se·duc·tion   [si-duhk-shuhn] noun

1. an act or instance of seducing, especially sexually.

2. the condition of being seduced.

3. a means of seducing; enticement; temptation.

I had noticed a guy that worked at the Cookielicious cookie and ice-cream stall at the mall I usually went to. He was what I would describe as good-looking to others but out-of-this-world handsome to me. He was a well built Greek that was about 5'10 with sleek dark hair and whenever I saw him, one day stubble. He was very well groomed even in his work uniform.

I would describe myself as attractive to both sexes; I was pretty well built as well with thick dark hair and piercing green eyes that I used to my advantage. I always wore butt hugging shorts to show off my perfect, round ass and nicely toned legs and a sleeveless shirt to show off my impressive shoulders and biceps.

I always went out of my way to walk passed his stall and out of the corner of my eye, I always caught him looking at me. Every single time I would walk passed, he would look at me and briefly smile to himself before busying himself with something to do.

I knew I had the hots for him but I was curious if the feeling was mutual. So, in true slutty fashion, I decided to attempt to seduce him.

I went to the Cookielicious stall in my skimpiest outfit and saw he was working so I started to browse through the arrangement of cookies and ice-cream flavours that the store provided. He saw me and casually smiled to himself as he watched me try to make a decision on what I wanted.

'Excuse me,' I said to him suddenly, 'would it be strange if I were to buy ice-cream in this cold weather?'

He eyed me curiously and smiled to himself before replying.

'You can buy ice-cream if you would like,' he said.

After a few more moments of thought, I decided on buying a banana split with two flavours of ice-cream. I requested that he did not cut the banana and instead just shove it in the ice-cream which he did. I paid for it and sat at the table that was directly in front of his eyesight on purpose and vamped up my seduction power by 200%.

I started by taking a spoonful of ice cream and, after making sure he was looking my way, started to suck it off the spoon suggestively, putting the spoon all the way in my mouth and slowly sucking all the cream off in a sensual manner. I repeated this process with another lot of ice-cream and made love to the spoon with my mouth.

I could see that he could not take his eyes off me and this was what I wanted. I opted against cutting the banana myself and instead, starting sucking it slowly, working it as if it were a cock in my mouth, doing so unnecessarily. I could see how tense he was getting so I knew my plan was working. Without even taking a bite, I went back to my ice-cream and began licking it off the spoon ever so sexually.

I soon went back down onto that banana, now biting off the soft head of it after all the licking and sucking I had done to it had made it gone soft. He had not taken his eyes off me the entire time and I was loving every minute of it.

Now, for the deal breaker. I picked up a spoonful of the white ice-cream and 'accidentally' spilled some of it over my chest. I made a big deal out of spilling it on my bare chest and, slowly and sensually, wiped it off with my finger and propped it into my mouth, sucking and licking it suggestively.

This had definitely worked.

After finishing off the rest of my banana split in true seduction fashion, I went back up to him to return the bowl and the spoon. I handed it to him with a smile and purposely brushed my hand against his as I handed it back to him.

I turned around to walk away but his voice stopped me.

'Yes?' I said, turning around with a smile on his face.

Looking rather uncomfortable, it took a few brief moments before he opened his mouth to reply.

'Wow, I d-don't usually do this but... um... actually, never mind.'

I picked up a napkin and pulled out a pen from my pocket. I quickly scribbled down my number and handed it to him.

'Is that what you wanted?' I asked him with a wink.

He looked down at it, looked up at me and grinned.

'Sure is.'

'Talk to you later then,' I said with another sexy wink.

I turned on my toes and began to walk away before he called out to me once again.

'My name's Costa by the way,' he shouted.

'Nice to meet you Costa,' I called out.

'What's your name?' he replied.

I turned around slowly and looked at him with a smile on my face.

'Rayne,' I replied, 'my name's Rayne.'



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