Sixteen hours of flying and sitting in airports, two hours to get out of the city and three hours on a bus that was at least fifty years old that was packed with locals carrying old suit cases, boxes loosely tied together, bags stuffed full and in one case a women with two chickens in a wood cage before Avery finally made it to the small town that was the last stop before heading out into the desert to the dig site. The bus pulled up in front of the hotel just as the sun was moving above the horizon in the east and the temperatures began to soar. Avery knew he still had another five or six hours of travel time before he got to the site. He made his way into the old hotel, once a posh resort in a strange land but now it was a derelict of its former self, but it was the only decent hotel in the small town and it was the place everyone stayed when on break.

Avery got checked in, grabbed breakfast and sat outside on the wide veranda waiting. He wasn't sure who was coming to retrieve him and take him to the site. He had been looking forward to this day for months. He'd been on digs during his college breaks and knew the routine, the day after day of finding nothing but it was the anticipation of finding something important, something that explained some aspect of our past, gave proof of some reality over some old myth or tale, or more likely told a different story. His uncle had been an archeologist and Avery remembered the stories of finding relics that had been buried for thousands of years and long since forgotten, the adventures of traveling in faraway places, dealing with border crossings, corrupt officials looking for bribes or the constant watch for the native wildlife with the knowledge medical care was hours away. Avery had found it all so fascinating he began to focus his studies on becoming an archeologist too. Getting a place on a dig was tough, only those with experience and the right connections got on them and after many phone calls by his uncle Avery got on this dig in this far away country in a remote section that was now arid desert.

An old Range Rover turned the corner down the street and motored up in front of the hotel. The only occupant was the driver who pulled to a stop right in front of Avery. He saw it was a woman wearing a vest over a sleeveless undershirt and khaki shorts with a cap pulled low on her head with her dark hair pulled through the back. She didn't get out instead she merely turned and looked up at him.

"Avery?" she asked in English with a distinct accent Avery recognized as possibly French.


"Come on, we have a long drive and I want to get some work done before dark. You have your gear?"

"Yes, it's just inside. I'll grab it and we can go."

With his duffle bag, tent and backpack tossed in the back they took off heading out of the town and out into the desert.

"I'm Claudia. So your uncle is Will Ackerman?"


"Well, we hope you're at least half as good" Claudia responded and Avery knew it wasn't in jest.

The drive through the desert took them through a pass in some low mountains then back out into open desert. For miles the narrow broken up road undulated over the low rolling terrain as the sun beat down on them. Claudia gave Avery a breakdown of their site, the work done to date and what they had found. Claudia was stoic, straight to the point and Avery could sense someone not to cross. She need not worry he thought as he listened to her technical rundown of every aspect of the dig. It made the drive pass quickly and suddenly she was turning off the old highway and following the tracks of previous runs up a low barren hill. As they crested the hill and started down Avery saw the old lake bed and the site on what would have been the far shoreline.

The change in climate in the region and a river that was diverted for irrigation caused the lake to dry up some four thousand years ago, causing those who had lived around it to move away. The area has sat undisturbed for much of history.

Canopies covered several areas and under three of them Avery saw people hard at work. There was another old Range Rover, an old Toyota and an old military truck parked off to the side where Claudia pulled off to park.

"We set up camp over there" pointing to the five tents sitting in a cluster, "just leave your gear in the truck and you can set up after I introduce you and show you where you'll be working."

Avery followed Claudia into the dig site, following her around two open pits that were unattended over to two others where everyone on site was working. At the first he saw two people, a young man and woman, working slowly over the freshly exposed ground using brushes to reveal the broken pottery and other fragments.

"This is Idelia and Stefan" Claudia said and Avery realized by her not introducing him everyone probably already knew a lot about him.

"Avery, welcome to our little dig" Idelia said standing up holding out her delicate hand.

"Idelia, glad to be here" he responded turning to Stefan as he stepped up to him. "Stefan."

"Call me Stef, Stefan seems so formal, and we're anything but formal out here" Stef replied and Avery realized they were both German and he noticed Idelia casually laid her arm around Stef's neck and gave him a little hug. He saw the ring on her finger and knew immediately they were married.

"Oh you see my ring" Idelia said as she toyed with it on her finger, "married almost two years now" she added laughing as she hugged Stef who smiled up at Avery.

Avery turned to see another young man, about his age walk up carrying a trowel and a small pail.

"This is Harry" Claudia said.

"Yeah, you might recognize his accent" Stef joked.

"Glad to meet you Avery" Harry said and Avery heard the formal nature of his English and knew he was British.

"Harry, nice to meet you" Avery replied and he couldn't stop himself from looking at Harry, his dark hair cut short, his fair skin that was showing his exposure to the sun and his angular face, with his strong jaw and tight thin lips and high cheeks. His face was smudged with dirt, as was the rest of him, making his green eyes seem so reflective.

Trying to get his mind off of his thoughts Avery turned looking around the site seeing no one else.

"Oh, you're looking for the Colonel; he's gone into the city and won't be back till tonight" Idelia said. "Come on, we should get you set up before dark and any light left we can show you where we're at so far."

Claudia went to one of the pits indicating she was going to work some while Idelia, Stef and Harry led Avery to their campsite. Avery moved up next to Harry.

"The Colonel?"

"Oh that is just what the old man likes to be called. I don't think I've heard his real name since I came on board."


Avery couldn't get to sleep with the excitement of finally arriving. He lay on top of his sleeping bag reading by his head lamp still dirty from the short time he had had to work in the pit with Harry. He heard the approach of a vehicle then saw its headlights move across his tent. The vehicle stopped nearby and he knew it had to be the Colonel. Slipping his boots back on, he eased out of the tent and saw Stef and Claudia were already by a new Range Rover, a vehicle out of place in this old worn place. The door opened and Avery saw it was the man he knew as Thomas Burroughs whom everyone here called the Colonel. He was a short lean man, mid-fifties and obviously very much in charge by the way even Claudia acted around him.

Avery made his way over hearing them discuss the day's work and as he got near the Colonel held up his hand stopping Stef in mid-sentence.

"This must be Wil's nephew...Avery, right?"

"Yes, sir" Avery replied as he walked up to shake hands.

"I trust the crew helped you get settled" the Colonel asked and he didn't wait for a reply, "Okay let's get some sleep for tomorrow I'd like to make some real progress" he added and Avery noticed Claudia stiffen slightly.


Avery brushed aside the loose sand to reveal more and more of the fragment that was the top rim of a vase. He been on site a week and was finally getting past the initial excitement, that anxiousness of being new, and was finding his way, reminding himself over and over to be patient, to work methodically noting every fragment being uncovered. He glanced over to the other side of the square pit cut into the dry red soil and watched Harry work diligently, his every move measured. Avery had found himself infatuated with Harry from the beginning and it only got worse the more he came to know him, their working side by side day after day. Harry had told him where he grew up, what his family was like and how he had worked to avoid becoming like his father working in some bank pushing papers all day long in a cube.

For Avery, Harry and the others were so different with backgrounds so different from his growing up in Atlanta where his uncle sometimes taught at one of the universities, the youngest of three in a family who considered his uncle's work 'just playing in the dirt' as his father derogatorily referred to it. But for Avery it was his innate curiosity, the way things were in the past that made the field interesting and it was his uncle who made it real, made it something he felt he could actually achieve.

Now he looked at Harry differently, the way the sun outlined his body shining from directly behind him. The hair on his arms and legs shined in the light even covered in the fine red dust. Harry hadn't shaved in days, none of them had, and his beard came in neatly along his jaw in a dark reddish brown color and Avery wondered what it would feel like rubbing against his skin; the rough masculine feel of it and he looked at Harry bent over raking his trowel slowly across the soil. A smear of dirt crossed his cheek broken by the lines of sweat that ran down his face and evaporating quickly from his skin before being able to drip off his chin.

Harry had a lean body, his clothes just hanging off his frame but Avery quickly realized it was because he was tall, over six feet. Harry was also strong with stamina to go longer than the others.

"Oh...oh shit. Avery...AVERY..hey everyone! Come here!" Harry suddenly stood up looking down, his excitement evident by his inability to stand still.

"What is it?" Avery asked as the others moved up to the edge of their pit.

"This's intact!"

"No shit" Stef replied easing down next to him.

"I'll get the Colonel" Claudia said as she headed to the campsite.


That night, the campsite quiet, only Stef and Idelia could be heard talking quietly amongst themselves at the table where they ate their meals, the light of the gas lantern casting their shadows over Avery's tent. He lay on top of this sleeping bag since the night was still hot. He was stripped down to his boxers. He lay there thinking of Harry, replaying little things he had said over the course of the day, remembering the excitement of finding the vase and the work Harry and he had done to free it from the centuries of dirt that had encased it. Harry was pleasant, so easy going, and when they were side by side Harry seemed to have no sense of personal space, constantly rubbing right up next to Avery and the constant touching was such a distraction he struggled to maintain his concentration. Harry actually joked once about him seeming to be distracted.

Avery ran a hand along his arm remembering how Harry would brush up against it over and over, their arms usually the point of contact. He let his mind take the event of earlier and run with it, expand it to a fantasy, his hand sliding down his chest, rub over his stomach as his mind developed the fantasy, the idea of Harry being with him now, their bodies lying together. His hand moved downward and inside his boxers where he let his fingers move over his cock, felt the way it thickened to his touch, the way it rolled over to the side and stretched out in his loose boxers. He wanted to slip them down and take his cock in hand, grip it tightly and stroke up and down its growing length but he refrained, pulled his hand from his boxers letting the frustration of his arousal simmer. He'd wait a little longer, let his aroused state keep him on edge; keep him hopeful.

Tomorrow Harry and he had to take the vase into town where transportation was suppose to be waiting to take it back to the antiquities department back in the capital. They were going to test it of its age and clean it properly. It was an exciting find but not near as exciting to Avery as the idea of spending a night back in town at the hotel with Harry.


They had the old Range Rover loaded right before sun up and headed out, easing along the rough track until they made it to the road. The drive would be slow and cautious for even the road had rough sections where the pavement was breaking away along the edge and the surface undulating from its weak base. It would be mid-afternoon before they got into town and by the time they got the vase loaded and on its way it would be late and The Colonel had told them to stay the night, take a break, for they deserved it. The sun hit them hotly from behind as they came into town. Avery still couldn't believe the scenes they passed, scenes that could have occurred thousands of years ago, men leading donkeys along the side of the road, children chasing chickens, barefoot with only ragged pants on their lean small bodies and the houses along the edge of town had rough mud brick walls and wood roofs with the only relief from the hot summer was the shade they provided.

Harry turned onto the main road in town and was soon pulling up in front of the hotel.

"Stay with the vase, will you. I'll go see if the guys are here" Harry said referring to the transport guys. Avery watched Harry bound up the stairs and disappear inside. The sun was starting to descend it the western sky but it was still hot, very hot and Avery pulled his hat down low over his eyes and leaned back in the seat waiting. Harry reappeared within a few minutes and came up to the passenger side where Avery sat with his eyes closed.

"Hey, they are not here yet, but are suppose to be here in an hour...or so" Harry said, his voice trailing off with a tone that wasn't sure of what he was saying.

"So we sit here waiting?"

Harry looked up the street as if he could see the truck approaching then down the other way. "I've got an idea" he said as he started around the Range Rover. "There is an outdoor café down the street we can park right in front and keep an eye on our package."

Harry backed up and eased around waiting on cars, trucks and scooters to pass as he worked his way across the road to get to the other side and heading back the other way. They drove a few blocks till they got to a small market area and Harry backed up to the sidewalk between a row of scooters and an old Peugeot. Avery checked the box as Harry went into the area of the outdoor sitting area and asked for a table nearest their Range Rover. A couple agreed to move and the two of them sat down and ordered beer.

They sat for nearly two hours eating and drinking. They talked about the dig and what the test might find out and eventually Harry began to tell Avery about the town, the people and how much he enjoyed being among them. They just finished their third beer when Harry's cell phone began to ring.

Harry answered and listened for only a brief moment before replying "We're on our way." Standing up putting the phone in his pocket Harry tossed down enough money to cover their food and drinks. "Come on, the truck just arrived at the hotel."

It was night and the few city lights made the road eerie with the way so much was in shadow. Harry drove carefully back to the hotel and they saw the Mercedes van sitting in front as they drew near. They pulled to the back of the van and as they began to untie the box in the back of their Range Rover four guys came down the hotel steps. It took only a few minutes to get the box transferred and secured. Even though it was late the men climbed into the van and headed out.

"Come on, let's get cleaned up and go exploring" Harry said with a mischievous tone Avery had not heard before.

The room was small, the most bare of furnishings, a twin bed with two old wood side tables with lamps on each sat on one wall, a dresser on the opposite. French doors led to a balcony that overlooked the street. Avery looked around realizing there was no bathroom in the room.

"I'm afraid it is a communal bath...down at the end of the hall?" Harry said when he saw Avery looking around. "Do you mind if I go first? It's been three weeks since I've been in town and bathing out of a pan now know."

"Yeah...go ahead" Avery replied as he tossed his bag on the dresser. He watched Harry grab up his toiletries and a towel and head out thinking how it wasn't the lack of a private bathroom that was making him anxious. It was the single twin bed.

There was a small frig in the corner, ancient, its cord all taped up and the plug barely in the receptacle and he found it was stocked with water and beer. He pulled a beer out, pulled off the top with the opener hanging to the side of the frig by a string and went out on the balcony. He watched the traffic pass by, the pedestrians, the scooters and vehicles all fighting their way along the street. It was such a foreign place, exotic in a way he had only imagined and he leaned on the rusted railing and smiled, realizing how it was all real.

Avery heard the door open and he turned looking inside the room at Harry coming in with just a towel around his waist. His skin shined with its cleanliness, with water droplets still clinging to it. His hair was wet and uncombed. Avery looked at Harry's clean shaven face realizing how young he now looked. Harry was only three years older and with only the towel on Avery really looked at his body, the lean muscular form and he stifled a gasp when Harry tossed the towel across the bed and stood naked for a moment before picking up a clean pair of boxers. His cock hung thick, the foreskin long over the head and Avery found himself struggling to look away to prevent Harry from catching him staring.

"The bathroom is all yours" Harry called out as he slipped on a clean pair of cargo shorts.

"Yeah, on my way" Avery replied as he came in, setting the beer bottle down. He picked up his toiletries and a towel and headed out the door as Harry was slipping on a clean white t-shirt.

The shower had little water pressure and Avery used only the cold water wanting to feel some relief from the heat even if for only a few minutes. He showered and shaved, then out of the shower he brushed his teeth and ran the towel through his hair feeling it drying quickly. He wrapped the towel around his waist thinking 'my turn' and headed back to the room.

Harry was on the balcony, beer in hand, and as he came into the room Harry turned and faced into the room leaning back on the railing.

"Feels good doesn't it?"

"What?" Avery replied not sure what Harry meant, or if he even heard him right.

"The shower; it feels good to finally get really clean for a change doesn't it?"

"Oh yeah" Avery replied as he pulled out clean clothes and tossed them on the bed. He knew Harry was watching him and he took the towel and pulled it loose letting it fall from his waist. He wondered what Harry thought, if anything, about him being cut. He ran the towel over his stomach and down over his crotch feeling the old soft towel rub his cock arousing him slightly and he quickly tossed the towel down afraid of stimulating himself too much and having his cock rise up half hard.

Harry didn't say much while he dressed, the boxers, the cargo shorts and finally a thin linen shirt he buttoned up only half way. He pulled his wallet form his dirty cargo shorts and slipped it in his pocket along with his cell phone.

"So what do you have in mind for the night?"

"Come on, I'll show you."

At the bottom of the steps Avery started to the Range Rover and Harry grabbed his arm.

"Come on, we're walking."

They made their way down the street cutting around small groups of people and moving along with those heading in their direction. Sidewalk vendors crowded some sections and the smell of food cooking filled the air. Harry turned down a narrow alley and Avery saw there were small vertical signs for businesses all along the narrow alley and people were standing around in groups and milling about between the businesses. Harry went down to the second door on the right and looked back at him smiling then he opened the door and stepped inside.

The air was smoky, the music playing part of the local culture so to Avery's ears it was exotic. Harry led him to the wall opposite the bar and found an unoccupied table. An older man approached and Harry looked up and smiled.

"Kaelan! How are you?"

"I'm fine my old friend. How's everyone?" the man asked as he sat down next to Avery across from Harry.


"Even The Colonel?" the man asked laughing and Harry laughed with him.

"Oh he is better than the rest of us."

"And who are you?" the man turned to Avery and Harry jumped in introducing him to Kaelan. Kaelan put his hand on Avery's shoulder and gave it a squeeze as he stood up asking if Harry wanted the usual.

"Oh yes, and bring two rounds for each of us to save you're a trip" Harry replied winking up at Kaelan.

They sat in the small bar amongst the local patrons, not another foreigner in site and they talked and joked around drinking one round after the next. It was getting late when Harry finally said he had had enough. Avery knew the two of them had had enough two or three rounds earlier for he felt the room moving around him. They staggered out into the alley and Avery was shocked to see it busier than before and he wondered what time of the night it was and when did these people turn in. Harry put his arm around Avery's neck and led him down the alley and back along the sidewalk of the main road with the two of the weaving back and forth.

Staggering up the steps, stumbling through the hotel doors and eventually making their way up the winding stairs to their third floor room the two of them walked down to their door. Avery fumbled in one pocket after the next searching for the key. He went through his pockets twice before he reached down into one of the lower pockets and pulled out the key.

"Ta-da!" he said drunkenly and Harry shushed him as he stifled a laugh.

They stumbled into the room and Avery suddenly stopped as Harry went to the French doors opening them to the sounds of the nighttime and the slight breeze that blew the curtains around.

"I've got to piss" Avery exclaimed and went back out the door. When he returned Harry was shirtless leaning on the rail of the balcony watching the people still active at this late hour. Harry turned and looked at Avery and for a moment Avery saw him smile just before he stood up straight and came inside.

"I've got to piss too; be back shortly."

Everything seemed unreal, and Avery struggled to keep focused. He removed his shirt tossing it on the dresser. Then he fumbled with his cargo shorts until he had the belt undone and the button loose. As he unzipped them they fell to his ankles and he staggered out of them kicking them over in front of the dresser. He went to the French doors and stood at the threshold savoring the feel of the slight breeze across his bare skin. He stretched his arms over his head and let his fingers grip the trim over the head of the door. He pulled up feeling his body stretch out and it felt good after sitting in that bar for so long. He turned and went over to the bed pulling the top cover back then the sheet and he pulled them down to the foot of the bed knowing he wouldn't be able to stand the cover on him since it never cooled down much at night.

He sat down and pushed a pillow against the headboard and leaned back against it. He put his hand on his chest letting his fingers move over his slick sweaty skin and he slid them down his chest over his stomach and along the waistband of his boxers. He felt a sense of arousal, even drunk, and he felt his sex stir just inches from his fingers.

The door swung open and Harry came in and Avery saw the way the dim light made his skin glisten with its wet surface. Harry raked a hand down his chest stopping at his stomach.

"Shit...I'm always sweating in this place" Harry whispered and he sniggered softly to himself as he worked his cargo shorts loose and let them drop to his ankles. He stepped out of them leaving them were they fell and he moved to the dresser looking in the old mirror on the wall above it and Avery felt like Harry was looking at him in the reflection in lieu of himself.

"We're going to be so hung over tomorrow...or should I say later this morning" Harry exclaimed as he turned and pushed his boxers down letting them fall to the floor. "I hate sleeping in's so fucking hot" he uttered as he moved to the other side of the bed and eased down on his stomach. Avery had watched in shocked silence, then with some sense of the temptation of the situation. He wondered if he could keep his hands to himself, especially with Harry drunk. He reached over to turn out his lamp and just before he pushed the switch he looked down the naked form next to him on the narrow bed, the muscular shoulders, the sweep of the back down to the round ass cheeks and he found himself hesitating in turning off the light.

"Kill the light!" Harry mumbled and Avery pushed the switch sending the room into a darkness that wasn't total, a dim glow from the street lights coming in through the doors.

Avery didn't know how long they had been in bed, wasn't sure he had even fallen asleep but he felt Harry's hand come to rest on his stomach. The touch was hot, every nerve letting him know of the touch. Harry moved closer and Avery felt Harry 's breath on the side of his face, warm to his skin as he felt the slow rough rhythm of Harry's breathing. Then he felt Harry's lips touch his earlobe, tongue move along the edge of his ear and the hand on his stomach moved downward, slowly, little by little getting closer and closer to his boxers. Avery felt his cock stir with his anticipation and he angled his head over giving Harry more room as he pushed his hips upward.

"I knew you would...." Harry whispered in his ear and Harry pushed his hand over the front of Avery's boxers working his fingers around, manipulating the cock stirring within till Avery felt it pushing upward, fully erect and suddenly he felt it slip through the fly and Harry's hand grasped it, squeezed it then moved down its length and Avery pushed upward exhaling hard at the stimulation.

"What do you like to do?" Harry whispered then he began to kiss along Avery's jaw moving down toward his mouth.

"Anything" Avery whispered and turned to Harry pressing his lips to Harry's.

Harry worked Avery's boxers down lifting the front to get his erection free and when they were down to mid-thigh Harry pushed down with one hand then used his right foot to push them the rest of the way down and off the foot of the bed.

Harry moved on top of Avery as they made out, hands roaming over the other as they kissed with tongues dueling. Harry suddenly shifted up on his knees and sat down on Avery's cock, rocked his hips back and forth rubbing his ass over it feeling the hard shaft rub along his ass.

"I want you in me" Harry uttered as he leaned forward and kissed Avery. "Will you fuck me Avery?" Harry said with their lips still touching.

"Yes" Avery breathed out as he put his hands on Harry's back and hugged their bodies together as he ground his cock into Harry's ass feeling the sensitive head rake over the smooth skin, slickly moving back and forth as he pumped his hips. "Fuck" Avery uttered as he pushed upward feeling their naked bodies undulate against each other, every touch hot.

Harry sat up and moved forward as he reached back and took Avery's erection holding it up. He rubbed his ass over the slick head, back and forth, feeling it rub over his hole and he did it over and over till Avery was pushing up and breathing hard. He held Avery to his hole feeling the blunt head push against it as he eased down.

"Ooohhhhh" Harry moaned as he felt Avery penetrate him, breach his hole and sink slowly into him as he moved down. He moved down steadily till he was sitting on Avery's hips with every inch of cock inside him. Avery's hand come up to his chest and rub over his sensitive nipples, rubbed the hard erect centers and as Harry moved up and eased back down Avery pinched them, hard. The pain mixed with the pleasure and Harry moved down quickly taking all of Avery's cock once again.

Harry began to move faster, up and down, fucking his ass on Avery's cock, feeling every inch work through his hole. He felt the way it slid through him, felt the way it tugged on the entry of his hole and pushed inside deeply giving him the sense of being filled by it. He rode it till the sweat ran down his body in rivulets and his breathing was ragged. He road that cock till the bed squeaked obscenely and banged against the wall.

Either the adjacent room was empty or the occupants were enjoying the sound of their fuck. Harry began to cry out, to beg Avery to fuck him harder and Avery rose up, bear hugged Harry's wet slick body and rolled him over on his back. He worked his way down between Harry's legs and pushed his cock deep into Harry as he worked his knees into position, rose up on his hands and began to fuck, to fuck hard, the way Harry had begged for it.

Avery felt every muscle of his body strain with his exertion, every thrust inward driving his cock deep into Harry. His cock was so sensitive, the feel of Harry's tight hole squeezing it as he shoved inward and pulled back. The tight ring of Harry's opening milked his cock, making it so hard it ached and he hammered it in Harry harder and harder. Sweat trickled down his body and dripped down on Harry. Every place their bodies touched was wet with sweat and they moved against each other slickly. Harry brought his knees up and Avery felt his body rub against them as he moved up and down.

Avery couldn't' take any more as he felt his cock swell up thicker, grow so sensitive he was thrusting inward in an irregular rhythm, just jabbing away at Harry, thrusting roughly till he felt the cum surge through his cock and erupt deep within him. He kept fucking, kept thrusting his cock into Harry with every ejaculation till he was pumping dry and his cock was working through his slick load.

He fell on top of Harry exhausted, his cock spent and his breathing labored. They lay still for a long time, both breathing hard and Avery's cock still buried in Harry's ass but after a few minutes Avery finally slipped free and rolled over to Harry's side. He reached down and took Harry's cock and let his hand move slowly down its length feeling the loose skin shift in his hand. When he brought it back upward he let his fingers toy with the loose foreskin till he worked it back down and stroked his hand along the hard shaft.

"Will you do me?" Avery asked Harry.

Harry eased up and shifted over letting Avery move to the center of the narrow bed on his back. Harry moved down between his legs taking each one behind the knee and he moved up and over Avery pushing his legs up and out spreading him open raising his ass up till he could align his cock against Avery's hole.

"Fuck me...fuck me Harry" Avery whispered and Harry pushed down with his hips feeling the head of his cock squeeze through the tight ring of Avery's opening and penetrate him. Slowly he pushed inward, inch after inch, feeling his cock sink into the soft warmth of Avery's insides. Avery's body quivered with the penetration and he put his hands on Harry's waist feeling the slow downward movement as he took each inch.

Harry pushed down till their bodies pressed together and he held still letting Avery get use to the penetration. When he pulled upward he felt the way his cock moved through Avery's hole, the shift of loose skin and the squeeze as he pulled through the tight ring of Avery's opening.

"'re tight" Harry grunted as he pulled up then drove back in. Slowly, savoring the feel of each movement Harry worked his cock in Avery till he felt him relax to his fuck. He shifted up over Avery into a better position and began to fuck, to fuck faster and faster, building up his rhythm. Avery moaned and grunted as he reached up and grabbed the old headboard stretching out beneath Harry pushing upward to every downward thrust. Avery threw his head back and cried out as he shoved up harder and harder trying to get Harry deeper into his hole, pushing Harry to fuck him, to fuck him harder.

Harry drove his hips faster slamming down on Avery's ass till their bodies smacked together noisily and the bed was once again rocking and squeaking beneath them. Harry fucked, drove his cock into Avery as hard as he could till he was pumping cum deep into his hole filling him with cum. His cock grew so sensitive he had to finally stop and he eased down next to Avery their bodies lying side by side, sweaty, heaving for breath. A slight breeze blew into the room and one of the French doors bumped up against the wall a few times.

In a short time they had settled down, their breathing slowed to an even rhythm till sleep over took them.


The sun light filtered into the room early the next morning and Harry stirred first, hung over and feeling exhausted.

"Oh shit...we have to get up. Avery...Avery..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm awake...sort of" Avery replied pulling the pillow over his head.

"I'm going down and shower off" Harry said as he stumbled out of bed.

"I'll shower when you get back" Avery replied savoring the few more minutes of sleep afforded him.

Within the hour they had checked out and grabbed breakfast in the small café off the hotel lobby and were on their way back to the site. The rose up behind them hot, fierce in its intensity and Avery pulled his hat down low over his head. They didn't talk much for a long time then Harry looked over at Avery, smiling. Avery sensed the look and turned toward him.

"What?" Avery asked smiling.

"It's just...last night was..." Harry stammered as to what to say.

"It was really, really nice" Avery said leaning over and giving Harry a quick kiss on the cheek. "Now keep your eyes on this rough road."

For a few more miles they drove in silence occasionally looking at each other smiling, sometimes laughing out loud. When they got through the mountain pass Avery reached over and put his hand on Harry's leg giving it a gentle squeeze.

"This isn't going to be awkward back on the site is it?" Harry asked.

"I don't know...maybe...maybe not" Avery replied giving Harry a large grin.



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