We all fantasise over someone we can't have, whether is be someone at work, a neighbour or just someone we see on the way to work. Just sometimes, that fantasy becomes a reality. There is this little inbuilt mechanism in most of us that stops us from wanting sex with members of our own family. There are good reasons genetically why that is a good thing but as everyone knows sometimes we do not follow the rules! Of course this group of people we should not want to have sex with extends beyond family and, as it spreads out, it weakens. We really don't always get attracted to aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, neighbours, children and often people at work. Now of course, we all know that there are people who DO desire sex with aunt, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, neighbours and also their own immediate family. That desire can be as strong for them, as it is not for others. Well the bad news to all of you, is that this is not an in-cest story. It does cover the ground of the 'forbidden fruit.' That is, desiring strongly to have sexual contact with someone you can't and probably shouldn't anyway. Greg was a neighbour. Greg was absolutely stunningly beautiful, 6 feet tall, 25 years old, newly married, short reddish blonde hair, athletic build (but didn't really do much in the way of athletics), and one of my friends. The problem here was that I was 23, living with a girlfriend, 5 feet 9 inches tall, dark brown hair and not bad looking for my age. Greg was straight as they come and me, well I was sort of straight. If you call an active sex life with most of the guys at boarding school and many of the girls straight - then I'm straight. The thing is that though I love screwing women, I get really impatient. It takes so long so get into their pants and even then they often 'get a headache' just as your cock is about to explode. Now I find that guys get erect and just do it!!! We had a small bungalow in the North West of England. The town was semi-rural which meant that entertainment involved travelling and that usually meant no alcohol unless we could persuade someone to drive. Lisa, my girlfriend of 2 years was my age. She was fortunate to have a father who was wealthy and had bought her a house. I had met her at boarding school and though the fees were expensive my father, a lawyer, had just managed to afford them whereas Lisa's father could have probably bought the school. Greg and Marion had been married for around 4 years and had saved to buy their little bungalow. They were trying hard for a first child. They were our next door neighbours and had quickly become friends of both Lisa and I. We had spent a lot of time together socially. Greg was a telecommunications electrician with a cable company and had a decent salary. I was training to be a pharmacist and was working at a hospital about 15 miles away. I won't dwell too much on our cosy little social life but when I had the opportunity to see Greg in any stage of undress, I had to watch him. Of course I also had to be careful too. I had never actually seen his cock but all instances of seeing him in any erotic pose left a photographic imprint on my mind. Such as: - Working in his shorts in the garden and when he took a breather, seeing up his legs to the white liner covering his balls. - See him in his tight jeans with the promise of a sizeable box between his legs - Listening while he told me stories of his early sex life with Marion and how he could cum three times on the trot. - Glancing over to his bathroom window and seeing his naked outline as he stepped out of the shower, the frosted glass making sure I could not make out anything more. - Seeing him naked at his bedroom window with that little wisp of hair on his chest and knowing there was nothing below but being blocked by the window ledge from actually seeing his cock - Catching him bend over to load his car or in the garden and catching sight of the waistband of his Calvin Klein white boxer briefs. - Seeing his underwear out on the line to dry on wash day (how I wished I had the courage to steal a pair for my own secret wank sessions). I presume by now you have the hang of my fantasy. In front of him, his wife and my girlfriend, I was one of the lads and his pal, while I secretly craved some sexual contact with him. Greg was straight, of that there was no doubt and I realised my fantasy was going to stay as that - a fantasy! One day, Greg and Marion arrived at our door with the good news. She was pregnant and all his hard work and shagging had paid off. She was now going to have a baby. Marion immediately went into 'mother mode.' No alcohol, no late nights, room to be decorated, fewer nights out with the lads and the evening sessions of a meal and drink at our place turned into 'afternoon tea' and home for bed at 9.00 pm. Greg did not seem too happy and craved our rare nights out. He was constantly torn between 'having another drink,' and '.I'd better not as I'll need to get back home.' On one of our nights out, he got completely smashed. We were sitting in a corner of our favourite of the three bars in town and he was slouched down in his chair. His jeans had ridden up and his balls were tantalisingly packed down his left leg and the shape of his cock could clearly be seen on top of them through the fabric. 'three bloody months,' He exclaimed. 'That's how long.' 'She's turned into a bloody virgin.' I was wakened out of my trance with the word 'virgin,' and asked him to repeat. It seems that from the moment of the birth announcement, poor Greg had been without sex. 'Worse than that,' He said, 'She won't even let me have a wank.' 'Says it's disgusting.' 'Three bloody months,' He repeated. 'Never gone more than a week in the past.' I took him home and suffered a tirade from Marion for the state he was in. It was about three weeks later that we heard the news that Marion had miscarried. They were both distraught and it took a few months more before they seemed to settle back to their former selves and started to visit us again. Marion was drinking more than I can remember and so was Greg. It was on one of their visits when he and I were sitting on an Autumn night in the garden in the dark when he told me it was now 7 months since he had had sex. 'My cock's going to shrivel up and die,' He said. 'I can't go and find a prostitute.' 'It's just not my way,' He said. 'I'm just so permanently horny.' 'You must know what it feels like.' 'How long were you at boys' boarding school before you went to the mixed one?' 'Three years,' I said. 'So what did you do,' He asked? I tried to divert the conversation but the drink was now talking. 'Well you know what lads are like,' I said? 'No,' He replied. 'We just kept each other amused on the long Winter nights,' I joked. 'You wanked other guys off,' He said incredulously??? 'Well we were young and horny,' I replied as if to exonerate myself 'What did you do?' 'Not sure we should be discussing this,' I said, a little worried as to how he might view me if he heard too much. 'What did you do,' He repeated as though he hadn't heard a word. 'Well, we wanked together and sometimes each other.' 'We would suck each other, sometimes in twos or even three or four.' 'Did you suck anyone off,' He asked? 'Well yes, a couple of times,' I lied as it was more like a couple of hundred times. 'Did you even get fucked in the ass,' He said, moving the conversation up a notch.' 'Some guys did it,' I sidestepped. 'Did you ever get fucked in the ass,' He repeated like a cracked gramophone record. 'Well I received and gave a couple of times,' I replied. 'Wow,' He said. 'The secret life of Mark Weston,' Looking at me with his eyes like saucers. 'Never done anything like that in my life, never even thought about it.' He sat looking into the middle distance and then just as quickly started talking about football. Suddenly he said, 'Do you ever look at guys now and think you would like to do something?' 'Sometimes but I am happily settled with Lisa,' I replied. 'Yeh, course you are,' He said and winked. I wasn't sure what the wink was meant to mean but Marion stumbled through and sat beside us looking very drunk. Lisa had gone to bed it seemed. 'I'd better get to bed now,' He said. 'Think I might get my wicked way now she's passed out.' He nodded over to Marion who was indeed, sound asleep and slouched in the garden chair. 'Let me give you a hand with her,' I said. I ran into the house and found Lisa tucked up and asleep then back out to the garden, pulling the door behind me as I went. Greg and I took an arm each over our shoulders and carried Marion back to his house. The way was slow as he kept stumbling too. When we got her inside, we went through to the bedroom and dumped her on to the bed. I went to put some lights on in the living area and when I got back, Greg had lifted her skirt, pulled down her briefs and was fingering her exposed gash. 'I had better leave you to it,' I said. 'No, come here,' He said. I walked over and he took my hand and guided it between her legs. He held my finger and pushed it into her. 'I don't think this is very fair on Marion,' I said. 'Do you think she is fair with me then,' He said in an indignant tone? 'What pleasure is there in humping a corpse anyway?' 'I need action and my cock sucked.' He looked at me in a funny way. 'Suck me Mark!' 'What,' I asked? Though the earlier conversation had been erotic, it had not actually crossed my mind that he was thinking of action in any way. He started to unclip his jeans and pulled them down. There before me were the Calvin Kleins in all their glory and filled with what nature had intended. His cock was straining at the front causing an obscene triangular shape with a damp patch at the end. 'You've done it before and I really need some help here,' He continued. The Calvins were down and the most beautiful piece of uncut cock stood upright before me. It was about 7 inches long but thick. The skin at the end gently pulled back with the strain of the erection to reveal a pink head beneath, still half covered. His hair was restricted to the pubic area with a wisp heading up to his navel and the balls hung slightly red and well below his body. He was stroking it up and down and a little bulb of pre-cum appeared on the end before being caught up with the up and down movement of his hand. The picture before me was bizarre. Marion was lying on the bed with her legs wide open and her cunt exposed. He was lying right beside her masturbating and saying, 'Suck it please.' I pulled my trousers off without saying a word and wearing only a t-shirt, my hard 7.5 inch cock in hand, I knelt between his legs and took his cock in my hand. I licked the end and swirled my tongue round it and under the foreskin. His cock jumped to a stiffness that made it feel like an iron rod. 'Oh yessss' Hissed out from between his teeth. I cupped his balls and started to suck him up and down, swallowing as much of his delicious cock as I could. I licked his balls and let my tongue trace up his body to his nipples. I licked back down and opened his legs, letting my tongue run round his anus. 'Jeeesus, that's fucking magic,' He exclaimed with his legs opening wider. My finger started to explore his hole and he whimpered as I did so. He wasn't getting off Scot free though. I clambered up to him and sat astride his chest, offering him my stiff cock. He looked at it as it dangled on to his nose and then tentatively took it in his hand. His grip was nothing special but after three years of waiting it was fantastic to me. I was glad I had been drinking or I am sure he would have had a faceful of cum within seconds. I pushed my cock to his lips, took both hands to the back of his head, and forced my cock into his mouth. I started to facefuck him. I looked down at this straight subject of my dreams and over to his wife lying beside him and noticed that his finger was still sliding in and out of her cunt. I found it so erotic. Suddenly he pushed me off and I thought that was it. However, he pulled off his jeans and pushed me back on the bed face down. He parted my cheeks and to my absolute surprise, started to rim me. His hand was between my legs, stroking my cock backwards towards him. Next I felt his cock against my hole. With only saliva for lubricant I thought it was going to be a long and painful journey. I was surprised with his precum and saliva, how easily the 7 inches slid into me. I was facing Marion's open cunt and used the opportunity to push my tongue deep into her while her husband fucked me. He then rolled me over and lifted my legs into the air so I could see him as he fucked. To my absolute surprise, he pushed his face down to mine and kissed me on the lips. Between kisses he said, 'It's been so long.' The fucking was getting frantic and I took my own cock in hand to keep up with him. He tensed and I felt his cock expand inside me followed by a wet warmth as I felt each spurt fire into my hole accompanied by a hard thrust from Greg. 'Don't cum,' He said. 'I need more.' He left me lying on the bed and he walked to the bathroom and washed the cum off the end of his cock as I watched. My cock was aching to cum and I was scared we might disturb Marion. He didn't seem frightened or even guilty. As he walked back, his cock swung between his legs and looked as though it had only half deflated. He walked across to me and took my cock in his mouth. His sucking was not of the highest calibre and I had to keep stopping him as his teeth caught my foreskin. It was still wonderful and he brought me very close. I could cum in his mouth as I felt that would scare the living daylights out of him. Next he sat astride me and pushed his now revitalised organ back into my mouth, stroking it with his hand as he did so. He leaned backwards and gripped mine with his right hand. He started to stroke as his cock slipped in and out of my mouth. Greg came again, still with some force and though not all went in my mouth, the familiar taste of male semen washed around my tongue and my cock erupted with a force that splattered on Greg's back and sprayed over his shoulder to land on my face. He leaned forward and kissed me again. I was sure it was to try the taste without risk!! 'Oh Mark, I'm so sorry to have used you like this.' 'I won't let this happen again.' 'I don't know what came over me but I was just so horny and all that talk earlier really got me going.' 'Can you forgive me?' I put my finger to his lips. 'We are best friends aren't we?' He nodded. 'Well I am helping a best friend and I'm here to help you through this troublesome period and if it means I fill a gap, then so be it.' God what a martyr I sounded. 'If I need it again.. ' He trailed off. 'If you need it again, then yes!' (I felt like saying, 'And again and again.') The post script is that we did do it again a few times. Marion got back into sex a few months later but Greg and I kept going. He said it gave his sex drive an edge. It certainly did mine!!



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