The old barn sat at the back of the property on the site of the original home place where only the fire smudged foundation remained. The thirty acre field by the barn was now a pasture for a few horses and it was all enclosed by woods, part of the second generation growth of the south, now a hundred years old. It was a full moon on this hot summer night, the temperature still in the low eighties. Only a faint light came from the barn and muffled sounds, indistinguishable sounds, too faint to hear clearly.

To the side of the barn, in the old feed lot, someone is easing along the fence, quietly, bent low to the ground. At the far side, they climb over. In the light of the moon it is obvious they are dressed only in white briefs and t-shirt. They are dirty, the shirt ripped across the chest revealing more of their pale skin which appears to glow in the moonlight. Once on the ground, they ease into the woods disappearing from sight.

His name is Eli, and he is from Charlotte, where he is a computer programmer for a bank. He is twenty five, single, and considers himself bi-sexual, for he feels more comfortable with women, thinks he is suppose to date them, but it is the sex with men that excites him, gives him a rush. And it is the sex with men that plays into his fantasies that truly strokes him up. It is how he found himself at the farm sneaking away. He could feel the blood pumping through his veins; hear his heart beat faster than normal, as he worked his way through the woods. He thought they would just play some fantasy games within the barn, tease him a little, work him over, but the two men who ran the farm didn't give him what he asked for; they were giving him what he was afraid to ask for. They told him they would give him to the count of twenty to make his escape and if he could get back to his car at their house by the highway he was free to leave, but if they caught him they would violate him, use him in ways he had admitted scared him, to do things he knew would tell him too much about himself. They were not going to play some hide and seek game; they were really going to hunt him down like an animal.


Justin also lived in Charlotte where he worked as a bartender and rarely got to go out during the evenings, but he was attractive and was able to hook up regularly with other guys. The problem was most of them were too passive, expecting him to always fuck them, and that was alright most of the time, but Justin wanted something more from time to time. He wanted a man to take him, to control him, make him bottom for the night. He had rarely found anyone to really take him the way he liked, which is how he found himself on the website for the farm. He thought it amusing at first, the idea of some farm place outside the city to go and get your jollies, but he found himself admitting to his deepest desires, his strongest fantasies. He eventually found himself signing up, providing his personal information. He thought they were going to have someone come pick him up and play a kidnap game next weekend. Something with a little light bondage, some good fucking and then they could share a beer and talk about it afterward. He wasn't prepared for what did happen. The getting tackled on his way to his car from his apartment, being forced into a coarse burlap sack and thrown into a vehicle, and the tossing around as the vehicle drove for nearly an hour, finally slowing and turning on a rough lane, driving over ruts and the uneven surface, bouncing him around until it came to a stop. He was dragged out, dropped on the ground and then dragged inside some dark hot building. He could only make out light and dark through the burlap, but soon he was tossed into a room and the door locked. It took him several minutes to extract himself from the bag. He was dirty, the burlap bag being filthy, and his shirt was ripped, with most of the buttons popped off. The room was so dark he could barely see but some light filtered through a few cracks in the boards covering the ceiling. He called out for someone to tell him what was going on, to look him in the face, but he received no answer. He finally tired of yelling and the heat inside the barn was making him sweat profusely, so he dropped down on the dirt floor and leaned against the rough wood plank wall and waited.


Tony lived nearby where he worked on his family's farm. He had just finished high school and was preparing to go to college in the fall. He was tall, athletic, with dark olive tone skin, light brown hair with boyish features. He looked younger in the face but he had the body of a man. And even though he dated regularly going out with one then another of the local girls, he knew it was not what he really wanted. What he wanted scared him, made him nervous, feel guilty, but it fueled his fantasies, drove him to masturbate so often he worried he was doing it too much. He wanted to have sex with another man. He nearly had done it when he was in high school, when one of the other guys tried to start something with him one night after baseball practice, but he panicked, afraid the guy was leading him on, going to make fun of him if he actually did it, touched him there, so he took off, frustrated and confused. He had been going on line, looking at those sites with men having sex with men, watching them suck cock, take it up the ass, and other things, things he didn't know men would do, and it excited him, gave him a constant hard-on anytime he thought of it, but he had yet to act out on it. He thought about driving into Charlotte one Saturday night, finding one of the gay nightclubs and seeing what could happen, but he hadn't done it. Instead he found the farm. It was by accident, a fluke. He had come over to see if the guys who lived on the place could use some hay, for his family sold hay on the side as a supplemental income. He had found no one at the house by the highway, but when he drove up he had seen a van go down the lane winding to the back of the property. Tony knew the barn was back there, having been here years ago selling hay to the previous owners, but he had not met the new owners who had been here for about a year, for they kept to themselves. He had taken off down the lane and found the van parked at the barn, the back doors open. He walked up to the barn and as he started to open the door he heard the voices, the muffled sounds of activity and he peeked inside.

There were four men, totally naked on platform in the middle of the barn. Two of them were to one side, one sucking the other's cock. Tony watched as the cock would come into view, wet, hard and thick, and then disappear again into the mouth. Behind them one man was on his hand and knees and the other behind him fucking him, driving his cock into him hard. Tony watched, his cock getting hard in his jeans, as the four men went at each other, sucking cock, fucking ass. Tony's cock was hard in no time and he absentmindedly unfastened his jeans, pulled down the zipper and pushed them down below his cock and balls. He stroked himself as he watched; unable to believe this was happening here, at this farm, so close to his own home. He heard one of them talk about their warm up for their night ahead. The man sucking got up and led his partner over to the right, too far for Tony to see from his vantage point so he tried to shift around, move the door a little to see where they went. The door creaked and the other two men looked up. Tony scrambled to back up and fell on the ground, his jeans and briefs down around his ankles. He struggled to pull them up as he tried to get up at the same time, all panicked at being caught, of hearing the men yelling to each other to get him, of hearing them running toward him. He got his jeans up to his thighs as he struggled to his feet and as he tried to run was tackled from behind.

" me go" Tony cried out, begging the men.

No one replied as they held him down, forced his hands behind his back. Someone was pulling his pants and briefs off along with his shoes.

"No, no, please...I want tell, please...I just came to see if you needed any hay...that's all...please..." he cried.

"It's the Anderson boy."

"What should we do with him?"

"First call his parents. Tell them he is going to help us with some chores...and mention we agree to buy some hay later. As to our little peeping tom, well let's give him what he really wants."

The others laughed as Tony's arms pulled together and his wrists tied together with rope. They forced him to his feet where Tony realized the two men holding him were taller and bigger than he was and one had a handful of his hair in a tight grip. The man who had done most of the talking came up to Tony and grabbed him by the chin.

"So you like to watch men, watch them have sex while you play with your cock."

Tony struggled against the men, not wanting to hear what was being said.

"Don't struggle; it's useless. But I think you know that" the man said as he reached down and grabbed Tony's shirt and ripped it down the middle tearing it from his body. Tony stood naked, his well muscled body exposed to the eyes of the men holding him.

"Nice" one of them said as Tony felt a hand move over his lower back and ass. They dragged him into the barn and to the platform in the middle of the room. He was forced down on his back. One of the men sat on his chest, his cock so close to Tony's face he could smell his masculine scent. The other man hooked the rope holding his wrist through a ring in the floor and pulled his arms tight over his head and tied it off. They shackled his ankles and pulled his legs out and secured them to the floor. The other two men finally approached, one carrying a few items in his hands. When he squatted by Tony's head he held up a ball gag.

"No, please let me..." and Tony's mouth was stuffed with the gag where it was secured to the back of his head. The man held up a blindfold and started to put it on him when the man who spoke the most held out his hand and stopped him.

"Let him watch what happens. He is a peeping tom remember?"

The man nodded and then pulled out nipple clamps dangling from a chain looking up to see if they were ok to use.

"Yeah, put those on him; it'll let him know how much pleasure and pain can be mixed together. "

The nipple clamps were put on one nipple then the other as Tony cried out into the ball gag, which stifled his screams. He rose up, breathing hard, his muscles tensed tight, then fell back panting through his nose as tears pooled in his eyes. The man then reached down and tugged on Tony's cock, pulled it, stroked it, causing it to get erect. When he stopped he got up indicating it was time to go. The other men laughed as they all headed to a door in the side of the space and entered a room Tony saw was a finished room with a small counter and refrigerator and the sound of a TV coming from it just before they closed the door. He lay there shackled, scared of what they were going to do, and yet his nipples felt so sensitive, the pain turning to some odd pleasure and his cock was hard, and it embarrassed him.


Eli eased his way through the unfamiliar woods, keeping close enough to the edge to see the path of the lane in the moonlight knowing it had to lead back to the road. He eased among the dense underbrush, stopping frequently, listening, waiting; making sure no one was nearby before he moved a little further along. He wondered if this was some sort of joke, if it was a mistake. One time he thought he heard a vehicle coming and he dove onto the ground and held still for a long time. When he got up and started moving again he didn't bother to knock off the leaves and debris from his t-shirt and briefs. Being filthy was the least of his concerns.


Justin sat in the dark, listening to the noise he heard in the barn, sounds like a struggle, men laughing, talking quietly; then it grew silent again. He sat, wondering how long he'd have to wait before they came for him. Then he grew impatient, frustration of being left alone, not knowing what to expect, and he began to crawl the perimeter of the room, checking the walls for another door, looking for some way out. He moved slowly, feeling the dirt floor first, making sure it was clear; then he would check the wall. About half way down the side wall he felt a wooden ladder built up the wall. Crudely constructed of two by fours, the ladder ran straight up the wall. Justin hesitated a moment thinking it too good to be true but his determination to find a way out got the best of him and he began to climb up.

About ten feet up he found the access panel, about two feet square and he was able to open it. It led into a small loft space. He worked his way around the room but found no door or opening in the floor. He started back across the room when he felt it; a latch mounted on the floor near the center of the room. He released it and pulled the panel up, revealing the opening. It was dark but he knew it was only ten feet down. He lowered himself through the opening and dangled down a moment, wondering if he should drop down where he couldn't see. He took a deep breath and let go. He fell onto a wood floor and as he landed a loud crashing sound echoed over his head. He lay there a moment, wondering what he had landed on; then reached out to see what was around him. He felt one vertical bar, then another, and another, until he realized they ran completely around him. Over his head he felt it, just above his head there was a solid metal panel which had closed down over him. Then the lights came on.


Tony saw the men come out of the room, still naked, their muscular bodies shining in the dim light with their cocks hanging down half hard. They split up, two heading toward the door of the barn and two over to the other side of the barn. As they crossed the barn a loud crashing sound of metal on metal reverberated through the barn causing the two men to burst out laughing. Tony lay there wondering what was happening.

A large panel slid open and the two men emerged pulling something. Soon it was apparent they were pulling a cage and inside it a man was standing watching them, yelling at them to let him go. His clothes were dirty, messed up, his shirt hanging open revealing his chest and stomach. They pulled the cage to the edge of the platform. The two men picked up snares on long poles and approached the cage from different sides. Soon they had the guy inside it fighting them off, trying to avoid the snares, but it didn't take the two men long, working from opposite sides to snag an arm on one side and an ankle on the other. They tugged the guy down onto the floor of the cage and dragged him to one side. The got his legs out the bars and duct taped together. The one with the guy's arm pulled him tight toward the other side and tied him off. They had him stretched across the floor with only one arm free.

Tony watched, his heart rate racing, as the two men quickly had the guy tied up and eventually got him bound where they could drag him out onto the platform. They cut his clothes off, revealing a lean body, with a tattoo over his chest, across his shoulders and on each calf of his legs.

"Hey look, he likes needles" one of the men stated making both laugh as the guy struggled against his bounds. They worked the guy's legs over and brought his hands to them and tied them all together. They hooked his bonds to a hoist lift and soon he was hanging from the rafters by his hands and legs, bent double, his naked body exposed, swinging around. Tony saw how his ass was spread open and then he saw one of the men move up to the guy and shove a dildo into his ass, eased it all the way in. They guy cried out, struggled in his bonds, but the man worked the dildo back and forth through his hole, fucking him with it. When the man pulled the dildo out, he held his own hard cock to the guy's hole and pushed in, all the way, slamming into the guy, making him swing back and forth like a pendulum, his hole moving back and forth over the man's cock. The swinging was slow, as the bond man swung onto the cock in his ass, then slid back down the shaft revealing the thick wet shaft before it pushed back in. Over and over the guy's hole was fucked. When the first guy got tired he pulled out and the second guy moved up and shoved his cock into the guy's hole; just rammed it all the way in, making the guy cry out and his body shiver with the sudden penetration. He fucked away at the guy's hole, working his hips fast, pumping his cock into the guy. When he had fucked for several minutes, seemed on the verge, he pulled out and let the first man have another go at the guy.

They traded places several times as the guy hung from his bonds, his body shaking and shivering, his skin beginning to glisten from sweat forming on its surface. His cries and grunts were less frequent as the guys used him, fucked his hole with wild savage abandon. Tony couldn't believe what he was seeing. The way the men just took the guy and fucked him, the way they had him strung up, and hammered away at his hole was frightening to Tony, but his cock got hard watching.


Justin hung from the rafters, having his ass fucked and he struggled to resist, knowing he couldn't. The first man fucked him roughly, rocking him back and forth, letting his weight drive the man's cock into him and pull it back out. The other man approached, his cock hard from his hand stroking it. He was bigger, fatter, and Justin knew he'd feel this one like he felt the first one, both stretching him open in a new way. The guy fucking him pulled out, his cock wet and slick, while the other guy moved up to Justin's ass and aligned his cock to Justin's hole and shoved in, all the way. Justin lost the ability to breathe for a moment, the pain racing up his spine, his muscles so tense, so tight, he couldn't move for a moment as the man fucked him, thrust his cock through his hole, pulled back and shoved in again, and again and again. The two men took turns at his ass, how many times they switched Justin didn't know, but his hole no longer felt the pain of penetration, was stretched open, accepting of the two cocks. They fucked him a long time, one then the other. When one of them finally said he was ready to do something different Justin realized the two men had stopped for a moment. He leaned his head up and looked over and saw them putting on gloves, long black latex gloves that came half way up their forearms and he began to struggle again. He knew what they planned to do and he feared it, didn't think he could take it. He saw them dip their hands into a can of grease and smear it over their hands and up their arms and he cried out.

"Please...let me go...don't..." and he let his head fall back, the realization they were not going to let him go, they were actually going to do it, and he tried to relax as he swung back and forth, slowly, feeling the warm humid air on his open exposed ass, his hole feeling like it was still gaped open.


Eli made his way along; slowly until he was out of sight of the barn then he moved into the lane and began to run as fast as he could. He rounded a slight curve and thought he saw lights ahead and he ran faster. Suddenly out of nowhere someone jumped him, taking him to the ground. The man was bigger, stronger and his body crushed Eli to the ground knocking the breath out of him. They rolled to the side of the lane into the tall grass and weeds. Soon the man was joined by another one and they held Eli down, ripping his clothes off, stripping him naked. One of them sat on his chest restricting his breathing and held his arms down over his head. The other one tied his hands together and together they made him get to his feet. Eli saw the end of the rope disappear as it was tossed up, then it reappeared, hanging in midair. It was pulled over to a tree trunk, and the men tugged on it, pulled on it, pulling Eli's arms upward. The two men got the rope and tugged it till Eli's feet barely touched the ground and they tied it off. One of them went to a bush growing by the road and broke off a limb, about three feet long and stripped all the leaves off except for a few right at the end. Eli saw it was thin and the bark greenish, obvious of new growth, which meant it was flexible, and strong.

"Boy, we told you not to get caught" the other man said, his voice firm and rough. He stood to the side as the switch bearer came up to Eli, shaking it swiftly back and forth, getting a feel for it. Eli could hear it cut through the air and he began to try to move away. He had so little purchase he merely swung back and forth, as his naked body, its pale skin smeared with dirt, shone in the moonlight.

The switch made a high pitch whir through the air as it cut across his ass cheeks. The stinging was painful and Eli cried out. The switch sounded out again and struck him once more. Eli cried out again. The men laughed as he hung there begging them to stop. The switch cut through the air again and hit him across the back of his thighs and he yelped and struggled in his bounds. They would strike him several more times, across the thighs, the ass and his back. The strikes would sting, burn into the flesh, and each time Eli cried out. But when they stopped, and Eli hung there, head down, trying to get his breath he saw it. His cock was hard, the head wet and shiny, sticking straight out. One of the men came up and rubbed his back and ass, feeling the warmth of his skin. He reached around and stroked Eli's cock and smeared the pre-cum down the shaft as he pumped his hand up and down it.

"You like that don't ya" he whispered in Eli's ear.

"Please..." Eli said, but his mind was cluttered, confused, with a mixture of pain and pleasure, and he rocked his hips forward, trying to push his cock through the man's fist. The man laughed at him. When he stepped back Eli didn't have time to consider the sound of the switch cutting through the air as it cut across his stomach. He heaved and struggled in his bonds, the pain incredible. Then he heard it again and this time it struck just below his nipples, leaving a red whelp across his chest. The muscles in his body tensed up so tight he was shivering, and the switch struck again, and again and again, his chest then his stomach and after several strikes across his torso one final slash across the front of his thighs. Eli pulled back and lost his footing, swinging freely for a moment, his cries to stop nearly inaudible.

Eli felt hands on his ass, felt them spread his cheeks, a finger run up and down the cleft between them. The finger probed his hole, pushed against it. Eli didn't try to stop them, his exhaustion complete as he hung in his bonds.

"You getting him ready?"

"Yeah, let's loosen up his hole before taking him back" the man behind Eli responded. Eli felt a finger push into him, penetrate his hole and stretch him open. It worked around his opening, a fucking motion, then some twisting around, loosening the tight ring of his opening. Then a second finger entered him, working him open more, stretching the tight ring of his hole, until he took the fingers easily, and they were removed.

Then Eli felt it, the blunt head of a cock pushing against his hole, pushing against him for penetration.


Justin felt the fingers working into his hole, twisting around, pushing in, stretching him further. Over and over they pushed in, pulled out, twisted around, occasionally adding another finger until he knew it had to be all five being worked into his hole, the stretching so tight, the pain of penetration intense, but he couldn't fight it as he hung there. He couldn't see what the men were doing, but he could feel it, and after a long time, the manipulation of his hole constantly increasing until he could feel it. The hand was suddenly sliding into him. It had pushed passed his opening, pushing up into him, filling him.


Tony watched with fear and trepidation as he watched a man's arm push into the guy's ass. They had worked him over for a long time, working one hand then another in his hole, twisting around, adding fingers, adding the thumb, then pushing and pulling at the tight ring of the guy's opening until suddenly his hole loosened up, opened up enough, and one of the men pushed his fist into the guy, and Tony watched, amazed at how easily it appeared to be for the man to put his fist into the guy, to push it in till half his forearm was disappearing from site. The guy obviously felt it, every move, every twist, for his body shivered and shook and Tony could see how his skin glistened from the sweat breaking out over it. Tony's cock was hard, the head wet, as he watched, but he also felt fear, afraid they would try to put their fist into his ass. It scared him...and excited him.


Eli felt the breach by one of the men's cock as he pushed it into him, pushed his hard cock right up his ass. Eli held his breath as he hung there accepting the cock, letting it slid in without fighting to stop it. He'd had enough of fighting, of trying to resist and he hung in his bonds and let first one man then the other fuck him, to shove their cocks into his ass and fuck him.


Justin now found himself tied to what he knew was a fuck bench. The men had opened him up and fisted him until his cock rose up hard and he begged them to finish him off, to jerk him off. But they had laughed at him. Now he was on the bench, with his chest resting on the upper board and his hands and knees on the lower two boards where he was all tied down. His ass, his cock and his mouth all exposed; all the right height for the two men to use him. He looked to his left and saw the young man tied to the floor, naked, stretched out. Justin couldn't help but notice the well toned body, the tanned upper body and the pale white around his hips, and he noticed the way his cock was half hard and he noticed the look on his face; one of fear and anxiety as he stared back, his mouth stuffed with the ball gag.

One of the men came up to him, naked, his cock hard and wet and rubbed it over his lips, smeared the pre-cum over them. Then he felt something touch him on his ass, rub up and down its exposed cleft and push against his hole.

"You like that?" the man in front of him said as he felt his hole get penetrated, as something was pushed into him. It was thick and it stretched him painfully as it opened him up. It was pushed in slowly, twisting around, for Justin felt the movement in the tight ring of his hole, felt the fullness of his insides as the object entered him.

"He's taking this fake dick pretty well."

Justin felt the penetration continue, felt his hole stretch further. His body was tensed tight, his muscles straining under the skin, and he was beginning to sweat. The dildo being pushed into him was being pulled back, pulled back till just the head of it was still in him and then it was pushed back in. Justin cried out and when he did the man in front of him pushed his cock into his mouth.

"If you bite me we'll beat the shit out of you, ya hear?"

"Damn, he is loose now" the voice behind Justin said.


Tony watched as the two men worked the tied down guy over. He watched as a large dildo was inserted into his ass and worked back and forth, going deeper each time it was pushed in till all of it, what looked like a foot long, was buried in his ass. He watched as the guy was made to suck cock, take it all the way till his face turned red and he gagged for air. And he watched as a long glistening drool of pre-cum fell toward the floor from the man's cock which was hard and curved upward. He watched, unable to turn away, his own cock responding, getting harder and stretching out over his stomach.

The two men took turns, making the guy suck them, take their hard cocks in his mouth, then he had to take them fucking his ass, shoving their cock in him hard, slamming against his ass till the barn was echoing with the slap of body against body. Tony watched as they fucked the guy for a long time, taking turns whenever one or the other was getting close. He watched as one of the men came back to the guy's head and shoved his cock into his mouth again, fucking that hole like it was an ass, slamming in deep, making him gag for air. Tony saw how the man's hips swung in rhythm until he was close, and he began to swing with a jerky motion, shoving cock into the slick warm mouth, and Tony knew he was cumming, shoving his erupting cock into the guy's mouth, and Tony wanted it to be him, he wanted to be sucking the man's cock, taking his load. He watched the other one fuck the guy's ass, faster and faster his hips swung back and forth, pulling back enough for Tony to see the thick wet shaft of his cock before he shoved in back in, slamming up against the guy's ass. The platform the guy was tied to rocked and skidded across the floor as the guy fucking his ass got more physical, fucked even harder, and Tony knew he was close. The guy pulled out and stroked his cock a few times and he came, shooting thick white wads through the air landing on the guy's back and ass, covering him in splatters of cum.

When the two men were sated one of them shifted the hoist lift to the middle of the room while the other one was untying the guy on the fuck bench. The hoist lift was moved over the bench and the guy's arms were attached. When one of the men moved over to the side he started the hoist lift and pulled the guy up, brought him to a standing position, and kept raising the lift until his feet barely touched the floor. Tony saw the guy's sweaty body, his cock as it hung down half hard, saw how his stomach moved in and out as he was breathing hard. Then Tony saw the two men come toward him.


Eli felt the constant penetration; the men's cocks as they fucked his hole and kept his hole painfully stretched open. One after the other held his hips, holding him in place as they worked their cocks into his hole, pushed deeply into him fucking him. Over and over the men worked their cocks into Eli, pumping through the tight ring of his opening, shoving his cock as deeply as they could into his guts. While one was hammering away at his ass the other man came up to Eli, grabbed his nipples and pinched down on them, hard, twisting them. The pain shot through him and he fought to pull back, swinging his upper body and feeling his hole take the cock that was using it. When the man let go of his nipples he leaned over and kissed Eli roughly on the mouth, tugging on his lower lip, pulling it out until it slipped free of his teeth. Eli had never felt such a mixture of sensations, especially when the man grabbed his cock and stroked him, hard and rough, slamming his hand against his crotch as he pumped Eli's cock with his tight fist. Eli got hard fast and found he was trying to move his hips, pump his cock into the man's fist, and in doing so, he worked his hole over the cock being shoved into it. The guy fucking him bear hugged him and began to thrust hard into him, rocking his hips as he slammed his cock into Eli, pushing his cock into him deeply. The guy stroking his cock worked up a fast pace, and Eli felt his cock get slick, and he knew his pre-cum was drooling out, wetting the head and getting smeared along its length. He bucked against the hand and the cock, working his body as best he could. He was so hot as sweat poured from his hair and ran down his naked body, unable to evaporate in the hot humid night. Eli couldn't hold back any longer, the sensation of the fuck and the slick hand on his cock pushing him over the edge, and he came, shooting thick white wads through the air, spattering his load on the ground.

"Goddamn he's cumming" the man stroking his cock joked.

"I know" the one fucking replied as he shoved hard into Eli, slammed his hips tight to Eli's ass and let the spasms of his hole milk his load out, shooting it deep into Eli, painting his insides.

Suddenly Eli was alone, arms stretched over his head, sweat still running down his body, his flaccid cock drooling out the last of its load, and after a few seconds he felt cum run from his ass and down his thigh. Then he heard a vehicle start up in the woods nearby.


Justin hung in the middle of the barn, and his body ached, his muscles were fatigued. He felt cum run down over his ass and down his thighs and he still had the taste of cum in his mouth. His own cock was half hard, arced out over his balls. He looked up and saw the two men go over to the guy tied to the floor. They untied his bonds from the floor and proceeded to drag the guy back toward him. The guy legs didn't work right and he stumbled and struggled to gain his footing as the two men pulled him across the floor. Soon the guy was in front of Justin, and he realized how young the guy was, probably eighteen or nineteen, for he looked as if he didn't need to shave and his skin had that youthful smoothness, the soft tone, and the thought of this boy in front of him made his cock begin to get erect, stretch out. They pushed the boy to his knees in front of Justin and shoved his head against Justin's crotch, forced his face into his cock, making him breathe in the sweaty scent of his crotch. They rubbed his face over Justin's crotch till his skin shined from the sweat of Justin's body. They pulled the ball gag out of his mouth and pushed his face back into Justin's cock and balls and Justin felt the boy's tongue as it ran over his cock. The bastard was into it.

"Suck this worthless piece of shit's cock, boy. It's what you want isn't it, you fucking peeping tom" one of the men said as he held the boy's head in position as Justin couldn't help himself and moved his hips to put his cock to the boy's mouth, to push against his lips. It didn't take long, just a brief moment, and Justin felt his cock slid into the boy's mouth until he gagged. Justin felt the boy's mouth move back and forth along his cock, teeth scraping the shaft occasionally and Justin wondered if it was his first time. One of the men had the boy by the hair shoving his mouth hole back and forth over Justin's cock, face fucking the boy. Justin worked to shove his cock into the boy's mouth as the boy had his head pushed down on him, choking the boy, making drool leak out of his mouth and onto Justin's cock and crotch, eventually soaking his pubes and dripping off his balls. The boy was a whore, a cocksucker in the making, and Justin struggled to feed him his cock.

The man holding the boy's head leaned down to his ear, holding his head steady for a moment, letting Justin do his best to swing his cock into the boy's mouth.

"You fucking whore, suck his cock" he whispered into the boy's hear, barely loud enough for Justin to hear as he continued to swing his hips back and forth. Justin kept it up until he felt close, his cock ached it was so hard, his muscles tensed up tight, and the other man came up behind him and pulled him out of the boy's mouth and began to stroke his cock, to finish him off. The boy was held in place, his face close, eyes wide open as he watched Justin's cock being jerked off; the tight fist a blur as it moved up and down his shaft. Justin began to jerk, short hard thrusts into the fist, began to feel his need arise and he shoved forward hard, jerking in his bonds, and he came. Thick white wads of cum shot out, hitting the boy in the face, the first hitting his nose and roping up between his eyes over his forehead and into his hair. The second caught him across one cheek, roped over his nose to the other, and the rest shot into his open mouth, over his lips, as he struggled to catch Justin's load.

There was no time to catch his breath, no time to savor the look of the boy's face covered in his cum, no time to prepare as the man behind him shoved his cock into his hole, pushed all the way, opening him up again. As he took it, the cock working through his tight opening, slowly working back and forth in his insides he watched the boy being dragged away to an open spot, shoved down till his chest rested on the floor, his ass raised up, open, as he was still on his knees. The man pulled his arms over his head and back, pulled them back and held them tightly as he moved into position, down between the boy's legs, where he rubbed his cock over the boy's open ass, up and down and over his tight opening. The man rubbed his wet slimy cock over the boy's ass, smearing his pre-cum over it. Then he pulled back and shoved a finger into him, all the way, working the boy's hole open, stretching the tight ring of his opening. The boy's head came up as he cried out at the intrusion. The man didn't stop, but inserted a second finger, then a third, working the hole open, stretching it, preparing it. Justin watched as his own hole was being fucked, as the man behind him picked up his pace, holding Justin by the hips for better leverage into his hole.


Tony had taken the guy's load, tasted the saltiness, the uniqueness of it and it made him want more, made his horniness worse, then he had been dragged away and pushed down on the floor and fingers worked into his hole, probing its depths, stretching him open. He had only had his own finger in it before, testing how it felt to be penetrated, feeling his own tightness, and now he was being stretched more than ever as he felt more than one finger in him and the pain, the pleasure, raced through his body. He balled his fists up tight and felt his toes curl as his hole was stretched open, preparing him for his first fuck; preparing him to take a man's cock.

When the fingers were pulled out he knew it was going to happen, he felt the blunt head of the man's cock push against his hole, it still tight enough to resist, and he tensed up, tightened up more. Then he felt the hard sharp slap on his ass, a stinging blow with the man's open hand and the burning sensation clouded his mind until he realized he had the man's cock in his hole, spearing through the opening, penetrating him. His arms ached as they were held over his head and pulled back, the wooden floor felt rough against his upper chest and the side of his face as he was rocked back and forth on it, and his hole burned with the sensation of being stretched by a man's cock; by its movement, back and forth through his tight opening, pushing into his depths, giving him a strange fullness in his guts. He pushed back to take more.


A truck backed up out of the wood near Eli and stopped. The brake lights made him glow red as he stood in the lane, his arms still suspended by the rope over a limb. The two men climbed out and lowered the tailgate where Eli saw a pole, about two inches in diameter lying in the bed. They lifted it out and he saw coils of rope being brought out with it. They lowered the rope holding his arms above his head and let him sit down. He was exhausted from standing and being stretched out with his feet barely touching the ground and he sat relieved of being let down. One man came over and pushed him over on his back and tied rope around his ankles, binding his feet together. The other man worked the rope down from the limb that had Eli's wrist bound together. Then they laid the pole down next to Eli and began to tie him to it. When they were done they lifted the pole with Eli dangling below it like a captured animal, naked, dirty, cum running from his hole and drying on his skin. They laid him in the bed of the truck and drove back to the barn.

They carried Eli into the barn. Eli could hear the sounds, familiar sounds, the moaning and grunting, the sound of skin slapping against skin, and he knew someone was getting fucked, taking cock in the ass. As they brought him onto the raised floor he saw a young guy on the floor, his arms painfully pulled back over his head, with his knees and chest supporting him as he was taking a hard fast fuck. The man behind him was holding the boy's arms as he hammered his hole, shoved his cock into him so hard Eli could hear their bodies come together. When his captures turned he saw the other guy, hanging from a hoist lift, his feet barely touching the floor and the sight was too familiar and his cock thickened to the memory of his own recent experience; the fucking of his own ass while suspended. The guy was straining against his bonds, his muscles clearly defined along his body, as the man behind him held his hips in place and his thrusting hips worked cock into the guy's ass, fucked him hard, slamming into him, rocking him back and forth.

Eli was dropped down on the floor and he could no longer see the fucking that was occurring in the barn around him, but he could hear it, hear the moans, the grunts, the slapping of bodies coming together hard and fast, and he heard the taunts, the curses of the men using the guy and the boy.

"Take it..take my cock you fucking peeping tom whore."

"Goddamn piece of shit...take my cock."

"God you're getting loose" and the hard smack of hand on ass echoed in the barn. "Yeah, that tightened you up some."

Then it was quiet.


Justin felt the cock work his insides, fuck through his hole at a furious pace, and then he felt the man's hand on his own cock, it already hard again, as he took the man's fuck. The hand worked his cock to the same furious pace as the cock in his ass and Justin couldn't help himself as he rocked his hips back and forth, taking the cock, pushing back to let it penetrate him all the way, and he pushed forward, feeling it slide back through his hole as he shoved his own through the fist slamming back down to his pubes.

"God you're getting loose" and he felt the hard smack on his ass, the burning sensation of the hand as it struck him, and he felt his hole flex as it tightened up. "Yeah that tightened you up some" the taunt made near his ear as his ass continued to received the man's cock, its plunging into his depths as his own, slick and hot, worked through the fist.

It was too much for the two of them and they came, first the man in his ass, fucking his hole hard, slamming into him with jerking ragged movements, then he came, pumping out his cum into the air, spattering the floor in front of him. Soon the man had withdrawn from his hole, left it gaped open, cum running out and down his thigh. Then he felt the hoist lift being lowered, his feet firmly on the floor, then he was able to sit. He looked up as the hoist lift hook came to rest between his legs letting his arms rest in front of him and he saw the boy lying on his side still breathing hard as the man who had fucked him walked away, and to the side he saw the other guy, tied to a pole lying on his side, his head away from him and he wondered who he was and what they had done to him. He looked up and saw the four men gathered at the side of the space, huddled together talking. Then two of them came back and got the boy and dragged him off to a room on the side, shutting the door behind them as the other two came up on the raised floor, one to him and one to the other guy.

"Justin, I hope this has played to your secret fantasies as you have dreamed of them" the man said to him as he untied his bonds. "Your clothes are in the room through that door over there. You'll find a shower and bathroom, and there is food and drink laid out for you. You'll have thirty minutes then we'll get you home."

Justin looked at the man, who appeared about forty, with a strong muscular body, tanned from outdoor work. He looked the man in the face and saw him smile back at him.

"Who are you?"

"That is not important, my friend, since we'll not meet again."


Eli soon found himself in a nice hot shower as the other guy waited. He had said his name and asked Eli if what he experienced tonight was some sort of fantasy he had requested and Eli told him it was, and they had even pushed his boundaries. Justin admitted the same for himself. Soon they were both showered, dressed and sitting at the small table having something to eat and drink. Eli leaned forward and looked at Justin, catching his attention.

"You think we can come back?" Eli asked.

"I don't think so. One of them told me we would not meet again."

"Fuck." Eli sat for a moment and then looked at Justin with a questioning look. "Do you have any idea where this place is located?"

"Not a clue and I bet we get taken back blindfolded or something, so we'll not know."

"Just as well, I guess, for it wouldn't be the same if there was a next time."

Eli looked at Justin, remembering what his body looked like, remembered how he looked strung up and he leaned back and smiled at Justin who had just looked up at him.

"You wouldn't want to get together some time would you?" Eli asked Justin.

"Sure" Justin replied.


Tony was dragged into the room the men used as a lounge area within the barn, dragged to a corner where a steel cage was positioned. He was forced in and his bound arms fastened to a bar in the top. The cage was too low for him to stand so he sat, with his arms hanging over his head. He was still naked, and he had smears of dirt and sweat covering him. As the man turned to leave he called out.

"Hey, when are you going to let me go?"

The man turns to Tony and just looks at him for a moment. "We have to get rid of our guests first and then figure out how to deal with you."

Tony looked the man in the face, saw his hard stern features. "I'm not sorry...coming out here and...doing things. "

"I know" and the man let a small smile break across his face as he turned to leave. As he started out the door he turned to Tony. "And we're not through with you." The man closed the door and left Tony in the cage, alone, naked, remembering the events of the night, his cock getting hard again in anticipation.



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