"Oh yes, oh god yes." Aaron was panting hard under the touch of Jack's hand on his cock. His frat roommate, the guy who had brought him into the fraternity and who had volunteered to room with him his initiative semester here, was driving him wild.

It was late in the night; they both had been studying, or at least Aaron had been. He was cramming for a big chemistry exam he had the next morning. But Aaron was having a hard time concentrating. The room was small. Room for just one desk separating two twin beds. They had to call dibs on the desk, with the other one forced downstairs to the common rooms, where they were more likely to get involved in a wrestling match or chugging contest than working the books.

Jack, as a full brother in the fraternity, had dibs whenever he wanted on the desk. But Aaron was lucky in that Jack was more the jock than the scholar and didn't fight Aaron for position there much. With the exam tomorrow, Aaron had won the desk. But he was losing the battle for concentration.

The night was hot, and the frat house, which could best be described as utilitarian even under the piles of rubbish and notwithstanding the damaged floors, walls, and ceilings that came with college men living in rented quarters, wasn't air conditioned. So the lone window over the desk was open and Aaron was down to athletic shorts, while Jack was stripped down even further, to his briefs.

Jack was stretched out on the bed, reading a gay male glossy magazine and languidly scratching at his hard belly and fingering himself through the flimsy white cotton of the briefs. His occasional grunts and groans cut through the silence of the room.

This was why Aaron couldn't concentrate on his studies. Jack had fucked him before-but just the once, and it was the only time Aaron had let a guy do that to him. Aaron had gotten-and even given-head a few times before that, and he knew he was interested in what a man could do with another man, but it wasn't until he'd been a junior camp counselor the previous summer and met up with Jack as a senior camp counselor and discovered that they would be attending the same college that Aaron began to fall under the spell of another male enough to allow a hard cock up his channel.

Jack was all of the things Aaron thought he wanted to be that summer at the camp-and Jack showed an interest in him and helped him surmount all of the hurdles in learning to handle at-risk city boys let loose in the woods. Aaron had happened on Jack fucking one of the other counselors in the shower stalls near the close of the summer, and Aaron spent the last two weeks of camp dreaming of what it would be like to be with Jack and sloughing off any resistance he might have had to such an encounter.

In the end Aaron was a pushover. All Jack had to do was to walk into Aaron's cabin after most of the boys and all of the counselors Aaron had been bunking with had departed the camp, open his fly, drag out his cock, and tell Aaron he wanted him to suck him off, and Aaron was doing his bidding. Aaron hadn't really envisioned it going further than that, but by the time Jack finished feeling him up and working his cock up with his hand, Aaron was virtually begging to be fucked. And Jack had obliged. Jack was built big, but he had been as gentle he could have been when it had come to the point of entry, and there had been far more pleasure and arousal and jacking off for Aaron in the experience than he'd imagined would be the case the first time he did it.

Not that there had been any question in Aaron's mind that he'd do it. He had been curious about it for some time. There in the rustic woods, held in Jack's arms, and being pumped slowly to the rhythm of the croaking of frogs at the nearby pond and the pressure of a hand working him up and making him come was as good a way for him to lose his virginity as any. And Aaron was up for a frequent repeating of the act with Jack.

But the next day Jack had decamped, and since they'd gotten to college Jack hadn't touched Aaron. He'd teased him and he'd encouraged Aaron to pledge this fraternity, and he'd volunteered to be his big brother and his roommate. But it was late October already and other than a few pats and fondles and a shared hand job their first night in the room, it was almost as if they'd never had sex before.

Or it was almost as if Jack was building up to something big.

Aaron felt himself breathing heavily and taking sidelong looks at Jack on the bed as Jack slowly paged through the magazine and ran his hand over his nicely muscled body. Using every ounce of his will, Aaron buried his eyes in his chem book.


Aaron looked up, startled. He hadn't sensed Jack raise himself to a sitting position on the bed, very close to Aaron. Everything in their room was very close to everything else, almost oppressively so, which added to the aroused heaviness Aaron felt.

Aaron's eyes went big. Jack was sitting there, legs spread wide, patting the space between them with one hand and beckoning to Aaron with the other. The bulge of his dick beneath the thin cotton material of the briefs caused Aaron to gasp.

"Come on over here. Give me some sugar, will ya? I'm horny readin' this mag. Want a little of you over here."

Aaron felt himself going hard. With a sigh and a hoarse catch in his breath, he pulled away from his book. All he needed to do was half stand and turn, and Jack had his arms around his waist, pulling him down into a sitting position on the edge of the bed between Jack's spread thighs.

Jack was bigger and stronger than Aaron. When Aaron was sitting between his legs, Jack encircled him with heavily muscled arms and held him close. This was what Aaron remembered most of their earlier encounter-Jack holding him close, not letting him move a muscle, with the only things in motion being Jack's cock and rolling pelvis and Aaron's split and quivering butt cheeks.

"Oh, Jack," Aaron whimpered. He could feel Jack's hard cock at the base of his spine even through Jack's briefs. "Oh, god."

Jack's lips went to the hollow of Aaron's neck, and one of his hands pushed Aaron's shorts and briefs below his knees and went to Aaron's cock, palming the rising member and thrumbing the piss slit with a thumb.

"Oh yes, oh god yes." Aaron was panting hard under the touch of Jack's hand on his cock.

Jack whispered endearments in Aaron's ear-of how nice Aaron's body was and did Aaron remember what Jack had done to that body before and detailing step by step what he was going to do to it now. Aaron moaned his arousal as Jack held him very still and pumped his cock with a hand and made like he was going to invade his piss slit with an index finger.

Aaron writhed within the limited freedom Jack allowed him. Murmuring of how good it was; warning Jack when he was close to coming; trying to move with the rhythm of the pumping of his cock as he came close to ejaculation, although Jack was holding him too firmly; shuddering and crying out as he ejaculated out onto the thin throw rug behind the desk chair.

And then crying out again-this time in shock and indignation-as a coarse-thread bag came over his head and was pulled down to his waist, pinning his arms against his side, and he began to have trouble breathing between his exclamations and expletives. Hands on him-more hands than Jack had. Roughly handling him and lifting him and carrying him, struggling, but without effect, out of the room, down the hall, and out into the night.

* * * *

Aaron was in the trunk of a car, his wrists and ankles bound and a burlap bag over his head. It was crowded in there because he wasn't the only one in the trunk. The other guy was swearing under his breath, and Aaron recognized the voice of the fraternity's other pledge, a black guy named Sam who was rushed because he was the star fullback of the college's football team. Sam was a big bruiser of a guy; not exactly what one would want to share a car truck with. Aaron also thought he was hot, but Sam had shown not a spark of interest in Aaron; all he could talk about were the girls he balled, and Aaron didn't have the slightest doubt that Sam could suck any girl on campus he wanted to fuck.

"That you, Sam?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah. I thought that would be you too, Aaron. Those fuckers. I could tell by the way they were pussyfooting around that they was plannin' something."

"I guess this is it, then," Aaron whispered.

"I guess so."

"Well, after tonight we should be in."

"Yeah, I guess."

The car moved over a smooth road, but soon it made a right turn and was on gravel, and Aaron and Sam were being bounced around. They heard boisterous talking and raucous laughter from inside the car's passenger compartment. Aaron could identify the voices well enough. His fraternity brothers. This was his pledge semester. He'd expected to be hazed. They were driving Sam and him out into the countryside, and they'd have to find their own way back. Simple enough. He could manage this.

When they stopped and the trunk lid was opened, the burlap bag came off Aaron's head and shoulders and someone was untying his ankles. He slipped when they got him on the ground and Aaron stumbled against Tony, the frat president, Mr. Campus, who thought so much of himself and was so rich. Aaron suspected none of the other guys really liked him, but his father owned the fraternity house and rented it to them at a ridiculously low rate-and didn't seem to mind that they were slowly trashing the place. Tony had his father wound around his finger. Tony could do no wrong that couldn't be overlooked as just a devilish prank.

"Get off me, pledge," Tony growled at Aaron and pushed him into the scrub brush at the edge of a wooded area off the unlit parking lot where they'd parked. Aaron struggled up and looked around him. There were five of the senior brothers, including Jack, who was helping Bert, the fraternity's egghead-the guy who wrote papers for the brothers who couldn't be bothered-pull a struggling Sam out of the car trunk. Two other guys, Pete and Tom, guys who stayed pretty much in the background and played the angles on whoever seemed to be strongest in a fight or argument, were standing back now, too. Tom was carrying a couple of car blankets and Pete was holding a case of beer above one shoulder. Tony obviously was in charge. And Aaron shivered in the cool evening, in only his athletic shorts and briefs, because he knew Tony didn't like him much. Well, he didn't like Tony much either.

"See the path, dotcha?" Tony hissed. "Down that. Now."

So, it was going to be more than just deserting them to walk back to the college, Aaron thought, as he stumbled, Sam just behind him, into the tree line. They came upon a small picnic area with a grassy area next to it, and Tony directed Tom to spread the blankets on the grass and Pete to set the beer on one of the picnic tables and to start doling the cans out.

"Not you, pledge," Tony yelled at Aaron, even though Aaron hadn't made any move to take one.

"You can have one, though, Sam. While you strip."

"I ain't doin' no strippen," Sam declared.

"You will if you want to be in this fraternity," Tony said, his voice menacing.

Sam mumbled something obscene and then declared he wouldn't be doing anything but stripping. But he began to pull his jeans off his legs, complying with the demand.

It was evident from the outset, though, that they were waltzing around Sam. It wasn't just his size. They really wanted him in the fraternity. He was a star scholarship athlete and every frat had to have one of those. Jack filled the bill now, being captain of the basketball team. But he was a senior. They needed another one when he was gone, and obviously Sam was going to be that for them.

So, Aaron knew that the brunt of this hazing was going to fall on him.

Tony pulled him over onto the blanket while Sam was stripping down and told him to go down on his knees-and then to go down on Bert, who had come around to in front of Aaron and was unzipping himself and pulling his cock out.

"Jack says you do this real well, Aaron. That you love doin' it. We needed a frat punch-to relieve tension and all that-and Jack said you'd do that for us."

Aaron looked around for Jack to give him an accusing stare, but he already had his arms around Pete and was pushing him back toward one of the picnic tables. Aaron's face went red. His folks had paid his frat dues and room and board in advance. He felt humiliated, but he couldn't afford to just walk out on this deal. And he did want to be in the fraternity. It wasn't like he hadn't done this before either.

Thus, when Bert held his cock out, Aaron took it in his mouth and started giving him head.

"Strip off those shorts and down on all fours," Tony commanded. Aaron complied, and Bert went down on his knees as Aaron descended without losing purchase on Bert's hardening cock.

"Now, Sam, we want you to fuck Aaron." Aaron gave a little shudder, but he persevered.

Sam, however, balked. "No, ain't gonna do that," he declared.

"What's the matter?" Tony asked. "Don't you like him?"

"No, he ain't my type."

"What's that supposed to mean."

"He ain't female; ain't got no cunt."

"Well, suit yourself then," Tony said. "But you've got to watch."

Aaron was surprised at himself, but he was actually disappointed that Sam had said no. Out of all of the guys here, Sam was the only one other than Jack who turned him on. He could go with Sam. And Jack wasn't exactly on his good list at the moment. Jack had Pete laying on his back on the picnic table, legs spread, and was already fucking him in long strokes. Aaron felt humiliated that Jack had just done what he'd done with him to set him up for a bitch role in the fraternity.

He had no more time than that to think about it, though, because he cried out and lurched when Tony crouched over his hips from the rear, pushed his cock inside his channel, and began doggy fucking him. After Tony came Bert. And then Tom. He was offered to Sam again, who repeated his refusal.

And Jack showed no interest in taking a turn on Aaron at all.

Aaron was still laying on the ground, dozing in exhaustion and residual pain from the gang banging, the blanket having been jerked out from underneath him when the guys were finished with him. Silence reigned, other than the normal forest sounds, when he became fully conscious. The sound of car doors closing had been what brought him alert. He stumbled up onto his feet and lurched down the path. When he came to the parking lot, the car was across the lot and making a turn on the road-back toward the college, Aaron hoped, because this was the only clue they were giving him on how he was going to get out of here.

He was naked, but he had the presence in mind to go back to the clearing and see that they'd left him his athletic shorts-but not his briefs.

When he came back to the lot, he realized that Sam wasn't there. They'd let him go back with them. And once again, the humiliation poured over Aaron. He was being shown exactly where he fit in the fraternity. He felt trapped and conflicted on whether he wanted to continue pledging-but not knowing what to do if he didn't.

He walked out onto the road, being thankful that they at least had left him in his hiking boots and socks. The parking lot was long and narrow, and Aaron entered it at the end that connected to the gravel road. So, he didn't see the long, sleek black limousine parked in the darkness at the other end of the lot.

* * * *

Aaron had to walk maybe two miles down the gravel road toward what he hoped was an asphalted main road with traffic on it this time of night. Once or twice he thought he heard the gravel crunch behind him, but when he turned, he saw nothing. He did what little he could, under the circumstances. He walked a little faster and a little closer to the side of the road, where he hopefully would have an option of flagging an approaching vehicle down or jumping into the dense forest at the side of the road, depending on whatever split decision he made about the approaching vehicle.

As he walked, he became progressively more ticked with the fraternity brothers. He'd never been manhandled like that before, but after the first dick, the rest seemed like just so much more humiliation. It was less the way he'd been used that set him off and more the difference in treatment between him and Sam-like Sam mattered and he didn't. And then there was Jack's sudden disinterest in him, topped with his going at Pete. Pete was a nebbish, part of the wallpaper in the fraternity house. There because his family owned a beer distribution business. How could Jack prefer Pete to him? But the worst of it, under the circumstances, was Sam's rejection of him.

Well, he'd show them. He'd act like this never happened, and then when he passed out as a pledge, he'd get his dig in at them-every one of them. Nothing they could blame on him, but he'd know he'd done it. Something humiliating for each of them. He'd devil those guys good, he would.

Aaron had reached the main road. There was the decision on which way to go. He had just about decided that there was more light on the horizon above the road to the right than to the left, so that was more likely to be his college town, when he heard the crunching noise on the gravel again. That decided him, and he struck off in that direction. It was just as well, because he wouldn't have to cross the divided road if he went in this direction. And now that he thought about it, he seemed to remember a left turn onto the gravel road when he'd been in the car trunk.

Aaron hadn't walked more than a hundred yards when a big semitrailer truck came bearing down on him. He turned and bravely stuck out his thumb. The truck managed to pull to a stop another hundred yards down the road and blinked its tail lights. Aaron took out running, trying to figure out what to say when he got there.

He decided to just tell the truth.

As he reached the side of the truck cab, the door swung open and he grabbed the bar and stepped up onto the running board.

"A little late and cool for a hike in the fall with what you're wearing, son, ain't it?"

The guy had to be in his forties at least and was wiry, wearing jeans and a muscle T, with greasy, scraggly hair and probably some missing teeth, although Aaron couldn't be sure in this light. More than a day's growth of stubble and a crude tattoo on a well-worked bicep. No Aaron's normal choice of traveling companion, but Aaron couldn't be choosy.

"Sorry. I'm from the college in Milbank. We headed in the right direction? And, sorry. I'm out here on a fraternity pledge hazing. I was brought out here and dumped on the side of the road."

"I'se always goin' in the right direction, son. Fraternity you say? So you're one of those hotsie tottsy college frat guys then?"

"Yes, sorry. Is it OK if I hitch a ride with you into town?"

"We'll see about that. We'll see what sort of arrangement we can make."

Aaron hopped up into the cab and settled on the seat beside the driver. He was desperate to get off the road at this time of night. The sound of the gravel behind him had spooked him. The driver put the rig in gear and slowly eased back up onto the road. He picked up speed rapidly.

"Thanks," Aaron said as they got under way. "I don't have my wallet or anything. If you get me back to my frat house, I can pay you something. Or if you don't want to go out of your way, I'll just get off wherever our paths diverge."

"Paths diverge. That's a good one." The driver laughed. "They teach you those kind of words in college, do they?"

"Yeah, I guess," Aaron said, trying his best to stay on the driver's good side. "So, is it OK? Seeing that I wasn't left with anything I could pay you with now."

"Oh, I think you have something you can pay me with."


"I ain't been sucked by a college fraternity guy this week. So how would that be in payment?" The driver laughed again, as if he'd made an award-winning joke.

"Uhh. Sorry. Just stop and I'll get out."

"You want out, you can just open the door and jump." Another spat of laughter; another sterling joke.

The semi was going something over the fifty-five-mile speed limit already.

"Them guys didn't just dump you out there, did they? Nice young, good-lookin' piece of ass like you. You had to give 'em something first, dinna ya?"

Aaron looked over sharply at the man. How could he know that? Country yokel like that.

"Why? Why are you talking like that?" Aaron asked, the distress cutting through in his voice.

"Oh, maybe jus' the devil gettin' in me. Maybe it's 'cause I ain't got none in nearly a thousand miles and seein' you near naked like that made me randy. Why else would I've a stopped? You gotta know what truckers usually want from hitchhikers. 'Specially in the middle of the night out in the countryside. So, what's it to be? Leavin' me at sixty or givin' me a blow job and getting' door to door service to the college?"

The driver had already unzipped himself and pulled a plump cock out. He was steering with one hand and fisting his cock with the other.

"Here? Now? While you're driving?"

"Sure. I could handle this rig in my half sleep while humpin' a slut's cunt. Ain't like I never did it before, son. I'se a professional driver. In more ways than one." Another brilliant joke, and the driver was laughing his head off again at his talent.

Aaron sighed and leaned over and took the cock in his hand and lowered his lips to the tip. The driver was right. It wasn't like he hadn't done this himself before-not even the first time tonight. He didn't have a whole lot of choices. He had to get back to the college somehow. Boy did he owe those fraternity brothers for this, though.

The driver gave him no warning that he was going to come, so Aaron took much of what he had down his throat. He gagged a bit, but then he sat back up on his side of the cab and ran a forearm across his mouth to wipe away the shame of it.

"See that, Cal?" the driver said over his shoulder. "Got a good look at that? Frat guy gave good head, did'n he?"

"Yep. Saw it all," a gruff voice answered from behind the seats. Aaron jerked his head back and looked between the seats and saw for the first time that there was a cubicle behind there. It was pitch dark, but he could make out a large hairy shape. The flesh he could see told him the guy back there was naked or near enough.

"Really turned me on, Irv," The voice said. "Pullin' on myself back here. Ready for my turn."

"OK, go ahead. Then you can relieve me, and I can get my nuts off proper."

Aaron reached for the door handle, ready to leap, speeding semi or no speeding semi. But the guy in the back was too fast for him. Aaron was wrapped in strong, beefy, hairy arms and pulled into the cubicle behind the seats. He could see little other than a pudgy, grinning face, but he could smell the man's foul, tobacco-sour breath, and he could hear his heavy breathing. He felt helpless as he was manhandled and fondled and controlled. And he felt the pain and filling of the guy's cock in his channel, after he'd been wedged into the back corner of the cubicle with the small of his back on a padded cushion, his pelvis rolled up, and his legs forcibly spread, with the heel of one shoe wedged against the back of the seat he'd been sitting in and the other dug into a hold bar at the back of the cubicle and near its ceiling.

The unseen assailant stroked him hard and fast and came quickly, Aaron thankful at least that he was wearing a condom.

"Finished," a voice croaked between heavy breathing. "Pull over for a minute and we'll change positions."

Irv, the driver, was more practiced and proficient and took his own sweet time, as he needed time to reload from Aaron's blow job earlier. He also was more insistent on Aaron pleasing him and taking several positions that taxed Aaron more than any of the other encounters he'd had that night.

Aaron was nearly comatose when the rig was pulled over to the side of the road again, and he was pushed out of the cab and landed hard in the scrub beside the road, his shorts in his mouth, where Irv had stuffed them when Aaron had become so vocal when Irv was at the height of what he had to give Aaron.

After the rig pulled off, Aaron lay, bruised and cut at the side of the road and just sobbed. He looked down the road. The lights on the horizon didn't look any closer than when he'd gotten in the semi. He was as abandoned and alone out here as he'd ever been. In a jerky motion, wanting to do something to respond to his feeling of violation and humiliation, he rose painfully and drew on his athletic shorts. It wasn't much. It was the best he could do to achieve whatever dignity that was left to him.

He was angry and frustrated. And he was more angry at his fraternity brothers than at Irv and Cal. His resentment of them, strangely, was more a matter of not living up to their bargain and returning him to town than in assaulting him. He'd been fucked so many times tonight, that what they took from him seemed to have little importance at this point. But his fraternity brothers. They had done this to him. Boy did he want them to pay.

"Are you OK? Do you need a lift somewhere?" The voice was rich and silky and, for some reason, filled Aaron with relief. He looked up. He'd been so worked up that he hadn't seen the sleek, black limousine glide up beside him and stop. The rear passenger door was open, and the voice reached out from the interior to enfold and caress him.

But Aaron couldn't reply. He was on the verge of tears again, whether it was from frustration and anger and hopelessness or from relief he could not say.

"You need help, I can see. And you need to get home. You should not be out here like this at night. And you're hurt. You need comfort. Come into the car, and I will take care of you."

Aaron felt his feet move, and he was climbing into the backseat of the limousine. As soon as he clicked the door shut, the limousine's engine purred and the vehicle slid out onto the road. It was only a short distance up the road that they came to a crossover, and the vehicle did a smooth, almost floating, U-turn onto the other side of the road and moved back toward where they'd come from.

"Uh. I need to go to the college. To Milbank."

"Milbank is in this direction," the voice purred. "Don't worry. We will see you home."

Aaron turned and looked across the seat into the darkness. His traveling companion was wrapped in a cloak and the dark shadows. Aaron only had the sensation of sharp features, dark complexion, a black goatee of a beard, and piercing eyes. He looked away from the eyes. He had the sensation that when they made eye contact, the figure in the corner held him in thrall. Hands appeared from inside the cloak-moving as the figure spoke in a soothing, melodic baritone. The fingers of the hands were slender and long, the nails well manicured and especially long for a man-and seemed to be filed into points.

The fingers were feminine, but the voice masculine. Aaron was confused.

"How did you . . .?"

"How did I what, Aaron?"

Aaron was nonplused. "I don't understand."

"It's enough now that I understand, Aaron. I understand all about you. I know you as no other person knows you. And I know what has happened to you this night."

"You know?" Aaron asked in a hushed whisper. "Who? How? Why are you here?"

"I am here because you summoned me, Aaron. I did not know you were capable of it. I'd never thought you might be one."

"I . . . I don't understand," Aaron croaked. He was beaten and fucked and totally exhausted. And now this. He was completely out of his element.

"No you're not, not really," the voice said.

"I'm not what?"

"Out of your element. I'm as surprised as you are. But there you have it. And here we are. And it looks like we can do business."

"Business? What in the hell are you talking about?" Aaron was angry now. Anger on top of confusion and frustration.

"See, you do have it in you," the voice said. And then there was a low, self-satisfied laugh. "If your fraternity brothers were here in front of you now and you had the power, you would make them suffer utter damnation, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," Aaron blurted out.

"And, so, that's why we're here, why our paths have crossed. I specialize in utter damnation. For just a small consideration, I can give you all the revenge you want."

"You can . . .? What sort of shit is this? Is this part of the pledge hazing?"

"No, not at all, Aaron. This is part of your revenge. If you are interested . . . and if you are willing to pay the price."

"Interested? Price? I don't believe . . ."

"Yes you do, Aaron. Deep, down inside you believe. You summoned me. And you are willing to pay the price. I know that even if you don't yet. That's why I'm here. That's why when you summoned me, I came."

"I summoned you? This is ridiculous."

A heavy sigh was emitted from the darkened corner. "You certainly run deep, don't you? Such self-delusion. You need convincing. Here. You have cuts and bruises. Here, lean over toward me."

Aaron's eyes opened wide as the cloak parted and the man-no, the beast-leaned in to him and a long, forked tongue flicked out of his mouth. More of Aaron's attention was going to what else he could see, though: a swarthy complexion and trails of hair down a naked chest. Pointed ears, small horns at the temple. A centered, impossibly long, slender cock curved up from four heavy balls. The trail of chest and belly hair descending to fully pelted goat's legs and ending in cloven feet.

How in the hell did the fraternity guys manage this, was Aaron's dominant thought. And he thought he might laugh, but he was shaking too badly to do so. Thus, the only sound that came out of him initially was a frightened snort. "The devil you . . ." he then whispered huskily.

"Yes, precisely. Hold still. This won't hurt. You will enjoy this, and it will bring you relief-and, I think, understanding and acceptance. I'm not here to hurt you; I'm here to fulfill your wants."

Aaron leaned away from the monster, laying down on his back on the wide seat, but paralyzed, immobile to the hands that closed over his arms under his biceps and the warm, naked body that covered him and to the tongue and lips that moved to his body, sliding from bruise to cut, which cleared up instantly under the attention of the caresses of the monster's mouth.

Aaron couldn't move, not only from the horror of it but also from the comfort and sensuous healing touch of the devil's lips and tongue-and the warmth of his body and the silken caress of his body hair on Aaron's flesh. When he was done bringing Aaron's broken and cut body back to the height of rosy health, the devil's lips descended on Aaron's cock, and Aaron laid back and enjoyed a more sensuous and complete blow job he'd ever had from a mortal.

When the devil finished draining Aaron dry, he sat up and released his hold on Aaron and said, "Do you believe me now?"

"No . . . yes, how could I not. But I . . ."

"I'm here because of what happened to you tonight-in fact because of what the man you trusted led you in to. And because of the power of your frustration and humiliation and anger. You want revenge for that, don't you?"

"Yes," Aaron whispered. There was no use hiding this. The devil certainly knew it. It was time that he admitted it to himself. "But at what cost?" Aaron asked.

"Why, your soul, of course," and the devil laughed like the answer was obvious. "Don't you read your folklore?"

"Yes, but how, what . . ."

"I must possess you. Possess you fully. But in turn, you will be quite pleased with your life. After tonight that shouldn't be either misunderstood by you or all that difficult. Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes, I guess I do," Aaron answered.

"And you are prepared for that?" the devil asked?

What else was there for Aaron to say. After what he'd already been through that night. Knowing what he wanted to do about it.

"Come here," the devil said as he sat back up and he held out his hand.

The fucking was divine. No pain, and the sensation of deep, filling completion. Again and again. The devil drew Aaron onto his lap, facing away from him, the devil's arms completely encasing him. And Aaron was fucked just the way he had hoped that Jack would fuck him earlier in the evening, in their room, before the hazing started.

But Aaron had no illusions. He knew that Jack could never fuck him like this. Touch him so deeply, stretch his channel so fully, pump him so long and completely, fill him to the overflow with sweet, calming nectar. Set him on fire. Again and again and again.

When the devil had come deep inside him, filling Aaron with a pleasure and calmness he'd never experienced before, the devil murmured, "Was that a price too high to pay?"

"Not unless it was given to me just that once and will now be a solitary memory."

Pleased at the response, the devil whispered, "That need not be. I require no waiting time." And once more Aaron was lying on his back along the seat, with his legs parted and hooked on top of the devil's hairy, bulbous buttocks, and the devil was on top of him, making Aaron moan and sigh at the heat of the devil's body and the feel of the silken hair on his body, and moving deeper, deeper inside him. And the slender cock was thickening into a mighty pole of taking, stripping Aaron of his very soul-with Aaron crying out, begging for the devil to take more of him-no matter the cost.

* * * *

Alert and smiling and on time, Aaron aced his chemistry exam the next day-and all of his exams and papers after that as well.

Bert was the first one to leave the fraternity-and the college, followed almost immediately by Tom. Bert, the brilliant student, was caught cheating on an exam-and was turned in by Tom. Bert was dismissed from the school. When he was called to task, he just hung his head and said, "The devil made me do it." The school administrators weren't impressed or amused. No more impressed and amused was the fraternity counsel when Tom was called on the carpet for snitching on a senior brother and gave the same "the devil made me do it" reply in defense. He was hounded out of the frat house and the college forthwith.

Pete was caught trying to steal a case of beer in open daylight from a grocery store near the college campus. He was looking glazed and muttering, "The devil made me do it," as he was hauled off to the goal, complaining that of course he didn't steal the beer of his own will; his family had access to all of the beer they could possibly want.

A special place in hell was reserved for Jack, when Pete went to trial and identified Jack as his accomplice in the crime. That same day, before he could be arrested, Jack slipped on his own sweat on the basketball court and came down hard on the floor, shattering his kneecap. He would never be able to play basketball again, but the loss of his scholarship and his planned professional sports career were made moot by his arrest. In the holding cell, he beat up Pete badly, mad as he was that the only reason Pete would give for implicating him was that the devil had made him do it-and this ace sent Jack to prison, where he became the favorite of all of the prisoners who hadn't had the privilege of going to college and playing competitive basketball.

Aaron was most pleased at the sendoff for smart ass ringleader Tony. The fraternity was already dissolving around their ears and Aaron had moved in with another guy in a nice apartment closer to the college, when Tony was pulled out of the burning fraternity house, naked and holding the lighter he'd used to torch all of the draperies in the house. The house went up in flames nicely, seeming to enjoy the flash sendoff from the indignities it had gone through. When Tony's angry father showed up and watched his investment go up in flames and turned on his son, all Tony could say was "The devil made me do it" with a big grin on his face. A disgusted father refused to cover Tony's bail, and Tony was given the undivided amorous attention of three bikers on four successive nights in holding before he crawled into his arraignment.

By then, though, Sam, the football star, and Aaron were humming along swimmingly in their new love nest apartment. Sam worshiped the ground that Aaron walked on. He took care of all of the domestic chores and bedded Aaron every night just as Aaron liked it-that was every night that Aaron wasn't off renewing his soul sale to the figure in the backseat of the sleek black limousine.



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