The year was 2004, The city was St. Louis, Mo. and the month was July, There had been a terrible storms of Tornadic Porportions. and almost three forths of the City and County was without Electricity. There Had been Electrical Crews sent in from all over the area I was from a crew from Topeka, Kansas, and We all met at the major Offices of a company known as Ameren U.E., When we got there they had rented quite a few Motel rooms and paired us each up with another guy, Two to a motel room because there had been so many crews shown up.

The job was astronomical in size, so many poles had to be replaced and lines had to be restrung, ruined transformers had to be replaced, Power stations had to be almost rebuilt, just a big city and county wide mess, The crews were busting their buts to restore power to three forths of St.Louis city and county, and some of the people were without power for almost two weeks.

Well Cal, thats the foremans name I was paired with, was from up Chicago way, married about 35 maybe a little older or younger I couldn't tell, and he never told me, but he was absolutely gorgeous, Had nice Muscular arms,tree trunk muscular legs, very nicely muscled chest, and abs. He was simply beautiful.

The first few nights he would come out of the shower and I would almost faint, my cock would get hard and I'd have to crawl into bed hiding myself, the problem was the room had only one bed and we had to share. I would wait for Cal to go to sleep and I would lay close to his body and Jerk off, while he slept.

We had been there about three days and we had worked about fourteen to sixteen hours a day since getting there, We got to the hotel about nine oclock that evening and went to get a bite to eat for supper, and went back to the motel room.

Cal took a shower and didn't even close the door and I got down to my white briefs, Cal came out in only a towel wrapped around his waist and ask me if I'd rub his back for him, He said it felt tired and sorta achy, and his wife always rubbed it for him and My thoughts were really, do you want me to do what else she does for you too, I just sighed a deep sigh, well He layed on the bed and I crawled upon the bed next to him ,and I said now do you want a full body massage, and he said do you know how to give one, and I said I learned in college, and he said fine by me. and I got some baby oil, (I alway keep it on hand to use for jerk off lube) and proceeded to rub Cals back for him, He just groaned and said that feels fucking awesome, and then he said If I fall asleep, just nudge me and wake me up, if you need me to move, I rubbed up and down his back and then did his legs and he just layed there and let me rub his legs all the way up to and including his ass, I was so friggen turned on from running my hand up inside his groin and sorta feeling as I rubbed his upper inner thigh I felt his awesome nut sack and noticed it was sorta tightening up, I said Cal,He said huh! I said roll over so I can get the front, he said well, dont mind the hardon that feels so fucking good getting rubbed in the crotch area, I said I'll try not to, When he rolled over I almost swallowed my tongue and came in my briefs, I started rubbing his chest from his neck down and I got to the nipples on his chest and sorta lingered on them and he sorta moaned a soft moan, I thought fuck this aint' gonna get any easier, I continued down the treasure trail and then I bypassed his privates which by the way, his cock was sticking out stiff, and laying stiff up his body like a board, and I looked at his nutsack and they were tight against his body, and then I went down onto his thighs and started rubbing and the closer I got to his cock and balls I noticed them sorta jerking up tight and raising up away from his body in response to my rubbing, I noticed Cals body was sorta tense and I looked up and he had his hands behind his head on the pillow and just letting me enjoy myself, He had his eyes closed and was sorta biting his lower lip and licking his lips with his tongue and kinda wimpering and breathing funny .

I thought what the hell he needs sexual release and I want a load of cum in my mouth, So here goes, and I reached up and noticed his cock was leaking pre-cum like crazy and I wrapped my hand around his dick and started sorta slathering his pre-cum all over his cock and he said oh Fuck man, that feels just fantastic, and I then took his cock into my mouth and he almost lept up and groaned, He said really quietly, Man I have never had a suck job by a dude before, No one can ever know about this, I wouldn't want my wife to find out and I said this Is between you and me, and I started sucking his cock for all I was worth, He had about a seven inch cock, and it was beautifully circumcised, and the head was perfectly matched to the very wide cock shaft it was gorgeous, just like Cal, I started sucking on his cockhead and licking it like an Ice cream cone, He started moaning Oh shit man, that's awesome, no broad ever did it like that, fucking great, I was giving him the best workover I could possibly give him and he was loving it, I felt every beat of his heart each time he flexed his sphincter muscle and it swelled the head flared out it was getting harder and then he let out a loud grunt and Said Oh Fuck Mannnnnnn and I felt the flexing sensation you feel when the cock ejaculates and He starte shooting a load of mancream into my mouth, It was awesome and fucking fantastic, He came, and just kept coming and I just kept swallowing, after about what seemed like ten minutes he spoke and said fuck man, do you always give a blow job with each rub down? and smiled at me, and I said, only if I know the recipient would really want one and your cock was yelling suck me and so I did, He said It was the best blow job I have ever had, Most females won't swallow or even let you come in their mouths, and that kinda takes away from it. I said I agree, Then Cal said I don't think I can suck you off like that, but I will give you a hand job, I am very good at giving myself one anyway, I said that sound great, he said only if we can do this again later, I said anytime you want, I love to suck cock, He said I can tell, and he layed me back took off my briefs and started to stroke my cock like a pro. and He was damn good, and I said your fucking good at this and he said I have been practicing on me for about at least 25 years, and I think I've got it down pretty good, well he was friggin right, I layed back and he lubed up his hand with some baby oil and started slipping his hand up and down my cock and It started feeling just awesome and I felt that feeling and then he did something unexpected, And said I'm gonna try it, and leaned over and took my cock into his mouth, and I wasn't bad, I was turned on by the fact it was Cal, but this, I was getting close he said just don't squirt into my mouth yet o.k. I said o.k. I'll let you know. I got to the point of no return and I yelled pull off Cal, and he did just in time, I blasted a load of cum all over his arm and chest and he just kept on stroking and smiling and then he took a little bit on his finger and tasted it. and kinda shrugged a little and said It ain't really bad, I said no, I love it.

Well Cal and I shared that bed for almost two weeks and Cal did not go home unsatisfied sexually like a lotta married guys probably did starving for sex. I kept his pipes clean and he kept mine free from clogs.

I hear from Cal every o often and he keeps saying he is going to come visit me someday, so I just keep hoping and waiting, But one thing for sure we made Sparks in that motel room, while In St. Louis doing Electrical work.



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