It was the year that the planes took down the world trade center buildings, but earlier, 2001.

That year was one of many firsts in my young life.

I had just turned eighteen, I was a young man, naieve, sort of a loner in most respects.

Oh,I had a lot friends in High School, but I was not the jock, sports minded nut like most guys, I was a more studius guy, with my future on my mind.

I was growing up as an only child, I never knew my real father, I was just 12 when mom found this man, And Married him, I can't say a bad thing about Dave and I did accept him as a father figure, but not as my own personal Dad.

I still felt sorta cheated out of that personal feeling of knowing my own Dad.

Something happened with Mom and him back when I was just a baby and he took off and Mom never knew where he went.

Well after getting remarried My mother had three more young kids who were quite a bit younger than I was When Denny, my younger brother was born I was thirteen, then two little sisters follwoed Denny.

And of course there was me, My name is Eric Hamblin, Denny and my sisters last name was Styles.

Even tho we were seperated by years we were still close and I was his big 'bubba.'

But I was at that age, you know? when you begin to have sexual feelings and wanting to experiment with different things. Dave had stepped in and tried to be the father here and had that 'TALK' that fathers have with their pubescent sons, but I already knew most of the stuff that he told me but I just listened like a good son, and got a hardon as he explained things for me.

I did however realize that I was attracted to guys, I had this fetish, you might say, for guys in white briefs, nicely filled white briefs.

I never missed the chance to take a good look at a guys crotch, even older guys, a nicely bulging crotch would turn me on, and I'd get a stiff cock, and I wasn't too small in the dick department in all fairness, as compared to other guys in the locker room at High School and after Gym in the showers, Yep I noticed them all. Hell I could even tell you every guy in my gym classes, whether or not he was cut or uncut, and how big or small he was, was he hairy or clean, I loved a guy with body hair, it was such a manly turn on for me. I was so astute at noticing guy's cocks I think I could see a guy walking at school and describe in detail his cock for him.

Then there was this one guy named Darrel Rothermich, who sat in study hall class with me, in the desk right beside me, he was a senior and I was a freshman, god he had the biggest bulge in his pants.

There was one day in study hall, he was reading something and I was busy reading too, I looked over and could tell he had a boner,it was laying down the leg of his trousers, it would move every so often and flex out and push the material of his trousers upward, and he would reach down and rearrange it in his trousers.

Altho I had never seen it, I was all but drooling as I watched him, I was laying with my head on my hand licking my lips staring at his crotch when I noticed his hand reach down and begin to slide back and forth across it, I thought my heart would stop.

My own cock was harder than a rock throbbing and hurting in my jean.

I looked up at Darrel's face and he was doing it for my benefit, he was looking straight into my eyes watching me stare as he rubbed his cock.

When he saw me starting at his crotch he leaned back a little to make it more pronounced, he knew I was liking what I was seeing.

Then Darrel looked over at me, stopped and wrote me a note, you like to look at cock, I love to show off my cock it's really big, if you want to see it after class we can do down to the basement restroom.

I wrote back a note saying sure, I would love too.

Study period was the last class of the day. I was so excited I was about to explode with anticipation.

After the last bell rang that day, He was waiting out in the hall for me, and we went to the boys restroom down in the maintenance building.

It was deserted and he said no one ever came there.

We walked in and he said, 'Here man you want to rub this a while?' Damn, it was already standing out, thick and hard.

I smiled and reached out and felt it already harder that steel pipe laying to the side in his trousers, it felt like a fire hose it was so big.

'Go ahead take it out, I love to feel it rubbed.' he said.

I undid his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and his glowing white briefs with a huge bulge about to split the material.

'Ah yeah, thats it, rub it, Aw fuck man,' he said.

I slid his trousers down and pulled his briefs down and began to stroke his cock like man.

Now I don't know if there's what you would call a partial circumcision, but Darrel's cock was dark skinned, veiny, and he looked like it was circumcised but he had enough loose skin that when at ease, the head was about half covered with a foreskin. It was so thick that my fingers would barely touch my thumb when wrapped around it.

I heard his moaning and felt him sorta go weak in the knees and it only took about five minutes of me stroking the thickest cock I ever saw, when I saw it's head swell out and get shiny, and tigh.

He grabbed my shoulder as we stood there and he started grunting and his body started jerking, and a huge shot of cum shot out the end of his cock like a giant hose, it was thick, ropy, and looked like a fricken fountain.

Finally he quit moaning and several minutes later, he opened his eyes and watched me as I began to stroke my own cock.

It took me about two minutes, I was so excited I began to shoot the biggest shot of cum up to that point, that I had ever shot, it was the most phenomenal feeling of my life up to this point.

I knew it was guys for me sexually, from that point on, I even had some of Darrell's cum still on my hand and I just put it to my mouth and tasted it, it was different but knew it wouldn't be long before I wanted to suck cock and try swallowing a load.

I never got to do that again with Darrel, but I would have, in a heartbeat, everytime we passed in the hallway Darrel would just smile and wink at me, after that day, I think it was Darrel's way of saying thanks.

Well It was that next summer after my High School Graduation the my Step Dad and mother and our whole family decided to drive across country and go to California and visit some of Dad's (Ste-Dads) relatives, and go to Disneyland, I had just turned eighteen.

We left out of Cleveland, Ohio on Monday morning after loading everything up in the SUV.

We drove down Indiana, then Illinois and decided to stop at this Truck stop, I think it was called a Pilot truck Stop, and while we were there we met this young man that was going our way, My step father, being the consumate good Samaritan, offered him a ride to the west coast with us, he was hitch hiking across country.

Now for some reason I felt very attracted to this guy.

For some reason I figured he was a navy man or something he had a sailor cap on and a long sleeved shirt, why I don't know, it was warm but he ws so friggen handsome, looked to be about 26- or so years old, he was friggen handsome as fuck.

He shook my hand and he got in the rear seat with me, the younger three kids were in the back seat behind Mom and Dad so they could keep and eye on them.

But this dudes name was Tyler Mason, he was about 5ft 10 or so inches not quite six feet tall, very nicely built and of course he had that gorgeous bulge in his faded jeans too, he was wearing black lace up shoes almost like dress military shoes.

We got very well aquainted with each other in that back seat, I was wearing just a pair of shorts that were sort of made for traveling and a tee shirt, and sneakers.

We had driven for almost five hours when We decided to stop and get something to eat, Tyler paid for our dinners with a credit card, Dad was shocked.

We then decided to just stop for the night at the next motel 6, Mom and Dad decided they would rent two rooms a double for them and the Girls and another for us me and my little brother could sleep together and Tyler could have the other bed in the room.

We went in I heped my little brother Denny with a bath, and he was out like a light, already in bed, sleeping like a log.

I sat on the edge of the bed with the T.V. remote when I realized there wasn't anything on t.v. worth watching so me and Tyler decided to have a chat.

We talked about everything we could think of and then the subject, as it always does went toward sex.

You know the usual banter got a gal back home waiting for you etc.

Well Tyler was shocked to be told I didn't have a girl, or lady friend at home waiting.

Tyler just smiled at me and said, 'well Eric, I'm gonna have a hot shower, you can join me if you'd like, I would love to have someone wash my back for me.

I thought I would swallow my tongue.

Tyler began to undress in the bedroom in front of me.

I just want to say this guy was nicely built, not an ounce of fat anywhere, his face had this little beard running as a line of hair down each side from his sideburns into a goatee like beard and a mustach just about he same length hair it was black.

His body was deep bronzed like Native Indian, but he said his father was from Brazil, and his mother was Cherokee Indian, from Oklahoma tribes.

Tyler was covered with beautiful tatoos, running almost the full length of his body, down his thick muscular thighs, but even on his back and buttocks were faces of a panther, or couger, on each thigh was the eagles wings, the full lenght of his thighs, it was outstanding and picturessque, but it wasn't untill we got into the shower that I saw his cock, shit it was thick and long and uncut there was even a couple lines making into a daggers blade along the flat of the top of his cock it was awesome.

All I could think of was that this must have been painful when he had it done.

He told me that he had it done a part at a time.

The pec muscles of his chest was perfect, thick, and a couple nipple rings in the nipples.

His stomach and oblique muscles were defined and gorgeous, he was like a picture living in front of you.

We went and took our shower, it was enevitable that when I began to wash his back I would get a boner that stood up and saluted this gorgeous, tight, muscular, god of a man.

As I washed his body i felt his tight muscles under my hand, I felt them flex out tight and beautiful as I gently caress each inch of his awesome body.

By the time I finished and he told me to turn around and he would do me, I wanted this guy so friggen bad, but was afraid of him punching my lights out, so I played it cool.

That didn't keep me from desiring to touch this guy, I reached down after he turned around and washed his cock which was almost hard too and his lovely thick balls, Tyler was just smiling and staring at my face the whole time, I think he knew.

Well we dried each other off after being almost pain from the experience, I wanted to find a place to privately stroke that hardness of my manhood, but it wasn't available, just have to go to sleep and do without it I guess.

To make matters worse Tyler told me to sleep in the bed with him and not disturb Denny.

'Oh well, guess its totally off for the night for me, I thought.

Now to top it off, Tyler told me he slept in the buff, naked, and he would have no problem with me sleeping naked either, to which I took him up one it.

There we lay naked as a jaybird, next to each other, when I turned off the light.

There was a night light from the bathroom that I left on for Denny if he awoke and needed to use the toilet.

I just lay back put one arm behind my head and as I lay there with Tylers naked back to me, I began to stroke my cock with my other hand, gently and softly so as not to disturb Tyler.

I had been rubbing my cock for a couple minutes when I felt Tyler sorta moving about in the bed.

I lay back with my hand on my harder than rock cock, enjoying myself, and I closed my eyes to look like I was asleep, when I felt Tylers hand take over for my hand and in one swift movement Tyler had my balls in one hand, and My cock in his throat massaging my cock head with his throat muscles, 'OH FUCK! was all I could say as Tyler began to gently suck my cock, slowly and so erotically, Tyler knew what he was doing, definately.

I slowly settled into enjoying with extreme pleasure, what Tyler was doing

Tyler was working my cock over like I have never had done before, he was a master at the art of pleasureing a man, I was in another world or I had died and gone to heaven but I was totally out of it, pleasure was flooding my body and senses and I was in heaven.

I finally came to my senses and realized Tyler had taken control of my body and I was just enjoying and letting him.

I reached over and felt his cock, it was thick, it was harder than glass and it was leaking like a faucet, I wiped some pre-cum from it's tip and licked it off my hand, I knew what I had to do next, I leaned over to the side and took about three forths of his thick cock into my mouth, and began to suck Tyler's cock like a starving man would eat a sandwich, his cock was delicious, and I loved the flavor of his pre-cum.

I was all but going ballistic with his skill, when he stopped, and without saying a word, he turned and raised up and sorta sat down on my cock, it slid up between the cheeks of his ass, it was tingling, very hard, almost aching.

Tyler leaned down with his face next to mine and began to kiss my neck, and earlobes, driving me even wilder as his ass cheeks caresses my hardon, he was squeezing my cock with his ass cheeks and moving his ass up and down the length of my cock, it wsa awesome, then he began to raise upward after a while and I could feel the tip of my cock touching that asshole, it was so hot feeling, slick and as Tyler got to bring his face around and started tongue kissing my mouth, I felt the tip of my cock slip into his anal opening and he slid his ass down to the balls, I amost flew off that bed, I let out a loud groan and then turned to see if I had awakened Denny, but I knew he would not even wake up in a Hurricane.

I began to thrust my cock in and out of Tyler rectum slowly and with passion, it wsa building up, I knew Tyler was no stranger to this kind of love makeing how could he be, he knew to much.

I was getting close and he knew it, he began to massaging my cock with his anal muscles and kissing me like a madman, I was a gonner, he cold have slit my throat if he had wanted to.

I felt a climax coming on and I to almost ache for the want to shoot my load, it finally built up to the overspill point, I started gruting and rutting deep into his anal opening and I felt my cock unloading what had to be the mother of all loads deep into Tyler's asshole.

Tyler just kept massaging my cock with his ass muscles.

That was withouta doubt the most awesome cum I ever had.

A twenty five out of ten, rating.

I watched as Tyler slid his ass off my deflating cock, he smiled at me. 'Now mine, he said.'

I gladly obliged, I took the first six inches of his cock into my throat and it wasn't two minutes befoe his cock started unloading into my throat, it was friggen awesome another first for me.

It was definately a night of first's for me, and We had sex like that every night we were together on that trip, I still get calls from him and we plan to hook up again soon.



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