Chad was a country farm boy from southern Arkansas. When I first met him I was astounded at his awesome country boy looks.

Chad had this dark brown hair, sorta wildly wavy, with his ball cap backwards on his head, and his bib overalls on. You could tell at first glance he had been a very hard working farm boy.

My god his arms looked like he was a body builder, but he had never lifted weights, just bales of hay on the farm, loads of 100 lb. sacks of feed at the grainery, and a lot of digging of fence post holes with a post-hole digger, just an all around hard working farm boy.

The first time I even saw Chad was the day he arrived at School, he was carrying his bags and had a box or two of clothes and other things. I was setting on the edge of my bed deciding which bed I wanted in the dorm room when I heard a key turning in the door lock.

I watched the door open and there was Chad, with an ear to ear smile, a white tee shirt on and a pair of almost worn out bib overalls.

Chad drug his duffle bag into the room, dropped his suitcase on his bed, Looked at me and said, 'Hi, Im Chad....Chad Allen, I guess I'm your roommate.'

I stood up and said, 'Let me give you a hand with those bags,' Chad smiled a beautiful smile and said,'Thanks man, they get sorta heavy after lugging them all the way over here from the Administration building.'

We got his stuff into the room and I watched Chad move around the room, checking things out.

'I guess this is my bed?' and he took the one I wasn't setting on.

'Hey man, I didn't catch your name,'

'Oh, sorry, I'm Kyle, Kyle Sanders.'

'Well Im glad to meet you Kyle,' 'Same here Chad.'

'Well what are you into, sports, academics, you know, anything special?'

'Well Football was my sport of choice in High School, but I'm not sure I can make the grade here In College, I'm majoring in business administration.'

We chatted and just got aquainted really good, but I wanted to tell Chad something special.

It was later that night, almost bed time, I had gone to take a shower and was getting ready for bed, Chad walked into the room and started getting ready too.

I was down to my underwear, actually boxers, my underwear of choice. He smiled at me and said,'I Guess we might as well get used to seeing each other in our underwear, we'll be living together for the whole school year.'

Finally I just said, 'Hey Chad, theres something I feel I need to tell you.'

'Shoot man, I'm all ears.'

'Well Chad I'm, well I'm gay, I hope that won't be a problem with you?'

'Not really man, I had a gay friend in High School, I knew he was gay but he was a great guy, he just never bothered me with it, so I didn't bother him about it.'

Then Chad dropped his bibs to the floor, I felt like shriveling into a little ball, standing before me in a new pair of tidy whities was an almost god of a body. Chad had one gorgeous body, his arms had the thick triceps and biceps of a body builder, his legs were thick and the muscles were so ribbed and defined, god he was built, his stomach was ripped and it looked like he must have done 500 setups a day, and that chest was sculpted like a greek statue, he was fucking fantastic, and as if that wasn't bad enough, I was going to have to look at the most awesome package I had ever seen every night, all year long.

This country boy had a cock like I had never even seen on a human before, It looked like it was seven or eight inches soft, and his balls were heavy thick round and laying down perfectly shaped and rounded in his white briefs.

I just swallowed hard as I looked at his gorgeous body, my cock was sticking up hard in my boxers and mine isn't bad, at seven and a quarter inches long, and thick, but his was a monumental peice of cock.

to top it all off as I was staring at his crotch, he slid his hand down into his breifs and re-adjusted his package in his briefs, leaving me breathless.

I wanted to jump up and grab Chad, slip his briefs and just swallow his body and that awesome looking cock to the hilt, well I guess I will just have to use him as J/O material and eye candy.

There wasn't a night that went by that It wasn't the same thing, watching him undress, getting turned on and jerking off when the lights went out.

I guess it was about four week into the semester when I was laying there in bed after ogleing and stroking my cock that I heard Chad, breathing heavy and I listened quietly as I realized Chad was Jerking off too, I got so excited thinking about seeing that awesome cock hard, swollen, and angry, I thought I would explode. I started jerking off too, but as I am, Im rather vocal when I get turned on and get close to busting a nut. I groaned a little and then 'Wham' the light came on, Chad was leaning over looking at me smileing, 'Damn Man, I thought I heard you doing that, I guess I'm not the only one that likes to jackoff.'

'Sorry man, just listening to you go at it, gets me so horned up I can't help myself.'

'Man do you guys really get that worked up sexually over other guys?'

'Hell yeah man, just like a straight guy gets turned on over girls.'

'Shit man, what is it you guys like to do with another dude anyway?' I noticed Chad was laying on his back naked, just part of a sheet covering his midsection.

I walked over to Chad's bed and set down beside him, I was already hard as a rock, my cock sticking out like the hanger on a lamp post.

'Well Chad, if given the chance I would love to take you, lay you down on your back, and I'd start by rubbing your chest and stomach and playing with your nipples, then I'd suck on your neck and maybe kiss you, then start by licking my way down to your nipples and stomach, licking and sticking my tongue into your navel, licking and gently kissing and just showing you how much I was enjoying your body, which by the was is awesome.'

'Then I would start rubbing the inner part of your thighs and rubbing up under your nut sack and then massaging your balls.'

As I explained what it is that I loved to do to a guy, I was watching Chads body reacting under the sheet, His cock was beginning to stiffen up and thicken, god it was getting so damned thick, tightening up hard like a fence post, under that sheet, laying on top of his stomach, He was laying on his back, I was watching as his cock bounced and flexed upward with each heartbeat, I wanted to reach over and touch him so bad.

I finally got the nerve to ask him,'Chad would you like for me to show you?'

'Ughm! Well I've never had a guy touch me before, but a good blowjob would feel aweome right about now, but no body can ever know that I let a guy touch me Kyle, if you tell, I'll break you into.'

'Tell me something Chad, Do you really think that I would tell on you, when It is me that wants to do the sucking?'

Chad smiled and said,'Yeah, I guess that would be sorta stupid, wouldn't it?'

I reached over and uncovered his crotch, I almost felt shocks of electricity shooting thru my body as I started by telling him to shut his eyes, I licked his ear lobes, sticking my tongue into his ears, kissing and probing his neck and upper shoulders.

I leaned into him and greeted his lips with the most sexual of kisses, His restraints and inhibitions began to melt away.

I heard his light vocal sounds of acceptance and pleasure, 'God man, this feels awesome Kyle, I never dreamed it could be like this with a guy.'

I went to his nipples and licked in circles around the nipples and then just lightly nibbled with my teeth on the nips. He really groaned at that little action.

I took my tongue and gently followed the center hairline and the navel was next, I stuck my tongue into his navel, and heard him moan, I chewing the hair on his treasure trail and I worked my way down to that beautiful dark uncut donkey sized cock that this young farm boy from Indiana had laying against his stomach.

I was in a zone by this time, finally fulfilling my wildest most erotic, and stimulating dream.

I took my hand and was working on his inner thighs as I licked his stomach and pubic hair with passion.

When my hands found his nuts tight and pulled tight against his body I was in heaven, I was pulling on his sack of nuts massaging them with a sensual rubbing. I looked up into his face and saw pleasure, his hands were pulling the bankets and sheets off the bed as I work on him.

Then like a gormet food taster I licked the tip of his foreskin covered cock head, it was like the finest tasting thing I had ever had the awesome pleasure of tasteing, I heard his sound as he said,'Oh oh,oh god, Kyle, Holy fuck man,'

I then engulfed his cock into my throat, massaging that gorgeous hunk of meat with my throat muscles and he raised up on his elbows and grunted, 'AW fuck Kyle, It's not going to take me long, Awe shit.' He was already going at it with the hands behind the head thing, and I knew I had him in the palm of my hand.

I was sucking like a Hoover when I felt his body start doing its thing, he was breathing extremely heavey and thats when he leaned back rasied up on his elbows, lifted his ass upward and stuck that heavy, thick, long cock all the way down my throat and I felt it flexing and unloading his cum into my throat and mouth, It was like the nectar of the gods to me. I could have drank his cum in a wine glass it was that good.

I had been leaning over against the bed and my cock had been rubbing the bedspread as I was sucking his cock, the senstation and excitement of his climax took over my body and I felt my own cock shooting out a load of cum, all over the bedspread.

I felt the final little jerking sensations of the last of my climax as I felt his cock deflateing in my mouth. I really didn't want his cock to be taken out of my mouth, I could have held his manhood there all night.

We layed there silent for about twenty minutes. I didn't know what to expect from Chad, would he be happy with what we just did, or like so many straight guys, they want to try it, but when it's over they want to make like they didn't like it, and was even sorry they did it.

I was waiting for Chad to say something to see where I stood.

'Kyle, I don't know what to say, I thought sex with a guy would be creepy or something totally debaseing or something like that. I'm completely blow away,' then he started laughing, 'Blown away, thats a good one.'

I giggled a little too. 'God man, that was awesome, he said.'

He just kept looking into my eyes, 'tell me something Kyle, I have heard about guys fucking, you know? fucking each other, is that true?'

'Yes Chad it's true,' I said, 'Well have you ever been fucked, by a guy I mean?'

'Yes, Chad,I have, and I love it just as much as blowing a guy.'

'Man, Don't it hurt, I had a Doctor check me for prostate once, and I almost went out the window when he shoved his finger up my ass.'

'Well Chad it's different, when your turned on sexually your body just makes allowance for it.'

We didn't talk anymore about it untill two night later, we had gone to bed and when the lights went out, we layed there and chatted for a few minutes the then I heard Chad get out of bed, I heard him slip his briefs off and he crawled in bed with me.

I was totally taken back by this surprise, then he reached down, took my cock in his hand, and started stroking me, 'Why are you doing this Chad?'

'Hey man, you took care of me the other night, its my turn to return the favor.'

I said,'Chad, I would love to have you fuck me, would you like to?'

'Oh hell yeah man.' I turned the light back on and got some lube I kept in my medicine bag. I stuffed some up my ass hole to make sure it was well lubed, then slicked some on Chads thick cock, I wasn't taking any chances.

I layed on my back and had Chad get up between my legs, I pulled my legs upward pulling my knees up to my chest and pulling them behind my arms.

My asshole was opened and ready. Chad leaned over against me and placed his cockhead against my turd chute, then he said, 'Ready?'

I said,'Oh fuck yeah,just be easy at first untill I adjust to your cock size, its not a finger you know?' He just smiled as he slid his cock head into my asshole.

I felt joy mixed with a slight pain as he slowly slide his thick, long cock to the balls into me, and I just took a deep breath and started the ride of my life.

God Damn, Chad could fuck, he said,'It's better than pussy, hotter, tighter, more stimulating, and he started hammering my asshole mercilessly.

I loved it, after about twenty minutes of being hammpered with his awesome cock, I felt his body doing its man thing as he started flooding my intestines with cum growling and moaning, it was hot and so exciting. I reached down took my cock in my hand and stroked about ten times and blasted cum into my eyes and across my face. I even got some of my own cum in my mouth.

I was totally exhausted when we got finished, we just layed there covered in sweat, cum, saliva, and sex.

We held each other tightly and went to sleep and slept in the same bed that night, well truth be know, we ended up sleeping in one or the other of our beds together everynight.

I watched Chads relations with other students, he never went out with one girl for the rest of the year, He just looked at me and asked 'Why, when I have you to relieve me when its needed, but I love it that way.

Reflecting back, It seemed as if I took a straight, handsome country farm boy, and turned him into and ass pumping, blowjob loving dude from Indiana, strange, that isn't what I had planned to do with Chad, Or was it?



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