by the ankles, jerked his pants and briefs free of one leg and spread his legs, pushed up between them till his cock touched Graham, nestled up to his hole and he drove forward, all the way and he began to fuck again, working his way over Graham, folding him in half till his ass was turned upward, stretched open taking every thrust of Chase's cock, each deep penetrating push. Chase ground Graham into the ground as he pound his cock into him. Chase leaned down closer pressing his lips to Graham's, tongues quickly dueling between them as Graham let his hands rub over Chase's sides and back feeling the move of his body, the way muscle flexed under his smooth taunt skin, it slick with sweat. Chase felt his need arise quickly and he leaned up holding Graham's legs to his chest and he piston his cock into Graham until he felt his body tense up tight, felt the cum surge through his shaft and explode deep inside Graham. Chase pumped himself dry, working his cock through his cum slicking it up more, cooling the friction heated shaft.

Chase held Graham's legs to his chest a moment as his breathing began to return to normal, then he began to move again, pushing Graham's legs down, and climbing up over Graham's body, his jeans still tangled around his ankles and he moved over Graham's hard cock, the head wet and slick and he held it up as he moved his ass down to it, rubbed his hole over it feeling the hot slick head stroke his lust, his need for this fuck, and Chase let his body ease down, slowly, inch by inch.

Graham watched Chase move down, watched his own cock disappear into Chase and soon he watched Chase ride him, up and down as he worked his body, his half hard cock glistening with cum flopping up and down with his movements. Chase rode Graham as hard as he had fucked him, his pace was furious and Graham, his arousal so great when he took Chase's cock couldn't hold back, felt the cum rise up in his cock and he held Chase's thighs tightly as he shoved upward pumping his cum into his hole.

Afterward they lay spent, both dirty, clay smeared over their bodies and ground into their clothes each listening to the other's hard breathing and feeling the heat of their body against their other. Chase finally moved, shifted over Graham as he brought his lips to Graham's. When he pulled back he grinned down at Graham.

"Let's go back to my place. We can clean up and have some dinner, then we can fuck some more" Chase said.

Graham smiled up at Chase realizing how much fun this job could be here in this small rural community.



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