The light in the room was ethereal, only the bed lit in a warm soft glow, and lying on the unmade bed was Adrian. He was naked, his legs tangled up in the sheet as he laid on his stomach facing the wall. His muscular body with its long lean torso looked so smooth with its satiny reflection of light. Jacob let his eyes scan over Adrian's body, follow every curve, every form. The slight indention along the spine, the way the lower back sweep inward then the sharp curve upward and round the firm buttocks. Jacob let his eyes move down the legs, the way the hair came in slowly, most prominently along the lower calves. And there was that place behind the knee, that little concave place.

Adrian leaned up on his elbows and turned to him and he smiled. It was a comforting smile, gentle, knowing.

"Jacob, come to bed..." Adrian whispered and he began to sit up.

Jacob jerked awake sitting up at his desk. Drool covered one side of his mouth and he wiped it off self-consciously, suddenly aware he had fallen asleep at his desk. His textbook had a wet spot where he had lain on it. There was a commotion in the hall, guys laughing and horsing around and he looked around at the open door and wondered if anyone had seen him. He looked over at his bed. Empty, unmade as usual and he knew he was alone.

Getting up from his desk he stretched his arms over his head and twisted his torso to loosen up the tightness he felt. At the door he looked down the corridor and saw Chris, Paul and Evan standing at Michael's door where they were talking about some party they had gone to last night. Paul standing where he could see Jacob looking their way nodded and Jacob nodded in acknowledgement before backing into his room. Glancing at his watch he saw it was nearly six thirty and he realized how hungry he felt.

Closing his laptop, then the textbook putting it aside he grabbed up his iPod and headed out the door, closing it behind him. He walked down the stairs to the ground floor and headed out across campus to the cafeteria. Fall was just beginning to reveal itself, with the leaves on the trees turning red, orange, yellow and brown and begin their release from their branches. It was Sunday and not many students milling about as he made his way along the sidewalk letting the music play through the earbuds. His mind raced with his confusions, the longings he struggled with greater and greater anxiety.

Adrian wasn't a figment of his imagination, far from it, for he was his roommate, the guy he had been sharing a dorm room for the last three weeks. Just three weeks and he was already a wreck and didn't know how he would get through the whole year sharing that tiny dorm room with Adrian. For the first week they had been feeling the other out, cautious in their movements and what they talked about but Adrian began to show a certain exhibitionist manner and suddenly Jacob felt those suppressed longings surface.

At first there was just the usual changing in the room, nothing out of the ordinary, neither self-conscious about seeing the other in their boxers as they put on different clothes for going out or to ride their bicycle or play football down in the commons. Jacob knew some of the guys on the floor didn't think anything about parading down the corridor to the bathroom naked, some even sitting around in their room naked. Will at the end of the hall was already notorious for his exhibitionism and Paul and Evan could be seen going down the corridor for a shower, a towel draped around their neck with their bodies on full display. Jacob could handle their displays for it was always out in the open around the others. Then Adrian began to strip completely in their room either for a shower or even to just change clothes and the confinement of their room made it too close, too personal and he fought the urge to look at Adrian's body, to really look, so he kept his looks to short glances, the casual focus one gives someone they are addressing in conversation keeping his eyes looking upward at Adrian's face and not letting his eyes roam downward too much, too often, desperate not to be obvious in his desire to look upon the naked body so close to him.

Adrian was tall, lean, muscular from hiking, climbing and bicycling. He didn't work out in the gym on campus but he went regularly to the pool and swam laps. His fair skin would shine in the light of the room as it revealed every muscle, every form of his body and it contrasted sharply with his jet black hair, thick and wavy, always uncombed it seem for Adrian ran his hand through it constantly, pushing it out of his eyes or just pushing it back out of habit. Jacob knew from the their first meeting when moving in his attraction toward Adrian could be problematic, but he didn't realize how tough it was going to be, day in and day out, to live in such close quarters. He felt his attraction toward Adrian so severely he felt short of breath at times and when he wasn't careful, when he let his mind wonder on the possibilities, he felt his arousal in a very real way.

There was a short line at the cafeteria for the section he preferred and he got in line and let his eyes drift over the others standing in the different lines. Tall, short, lean, muscular, stocky, dark hair, blonde, red, and the various shades of brown and Jacob looked over all of them but his mind kept comparing them to the one that dominated his thoughts, Adrian. So many times over the last two weeks he had seen Adrian naked and it wasn't like down in the showers or the way it had been in P.E. back in high school. It was different, seemed almost personal the way it occurred within their dorm room, usually when the door was closed, just the two of them. The image of Adrian's cock formed in his mind so often he worried if it was normal, if he was somehow a deviant to think of it so much, picturing the way it hung over the smooth sac, the shape of the head with its arrowhead form and wondered what it would feel like to slide through his lips, to glide over his tongue as it moved inward inside his mouth, or to touch him there, to press against him, to penetrate him...

"Hey man, did you finish that calculus?" Adrian said as he sat down on the other side of the table.

"Uh...oh yeah" he replied surprised to see Adrian across from him when he had just been imagining him in ways sexual, physical in its nature, and he reached under the table to adjust his cock within his cargo shorts.

"You want to go to that movie?"

At first he couldn't think of the movie Adrian was referring then he remembered them discussing the new action flick that started on Friday.

"Yeah, sure, why not. Do you know the times?"


The theater was crowded and Adrian and Jacob were in the middle of a row side by side watching the story unfold on the screen. Empty popcorn bags sat at their feet and their unfinished drinks in the cup holders. The action on screen began in earnest, loud explosions, the daring of the main characters and everyone in the theater jumped, rocked in their seat and sat in a state of ramped up agitation lost in the atmosphere of the movie. Adrian's leg kept bumping against his leg till he became acutely aware of it, every touch, the way their bare knees felt when in contact. He let his legs spread open a little more, made it easier for the contact to happen and was quickly rewarded with the push of Adrian's knee against his own. He rested his arm on the armrest between them and felt the rub of Adrian's arm against his own, the contact of skin on skin warm, almost electric in the way it made him feel.

Adrian's hand moved to his knee, gently resting on it, not moving for a painfully long time. Then he felt the fingers move, felt them squeeze his leg, move over the bare skin just below the leg of his cargo shorts. Something happened on screen, loud, explosive and the illumination inside the theater dimmed further and he felt Adrian's hand move up his thigh, felt it move to his crotch and squeeze his growing erection. The fingers manipulated him till he was fully erect and Adrian leaned to him and tongued his ear...

"Jesus look at that?" Adrian said shoulder bumping him to get his attention and he realized he had been daydreaming, that it was all a fantasy and he felt his face grow flush with embarrassment glad for the darkness of the theater. He knew if Adrian could see his face he would know what he had been thinking. He glanced over and saw the intent expression on Adrian's face, the way he was lost in the story unfolding on the screen. He sat back relieved and tried to find the lost storyline.


It was late when they got back to the dorm but lights were on in most of the windows and when they stepped onto their floor found guys hanging out all along hall, doors open with music or the sound of games being played.

"What did you think of the movie; great isn't it?" Paul asked as they passed his door.

"Yeah, it was really good" Adrian replied.

Jacob closed their door as Adrian turned on the desk lamp of his desk and moved to the window closing the blinds. Both of them had an early class on Monday and knew they needed to call it a night.

"You have any more studying to do?" Adrian asked him.

"No, I'm done with it" he replied as he slipped his shirt off tossing it over his chair. Adrian was checking his email at his laptop as Jacob picked up his toiletry case and headed back out the door. Teeth brushed and face washed he returned to the room where he found Adrian sitting at his desk looking at something on his laptop. Adrian turned toward him when he came in closing his laptop.

"Ready for bed?"


He slipped his cargo shorts off and moved to his bed and thought he saw Adrian cut his eyes over to him as he climbed into bed. He wished Adrian noticed him. He knew he wasn't as toned as Adrian and he wasn't as tall but he felt like he was in good shape. He knew his dark olive toned skin was the asset that drew the most praise when someone was flirting with him. His brown eyes and light brown hair seemed to highlight the brown tone of his skin. Absentmindedly he let his hand slide down his stomach feeling the trail of hair graze the palm of his hand and he adjusted his boxers from where they got twisted around when he climbed into bed. He lay on his back, hands interlocked behind his head and he knew the dark patch of hair in each armpit was fully exposed. He wondered if Adrian noticed it, noticed the thickness of it, the way the oval shape of hair filled each armpit. He knew Adrian had so little body hair and he wondered if he ever compared their bodies, ever thought about their differences.

Adrian stood up, picking up his toiletry case and towel as he headed to the door.

"I guess I better get ready for bed too" Adrian said in a monotone voice.

How long he lay there unable to even settle down he wasn't sure but he felt his arousal, this horniness that made him ache inside and he tugged on his cock, then brazenly slide his hand beneath the waistband and fondled his cock, let his fingers move along its length building up his arousal.

Adrian came into the door suddenly catching him with his hand inside his boxers and both froze in place for a moment.

"It's okay Jacob" Adrian whispered as he finally moved into the room. Tossing his toiletry case on his desk he moved next to Jacob's bed and eased down on his knees.

"Can I touch you?"

Jacob just nodded his head as he watched Adrian's hand move toward his crotch. He held his breath, waiting, anxious for the feel of Adrian's hand on his cock. The hand hovered over his crotch for a brief moment, Adrian hesitate to move further, but when he looked at Jacob and saw the look on his face he smiled and lowered his hand...

The door opened and Adrian came into the room, towel draped around his neck, toiletry case in one hand and his clothes in the other. He was naked again and the light reflected off of his skin showing droplets of water still clinging to it. Jacob jerked his hand out of his boxers hoping Adrian hadn't noticed him manipulating his cock. He glanced up at Adrian's nakedness and tried not to stare, knew he should just roll over and face the wall, but he couldn't do it. Like every other time he kept in a position he could see Adrian then struggled with the urge to stare at his body. Adrian switched off the lamp on his desk leaving the room illuminated only by the small lamp secured to the head of his upper bunk.

Jacob cut his eyes over to Adrian as he stood by their bunk beds. For a moment, just the briefest of moments, Adrian stood still by the bed with his nakedness right on full display and Jacob realized Adrian was going to sleep nude. In the past he had put on boxers before going to bed but this time he stood by Jacob's bed, his torso on full display, so close Jacob could have easily reached out and touched him. He stared at Adrian's body knowing he couldn't see him. He looked at Adrian's cock, the way it was elongated a little, thicker, the head flared out a little and he felt himself short of breath.

Adrian climbed up and disappeared from view but Jacob listened to him shift around above, the squeak of the bed as Adrian settled down for the night. The light didn't go out right away and Jacob wondered if Adrian was going to read in bed or something.

"Jacob?" Adrian whispered.


"Why haven't you gone out with someone? We've been on campus four weeks and I've not seen you with anyone...I mean...have you even tried?"

"I'm been busy and know we get to hanging out planning one thing after the next and...the time just gets by me" Jacob replied.

"Yeah...I've not hooked up either" Adrian replied. They were silent for a long time Jacob wondering if Adrian was going to continue this conversation, afraid and excited at the same time to be talking about it. The light didn't go out and Jacob waited staring at the bottom of Adrian's bunk above.

"Good night" Adrian whispered switching off the light and Jacob felt the disappointment within and he exhaled the breath he had been holding.


The class schedules, the course work every night and the other guys coming and going made the week pass by with no other moments like Sunday night, one that Jacob had pondered over and over, wondering where Adrian was trying to go with the conversation.

Thursday was his easiest day of the week, one that allowed him to go to the library and work on his tougher assignments. He knew if he stayed in the dorm there would be one distraction after the next and in the quietness of the library he was able to do much of his course work quickly and efficiently. It was after seven when he headed back to the dorm. It was a normal night on his floor and he passed Michael and Chris on the stairs heading out. The corridor was surprisingly empty but he saw several doors open and as he passed those on his way to his room he saw most were focused on playing video games or watching some movie on television. Guys would be piled up on someone's bed and sitting on the floor as they watched the movie on some flat screen television that was ridiculously too large for the small dorm room.

He found the room he shared with Adrian empty and noticed right away Adrian's bicycle helmet was gone. Adrian routinely rode his bike on Thursdays but was usually back by now. Jacob assumed Adrian had ridden some new path around campus or in town and was just taking longer, or maybe he just got a late start. Tossing his books down, he fell back on his bed and flipped on the television. He was channel surfing when the door swung open and Adrian came in limping covered in dirt, his jersey torn and his left knee bleeding.

"What happened?" he asked as Adrian tossed his helmet down.

"I got clobbered by some idiot not watching where he was going" Adrian exclaimed as he lifted his jersey painfully up and finally over his head.

The jersey was filthy, smeared with dirt and debris from the ground. The rip in the front tore a little more as Adrian struggled to get his arms shifted up over his head and when he pulled it up over his head and was working it along his arms Jacob saw the scratches along his chest just below his right nipple.

"Jesus you're beat up" Jacob said as he sat up.

Adrian tossed the torn jersey on the floor and gave Jacob a wicked smile.

"You should have seen the other guy. It's why I'm so late; had to wait on an ambulance. I think he broke his wrist when he got tossed from his bike."

"No shit."

"I need to shower" Adrian said as he reached for his towel and toiletry case. "I'll be back in a few" he added as he went out the door.

Jacob stood up and picked up Adrian's jersey feeling the slick synthetic fabric and he turned it around till he found the tear and he ran a finger along the frayed edge. Without thinking he lifted the jersey to his face and took a deep breath inhaling the strong scent of Adrian soaked into the fabric. Picking off some of the twigs and leaves he eventually laid it over the back of Adrian's chair. Laughter came from the television and he realized he had no idea what was on and had no interest in it so he turned it off. Looking at the drawer units under his bed he thought of the medical kit his mother had made him take, one with all kinds of bandages and gauze and tape and suddenly glad to have it for Adrian's knee was scraped over a large area and no small bandage would cover it.

He sat the medical kit next to him on the bed and went through it for what he thought he would need. Scissors, bandages, tape, and ointment soon lay in a neat row on his bed and just as he wondered when Adrian would return the door opened and he came in naked, the place on his chest not looking so bad now that he was clean but the knee was still bleeding.

Adrian ran the towel through his hair one more time and as it hung over his face Jacob found his eyes going to Adrian's cock watching it move back and forth with his movements. He looked at the lean muscular body, quickly scanning up and down the torso. Adrian brought the towel down and tossed it on the floor. He looked at Jacob and the line of medical supplies lying across his bed.

"Are you going to play doctor on me?" Adrian asked jokingly and suddenly both seemed embarrassed at the implication neither saying anything for a moment as Adrian pulled out a pair of boxer shorts. He held them in front of him wondering how to get them on without getting blood on them seeing how his knee kept trickling blood from the wound.

"You should bandage that knee to stop the bleeding" Jacob uttered as he stared at it.

"I guess you're right; otherwise I'll get blood on everything. Toss me those bandages" Adrian replied as he sat down across from Jacob.

Jacob watched as Adrian fumbled around with the bandages and tape and time and time again he let his eyes move up Adrian's thigh to his cock. He looked at the way it lay over the sac both hanging down till they rested on the seat of the chair.

"Shit" Adrian exclaimed and Jacob broke from his trance of looking at Adrian's cock and saw the twisted tape and poorly cut bandage.

"Oh hell Adrian, that won't work...let me" and Jacob didn't think about what he was doing, the closeness to Adrian as he moved to his knees at Adrian's feet taking the bandage and trimming it to fit. He put ointment on the wound and gently lay the bandage over it aligning it to cover the wound completely. Cutting one section of tape then another, he soon had the bandage secured to Adrian's knee. He took a sterile wipe and ran it down Adrian's lower leg removing the trail of blood. When he was done he realized he was resting his left hand on Adrian's right knee and the warmth of the touch caused him to hesitate in removing it. He held his head down as he let his eyes move upward along Adrian's legs till he could see his cock and he saw it was thicker, longer, beginning to push outward. He lost his sense of place and turned his face upward till he was looking directly at Adrian's cock watching it swell and rise up slowly.

"Okay...that's got it" Adrian suddenly jumped up from the chair grabbing up the boxers on his desk and putting them on as quickly as he could with the stiffness in his left knee and in his boxers.

Jacob knew Adrian saw him looking at his cock, knew how obvious he had been and he felt the room close in, get even smaller around him and he moved to his bed and lay down fearfully waiting to see if Adrian was going to say anything. He watched him move around the room, walking in circles for a minute. Adrian looked confused, anxious and Jacob found himself barely breathing. Adrian went to his desk and picked up his cell phone looking over at him.

"You want to order a pizza and just stay in?" Adrian asked.

"Sure...but I don't have any cash on me" Jacob replied feeling relieved.

"Don't worry about can get me next time" Adrian replied as he pulled up the number. "Pepperoni?"

"Sounds good."


The pizza box sat empty on the floor between them as music played in the background. They had eaten in near silence and now that they were finished they sat back against Jacob's bed.

"You know it's crazy. I thought college was going to be different. I mean it is different, but..." Adrian said stammering to a stop.

"I thought it would be me" Jacob replied leaving so much unsaid.

They sat in silence for a few minutes listening to a song both of them liked. When it ended Jacob got up picking up the box and he folded it in half and wedged it down into their half full garbage can.

"I'm going to shower off" he said picking up his toiletry case and towel. Adrian was still sitting on the floor when he went out closing the door behind him.

He had the shower warmer than usual letting the hot water loosen the feel of tightness he felt. For a long time he just let the spray of water cascade over his body as he tried to sort through the jumble of thoughts swirling around in his mind.

"You're going to turn into a prune" James said as he left the bathroom making him realize how long he had been in the shower. When he dried off he realized he had not brought any boxers to put on and for a moment considered walking back to his room naked, just parade down the hall as some of the others did but just as quickly he dismissed the idea and wrapped the towel around his waist and headed to a lavatory to brush his teeth.

The corridor was quiet, most of the guys either studying or out for dinner somewhere. He hesitated at his door, just stood there staring at the knob. He opened the door and found the light dimmer, only the lamp at Adrian's headboard was on. For a minute he didn't register what he was looking at but as he closed the door and moved into the room he saw Adrian wasn't on his upper bunk but lying on his bunk. He was naked lying on his stomach and Jacob let his eyes roam over his body, the curve of his back down to the round cheeks of his ass. Adrian leaned up on his elbows and turned to him, his expression one of confusion and fear. An expression Jacob recognized.


"Is this okay?" Adrian replied and Jacob stood froze in place for a moment then nodded his head yes.

Adrian rolled over and his cock flopped back against his abdomen. It was hard, fully erect.

"I'll try whatever you want" Adrian whispered, his voice quivering slightly.

Jacob moved to his bed letting the towel drop to the floor. His cock was half hard and the dark skinned shaft began to stretch out further, to rise up in front of him. He eased down on the bed next to Adrian. He placed his hand on Adrian's chest feeling the warm smooth skin and beneath that, the firm muscle and he moved his hand over him, circular motions that spread out, moved down over Adrian's stomach till he finally let it move along the side of Adrian's cock. Adrian inhaled deeply and when Jacob let his fingers wrapped around Adrian's cock he heard the slow exhale of breath.

As he let his hand move along the thick hard shaft he leaned over and put his lips to Adrian's neck, nipping and kissing the warm smooth skin. He tongued Adrian's ear, kissed along his jaw wondering if Adrian would kiss him and as he got close to his mouth Adrian turned to him pressing their lips together. Jacob realized as they kissed Adrian was touching him, fingers lightly grazing along his hard shaft and he turned slightly toward Adrian. It was the permission Adrian needed and Jacob felt the fingers wrap around his shaft and begin to manipulate him, stroking his cock as he stroked Adrian's.

They toyed with each other, touching with fingers, lips, tongue, and soon Jacob pushed Adrian to lie flat as he moved on top of him. He straddled Adrian and pressed his cock down on top of Adrian's cock, felt his own flex with his arousal. He ran his lips along Adrian's neck as he pressed his body tightly to him.

Adrian put his hands on Jacob's back and rubbed up and down along the spine. He moved down and manipulated each cheek of Adrian's ass, felt the firmness within his grasp and he pushed upward with his hips as he pulled Jacob down pressing their hard cocks together, feeling his own flex with his arousal.

"I've wondered about doing this" Adrian admitted and Jacob moved up and let his lips just touch Adrian's, barely grazing them as he spoke.

"Me too."

Jacob was so aroused, so ready for this intimacy he sat up and ground his ass down on Adrian's cock, felt the thick shaft along his ass as he rocked back and forth. He felt Adrian's hands on his waist, their hold gentle, feeling the way he moved. One hand moved down and took his cock, stroked it with his movement; he rocked his hips back then pushed forward and the hand did the same on his cock. It fueled his desires, his lusts, and he reached back and took Adrian's cock, held it up. He rose up high over Adrian's waist till he was hovering over his cock and he moved down to it, slowly rubbing his ass over the head feeling the slick wet head smear its lube along his ass. Adrian pushed up with his hips and Jacob felt the pressure of each push against his ass. He shifted position till he felt Adrian at his opening, felt the arrow shaped cock pressing against him. Adrian had stopped moving and was holding still, waiting on him to make the first move.

Jacob eased down and felt Adrian breach his hole and penetrate him. He moved slowly down Adrian feeling each inch stretch him open and sink deeply into his hole. It was cramped on his lower bunk but as he leaned forward he pushed his body down on Adrian till he had all of him, every inch.

"Jesus" Adrian exclaimed amazed how Jacob's hole milked his cock, the feel of it squeezing through Jacob's tightness, inch after inch till it was snuggly buried deep within the warm soft tunnel of Jacob's hole. Jacob moved upward, slowly, savoring the way it felt, each inch of Adrian's cock slipping through the tight ring of his opening, the stretch and pull of it and he moved his body upward till he felt the head nearly slip free. He plunged his ass back down, all the way and sat firmly on top of Adrian with it completely buried inside his hole once again.

Over and over Jacob moved up and down, working Adrian's cock in his hole till his pace increased, the bed rocking with their fuck. Adrian kept stroking his cock with his fuck and he felt the way it grew wet and slick in Adrian's hand. He felt every sensitive move of Adrian's hand and every thick inch of his cock as he fucked himself on it.

The room grew hot, his breathing labored as he moved on top of Adrian. When he felt Adrian's other hand touch his chest and move up to his neck he realized his skin was burning hot, slick with his exertions. Adrian pulled him down and kissed him, roughly, tongues dueling as he rode Adrian's cock. When his cock flex hard within Adrian's grasp, when he felt his entire body grow tight, every muscle straining with his exertion he knew he was too close, too close to stop and he shoved down hard, over and over, driving Adrian into his hole as hard as he could, taking every inch, feeling it bang his insides and he thrust he hips forward rocking roughly on Adrian.

"Oh fuck...I'm coming" Jacob cried out as his cum spattered across Adrian's chest and stomach. "OOOOHHHhhh" he exclaimed as the second wad blew from his cock, then the third. He covered Adrian in his cum. The scent of it filled the room and Adrian grew animated beneath him, thrusting upward harder and harder. Jacob knew he too was close and with a second wind he worked his ass on Adrian's cock, up and down he worked his body while Adrian painfully continued to stroke his cock, his hand moving slickly along the slimy shaft keeping it erect.

Suddenly Adrian grew physical, pulling Jacob tight to his body as he rolled him over till he was on top. He had kept his cock buried in Jacob's hole and he began to thrust his hips hard, slamming their bodies together feeling the way Jacob's hole milked his cock. The bed rocked and squeaked noisily as Adrian piston his cock in Jacob's hole till he felt the cum rush through his shaft and ejaculate deep within him. He pumped his hips with every ejaculation, thrusting inward till his cock pumped through his slick cum, and he kept pumping his hips feeling his sensitive cock stay hard.

"Fuck me again" Jacob urged.

Adrian kept fucking, exerting himself till sweat cascaded down his face and torso and he continued to fuck, pumping his cock through the slick remains of his first fuck, slickly pushing into Jacob. He fucked like a bull, physically, with everything he had and Jacob held on, legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck.

"Fuck...fuck me... give it to me" Jacob pleaded as Adrian did as he asked, fucking him as hard as he could, driving into his hole with every inch of his cock. Adrian's first load pumped back out but it only added to the wetness of their bodies, the heat and slickness of their moving together, with Adrian undulating on top of Jacob.

Jacob's cock grew hard, leaking copiously with the feel of Adrian on top of him keeping it pinned between them feeling the way they moved together. Adrian rose up on his hands and fucked faster, short hard thrusts that rocked Jacob roughly beneath him. Jacob could take his own cock and stroke it with Adrian's rhythm, fast, rough, his hand slamming down the hard shaft till he felt his need to cum again rise up quickly.

"Oh...oh...OH..." Jacob cried out as he shot his second load feeling the warm cum landing on his stomach.

Adrian felt the way Jacob's hole spasm around his cock, squeezing it as he thrust inward. It was too much, the scent of Jacob's second load and the way his hole tightened around his own cock and he felt the cum race through his cock and explode into Jacob.


They snuggled down on Jacob's bed together, talking for a while about the way they had been playing cat and mouse with each other then they slept for a long time. Sometime in the early hours of the morning, the darkest hours, the quietest, they stirred and soon found themselves in a slow gentle fuck lying side by side, bodies moving gracefully together.

Adrian left first, his first class all the way across campus. Jacob soon followed and when stepped out into the corridor he saw Michael and Evan coming toward him.

"Good morning Jacob" they said in unison each grinning knowingly. "Did you get any slept last night?"

Jacob turned red embarrassed at the thought they had been so noisy the night before some of the guys could hear them. He turned to follow them to the stair and saw Evan turn and smile at him.

"Well?" Evan asked almost laughing.

"Well what?" Jacob shot back.

"You gonna make an honest man out of Adrian? You're not going to just fuck him and kick him to the curb are you?" Evan replied stifling a laugh.

Jacob realized they were just joshing with him, the usual banter where sex was concerned and he looked at Evan and Michael when he turned around too.

"I might keep him."



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