From Part 1............

"Are you interested in working for him?

Clay hesitated a moment before finally saying yes.  

"Clay,  Mark is one of us so you don't have to worry about him finding out about what you're into.  He loves cock as much as  I do."

Joe began to smile roadly and said, "Well, in that case, hell yea I'll work for him."

He stood up and came to me with his hand extended for a hand shake.  Instead, I stood and wrappedmy arms around him and lovingly pressed my lips to his.   Immediately, he opened his mouth and our tongues began to explore each  others mouth.  As we kissed, my right hand moved down and began to rub his growing cock.  Then, I felt his hand carressing my cock.......


Part 2......................

Just before our lips parted, I felt Clay gently unzipping my jeans.  Being that I am always commando, it was easy for him to grasp and extract my cock.  Once it was exposed,he dropped to his knees and swallowed my entire cock, burying his nose in my thick bush.  I moaned softly in pleasure asJoe stepped up to me and began kissing me.  Clay then unzipped Joe's pants and was soon alternating between our cocks. Before long, I soon reached my penicle and my cock exploded in Clay's mouth. Hungrily, he swallowed every drop, before directing his attention to Joe's cock.  Moments later, Joe fed Clay a second loadof hot creamy cum.   Then, as Clay ate Joe's ass, I sucked his cock dry.  His load was huge ad so fucking delicious, that I knew I would love eating it often.  I never got enough cum!

Once we were all presentable, I asked for the exact time and day that Clay would be released.  It was going to be the following Friday afternoon at four.  I told him that I would be waiting outside the gate.

I returned to the warehouse and at the end of the day I informed the others that another ex-con would be joining us.  I decided to let it be known that although i had kept everything secret, I confessed and announced to them that each one was gay.  The smiled, and then confessed to me that they knew it and had been having sex together behind my back.  I couldn't help but laugh wth them.  Then, I began stripping and asked if anyone woud care to join me.  Immediately, all four began ripping off their clothes.

Soon, after some group kissing and fondling, the actin began. I loved red heads and soon Sean and i were in a hot sixty-nine as Lance and Jack both slipped their cocks into Brad's ass for a hot double fuck.  After Sean and I ate each others loads we watched as Brad worked the two cocks that  were in his ass.  Soon the both climaxed and as Sean sucked Brad's cock, I eagerly sucked both loads out of Brad's ass.

Then, as we dressed, I liedad informed themthat the new employee, Clay, was an exception to the rest of us and was totally straight.  I told them that i had met him and he was, indeed, hot as hell and i assured them that i would be very gradually workng on converting him.

They all assured me that they would  behave when Clay arrived,and I thanked them.  They dressed and all headed out to their respective apartments.  However, the rest of that week, i frequently found them kissing and groping each other while working.  I didn't mind and joined in on the play.

Friday arrived and as scheduled, I was parked outside the gate when Clay walked out at precisely four o'clock.  Seeing me, he smiled and headed for the truck.  As we pulled away, he turned and asked me where we were headed.

"Well, until you get a paycheck and can afford an apartment, you will be staying with me.  But, there is something that you need to know.  All of the other guys working  for me  are totally straight and close to being homophobic.  Keep things just between you and I,  understand?"

"I understand," he replied.  "But what about  after we get back to your place?"

"Once we get to my place and the door shuts, anything goes, and this entire weekend it will be just you ad me having fun."

"Fuck yea!" he exclaimed, as he reached over and began rubbing my crotch.

About an hour later, we stopped for  burger.  As we ate, he toldme about his life and his minor offenses that led to a prison sentence. Then i asked when he got into sex with another man.

He informed methathe had been in for about a week, when two guys took him behind a shed and as one raped his ass, he was made to suck the other.  It said it became a twice a day occurance. 

"After about a month or so, I was totaly enjoying it and wantng it,"he said.  Then he said he found out tht the guards used the two men to break in new guys to service them.

"Soon, besides the two guys using me, several guards did also, then the warden.  Then, before i was parolled, i was getting fucked seven or eight times a day and eating just as many cum loads.  And to be honest, I wanted more cum."

"Damn," I said.  "After you adjust to life on the outside, how would you like me to have some buds over for a weekend  orgy?"

"Mark, I'd love it," he replied.

"Well, this weekend we can have sex as often as you want, and i'll warn you now,I love eating cum as much as you do."

We stopped at a Wal-mart and picked up some clothes for him before heading home.  We arrived home and i directed him to my room to settle in.  As he  put his things away, i casually stripped.  Moments later, he did the same beforestepping up to me and kissing me passionately, as we fondled each other's cocks.

Soon, we returned to the den and as he drank his first beer in  five years, i sat between his legs and casualy licked his balls and cock.  Soon we were in a hot sixty-nine and when we climaxed ,we held it in our mouth then kissed and mixed both loads, before swallowing our share.

Later, as we began a second sixty-nine, Clay informed me  that he wanted me to fist fuck his ass while we sucked each other.  I eagerly agreed and after lubing my hand and his ass,i easedmy hand in him half way to the elbow before we started devouring each  others cocks.  Having me working his ass as we sucked made him shoot  load big enough to drown most men.  I eagerly and rapidly managed to swallow every drop.

All weekend we had wild uninhibited sex,and i foundout early tht he enjoyed being a urinal and he  insisted that i use his mouth when i needed to pee. 

When we were alone, sex with Clay was wilder than I had ever had and I loved it.  I began to  wonder how the others would feel about it.

Monday arrived, and when we arrived at the warehouse, i introduced him to the others. In private, they all told me how hot they thought he was and encouraged me to convert him as soon as possible.

After warning the men to play it cool, it was I who nearly blew the secret.  The men wereall working out in the warehouse getting orders ready to ship when a close bud of mine stopped by.  He came into the office and as he did from time to time when we were alone he would kiss me and rub my crotch.  He did it this visit , not reaizing that any of the guys were close by.  He didn't know that any of the men were gay.  

The officehadwindowsacrossthe f ront and as he kissed me and rubbed my crotch, Brad suddeny opened the door and said, "Boss, i need to see you now."

We quickly seperated and i approached Brad with a questioning look on my face.  As I reached him he looked to his right and said "Clay is headed this  way."

I thanked him, answered Clay's question, then informed my buddy that his gestures had to stop.  

Clay  quicky fit in with the rest of the guys and they all desperately wanted sex with him. I knew it couldn't continue the way it was going.  I had  to do something and soon.  I devised a plan.

TO BE CONTINUED.........................



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