Logan lay upon his bed, earbuds in each ear, listening to his favorite music while contemplating his roommate. They had been in the dorm two weeks now, settling into the rhythm of their classes, and he tried to determine what it was about Oliver that caused this sense of curosity. The conversations to date had been superficial; where are you from; what’s your major; what’s your favorite music? But nothing Oliver had said so far gave Logan any sense of who he was and for some nagging reason it bothered him. Staring up he looked at the underside of the upper bunk bed, the one Oliver slept on, and wondered where he stayed gone to during most of the day. Oliver typically didn’t come back to the dorm till late at night where he tossed down a backpack, grabbed up his toiletries and headed for the bathroom at the end of the corridor. A few minutes later he returned and after a few cursory comments climbed up in the upper bunk and rolled over facing the wall.

Logan knew from the first day they were different. He considered himself an average guy, average height, average weight, and what he considered a typical enjoyment of sports. He knew he wasn’t that great at baseball but he had played in high school and still enjoyed playing. He was part of a campus league that played on weekends and he found most of the others were like himself, just out to play for the enjoyment of it. And he made friends easily, knowing most of the guys on his floor and some from the floor below. But Oliver was different. When he first saw Oliver, it was only two days before classes started. Oliver came into their room late in the day dragging a piece of luggage and carrying a backpack. He expected him to speak with a foreign accent, something northern European or maybe even Russian. But Oliver introduced himself and Logan recognized the familiar Tennessee accent. Oliver was very fair skinned and had light brown hair that was almost blonde. It was also a little long and for the two weeks he had known him it always needed combing. And Oliver was skinny, with clothes that hung on his narrow frame even more pronounced by his height. Oliver had to be four or five inches taller than his five eleven, at least that much. But all of that was physical attributes and told him nothing of the person.

Logan knew there were times he was looking at Oliver wondering whether, or not Oliver was gay. He thought it would explain the way Oliver was standoffish, didn’t seem interested in any real friendship with him. He knew how it looked, his baseball posters of the Yankees and how the guys he hung out with in the dorm were rowdy, making lewd comments, many times disparaging comments about gays. Logan felt a stab in the pit of his stomach when they did it for he knew how wrong it was and wasn’t comfortable with the things they said. It was all the worse since he didn’t know how to feel about it himself. He had through most of middle school and high school considered himself straight, like the other boys in his small school. It was just the norm and he had no reason to differ. But that changed in his senior year at a party. It had gotten late and few remained when he found himself in Charlie’s room, just the two of them. He knew how it happened, even though at first, he pretended otherwise, and he knew he had wanted it to happen. They had touched each other, then jacked each other off. Afterwards they got together often, masturbating each other until Charlie dared Logan to suck his dick. There was the usual banter about they both had to do it, and Logan knew Charlie wanted to but was afraid to be the only one. In the end, they had sucked each other off and did so whenever the two of them could themselves alone, away from prying eyes.

For Logan, there was something about being with another guy that was more satisfying. He had thought about it often even considering himself bi-sexual, unable or unwilling to think of himself as gay. But whenever he fantasized about sex, looked at someone with longing it was more and more often another guy. Fantasies of them sucking each other and eventually him fucking the guy. He pictured himself on top, hips moving up and down as he sank his cock into another guy’s ass. When he left home for college, arriving the weekend before classes started he had hoped his roommate would be like Charlie, someone he could at the very least safely mess around with and not be found out. He had waited for days for his roommate to show up and when Oliver walked into their room he felt excited at first then let down. Oliver had kept to himself from the beginning. Logan hadn’t even seen the tall skinny fuck naked yet and it was kind of pissing him off. This realization made him smile at the silliness of it. At night, Logan lay in bed listening intently, trying to catch Oliver masturbating, for he had to be doing it some time, but for two weeks nothing.

They had had the girlfriend conversation and Oliver admitted there was no one. In the last few days Logan began to ask Oliver if he was hooking up on campus, if his late-night arrivals bore out a good time was being had but Oliver merely smiled in a way that seemed to indicate embarrassment and shook his head ‘no’. Glancing at his watch he saw it was nearly nine o’clock. Surely Oliver wouldn’t stay out studying on a Friday night so late. Some of the guys on the floor had tried to get Logan to go out for pizza and then hit a sports bar in town but he had told them he didn’t feel well and was staying in. It was a lie for he was going to try to catch Oliver coming in so he could spend some time with him. He wanted an opportunity to try to figure him out.

Logan didn’t want to admit it, but what he really wanted was to hook up with a guy and he had not built up the courage to go online or to one of the gay bars in town to meet someone. Instead he preoccupied himself with Oliver. The person who circled in and out of his presence, the one who slept just above him. Fantasies of Oliver sucking his cock as that long skinny torso lay between his legs, or of him sucking Oliver and he having those long legs lying at his side or wrapped over his back, or maybe those legs over his shoulders as he fucked Oliver. He let each scenario play out time and time again, wishful that one or all could happen.

A key was inserted in the lock and the door eased opened. Oliver came in, backpack swinging off his shoulder, as he eased toward his desk when he suddenly came up short staring over at Logan who was watching him.


“Yeah” Logan replied as he looped up the cord for his earbuds, adding, “you’re getting in late from the library for a Friday night.”

“I…ah…had a report to research and had gotten caught up in it and didn’t realize how late it had gotten.”

Logan considered what Oliver said thinking it a lie. He thought he knew the real problem. Oliver looked at him as just another jock, someone not to be trusted, for he knew the scenario, knew it from what he had seen in high school with Taylor, one of his classmates that was constantly bullied by the other boys. He wondered if Oliver had been such a boy in school, someone other boys bullied. It bothered him that Oliver is probably looking at him as one of those boys. He sat up on his elbows and watched Oliver set his backpack down and ease down in the chair at his desk.

“Have you had dinner?” Logan asked knowing the direct approach was the only way to go from here.

“No, not yet. I was going to run down to the cafeteria before they closed.”

“Oh man, you can’t eat that food that has been laying out all evening. I was thinking of going to this little Italian place in town. Authentic food and definitely an authentic atmosphere. And they are open late. It’s a few blocks away so most on campus don’t go there, so it shouldn’t be crowded. What do you say?”

“I don’t know…I…”

“Oh, come on, I don’t want to eat alone and all the other guys have gone to some sports bar.”

Logan saw the hesitation, an unsureness of whether, or not it was a good idea and he felt confident that his appraisal of the situation with Oliver was right. Oliver didn’t trust him. Not yet.  He climbed out of bed and reached for his shoes underneath as if it was all decided.

“Let me brush my teeth and hit the bathroom and I’ll go” Oliver said going to the small stack of shelving by his desk to get his toiletry bag.

They walked side by side, making their way down Tenth Street, initially passing the bars and restaurants that catered to the students, then further out, passing shops and other businesses that were aimed at the full-time residents of the area. The sidewalks became less crowded till Logan and Oliver passed only a few others from time to time. The traffic on the streets also thinned down and there was a quiet in the air that was alien compared to the streetscape back near campus. The crossed the next street and continued walking.

“How far did you say it was to this restaurant?” Oliver asked as they passed a bar catering to the locals, the door open and old rock ‘n roll music blared out to the sidewalk.

“I didn’t say exactly” Logan replied, smiling at Oliver mischievously, “but it is actually ten blocks from campus.”

“Ten blocks?!”

“Yeah…I told you it wasn’t a place that catered to students.”

“I can see why” Oliver replied in a low voice not really directing his reply to Logan.

Logan playfully bumped up against Oliver’s arm and motioned with his head down the street. “Come on, a little walk will do us both some good.”

“I walk everywhere now” Oliver replied but Logan saw him smile for the first time tonight.

They entered the small restaurant and found the large table in the front window occupied by a family, three or four generations by the looks of it. Along the walls half the tables were occupied with older couples and a few that were their age. Oliver looked around the dining room at the posters of Italy haphazardly hung on the wall, along with images of the virgin and one large photo of the restaurant taken when it opened. The photo was an old black and white image and by the automobile parked just to the side, some nineteen fifties model, it was obvious this restaurant had been in operation for a long time.

Logan led Oliver to a table in the back corner. They had not been sitting long when a young woman came for their drink order, dropping off menus.

“How did you find this place?” asked Oliver.

“An older cousin who finished three years ago knew about it and told me I had to check it out if it was still around.”

“You again” came an older male voice and Logan and Oliver looked up to see a man in his sixties wearing an apron with red stains on the front.

“Me again, and I brought a friend this time” Logan replied.

“I see” the owner replied with a casual shrug of his shoulders. The waitress brought their drinks and asked if they were ready to order. Logan looked at the owner, eyebrows raised in question.

“What do you recommend?” asked Logan.

Just nodding toward Logan, the owner turned toward the waitress, “mussel linguini” and strolled back to the kitchen letting the metal door swinging back and forth a few times.

“Have you been here a lot?”

“Three times in the last two weeks.”

“Who have you brought here so far?”

Logan sensed Oliver was feeling him out, trying to determine what he was up to. “Just you.”

Logan watched Oliver look around the room then glance at him briefly before looking down fiddling with the fork.  “So, how are your classes going? You must be smoking them the way you stay at the library all the time.”

“I’m doing good. And you?”

“Not bad, I am struggling with English. I do okay with everything but the writing assignments. Can’t seem to pick a subject or an analysis of some writing that the instructor likes, so he gives me low eighty scores. Does your English class have a lot of papers to write?”

For the next hour and half, all through dinner their conversation continued about their classes then to their personal lives, their families and friends back in their home towns. Logan didn’t push the subject of Oliver’s personal life, especially on campus and Oliver never mentioned it. Logan paid the check and led Oliver out the restaurant as more customers came in. The street had a few people milling about but overall it was a quiet night. They headed back toward campus where the glow of activity rose above the buildings in front of them. After a block Oliver seemed to relax, his gait more in pace with Logan’s, slow, casual.

“Hey Logan…thanks for dinner. It was…good to get off campus.”

“You’ve not been off campus since arriving?”

“Well, yeah, to go get some supplies at the bookstore on College Avenue but not to…just hang out.”

“We’ll have to do it again. Maybe next time I want Italian?”

They crossed four more blocks and began to approach the bars and late-night restaurants that catered to the students. The sidewalks were getting busier, the traffic heavier, many just cruising around.



“Why don’t you study in our room? I mean you never stay in the room except to sleep.”

“I just assumed…” Oliver hesitated, obviously trying to choose his words carefully, “I thought you would prefer me to be gone.  We’re so different and…”

“What? Oh, hell Oliver we’re all different. You don’t have to run off and stay gone all the time. Okay? I don’t know what kind of person you thought I was going to be but…I’m not like that.”

Oliver smiled and nodded his head and Logan sensed a bit more of the tension between them was eroded away.

It was after midnight by the time they got back to the dorm and the corridor was a hive of activity, guys going from room to room, one getting chased down the corridor in his boxers and from every room with the door open music or the sound of video games echoed out. Logan led Oliver out of the stair and down the corridor.  Glancing back, he saw Oliver was tense, not smiling, and he knew some old fear of not fitting in or some wound from bullying had to be behind it and he led them straight to their room with only a cursory comment at one guy or another.

Door closed, the sounds in the corridor partially blocked, Logan stood at the door and watched Oliver move to his chair and sit down. Kicking off from the door he moved to his bed, the lower bunk and fell back on it watching Oliver pull up social media on his laptop.

“Checking with friends back home?”

“Not really” Oliver replied in a deadpan tone.

“If you’re not tired…we could play some video games.”

“Actually, I’m kind of beat. Is it okay if we call it a night?”

“Yeah, I should get to bed anyway. I’ve got a game in the morning at ten.”

Logan eased up and retrieved his toiletry case and grabbed a towel and clean boxers.

“I’m going to run down to the bathroom and shower” said Logan as he went to the door.  He hoped Oliver would come join him, would show up at the bathroom to take a shower but all through his routine, taking a shower, brushing his teeth and slipping on clean boxers the only other guys to come in were those who needed to piss or worse, throw up in a toilet. He headed back to find the activity in the corridor still going on and looked as if it could for a while longer. He eased into his room and found Oliver already in the cut off sweat pants and t-shirt he wore to bed.

“Watch it going to the bathroom; it’s still a bit nuts out there” Logan joked as he moved past Oliver. He looked at the way the t-shirt hung on Oliver’s frame, real loose and the shorts were baggy revealing nothing of Oliver’s body beneath.

It was only a few minutes later and they were in their beds, lights out. Logan lay quietly listening intently to Oliver above, the rhythm of his breathing, every shift or movement, wondering if Oliver was asleep or lying awake the same as he. And the fantasies came to him, of Oliver climbing down and getting in bed with him, of the two of them messing around. If Oliver was awake was he listening to the sounds he made below. He wondered if Oliver would have thoughts of him and he imaged ways that would entice Oliver, means at which he could lure him down. He felt his cock get erect, straining at the front of his boxers. He pushed the cover down and let his fingers feel around the front of his boxers till they were s through the fly and making physical contact. He manipulated his cock, felt it harden till fully erect and he slipped it through the fly and held it up, slowly stroking it. He did it quietly, barely breathing, for as much as he wanted Oliver to catch him, he also was afraid he was wrong about the whole situation. He stroked himself, feeling his arousal grow till he felt the confinement of his boxers as too much and he slipped them down his thighs feeling the air on his naked skin. It aroused him to be so exposed and so close to Oliver above. He stroked his cock, slowly, feeling his release grow imminent. He was holding his breath and trying to keep still as he stroked faster, increased his pace till the surge of release rushed through him and he felt the warm spatter of cum hit him on his chest and stomach as he shook and trembled with each ejaculation. Spent and suddenly worried about the scent of cum he wiped it up with his boxers and tossed them under his bed to retrieve later when Oliver wasn’t around.

Logan woke to find Oliver gone. Relieved he leaned over the side of his bed and fished out his boxers. After grabbing breakfast, he headed out for his baseball game. The game was a short one, the other team giving them no competition and he was back in the dorm after lunch. He decided the best way to keep up with Oliver was to adapt Oliver’s schedule on studying so instead of goofing off with the other guys during a Saturday afternoon he grabbed a shower, threw on some gym shorts and t-shirt, closed the door and settled down at his desk to get his assignments done.

Logan thought it the Fate of the Gods for as he was closing his history book, the last assignment he needed to complete, Oliver came walking in. Spinning around in his chair he watched Oliver toss down his backpack and climb up on his bunk.

“You finish your assignments?”

Oliver leaned up on one elbow and looked down. “Almost; I have one paper to finish writing but I’ve got all my research done, an outline established so I just need to write it, which I’ll do tomorrow. I can’t look at another book or write another word.”

“Well…I’m done” Logan replied smiling up at Oliver. Oliver shook his head and lay back down. “Hey, it’s early yet but I’ve skipped lunch so I’m starving. You want to go get something to eat?”

Oliver was silent for a moment, then without moving, “I skipped lunch too and could really eat something myself.”

“Great. There’s this soul food place across town my cousin told me about I’ve been wanting to try. What do you think?”

“I’m not walking all the way across town…”

“I’ll drive” Logan interrupted. Come on, put your shoes back on and while I get dressed.”

Oliver was seated, leaning over putting on his shoes while Logan stripped off the gym shorts and t-shirts. Wearing his tightest white boxer briefs Logan moved casually around the dorm room getting a pair of jeans and a shirt out tossing them on the bed, then a pair of clean socks and his best running shoes. While he moved around the room he kept glancing at Oliver wondering if he had at any moment captured his attention. There was one moment, when he first took off his t-shirt and was standing only a few feet from Oliver he saw him looking at his body, eyes down level with his boxer briefs and he wondered how he looked in Oliver’s eyes. Did he look at the bulge outlining his cock and balls perfectly, as revealed by the thin fabric? Did it entice him in any way?

All through the drive across town, dinner, and the drive back Logan got Oliver to open up some more, with their conversation growing more friendly. Oliver began to reveal more about himself, his love of science fiction, movies and gaming. Back at the dorm they found the corridor quieter than the night before, although it was still earlier. A few doors were open and as they passed Ryan and George’s room they heard George call out.

“Logan! You and that roommate of yours come here.”

Logan backed up a couple of steps and stuck his head in the door. “What’s up?” he asked as Oliver stood behind him.

“You pussies want to get beat at World at War?”

“What happened to Chris and Steve?”

“Oh, those pussies couldn’t take losing again, so they bailed on us.”

“What do you say?” Logan asked Oliver, “should we show them up?” Logan loved the game and knew Oliver played it too for he’d seen it in his collection.

“Huh…okay” Oliver replied, hesitate at first.

“We’ll show them” Logan whispered then turning back to George and Ryan, “Let us change clothes and we’ll be right back.”

“Okay, but hurry up” replied George.

As Oliver slipped out of his jeans and shirt Logan kept glancing over at him. With the removal of jeans Logan saw Oliver was wearing boxer briefs as well. Grabbing up his gym shorts and slipping them on he watched Oliver pull out a pair of cargo shorts. For a brief moment, Logan saw Oliver from the front, his tall lean frame and the boxer briefs that were tight around his waist and in front a bulge, thick, curving downward. He wondered if he saw correctly, if maybe the gray fabric gave him a distorted view, some illusion then he wondered if Oliver was partially erect. It made sense the way it seemed to be pushing at the front of those briefs. Picking up a tank top he started to slip it on when he saw Oliver turned to the side pulling up the cargo shorts and he saw it, that bulge, the way it really curved outward. He swallowed hard and tried to turn his gaze away, but he just stood there, shirt in hand, staring.

“Logan? What is it?” Oliver asked as he pulled the cargo shorts in place and tucked everything within them.

“Nothing…nothing…just daydreaming.”

Oliver slipped on a t-shirt and the two of them headed back to George and Ryan’s room. For nearly three hours they played, George and Ryan winning the first three games but as Logan and Oliver learned each other’s style of play, the way they made decisions they began to win, one game after the next. One of the guys on the floor came into the room with beer and watched while they drank the case. When they had had enough gaming and called it a night, Oliver staggered a bit when he stood up causing Logan to laugh, asking him if he was alright. Nodding his head yes Oliver headed toward the door with Logan following.

In their room Logan slipped off his t-shirt and gym shorts to go to bed and was surprised to see Oliver had stripped down to his boxer briefs before climbing into bed. Lying on top of his bed, the room dimly lit by the security light outside shining through the blinds, he stared up at the dark bottom side of Oliver’s bunk, once again imagining him climbing down and getting in his bed. He imaged those long legs coming over the side, those bulging briefs hovering right by his bed and then the torso, long, lean, the skin almost glowing in the dim light. His own cock stirred and he pushed his own briefs down, brazenly lying naked on his bed stroking his cock. It quickly grew fully erect then began to leak till his hand moved slickly along the shaft and over the head. Carelessly, he noisily stroked it, the slick sound of his masturbation loud enough for Oliver to hear, but there was no movement from above, no indication Oliver was even still awake. The fear of getting caught mixed with the desire Oliver would catch him, would lean over and see him naked, hard, cock glistening wetly fueled his fantasy. He imaged enticing Oliver down to his bed. Imagined them lying naked together. It pushed him over the edge and he came, hard, spattering his face and chest with wad after wad of cum. The smell of it seemed to fill the room. Spent, cum pooling on his chest and trickling down his sides, he suddenly needed the cum wiped up, the smell taken away and he slipped off his briefs and used them to wipe himself off. Tossing them under the bed he pulled the cover up to his head and faced the wall, embarrassed, lonely, wondering how he could continue to be so stupid.

Logan woke to the sound of Oliver at his desk. Opening his eyes slowly, the sun light spilling in through the window too bright for him, he slowly gained the image of Oliver at his desk. At first, he didn’t know what he was seeing, didn’t believe it, but there sat Oliver in just his boxer briefs at his computer. Eyes wide open, Logan looked at the tall lean body sitting in the chair. Scanning downward, over the back down to the briefs stretched tight around hip and thigh, continuing down the long lean legs. Oliver’s body was lean but not as skinny as he first thought. He realized Oliver’s height made him appear thinner, but there were no ribs sticking out, no prominent collar bones or shoulder blades, or the vertebrae along the spine showing down the center of his back. He was lean, no doubt about it, and his skin was so fair he looked younger than eighteen. He stared at the way the waistband of the briefs stretched around Oliver’s waist wondering the size of it. The body moved back in the chair and spun around giving Logan a better view. The flat chest with the nipples riding high on each pec down to the flat stomach onward to the bulging briefs. Legs partially spread apart and stretched out Oliver appeared to be even taller. But Logan kept going back to Oliver’s crotch, the bulge within the briefs that showed the outline of cock lying over its sac. He stared at it, wondering how big it could become.

“Logan…Logan…” Oliver called out then snapping his fingers just above his lap getting Logan’s attention. “What were you staring at?”

“Huh…what?  Ah…nothing…just daydreaming I guess” Logan stammered in reply as he began to throw the covers back before thinking better of it. He realized he was naked and his briefs were under the bed dried stiff with his load from last night. He saw Oliver smile then rotate back around to his computer and he wondered if Oliver had heard him last night and was aware of everything.

“You getting up anytime soon?” Oliver asked without turning around.

‘Busted’ Logan thought as he whispered, “fuck it” under his breath, tossing the cover back and climbing out of bed. He stood up and noticed Oliver had not turned to look at him and he moved to the closet to slip down his towel. As he opened the closet door he heard a snicker.

“Where’s your underwear?” Oliver asked.

“I kicked them off in my sleep I guess. I don’t like sleeping in anything.”


Towel around his waist Logan grabbed his toiletry case and clean boxers. “I’m going to shower off” he said as he went out the door. In the corridor, he walked toward the bathroom wondering how things got so turned around all of a sudden.

For the next couple of days Logan went through the day attending classes, doing research in the library, hanging out in the dorm with Oliver one night and the other guys the next night playing video games. At the end of each night, Oliver in his bed above, Logan would kick off the cover and lay naked in his bed, cock hard, foolishly wishing Oliver would hear him masturbate or would simply lean over and watch. He desperately wanted to entice Oliver down to his bed, but at the same time was afraid of directly trying anything.

Wednesday arrived cloudy, storm clouds moving in with the air heavy with the threat of rain. Logan woke to find Oliver already gone as he was most mornings. Dressed he searched in the back of the closet for his umbrella then headed out to his classes. The first two were in the same building but his third was in Williamson Hall, a couple of blocks away. Logan came out to head to Williamson and found it raining hard and the wind blowing strongly. It was a serious storm. Umbrella up, he took off along the sidewalk. He’d only gone a few feet when he stepped in water ankle deep filling his shoes. A few steps further and his umbrella flipped up, bending the frame then tearing loose on one side.

“Shit” Logan uttered as he tossed the umbrella into the trash. He just stood for a moment getting soaked trying to decide whether to go on to his last class of the day or to skip it and head back to the dorm. Looking around he didn’t seem to be the only one who were going to skip a class. Straightening his backpack, wiping his face and pushing his hair back he headed for the dorm.

The dorm was eerily quiet, a few televisions playing low could be heard from a couple of open doors. Logan walked down the corridor with his wet shoes in one hand and his keys in the other. His clothes clung to his body, every inch soaked by the rain. He slipped the key in the lock and eased the door open. The only light in the room came from the corridor and the dim light from the exterior security light outside the window. Just inside the door Logan realized he was not alone, that Oliver was in the room up on his bunk. Sitting up he stared at Logan, surprised by his presence.

It took a moment for Logan to focus his eyes in the dim light and realize Oliver was naked, cock bobbing up hard between his thighs. Logan looked at Oliver’s cock, the thick shaft glistening and one hand wrapped around the base. He looked at the long lean body stretched out on the bed, feet dangling over the end. Logan felt drawn to Oliver, enticed by what he saw in front of him, this male form, and the person within. He moved toward the bunk bed, moved right up to the side of it staring at Oliver. Enticed he stared at Oliver’s cock, the thick glistening shaft and the flared head. He felt the way it enticed him, drew him closer and closer, urging him on.

Logan moved up close to the bed and with trembling hand reached out to Oliver. Fingers grazing over the slick shaft, Logan let his fingers rake over the smooth skin, one finger following a vein that snaked up the shaft till he could feel the flared head, the softness of it with its smooth skin. Oliver gasped as Logan manipulated it, eventually lying back and letting Logan do as he pleased. Logan reached over further and took Oliver by the hip encouraging him to roll over on his side facing him. Oliver’s cock bounced in Logan’s face until he grasped it by the base and held it steady. He looked at it, stared at the shape of it, with its gaping hole in the head. He licked it, tongued it, then slipped it in his mouth.

“Fuck” Oliver uttered through clinched teeth as Logan pushed forward sinking inch after inch into his mouth till the thick shaft filled it and pushed into his throat. Logan worked his head back and forth letting Oliver slip through his lips, the glistening wet shaft appearing then disappearing back into his mouth. He felt Oliver’s fingers comb through his hair then ball into a fist holding his head still as he took the primitive fuck of Oliver’s hips. Oliver fell into a rhythm, hips swinging back and forth, feeding Logan cock.  Oliver’s pace increased choking him at times but he submitted to Oliver’s hold on him, hands braced on the side of the bed and drool trickling down his chin. The bunk squeaked with Oliver’s movements, the steady thrust of hips back and forth, making Logan more aware of being used by Oliver.

Oliver slowed his pumping hips till he stopped and Logan felt the pull, the tug on his hair and he knew what to do, relaxing to it, letting Oliver guide his head back and forth. For a long time, he took it, the way Oliver forced his mouth down the shaft till he nearly choked then back off till he felt the flared head push at his lips. Over and over and over Oliver handled him, forcing his head back and forth. The pace increased till the sound of Logan’s lips moving noisily along the wet shaft and his stifled irregular breathing filled the room. When Oliver grabbed his head in both hands and pulled him forward till cock pushed at the back of his throat he knew his reward was imminent.

Oliver grunted, cried out and Logan felt his release, the flex of cock as it erupted in his mouth pumping its thick wad down his throat.  Held in place, Logan took it all, each ejaculation, till Oliver was spent. Pushed back Logan watched Oliver slipped off the bed. He looked at the naked form coming down beside him, the long lean torso and more enticing, the wet dripping cock that was still hard. Oliver turned him to face the bed and he felt hands fumbling with his jeans, undoing the button and zipper till they opened up. He felt the tug on his jeans and boxers till they slipped down his legs and Oliver’s foot came on top of them pushing downward till they were at his ankles. His own cock sprang out hard and he felt Oliver grasp it, laughing in his ear at how hard he was already as the hand moved slowly along its length.

“Step out of them” Oliver demanded and Logan worked his right foot free then his left leaving him feeling his nakedness from the waist down, Oliver’s hand working his cock and working wet hard cock along his ass. Looking down he saw Oliver kick his jeans and boxers off to the side. “I’m going to fuck you” said Oliver in a low tone. Oliver’s other hand brushed his lower back and he felt it move upward bunching his t-shirt up as it went till the fingers slipped through the neck and balled it up in a fist. Oliver pulled him up right and he felt the skin on skin contact of his back against Oliver’s chest and stomach. “You want it, don’t ya?”

“Yes” Logan whispered, his voice gravelly and hoarse.

Oliver pushed him over, bent at the waist till he had to rest his hands on the lower bunk. He felt open to Oliver, exposed, ready for what was going to happen to him. He felt the pressure of cock against his opening, the insistent push against its tightness and for a moment he was scarred. Scarred to let Oliver breach him, scarred of the pain that fat cock would undoubtedly do.

“Relax…let me in” Oliver whispered.

Logan relaxed, knowing this is what he wanted and he pushed back feeling Oliver breach his opening, felt the stretch as he took inch after inch. He felt the way it tugged at him, pushed deeply into his body giving him a sense of fullness, a connection to Oliver he didn’t understand. Oliver held him bent over, the t-shirt tightening around his upper torso as the hand holding it twisted it tighter. Hips came against his ass and he knew Oliver was fully sunk into his hole, every inch of that cock buried within him. He breathed slowly, deeply as he felt the tug backward as inch after inch slipped back out, then pushed back in. Oliver fucked him slowly at first letting him feel every inch move into his body. He felt the way his body milked that fat cock. He tried to keep quiet, kept his mouth closed afraid of crying out in a manner the guys on the floor would hear, but Oliver grunted loudly when he sunk all the way inward each time. The sound echoed loudly in their room, far too loud to Logan’s ears, surprised one of the guys hadn’t heard them by now.

“Fuck you’re tight” Oliver uttered as he increased his pace.

Oliver held him pushed over, head down, as he took every thrust. Logan rocked with every impact of hips to ass, the smack of skin against skin nearly as loud as Oliver’s grunts. Using his right hand, left on the bunk bed for support, he took his own erection and stroked it to Oliver’s fuck. His hand moved furiously back and forth smearing the slickness drooling from his cock. Slick, wet, fully engorged, he stroked his cock roughly, fist slamming down to the base and back up roughly over the sensitive head as he took Oliver’s fuck. Every thrust inward seemed to go deeper, to stretch him open just a bit more.

“Get on the bed” Oliver demanded as he pushed Logan forward. Oliver followed him, moved over his prone body kicking his legs apart. With no hesitation, Oliver was plunging back into his depths, thrust downward forcing Logan’s own cock into the mattress. Every move was a stimulation. He felt his own erection like never before, so hard his cock ached for release. He felt Oliver pull upward then push back inward and he pushed up with his hips till their bodies smacked together. Over and over he met Oliver’s push inward. They fucked, roughly, the bunk bed squeaking. They fucked to the point of exhaustion and their bodies were covered in sweat. Oliver lay on his back, slipped an arm around his neck holding him tight as if afraid he would try to get away and ground hips against ass.

“Fuck…take it…take it all” Oliver uttered in his ear. He felt the way Oliver shuddered on top of him. The way Oliver was using him, filling his hole and it pushed him over the edge. Grinding his hips into mattress he came, hard, body wracked with each ejaculation as wad after wad soaked into the sheet beneath him.

Then they were still, both breathing hard, skin slick with sweat. Oliver didn’t move for a long time then finally slipped out of his hole and rolled over to his side. They could hear the guys in the corridor laughing and cutting up, someone even running by the door. Logan felt Oliver touch him on the back, gently, fingers just barely grazing the skin. They moved downward, over one around ass cheek then down between them. Login felt those fingers circle his opening, rub the leaking cum over it then they penetrated him, pushing in all the way.

“Whenever I want this I’m going to take it. Do you understand?” Oliver whispered in Logan’s ear.

Logan turned to Oliver, seeing only the outline of his head in the darkness of their room. “Yes” he replied as he pushed his hips upward trying to get those fingers deeper into his body.

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