My Louisiana out personals add read, cenlaman: Just a guy looking to meet

other guys. People tell me I look like Al on 'Home Improvements.' I am 41, 6'

dark hair and beard, 5 inches hard, uncut, 195lbs. I like to suck and get

fucked. Would not mind a good old fashioned over the knee butt beating, or a

drink out of the ole tap. Email [email protected] After a few emails we

agreed to meet. I only new his name to be Sir.

He called me on my cell phone and I said Hello. 'Boy.' I said yes. 'Yes,

what.' Yes, Sir. 'Good, where you at boy. I'm on my way Sir. I am on

Macarthur Drive Sir. 'When you get to my room come on in and strip.' 'Then

get on your knees boy,' and he hung up. I climbed the stairs to his hotel

room. I was so excited and scared at the same time. When I entered I looked

at Sir for the first time.

He was on the bed wearing a towel. He was so good looking. He had dark brown.

He was about 6? tall and had hair covering his chest. He was in very good

shape. Well toned. Sort of a swimmers build. I started taking off my shoes

and socks. Then my shirt and pants. My underwear too Sir. 'Yes boy,' he said

in a deep stern voice. 'Then get on your knees.' I pulled down my underwear

and got on my knees. 'Suck my dick boy.'

He opened his towel exposing a 3 or 4 inch soft dick. I crawled over to the

bed and put his dick in my mouth. 'Make it hard boy.' I started licking and

going up and down. I put my hand around the base of his meaty dick. 'Get your

hand off my dick boy. If I wanted a hand on my dick I would use mine, now

suck. That's it, good boy make it feel good. Yeah that's right lick it boy.

You like having a man's dick in your mouth don't you boy.' Yes Sir. 'Don't

stop sucking. Lick the head, just the head.' I started swirling my tongue

around his head. 'Oh fancy stuff, that's good boy. You were make to suck dick

weren't you boy?' Yes Sir. 'You like taking care of my dick? 'Yes Sir. 'You

like being on your knees for my dick?' Yes Sir. 'Don't you boy,' Yes Sir.

'Now hold still boy. Just hold still and keep my dick in your mouth.'

I looked at his face as I held his dick in my mouth. He looked down and said

'good boy, hold still I have something for you. You ready boy.' I nodded yes.

I felt his dick constrict in my mouth. 'You feel that boy, get ready.' I was

looking in his eyes as I felt him flex and then let go. He filled my mouth up

and said 'swallow boy. Don't get any on the bed, there's a hole lot more

where that came from. Keep it in your mouth boy.' I swallowed again and

again. 'You like drinking right out of the ole tap boy.'

The flow slowed to a trickle then stopped. I sighed and said that's good Sir.

Thank you. 'For what boy?' Thanks for letting me drink your piss Sir. 'Your

welcome boy. Now get on that dick boy'. Yes Sir. I put his dick back in my

mouth and it started to swell. 'Do you like big dicks boy.' I like all sizes

Sir. 'That's good boy. Do you want me to talk to you boy.' Yes Sir. 'Talk

dirty to you boy.' Yes Sir. 'Then suck that dick good boy.'

'I have two service boys back in Atlanta. Do you want me to tell you about

them, boy.' I nodded yes not loosing his dick from my mouth. 'I see them

about twice a week. They take care of me real good.' Do they drink your piss

Sir? 'No boy, you are getting something they don't get. Thank me boy.' Thank

you Sir. 'Now hold still. I stopped sucking and just looked into Sir's eyes.

I could tell he was concentrating real hard. Then his dick surged and let go

with a flow of hot man piss. 'Drink it boy.' I swallowed the first mouth full

savoring the warm salty taste. Then he stopped and stood up. 'Get my dick

back in your mouth boy. I've got more for you. Hurry boy:'. I crawled on the

floor feeling the carpet rub against my bare ass and took Sir's dick back in

my mouth. 'You want it boy.' I just nodded. The flow started again. Man it

tasted so good. My dick was hard and leaking on the floor. I drank down

another mouth full then another. My throat constricted around his dick as I

strained to swallow all his piss. Sir just looked into my eyes and watched

with a content smile on his face. I new I was in my place taking care of his


The flow stopped and I licked his dick clean and wiped my mouth with the back

of my hand. 'Thank me boy.' Thanks you Sir. 'For what boy?' Thanks, for

letting me drink your piss Sir. 'Your welcome boy. Now pour me a coke boy.'

Yes Sir. Sir drank his coke and ask if I brought the things he requested.

This is what I got Sir. 'Show me boy.' I reached into the bag and pulled out

a jock strap that I wore on my trips to New Orleans. I pulled out a paddle

that made noise every time it hit a surface, and a ruler made out of wood

that Sir ask for since I am a teacher and Sir thought I might need

discipline. I also pulled out two cucumbers. The smallest I could fine. These

are huge Sir, but they were the smallest I could fine, and a tube of lube.

Sir just smiled. I watched as Sir rolled onto his stomach spread his long

legs apart then pull his knees up lifting his round ass into the air. 'Get on

your knees boy.' I got on my knees. 'You lick butt boy?' Yes Sir. 'Then what

are you waiting for. I have a mans butt just waiting to be taken care of.

Lick my ass boy.' Yes Sir. I started licking the cheeks in a big circle

around his butt. I felt the stubble of his shaved ass rub my face. I licked

closer to the hole till I got to the center and put my tongue in the center

and started flicking back and forth and side to side. 'That feels real good

boy. Lick that hole. Get it wet. Put your nose in it.' I got Sir's ass real

wet and shoved my nose into the hole and inhaled the musky aroma. 'Smell my

butt boy. That's a mans ass your smelling boy.'

I looked down and Sir had shoved his dick back. 'Lick my dick boy. Lay your

head back on the bed.' Sir was over my face and started to face fuck my

mouth. He went in so deep. I started to gag. 'Hold it in boy.' He went in and

out taking full use of the service I was providing. Sir was on top pumping

with his legs on both sides of my face when he stopped, but left his dick in

place. 'Don't move.' I held my mouth tight fighting the desire to flick my

tongue around his dick head. I could smell his sweat. His dick let fly with

another load of piss. 'Swallow boy.' He kept a steady flow, and I was

drinking it all down. 'Your getting it boy. Everything you wanted.'

When the flow stopped Sir rolled off my face onto his back. I was still on my

knees when Sir said take care of my feet boy. I looked at his feet. They were

long and slender sort of like the rest of his body. I started licking the top

of his foot then moved to his toes. I put them in my mouth and sucked them

like I had sucked his dick, licking between each one trying to make him feel

good. 'Look at my dick boy.' Each time I sucked on a toe his dick would jump.

Am I making you feel good Sir. 'Yes, boy. It feels great.' I licked to the

underside of his foot then moved to the other foot and started on his ankle

before moving on to the other foot.

'Have you taken care of all my body boy.' No Sir. I still have your neck,

chest and your arm pits to take care of Sir. 'Good boy. Boy lick my hole.'

Sir was still on his back as I lifted his legs onto my shoulders bending his

ass into the air. I buried my tongue into his ass trying to make him feel the

control he had over me. When he was good and wet, I started to softly blow

air on his hole. 'Squeeze my nipple boy.' Yes Sir. I started to squeeze his

nipples between my fingers. 'Harder boy.' I squeezed harder. Am I hurting you

Sir? 'No boy. You can do it much harder.' I applied more pressure. Sir

moaned, 'yeah that's it boy. Roll the nipple between your fingers, yeah like

that.' Don't let me hurt you Sir, it hurts me if someone does that to me Sir.

'It feels good boy.'

'Now get back on that dick. I've got some cum for you boy.' Yes Sir, and I

put his dick back in my mouth. 'Suck my dick boy. Yeah, that feels good. Do

you want my cum boy?' I nodded. 'Do you boy?' I said yes with a mouth full of

his dick. 'Are you going to drink it all down boy.' Yes Sir. 'Then get ready

boy, because I have a mouth full for you.' I sucked harder and faster. Sir

reached down and started jacking his dick. I kept the head in my mouth as I

squeezed his nipples harder.

'Are you ready boy.' Yes Sir. 'You ready.' Yes Sir. 'Open your mouth boy and

stick out your tongue.' I was looking into his eyes as he shot the first wad

of sperm onto my tongue. It was the most satisfying feeling knowing this man

was watching me as I took his most precious treasure into my mouth. I put his

dick in my mouth and took the rest of his cum. I did not swallow at once. I

held my mouth around the base and rolled the salty, great tasting, man juice

around the shaft in my mouth for as long as I could. Sir did not move or push

me away, he just held on to the back of my head, running his fingers though

my hair as I cleaned off his dick with my tongue. God you taste good Sir.

'Thank you boy.'

'Now take care of that dick of yours. It has been hard for a while now.' Yes

Sir, it should not take long. I lay on the carpet and pounded on my dick. Sir

stood over me, his foot right in front of my dick. 'If you get cum on my foot

you c'an lick it off.' When I came, sperm got on the floor and my hand. 'You

are going to clean up that mess boy. Lick it up!' I cleaned my hand off then

licked up the mess I had made. 'Good boy.'

'Well, I've got to pee again. I don't suppose you want some more?' Try me

Sir. Sir just smiled. I was on my knees as he stood in front of me giving me

what I wanted. A hole lot of piss. A hole lot! ' We did not get around to the

paddling or the cucumbers. They were just to big and I did not want to hurt

you.' Thank you Sir. I did not want then either. I do not see a lot of

asshole action and It would have hurt like hell.

'Now as homework I want you to write down what happen here and post it on the

Internet. 'Yes, Sir I will. Thank you Sir.

Sir if you are reading this, I am sorry I did not get it posted as quickly as

you wanted. I guess if your are ever in town again, you will have to take it

up with my bare ass.




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