Playing hooky from High School was always since I was in my last year. I arrive home around noon to find out that there is a strange man in my garage working on the electrical box which powers the whole house. My parents had just left to head into the city to go to Sam's club to grab a few things that the needed. 

" Hi there my name is Sean "

" Hello Sean my name is Jack "

They had a great conversation about sports and hunting before Jack stop for his lunch break and his coffee . Jack was very hot looking for someone who just around 5'9 weigh a solid 155 with nice biceps , You can see that he take care of himself for someone who just turn 55 a few month's ago. 

Jack always had a fetish for Electricians or people who work in Construction of some sorts as he sat on his stool staring over at Sean Pro Bass work shorts as he can see very clearing his bright powder blue Jockey sports briefs that just came onto the market. Sean was a very street smart person who caught on right away what was going down.

" Hey Sean can I ask you something ? "

 " Anything you want Jack "

" I got the vibes from you staring at the opening in my shorts dude "

" Sorry I could not help noticing Sir "

" No problem I know what you looking for "

" You do Sir "

" I am not stupid seeing at 18 horny male glaring and drooling for my cock "

" How about we stop the BS and you come over to my Condo around 9 tonight for a beer "

" That sounds good, But I can't make until my baseball game is finished "

" Wow love a ball jock "

" What do you play Sean "

" I am the catcher this year "

" Thought so from your body type "

Sean played the roll of the catcher 100% since he stood just around 5,8 and weigh close to 145 with dark brown eyes and a very well kept trim goatee. He could pass for well over 25 of his features he has.

It was just after 10 pm when Sean got buzz up into Jack Condo. " Come on in Sean and please sit down " Jack started his way over to grab some Coors Light beer for them the two of them. " How was the game Sean ? " It took a few seconds to response with a huge smile that he score the winning run in.

Once again Sean could not keep his eyes off Jack bulge that was showing off very well in his tight bright red 70's Adidas track suit.  Jack knew what is happening before he ask Sean to wrestle with him in his Guest bedroom that he made into a fitness room for his everyday workout. The whole floor was cover in a NCAA small style wrestling mat along with Boe Flex machine over in the corner.

" Wow Jack this look cool Sir "

" You like that "

" I sure do Jack "

" What well I wear to wrestle you in ? "

" I got a few pair of trunks that well fit you "

" I take it you are a 34 waist Sean "

" Yes sir "

Jack walk over to the cupboard that was located in the other corner of the room. 

" Here is a nice pair of the new Under Armour wrestling trunk that they just put onto the market for the WWE "

" Rybeck and Axel Hennig where them all the time "

" Be back in a minute got to put them on for you Jack "

" Cool , I will surprise you with what I will wear "

It took a good 5 minutes until Sean took off his Ball uniform and put the very tight wrestling trunks that Jack told him to use. Jack then began shutting all of the California shutter that he just put into the room.

Sean then walk back into the room and got a huge semi on when he saw Jack on the floor wearing a pair of light blue spandex nylon type briefs. They both smile and started to wrestling with each other until they both got a massive hard on along with pre cum pouring out from their penises as they were on top of each other.

Jack made the first move and began slurping up the pre cum coming from Sean as he was laying their stun on the wrestling mat. Jack enjoy very much going down Sean hairy chested body all the way to his crotch as he started to lick up every ounce of Sean semen that was pouring out through the front of his trunks. Now it was time for Jack to pull down Sean trunk to see his huge 7 plus cut dick that he was showing off very well.

" Fuck you have a nice cock Sean "

" Thank you Sir "

" How about you give me a good wrestler work out dude "

Jack got really excited and started to suck the shit out of Sean cock as he began to pour some beer over his bearded mouth and lips. 

" Fuck Sir it feels fucking great "

" You like it "

" Suck me, Suck me "

The blow job lasted a good 20 minutes until both of them started to 69 each other on the matt as their whole bodies started to smell like sweet juicy sweat.

" Fuck , Im close Jack "

" Yea "

" You want it dude "

" Give it to me Sean "

"OMG "

" Here it comes dude "

" Open you mouth Jack "

" Fuuuuccccccck "

Sean began to scream as the cum flew out of him all down the back of Jack throat as he reach his sexual climax. 

" Here comes some more Jack '

" know way dude "

Once again his huge set of nuts shot off another load of his cream this time all over Jack face and nipples. Jack then got up from the mat to grab a towel and his beer to wash down the rest of Sean load that was still dripping from his semi hard cock now.

" That was the best orgasm that I seen in a lone time Sean "

" Thank you Jack "

" You know how to suck a cock Jack "

They both got up clean up before they end up back in the living room to watch Mantracker and to have a few more beers. The time was well after midnight when they both got turn on from watching Mantracker.

" I alway have a fantasy of him to be my first one fucking me "

" Know way Sean '

" You like the Daddy Polar Bear types "

" In someways "

" I agree I think he very hot for some who is well over 60 "

" Have you ever been fuck Sean ? "

" Not yet only came close once "

" Who with "

" My baseball Coach 2 years ago "

" He was and X Military man "

" Really Sean "

" He got a little weird on me so I left fairly fast "

" What did he wanted you to do ? "

" He wanted to fuck me in front of his girlfriend who was coming home from work early "

" Know way that must have been awful "

" He was real creepy a bit "

" Can I ask you something Jack ? "

" Yes Sean "

" Would you like to break my hole open "

" Yes put not tonight "

" How about we get together next Saturday night "

" That sound like a plan "

Sean then finished his beer and made his way in Jack bedroom to put back on his uniform and head home for the evening. 

" Thank you for coming over Sean "

" Same to you jack"

" See you next weekend "

" Sure will Jack "

They both shook hands and hug each other has Jack pull the door open, He had a huge smile on his face as he watch Sean walk down the hallway in his tight grey baseball pants to where the elevators was.

The week went by fairly fast as Jack e-mail Sean and let him know what time for him to come on at on Saturday night. Sean got to his Condo apartment just after 8 pm as Jack buzz him up to his place. Sean was once again amazed seeing Jack standing there waiting for him wearing another brand of underwear, This time it was Pro Bass silky nylon spandex material that hikers and outdoor sportsmen love wearing.

He had a surprise to show Sean that Mantracker wore the same type during a photo shoot for a Pro Bass Store. This made Sean evan more horny for Jack cock now. " OMG Jack that is so fucking hot, You can evan see the outline of his penis dude ". They were both amazed from the 2 page shoot.

Sean was laying on the side of the bed as Jack was in his bathroom grabing a few thing before the fuck. He slowly began walking over to where Sean was naked on the bed and started to rub both of their bodies with this heat active sexual massaged oil that he get from the sex shop just down the street form his place.  Jack began to rub his 7 plus semi cut cock and began slowly putting 3 fingers up Sean hole along with a huge amounts of KY Jelly. 

" Fuck you smell fucking hot Jack "

" What are you wearing ? "

" I just put some Brute aftershave cologne on "

Then Jack began to pull Sean hairy legs over his shoulder as they both took a deep breather, Jack enter Sean very slowly as he started to quiver from Jack penis slowly going up his hole.He then stop for a few seconds and began to stroke his cock in and out. It took a good few minutes until the fuck became really aggressive as Jack was now in full motion pounding Sean juicy hole pre cum filled hole good and hard.

" Fuck it hurts Jack "

" You Like it dude "

" Love it Sir "

" Fuck me "

Both there bodies were soaking wet now as the sweet smell of sexual pleasure were making the room smell like a sexual dungeon . You can here Jack massive cock and balls slapping against Sean juicy hairy hole. 

" Fuck I am getting close Sean "

" Come Sir , Please Come Sir "

" Yea "

" Yes Sir "

" Fuck I am close, Fuck I am close "

" OH Fuck Sir "

" Pleeeaasssse  Sir "

"Holy shit here it is "

" Fuck Sean "

" Shoot it, Shoot it "

" OMG ............ "

Jack and Sean scream as his both their bodies erupted into a massive orgasm as the cum flew out of his cock just after he pull out of Sean hole. The 2 huge load of cum landed all over Sean hairy hard nipples and face and some of it even hit the wall behind the head board. 

" My fucking God Sean that was great " As he was slump over Sean wet body from his orgasm he just had. " You okay Jack " He was still totally exhausted before he got up slowly from the bed." Thank you Sean for that was the best load I shot off in many,many years. "

It was a good 10 minutes later that both of them were in Jack stand up shower scrubbing and washing themselves  all off . This time it was Jack turn to sit and watch Sean get dress before he heads on home for the night. Jack deeply enjoy watching Sean roll up his new pair of underwear that he given him for a present, And was truly amazed by him buttoning up his 501 Levis jeans , dome button shirt and biker style boots. 

They both hug one another at the door once again. Sean got home around 1am and started to jerk off from the magazine of Manhunter standing their with the outline of the head of his penis along with his huge bulged that he has.





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