I came to slowly, the flashing colored lights taking their time to form in my consciousness. Whatever Tony had spiked my drink with was slow to let loose of me. I was lying on a bed. I tried to rise, but my hands were cuffed together above me and my legs were cuffed as well to the lower corners of the bed. But the bonds were loose there. I could raise my legs as I wanted, but I couldn't rise from the bed. I was going to scream, but my mouth was gagged.

Tony was sitting on my belly, flashing a sharp knife before my eyes. As I watched, he slowly slit the buttons off my shirt and then shredded my shirt. I could feel the cold steel of the dull side of the blade moving between my body and my shirt as it was ripped away from me. Tony was smiling an evil smile. Once the shirt was torn away, his face dropped to my chest and he sucked and bit at my nipples until they ached. I arched my back and struggled as best I could, but I couldn't escape his lips and teeth.

He moved to below my buttocks and licked and bit his way down my abs and to my lower belly, paying particular attention to teething the rim of my navel. I screamed into my gag, but no one would be able to hear me not even Tony.

He unbuckled my belt and pulled it through the loops. Then he flicked the leather end of the belt against my arms, chest, belly and thighs, only enough to inflict short, sharp flashes of pain, not enough to break the skin or to leave welts. Then he looped the belt around my neck, making it ready for who knew what.

Tony was naked. The red, blue, green, and yellow strobe lights danced across his well-muscled torso, picking out an array of tattoos going down just one side of his body. He rose up on his knees below me, and I saw that his huge cock was already half erect. His eyes were slitted in pleasure.

The knife went to work on my pants, which Tony shredded and pulled away from my body. The knife slit through the strings of my thong briefs, and then I was naked as well. Naked and open to anything Tony desired.

He moved down on the bed below me and I felt his mouth go over my shaft. Most alarming, however, was that he had laid the knife on my belly, the cool side of the blade a constant reminder of danger. His mouth pushed my foreskin to below the helmet of my dick, and Tony sucked hard. His tongue went to my piss slit and he flicked it before trying to work his tongue into the slit. I writhed in combined pain and pleasure below him. His teeth encased my shaft and slid down toward the root and then applied pressure until I wanted to scream in fear and anticipation. His mouth went to my balls, which he sucked hard and nipped and pulled away from my body with his teeth. I writhed some more for him. Then his mouth went back to my cock and he pumped my shaft with his mouth for several minutes, always keeping me on edge as to whether he was going to take a big bite. At last, the tension got to me, and I jacked off down his throat.

He quickly moved up my body, picking up the knife as he ascended. He jerked the gag off and gave me a deep kiss, mixing our saliva and my warm sperm. He took my tongue between his teeth, and I thought for an instant that he would try to bite through that.

But then he disengaged from the kiss and brought the blade of the knife up to the side of my neck, poised against a throbbing artery. He spoke in a low, menacing voice. 'Attempt to scream or even to talk or to do anything funny with my dick in your mouth, and I'll cut you so deep you'll bleed out.'

I took him seriously. He was kneeling above my chest, his half-hard rod hovering over my face.

'Get it hard,' was all he said as he grabbed the end of my belt with his free hand and pulled my mouth up to the helmet of his dick with it. To keep from choking, I raised my head farther, taking his cock into my mouth. I gave him head, as good as I could, and he panted and moaned above me, getting hard fairly quickly.

When it seemed like he might be ready to cum, he pulled out of my mouth. He let loose of the belt, letting my head drop back on the mattress. He replaced my gag and then moved down below me again. His mouth and teeth went to my asshole, and he was pumping my cock again with one of his hands and digging the nails of his other hand in the tender back of one of my thighs.

After rimming me for a few minutes, he came back up on his knees and showed me both the knife and a small bottle of lubricant. He poured lubricant over the blade of the knife, and on his dick as well, and then he moved the knife slowly down between my legs. I was struggling for all of my might, trying to escape the thrust of the blade up my ass canal, but when something entered me, it was rounded, not sharp. Tony laughed and held up a long and thick dildo, with knobs and suction cup-like appendages running along the shaft, to show me that this is what was assaulting my asshole, not the knife.

I felt the head of the dildo at my asshole again. Tony rotated it around and around, moving it ever deeper, until it was past my sphincter. Then he just steadily pushed it in to the hilt. I screamed into the gag in pain, mixed with waves of desire, and twisted my body around while he was impaling me, which probably only helped send the dildo deeper. The novelties running around the shaft were driving me wild with mixed pain and pleasure. But the pleasure started to overshadow the pain so much so that by the time Tony replaced the dildo with his own longer and thicker dick, I was meeting him thrust for thrust.

He took both of my calves in his hands and wishboned my legs up and out. He then rolled his pelvis up on mine so that I was fully open to his plunging cock. I set my eyes on the ceiling and watched the strobing colored lights play, while I listened to the sounds of the bouncing bed springs and of the skin of a shaft sliding in and out of the skin of an ass passage. I wanted the gag off. I wanted to tell Tony how much I was enjoying the fuck, that I wanted him to dig deeper and deeper. I couldn't tell Tony that, but I could tell that he didn't need to be told. He was rotating his hips and alternating short strokes and long plunges in a mad frenzy of plowing above me. His dreadlocks were flying around his head and his chest and arm tattoos seemed alive in their undulating movements in the strobing lights. His nipples were erect and prominent and his washboard stomach muscles were tensing and puffing out with the heavy breathing of his ecstasy. He was beauty in motion in his dance of fearsome fuck, and I was proud now to be the instrument of his mayhem.

He was no more beautiful than at the point of his strong, three-gushes of ejaculation deep inside me. I was almost at the point of coming again myself, and Tony took care of pumping me off in a fountain of sperm between our bellies before he collapsed his sweating torso on mine. He ripped my gag off, and we went into a long, tender kiss.

After several minutes, as I felt his dick softening within me, I spoke. 'That was great, Tony. I feel truly fucked. The doctor was right that bondage and the sense of danger was a way to cure our inhibitions. Now you. Release me, and now I'll do you. Quickly now. I still feel horny as hell.'



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