From Part 2..........

The office had windows across the front and as he kissed me and rubbed my crotch, Brad suddeny opened the door and said, "Boss, i need to see you now."

We quickly seperated and i approached Brad with a questioning look on my face.  As I reached him he looked to his right and said "Clay is headed this  way."

I thanked him, answered Clay's question, then informed my buddy that his gestures had to stop.  

Clay  quicky fit in with the rest of the guys and they all desperately wanted sex with him. I knew it couldn't continue the way it was going.  I had  to do something and soon.  I devised a plan.

Part 3.........

I had a plan but decided to wait a while before putting it  in action.  Clay seemed happy with his work and was soon  ready to get out on his own with his own apartment.  As we headed out.I asked a question that I had debated about asking.

"Clay, I've been curious about something.  Can I ask a personal question?"

"Sure," he replied.

"Were you into men before  you went to prison?"

"No way.  All I thought about was how much pussy i could get."

"May I asked what happened?"

"I had been warned about two particular guards on the  overnight shift. I was told when a new man came in  that they knew was straight, they would take him to a n abandoned laundry room over  a period of time and by the time they were through with him, all he cared about was sex with a man."

I questioned him more and found that the guards raped him over and over,as well  as making him  suck their cocks and swallow their loads, and also drink their piss.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I finally convinced him to give me their names.  I knew that if  Joe knew about it, he would put stop to it.  The next day, I called Joe and set up an appointment to discuss something serious.    

I had a meeting with the guys and informed them that I would be gone the  next day and for them to carry on without me.  I drove to the prison early the next day and met with Joe and filled him in on what Clay had told me.  He was furious and asked me  if I would help him put an end to it.  I immediately said that I would.

He went into town and, with his own money, bough a pair of home security cameras, and a monitor with recorder.  Together,  we set it up in the abandoned room.  He had told me that a new young prisoner had arrived a few days before,and if  i was interested, he and i would watch  the monitor for action.

Shortly after their shift started at eleven, the two guards entered the room with the new inmate.  Within seconds they were telling him  that he was now their bitch and that he would follow their every command.  They had him strip and after securing him to a small table, one began raping his ass while the other started fucking the kids virgin mouth.  Soon, they traded positions and eventually reached their climax, one i his ass and the other in his mouth as he cried softly.  Then, with the kid on his knees and his mouth open, they both began urinating into his open mouth and into his face.

As they got the kid ready to return to his cell,Joe shook his head and said, "I think it's time we see how they explain their actions."

After giving them time to return the inmate to his cell, Joe called them both to his office.  When they arrived, they both had a quizical look on their face to  see the ward on there at that time of night.

He had them sit down before saying, "Gentlemen, I have something i would like you to  watch then explain it to me."

He started the recording and when they saw what was on the screen, both their faces turned snow white.  One started to get up and say something, but Joe quickly told him to shut up, sit down, and watch the screen.

When it was over, Joe calmly said,  "Gentlemen, you have two choices.  The first is to get up and leave. If you do, then the tape will  be turned over to the authorities and you will probably be tried and convicted of rape among other charges.  Your second choice is to subject yourselves to the same treatment as that young man before  tendering your resignations  effective immediately. To choose the second alternative, simply stand up and strip naked.  After several moments, they looked at each other before  standing and beginning to strip. Once naked, Joe and I subjected them to the same humiliation as they had imposed on the inmate. After both had been fucked brutally and had eaten our cum loads, and been pissed in,   Joe allowed then to dress, and resign.

I stayed the rest of the night with Joe at his place, before heading home the next day.

A week later, I began making plans for the reveal of Clay being gay.  On that Friday, business was slow. I went out for a while and when i returned, i found the door locked as we did at lunch but no one was around. I began my search.

After a while, i heard muted sounds coming from an old break room that was no  longer used. Upon investigation, i found an unexpected sight.

Therein the old break-room, was Clay, on his back on a small table, with Jack's cock buried deep in his ass, while Lance had his cock in Jack's ass.  Brad and Sean  stood on either side of Clay's head allowing him to turn from one cock to the other, sucking hungrily, while they kissed passionately.

When Jack spotted me at the door, he calmly said,  "Oh, hey, boss.  Care to join?"

I had to laugh before saying, "Of course,but let me make sure everything is locked up."

I secured the building and deposited my clothes in the pile  with the others. Soon, I was hungrily sucking on Clay's rock hard cock.  After several hours of everyone sucking and fucking, we had all shot at least two loads somewhere.  As we regained our composure, I asked, "How the fuck did all this get started?"

Jack responded, saying that being unable to find Clay, they had decided  to have a hot sexual lunch in the old break-room.   He said that when they arrived, they found Clay already there, stroking with an old rubber cock they had hidden there, in his ass.  

"Boss, when i saw them standing there and all boned, i asked them for the real thing," Clay admitted.

I then told them that i had  planned to reveal everything at a party at my place the following day.  They immediately suggested that we start the party that night.  Within an hour,  we were all  at my place, naked and having sex poolside. Cum and piss flowed like water all weekend.

Our lunch breaks were extended by a half hour and we redid the old break-room adding a couple of king beds. 

I later began enlarging my home without telling them why.  Once the construction was complete, i informed that  they were all to move from their apartments to my place.  Everyone had their own private bedroom and bath and of course,  we would all live nude.

After about a week of communal living, Clay said it best. 

"There is nothing any fucking better than having five lovers."

He was right. Each one of us considered each one of the others as our lover. We have been "lovers" for four years now and we each deeply loves each of the others.

THE END................

Coming soon the story of a young man finding more  to family love than he expected.



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