Robby had lost track of time, didn't know if five days had passed or six, no idea if it was daytime or nighttime. He just knew his time was almost up, his contract fulfilled. He had signed the contract two weeks ago and sometime last Friday night he had been taken from his home and brought here. He remembered once again how he also didn't know where this place was located. It was the waiting in between sessions that was the worst, the not knowing what was next to occur, and if he could endure it.

He was waiting again, and in a different room this time, slightly larger than the space he'd been held in during all the down times over the past few days, but it was just as primitive, more like the inside of a barn, with rough wood planks on the wall, the floor a concrete slab that was dirty, and a ceiling of wood floor joist with some level above, creating a low ceilinged space. And it was here he was being forced to wait, his wrists bound together and pulled up over his head high enough to make him stay on his knees. He was naked as he had been since his first night, covered in dirt, sweat and cum. They let him shower what seemed to be once a day, but he had to endure the filth of each day's trials overnight before he got to shower, but this is just a hunch on the timing. Another difference was a light had been left on this time, instead of making him wait in the dark, so he could look down and see how his skin still glowed red over his chest, stomach and across his thighs. He knew his back and ass must look the same, since they whipped him there too. His cock is flaccid, completely limp, since he has been forced to cum so often since arriving he felt each ejaculation harder, feeling like his body is trying to force it out, and not much at that, since it dribbled out of his cock when he did cum.

He wonders if he'll have to stay in this position for a long time. He had been allowed to lie down, since most of the time he had been here he was anchored to the floor. But after several days of sessions and now bound on his knees his body ached all over, his muscles fatigued like they have never before from the constant strain, the exertions, and his tensing up so often during the sessions. His hole felt like it was gaped open as well, and he could feel where the cum ran out of it and trickled down his thigh and the taste of cum seem to never leave his mouth. He didn't know how many times he had been forced to suck one cock after another. He had figured out there were four men who ran the place, mid-thirties or forties, strong well built men, bodies toned from hard work, and even harder play. There had been a younger guy involved too, when he first arrived, but he hadn't seen him since they had him secured to the floor by his wrist, forced down on his knees, taking each man in turn in the mouth and ass. All five of them used him that time, leaving him exhausted, lying on the floor, cum literally drooling out of his mouth and leaking from his hole. He thought about it now, how intense they were, so forceful, and he remembered how he at first didn't want it to stop, but after each had fucked him a couple of times and the young guy was at him again he had had enough and finally when the guy dribbled out his third or fourth load across his face he was left alone for a while and allowed to sleep.

He was remembering this particular session when the door opened and two men came into the room. They unhooked the rope from the hook in the ceiling and made him get up, leading him out. They took him back to the main room where most of the sessions occurred, in a large open space, with a wood platform sitting in the middle of the space where the rest of the floor was just dirt. He knew it had to be some sort of barn or storage building. He thought it might still be in town somewhere but he heard no sounds of traffic outside; absolutely nothing. On the platform he saw something new. A large chair, made of wood, with a tall straight back, wide flat arms and heavy square feet, and the first thing that caught his eye was the dildo secured in the middle of the seat. A large thick monstrous thing, a foot long, or longer, thick, the surface mimicking veins and it was shiny in the light, greased up, ready for him.

He thought it too big, he had not been opened up like that so far, but the two men moved him over it, held him up a moment, letting him hover above it, waiting, his heart racing once again. They eased him down till he felt the blunt head touch him, press against his hole and they held him still.

"You remember your safe word?" Again they asked, like they did at the beginning of every new trail, each new session.




He knew it, had said it so many times in his head, over and over he had let the word float through his mind, but he had not said it during any of his sessions, not once. And he didn't say it now as he felt them lower him down, slowly, letting the thick blunt head press into him, stretch his hole open, to penetrate the tight ring of his hole. His body tensed at the initial pain, the feeling of his hole stretched to new limits. His body was so tight his muscles flexed up hard as if he was weight lifting and sweat began to break out on his skin, the hot humid air inside the building never providing relief.

When the initial pain subsided and his body stopped its quivering, they lowered him further, slowly, eased his hole down, watched as the big cock toy disappeared into his ass. Soon Robby was sitting down on it, his hole stuffed full, and they pulled his arms over his head and back tying them off to the back of chair. His feet didn't touch the floor, so he had no leverage, no way to pull up, so he sat fully seated. The two men then left the room, killing all the lights but one small bulb that hung over the platform. It was quiet in the space, no sounds of any kind, leaving Robby with his mind filled with thoughts and his ass stretched open stuffed with the enormous dildo.

He thought about his first night here, arriving tied up, stuffed in some sack and driven out to this place, tossed out onto the ground inside this building. He knew his contract was being executed. They had dragged him out of the sack, pulled him to the platform, secured his bound wrist to a hook hanging down and then raised it till his feet barely touched the floor. He had hung there, barely able to see the lights shining directly at him were so bright, but he knew there were four of them, moving around him, talking among themselves, until finally one of them came up to him, wearing only a pair of jeans, hung so low on his hips he could see the spread of his pubic hair that would be above his cock. The guy read him the contract he had signed, reminded him of what he had agreed to in it. Then he gave him the word, his safe word: blue.

They ripped and cut his clothes off, roughly tugged them from his body, stripping him naked. He heard them comment on the tattoos he had, the one on his chest, the one on his hip, the band around one arm and the one on his ankle. They had made comments on his build, and how fit he had kept his body. The tugged on his cock and balls, rubbed his ass all the while talking about him as if he were just a side of beef. Then he saw one of the men approach and he carried a flogger. A thick leather handled one which he waved it in front of him as he laughed.

The guy moved around him to his back side and then he felt it. The first blows hit his back and ass, over and over, none too severe, but over time they began to burn, to sting against his skin. He felt the heat on his back and ass, and knew they had to be glowing red and the blows got harder, more frequent, until the guy really swung hard a couple of times, hits across the back, then the ass, painful strikes, stinging the skin and Robby had struggled to move away from the guy only to swing from his bonds. The guy moved to his front and Robby knew what he was going to do. He swung the flogger as before, constant blows that started out easy, nothing too severe, but over time he felt the strikes more and more, as his skin began to feel hot, each blow stinging more than the last, over his chest, down his stomach and over his thighs. The guy even hit him across his cock and balls, the feel of the leather wrapping around them, popping against the flesh made Robby cry out, twist his hips, trying to protect himself from further blows, but his gestures were futile for he merely swung from his bonds, his feet dragging the floor as he would lose his footing. His breathing was ragged, evident as his stomach heaved in and out, the skin red and hot.

"Please..." Robby said, his voice low, but he hadn't said the safe word and he took several more strikes across the chest and stomach. Then he was left hanging there, his skin hot and when he had looked down he saw how it glowed red and he also saw how his cock was no longer flaccid, but was partially erect.

The man who had wielded the flogger came back, this time carrying a thin limb about three feet long, with all the side branches and leaves pulled off of it. It was what Robby knew as a 'switch', something he had seen an aunt use years ago on his cousin when he had broken a window, and he remembered the sound it made going through the air, the sound it made on contact and how his cousin had wailed and cried out as it hit his legs just below his shorts. It was something that even though it looked so fragile could bring up him short, make him more anxious than the flogger. The guy came around Robby and when he was behind him he swung the switch through the air, the sound of it cutting through the thick humid air made Robby hold his breath, waiting, knowing it was going to strike soon.

The first blow came across his ass; a stinging hard slash across both cheeks and Robby cried out 'no' but he did not use the safe word. Then there was a second strike, a third and so on until Robby lost count, his ass cheeks burning, stinging with the pain. Then the guy swung higher, across his back and Robby pulled up tight, his body quivering as the pain raced through his nerves slamming into his brain. The next three strikes landed over his back, one after the next with Robby struggling to move away, put more distance between him and the switch.

Then it stopped and he felt a hand move over his skin, rubbed over those areas that burned. Then the guy stepped in front of Robby, and his arm swung back and before Robby could say what he was thinking, the guy's arm swung back down, fast, the switch slicing through the air and struck him over the chest. The line where it hit was a burning angry red stretching from one side to the other of his chest just below his nipples. He gasped for air, pulling against his bonds, losing his footing and just dangled around. When he regained his footing he looked at the guy, knowing it was coming again, knowing he could stop it by just saying the safe word, but he didn't or couldn't say it.

The switch came down again, this time across his stomach and the pain was intense, the burning sensation along the red line marking his stomach caused him to heave for breath, sucking in air and exhaling like he had run a marathon. The switch struck him again, then again and again. Several blows across the stomach then one lower, just below his balls right across this thighs and he cried out.


He was amazed the guy pulled back and walked off leaving him dangling from his bonds, his skin on fire. He finally got back on his feet and stood there waiting for what seemed like a long time. He heard a door open and it was the young guy, the one he hadn't seen in what seemed like several days. He was wearing just a pair of briefs, so tight and small he could see the guy's cock tenting out the front. The guy came up to him, real close and rubbed his chest, stroked his cock and leaned up to his ear.

"Man they worked you over good this time. You're sweating like crazy."

The guy ran his hands over Robby's body, over his chest, his stomach, around to his back and eventually down to his ass. He felt his cheeks being pulled apart, fingers gliding up and down over him, and he felt a finger penetrate him.

"I want to fuck you so bad; if I let you down, can I?"

Robby was brought up short, not believing his ears, thinking the kid was out here without the other men knowing it. He thought the guy was hot and yes he'd fuck with him anytime, especially if it let him down.

"Yes, I want to..." his voice dry and hoarse, as he let his reply trail off.

The guy brought him down, but left his wrist tied together. He made Robby get down on his knees in front of him as he moved up close, rubbing his crotch in Robby's face.

"Get me hard, cocksucker" he demanded and Robby complied, leaning forward and mouthing the cock through the briefs, sucking on it, blowing his warm breath through the fabric, then he tugged on the briefs with his teeth, pulled till he tore them, ripped the front out and the guy's cock was freed, hitting him in the face. He sucked it, took it all the way and worked his mouth back and forth, not wasting time in getting it wet, slick and hard. After he had it completely hard, standing straight out the guy grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back, spitting in his face.

"Good job cocksucker."

The guy pulled him back as he moved down on the floor, where he laid on his back, his hard cock arcing up over his stomach. He stroked it a few times then looked over at Robby.

"Get your ass on this...NOW!"

Robby moved quickly, straddling the guy's hips, facing him, his own cock bobbing in front of him, half hard, and he lowered his body down, down till he felt the guy's cock touch him, nudge up tight to his hole, and he didn't slow down, letting the cock breach his opening, penetrate through his loosened ring and slid up into his depths till he was sitting on the guy's hips.

"Damn you were tight last weekend, but you're sure loose now" the guy said to him, smiling a wicked knowing look. "Ride it you bastard, move that ass."

Robby moved up and down, working his body along the hard shaft buried in it. He moved steadily as best he could, with his bound wrists resting on the guy's chest. He rode the cock for several minutes, feeling the exertion in his body when the guy suddenly pulled the rope tying his wrist, causing him to fall forward and lie on the guy's chest where he wrapped his arms around his back holding him in place.

"Now we going to make it interesting" the guy said giving a light laugh. Robby then felt a hand on his ass, rubbing over it, running down and feeling his hole, with the guy's cock pushed up in it. He felt a finger worm in by the cock, stretch his hole further, then it pulled back and after a brief moment and the sense of someone behind him up close, he felt it, a cock nudging up next to the guy's cock, pushing against him until his hole loosened up and let it push in by the cock already lodged in his ass, stretching him painfully open, more than he had been so far. The cock moved in slowly, pushed in fractions of an inch at a time but it kept working into him until it was seated in next to the guy's cock.

"Goddamn, that's nice" the guy said as he looked at Robby's face, seeing how the double penetration was effecting him. Robby felt the two of them move, rock their cocks back and forth, their rhythms slightly different, the man on top using full swings of his hips as the guy under him was doing short jerky thrusts, making his hole feel sensations he had never imagined, the tugging and pushing through his hole, they way he felt like his insides were stuffed full, he couldn't believe he took it, the double penetration, and how he was being fucked, and the added motion was too much. He lay there, sandwiched between the two men, taking their cocks as they worked them back and forth till he was grunting with every stab in by the man on top.

Suddenly he felt the man on top stop and ease his cock back out, and then the rope holding binding his wrist was pulled up and he was lifted up.

"Get up" was all the man said to him" as he was made to get up off the guy's cock and move over to the center of the room where he was pushed down on his elbows and his wrist bonds fastened to a hook in the floor. Once again he found himself down on his knees and elbows. As he stayed there waiting he thought about what made him sign the contract, to make the decision to do it, and it was something that happened a couple of months ago. He had always been a top, always the one to do the fucking, never willing to bottom for anyone, always hesitate, afraid to do it. But a couple of months ago he got a little drunk, a little more relaxed in his inhibitions and he had bottomed for a guy he picked up at a bar. It hadn't been the best sex, both of them having had too much to drink and he felt the guy just rushed a quick fuck up his ass and left But ever since he wondered about what it would be like to really submit, to really take someone's cock, to feel it penetrate and work through him. Then he found the website and in it he confessed to his desire to be a bottom for someone, to really let them take him, to dominate him completely. He'd never thought so much about it as he had recently and so he sent in his request and when a contract came back, committing him to his fantasy, he signed it.

He was on the floor for a while when one of the men came in, naked as usual, his cock half hard, a thick metal cock ring snug up to the base of his cock and balls, and he had something in his hand. It was leather straps and some sort of metal o-ring with side bars of thin metal. He didn't recognize it but when the guy stood over him and pulled his head up, putting the o-ring in his mouth he realized it was some sort of gag, one that held his mouth open. He knew what it meant, knew what they could do and it made his heart race as it had for most of the last few days every time something new was done to him.

He was let up on his knees, wrist still bound, and one of the men came up to him and shoved his cock through the o-ring, shoving it over his tongue and pushing to his throat. He gagged as the cock cut off his air but it was soon working back and forth over his tongue as someone else held his head in place. The man worked his cock at a furious pace, sliding it over his tongue until his cock was hard and flexing, and he pulled back, stroked it hard for a minute and shot his load into Robby's open mouth and over his face. Cum dripped off his chin as the man wiped the final bubble of cum off on his forehead. As soon as the man pulled back another took his place, repeating the mouth fuck, shoving his cock in through the o-ring, running his cock over the slick first load lying over Robby's tongue. When he was ready to cum he pulled back and stroked his cock hard and shot his load. The first wad hit Robby in the face, roping over his nose, but the second and third wad went into his open mouth. The man moved up and slid his still cumming cock into Robby's mouth, letting it slid through the cum on this tongue adding the last of his load. Cum and saliva drooled from his mouth. The third man came up and shoved his cock into Robby's mouth but this time he worked slower, taking his time, working his cock through the slimy cum and saliva, feeling the warm thick liquid slick up his cock as it moved through Robby's mouth. Robby felt the hands on his ass then the blunt head of a cock at his hole, pushing for entrance. When the cock in his mouth pushed forward, all the way, cutting off his air, making him turn red in the face, the cock at his ass penetrated, and speared into his depths. Soon he could feel each cock working back and forth in him, one over his tongue and one through his hole. Their rhythm was unmatched and Robby felt the push and shove against his body as each man used him, fucked his ass and choked him for air, fucking his mouth too. The man using his mouth pulled back and stroked off his load, sending it roping over Robby's face, thick white wads of warm cum, that even landed over his upper lip, letting him breathe the scent of the man's load. The cock in his ass got faster as he leaned against Robby's back, his face up to Robby's ear, his warm breath hitting his neck.

"Fuck, that's hot" the man fucking him stated as the cum ran down his face. He shoved into Robby hard several times and grunted, his body jerking as he held deep into Robby, and Robby knew he was cumming too.

The four men stood back watching as Robby leaned over, his head resting on the floor, his ass still sticking up. Robby thought it was over for a while, but he heard the men tell the young guy to finish up. As cum and saliva drooled out of his forced open mouth, wetting the rough wood floor under his head, the young guy took him, shoved his cock straight into his hole, pushing in all the way. Robby felt him lean over his body, felt the warmth of his chest on his back as his hips slammed into his ass, over and over and over. The guy fucked him a long time, pumping his cock into his hole, letting him feel once again the role of submissive bottom, being used for someone's else's pleasure, his own needs ignored.

The strokes into his ass began to get short and fast and he knew the guy was ready to shoot, and he felt him shove in all the way and hold for second, like he had before, unloading his load. Robby lay there, exhausted, taking yet another load of cum.


Middle of the next week Robby still couldn't stop thinking about the eight days he had been gone and how he had been used, made to bottom time and time again. He had masturbated so often to the images he replayed in his mind his cock was still sore. They had brought him back the way they had taken him; blindfolded, shoved in a large bag and driving back from the place he had no idea where it was located. It frustrated him at first, no knowing, for he wanted to go back. To relive those days of total submission again, but he knew it wouldn't be the same, and when he logged into their website it locked him out, refused to let him into the main section.

When he arrived home he found a letter with no return address and somehow knew it had to be from those men at that old warehouse or barn. Inside was a note card, the outside a blank white page but inside it told him to go to a tattoo parlor in town for his tattoo to remind him of his role last week; the submissive bottom. At first he thought he'd skip it, not bother but by Friday after work he was at the parlor. He handed the card to the owner.

"You know about this?"

"Yeah, you ready to get it now?"

"What is it?"

The owner pulled a plastic sleeve out of a desk drawer and showed the image to Robby. It was a round circle in red with a square center hole and a "F" on the lower right quadrant of the circle in black; nothing elaborate or particularly revealing about it.

"That's it?"

"That's it. You want it or not?"


"Ok; we'll have to use the private room for I'm to put it on your right ass cheek."

When it was done Robby reached for his wallet to pay as the guy was putting his equipment away.

"How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing, it is all taken care of, compliments of The Farm."



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