It had been my lifelong dream to make it big in Journalism, I worked hard in my younger years in high school, being a reporter on the school paper reporting on sporting events, and of course any other thing that was news worthy.

I even recieved a commendation from the Mayor of our fair city on a peice I wrote on World peace and Hunger that was reprinted from the High School paper in the local newpaper.

My favorite topic to report on was sports, it was something I related to.

Then as I began to mature It was the athletes that I was drawn to, I love a good looking guy in his tights at the gymnastics, or a well built guy in those tight football pants, and well you name it, if it was a good looking well porportioned human of the male type I liked them.

I guess I realized it most when I was sent to cover a swim meet at a rival high school, it was a Friday night event, and I got the pleasure of going into the locker rooms and interviewing the swimmers, I was mesmerized at all the naked guys, they were neither embarassed or ashamed of their gorgeous bodies either.

Tim came out an was drying off as I ogled and drooled over this studs gorgeous trim sleek body with a very hefty hunk of man meat hanging between his legs, I of course popped instant wood, and left aching between my own legs.

Well, by the time I went to college to prepare for a career in Journalism I already knew I was as gay as they come, but I had not as yet ever gotten to enjoy the pleasure of having sex with another human, male or female, but I have a garage full of gay magazines and several almost worn out videos of the gay persuasion.

I was blessed with a bisexual room mate in college and finally felt an tasted a hard cock in my mouth, which I loved and Dell, (My room mate) told me I was a natural at sucking cock, and as strange as it may seem I loved swallowing cum, I had several guys that let me suck them off while in college even one math teacher, he was so fucking hot he almost smoked and I dont' mean tobacco either.

It was Mr. Donaldson, my first year math teacher, that taught me the pleasure of getting fucked, which I love with a passion.

I had only been out of college about a month when I was called by a large newspaper wanting to give me a try at journalism and writing for the sports pages.

I of course, jumped at the chance.

It was the very next week after hiring on with the paper that I got the great chance to go to a large Rodeo down near Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it was a four day event, I was so excited, I have had a passion for Cowboys since I was a kid, not it was for a different reason.

Cowboys to me are just about he most masculine, awesome looking humans on the planet, I love to see a hot looking dude in a cowboy hat with those tight looking jeans, bulging crotches and cowboy boots now that is something worth writing about.

I had been there about four hours,just writing about the different events when I realized that I hadn't found a motel to stay at.

I walked over to the local information booth to ask about a room or where I might locate one, I was told it might be rather hard to find a room at this late stage of the game, since it was such a large rodeo and most of the motels and hotels were booked up in advance.

I stood there like a knot on a log wondering what I was going to do, I did realize it was a learning experience and knowing next time to book myself a room ahead.

I was walking out toward the stables when I met this young good looking cowboy with a lasso in his hand coming toward me, I decided to aske him for a cowboys rodeo riders perspective on the life of a rodeo rider.

I was suprised at how friendly and accomodating this young man was, I found out his name was Cody Pearlman, Bronc rider.

Cody was as handsome as a guy could be in a rugged manly sort of way, he looked like he could punch your lights out if you fucked with him too.

Cody invited me to come to his travel trailor to do his interview and he invited me to share a pizza with him, he was starving too.

We walked into his single bedroom trailor and it was a very nice one too.

Cody offered me a beer and I accepted, thats when I began to let my mind go and have myself a nice daydream about Cody.

I began to ask Cody about his life on the road, which just about took up most of his life going from Rodeo to Rodeo.

I learned at what age Cody began to doing rodeo events and riding, how he got started, what level he was as a rider, you know the ususal information that makes for a full, well rounded story.

Then my mind sorta took over and I began to get into Cody's personal life, I fished around till I found out he didn't have a wife or girlfriend, they were not an option living the life Cody lived.

Then for some reason I asked him 'Hey Cody off the record and just for personal information, what does a rodeo Star like yourself do when he needs sex?'

Cody Smiled, 'off the record?' 'sure' I said. 'Well lets put it like this, most of the time your hand is your best mate, but on special occasions I find someplace to take care of my cock, theres always some sex lerking around a rodeo somewhere, but you have to have an open mind and be a free spirit.' he said.

'you don't mean you fuck the Animals, do you?' I asked.

Cody started laughing, 'Fuck no man, that would be really sick, no man, I mean like I have had great blow jobs by other dudes here and there and truth is Guys give much better head than gals. I have had them both, and I preferr a dude, they know what a guy likes and want to do a good job for the most part, and something else, guys swallow the load, thats a must.

Gay men for some reason seem to like Cowboys, best peice of ass I ever had was when I fucked this young Bull rider at an Oklahoma City Rodeo, that little fucker couldn't get enough of my cock for some reason, Damn he had a sweet little ass.'

I sat there with my mouth open looking into Cody's eyes.

'Ah, Ughm, would you like to get it on with me?' I found my self saying.

Cody smiled at me and said, 'I was sorta hoping that might happen, I ain't gotten my nuts off in about a week now and I'm really in need of some good sex.I know Im sporting a nice sized load.'

'Well I need to run to this motel and check in if they have a room, and I'll be right back, unless you want to go with me.' I said.

'What the fuck for, dude!!! You can bunk here with me, save your money, and we can have a great time, I just need to run to town an pick up some more Budweiser, wanna run to town with me, Oh yeah I got a shit load of porn and a DVD player too,' he said with a smile.

Cody and I hit it off really well, the more I was around him the more I like what I was seeing, he wasn't the least bit femish or nellie, he was studly and a real cowboy, with one gorgeous ass in those tight Levi's, nice thick muscular arms and a very nice looking chest, trim waist, oh yeah he was good looking and I wanted him to have his way with me.

We hopped into his pickup and headed off for town, I was almost drooling as I planned for what was ahead for us that night.

I couldn't keep my eyes off Cody's bulging crotch, it looked like he was sporting a nice sized cock and some hefty bull sized balls, and if what he as telling me was true and really big load of man cream.

We picked up a case of 'Bud' at the local liquer store and headed back, I looked over at Cody and noticed he was looking at me straight in the eyes, winked and smiled, then reached over and rubbed my crotch with a gentle squeeze, I sorta gasped at his boldness then my cock got like a rock instantly.

I smiled at Cody, 'Well Cody you like to fuck and get sucked but what about you, do you ever, you know? take it into your mouth or in your ass?' I asked.

Cody smiled, 'yeah I do, and I like it too.'

We were quiet the rest of the way home, I gently reached over and gave Cody's bulge a nice squeeze and he gave out a light moan as I rubbed his crotch, 'That feels awesome man,' Cody said.

We got back and almost ran to the trailor, as we got inside, Cody reached out and grabbed my ass, I felt really wanted and needed.

Cody told me to put the beer in the fridge and I did, as he went into the bedroom and stripped to his tidy whities and came back into the front room of his trailor with a Stetson Hat, glowing white briefs and cowboy boots. Talk about sexy and so hot I could harly breathe.

Cody came over and grabbed me and took me by the arms and hugged me and began to slather kisses onto my mouth passionately.

Cody began to undress me slowly and sensously, I was so turned on that I thought my heart would stop, but I reached down and began to rub one hell of a cock, Now I had heard 'Everything is bigger in Texas,' Cody's cock held that statement to be the truth, it felt thick as a beer can and almost like an ax handle, my be it was because I had never felt one bigger but it felt like it was ten inches long, god he was big.

I gently kisses and massaged his balls and cock as slowly was led to the bedroom, with out a word, Cody undressed lay me back on the bed and I felt his muscular arms raise my legs in the air and his mouth went to my asshole and I thought I would fly out the window of that trailor.

Cody was taking me to the stars. I was in a different place than I had ever been before.

I felt his hot mouth move upward and gently suck each of my balls into his mouth and suck with passion, I wanted to scream from the pleasure I was experienceing.

I was so entranced with Cody's activities on my body that I was not even aware that his thick cock was now buried almost to the hilt in my asshole, and he was so smooth at it there was no pain, only pure unadulterated pleasure as he swiveled his ass back and forth as his cock began to making such sweet awesome feelings inside my body as it rubbed my prostate, I felt almost faint as Cody moaned with pleausre, sliding his cock full length into and back out of my manhole.

Cody pulled me tight into his body as his intensity and strength grew to a hightened crescendo and he drew close to climax, and as he began to hammer my ass like a piledriver, gasping for breath and grunting like a rutting boar, I felt his thick long cock began to belch out cum that would have filled a quart fruit jar, god he wasn't kidding when he said he was carrying a huge load.

My asshole dripped cum for a week after that night, I had fallen for Cody in a big way.

I didn't want us to seperate after that first pleasureable moment because I shot my load as I came to climax at almost the same moment as Cody grunted loudly and shot his load into my intestines. I felt so full and Satisfied.

We lay there and just petted on each other, kissed, and finally fell asleep.

I woke up about six in the morning, reached over, and as Cody snoozed I began to enjoy his morning wood, leaned over and took it as far into my mouth as I could, which was about six and a half thick inches, I worked his cock as best I could, enjoying his beautifully cut thick cock, and in about five minutes I heard his moans and felt his hand on my head pushing it downward untill I finally felt his balls touch my lips.

Cody didn't take long to blow his load and fill my mouth with his man spunk, it was awesome, and I loved it.

Cody finally got his breath and said, 'stop man my cock is so sensitive.' as he giggled, Rolled over, and sucked my cock to a ball blasting cum and swallowed every drop of my cum.

Needless to say the Rodeo was awesome and I had a lot to write about, but what happened behind the scenes was what made that rodeo special to me.

Now I look forward to seeing Cody as often as possible and believe me He loves seeing me too, and I always have a place to stay when I attend the Rodeos he's riding in. Im really glad I met Cody and learned the 'Cowboy way.'



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