Todd awoke the next morning and found that Greg was in bed with him. Todd's right arm was out and Greg was on his left side facing Todd and had his head on Todd's right shoulder. Greg's right hand rested on Todd's chest.

Todd smiled and wondered when Greg had returned. He didn't mind at all and was really glad that he had. He brought his right arm in around Gerg and dozed back off to sleep.

When Todd awoke again, Greg was gently rubbing his nipples. 'Um, that feels good,' Todd said.

'Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you, but they looked so inviting with all that hair around them.'

'You like hairy guys, sport?'

'Yes, very much,' Greg replied, his cock getting hard. He glanced down and saw that Todd was getting hard also.

'Coach, uh Todd, can we stroke each other again?'

'Sure, any time you want to. I love jerking off.'

Again, they jerked each other off, with each guy shooting their first volley up onto their own lips. When the eruptions ceased they looked at each other and smiled. Greg casually licked his lips clean and swallowed as he loked into Todd's eyes. To his surprise, Todd did the same.

'You ate yours?' stated Greg.

'Yes, didn't you? Sport, it's not the first cum I've ever had in my mouth.'


Many times when I'm real hot, I'll hit my lips. When I do, I lick it off and swallow it. Also when some of the buds and I are camping and we've had a little too much to drink, we'll cum on each other. I've had their cum in my face and on my lips. We all lick it off and swallow.'

'You like it?'

'To be honest with you, yes I do. I assume you do to.'

'Fuck yea. I love taking a guys load in my mouth and swallowing it. I love the taste and creaminess.'

Todd smiled at the casual way Greg now spoke about his actions with other guys.

'Can I ask you a question?' Greg said.

'Anything you want and I'll answer it.'

'Have you ever sucked another guy?'

Todd sat up in bed and looked at Greg. 'Let me answer that question this way. When you came to me and said you were gay I was shocked. I never suspected you like I have a few of the others. Then when you suggested that I take this cruise, I knew the reason for you saying that. You wanted to get me in bed and have sex. Greg, that is the exact reason I came on this cruise. After you told me you were gay, I wanted to get you in bed. Greg, I'm gay also, and those campouts I mentioned were really orgies.'

Greg sat up and looked at Todd and said, 'You're really gay?'

'Yep,' Todd said and leaned in towanr Greg. Soon their lips met softly and briefly. They seperated and looked at each other then moved back toward each other, this time their lips were parted when they kissed, their tongues eagerly exploring the other's mouth.

'Damn, coach, I've wanted to do this and suck you for the last two years.'

'Well, I'm all yours.'

They kissed again as their hands explored each other hard muscled bodies. Greg slowly worked his way down Todd's chest, to his large erect nipples, sucking gently on each one as Todd moaned softly with pleasure. Lower he went, following the treasure trail to the thick mass of pubic hair.

He changed positions, getting between Todd's legs and began licking suck sucking his large balls, taking each one into his mouth and washing it with his tongue. Lifting Todd's legs, Greg began running his tongue around the soft flesh at Todd's anal opening.

'AHHhh, Fuck! Yea, I love that,' Todd moaned.

Greg soon had as much of his tongue as possible burried up Todd's ass. After several minutes, he moved upward across the balls and began licking the underside of Todd's thick cock. Not only did Greg want it buried in his throat he also wanted it buried balls deep in his ass.

As he reached the large mushroom head he saw the glistening precum oozing out. He quickly licked it up before taking the head into his mouth.

'Oh, fuck yea baby, suck that cock.'

Greg eagerly began sucking the large mantool, relaxing his throat so as to get it all in. It wasn't easy but after several minutes he succeeded and had it all in his mouth with his nose deep in Todd's pubic hair.

He sucked with all he had and soon Todd's breathing became rapid and he arched his back, urging Greg to take it all. Greg knew that Todd was nearing his climax, and sucked with even more eagerness. Then it happened.

With a loud 'AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH, Fuck I'm cumming,' Todd's cock exploded and huge torrents of cum flooded into Greg's waiting mouth and throat. Greg quickly began swallowing so as not to loose any of the delicious necter. Milking it completely dry, he climbed back up next to Todd and kissed him passionately.

'Sport, that's the best damn blow job I've ever had and I've had a lot. You can suck me any time you want to.'

'I'll remember you said that,' Greg said smiling at Todd.

'And I meant it. Now, It's my turn.'

Todd began working on Greg just as Greg had worked on him. Greg moaned with pleasure with every tongue flick on his body. BEfore long, he looked down as his cock disappeared into his former coach's mouth. As horny as he was he knew he couldn't hold oout very long. It was feeling better than any he had ever had and soon with a yell to match Todd's, he climaxed into Todd's mouth and throat. Todd eagerly swallowed the hot thick teen cum.

AS they lay side by side, Greg said, 'I wish we had found out about each other two years ago.'

'It wouldn't have done you any good. You were a student, which I might have overlooked, but the main thing is that you were underage. 'That's a definate no-no for me.'

Greg sat up and smiling, said to Todd, 'Breakfast wad delicious. Want to go see what they're serving for desert?'

Todd laughed as they got up and dressed and went topside. After eating real food, they walked the deck, this time openly checking out the guys and making comments to each other. They decided that they wanted to see if they could get a few of the guys to their cabin one or two at a time to join them for sex.

Todd revealed to Greg that he had brought a few porn DVD's along in case they were needed to seduce Greg. Greg laughed as he admitted to Todd that he had been trying to figure out a way to seduce him.

'Maybe we can find one or two that are pretty drunk and get them to join us in our cabins. Then we can put in a DVD and see what develops,' suggested Greg.

'You are one devious little bastard, you know that?'

'Yep, I sure do.'

They killed time on deck and after lunch, they returned to their cabin and were soon back in bed. Greg looked at Todd and said softly, 'Fuck me, please.'

Todd smiled and said, 'Only if you promise me that I can have the pleasure of having yur hot cock up my ass in return.'

'It will be my pleasure.'

Soon, Todd had Greg lubed up and was slowly easing the head of his cock into Greg's ass. AS the huge head popped in Greg jumped and loudly said, 'OH, FUCK!'

'You want me to stop?'

'Fuck no. I've dreamed of this, just give me a few minutes to get used to it's size.'

Todd did and after about fifteen minutes, he was buried balls deep in Greg's ass.

'That feels so good now,' Greg said. 'Now fuck my ass and make me squeal.'

Todd began his fucking of the tight teen ass pounding it hard and deep for a while then slow and easy for a while. Before long though, he couldn't hold out any longer and with one hard final thrust, he went completely in and when he reached bottom his cocki exploded, washing Greg's insides with his thick creamy cum.

Slowly he pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to Greg. they cuddled together and were soon sound asleep.

When they awoke, Todd went to the bath to elieve his bladder and as he walked back to the bed he noticed a note of the dresser. Picking it up he began reading. 'Oh, shit!' he exclaimed.

'What's wrong?' Greg asked.

'Here, read this,' he said handing Greg the note.

Greg took it and began reading.

'Dear Sirs, I came to clean your cabins and found you asleep. I'm glad I didn't wake you. Whenever your ready you can call me at extension 71534 and I'll be glad to clean your cabing or be of service in any way I can.' It was signed 'Jason, Cabin Steward.'

'Damn, I'm sure he saw us cuddled together. You think we should call him and see how he reacts?'

'Yea, that might be a good idea,' Todd answered. He picked up the phone and dialed the extension. When it was answered he said 'Jason please.'


'This is cabin 8132. I found you note and if your're available, you can service the two cabins.'

'I'll be right there, sir.'

They dressed in shorts and tees and waited. Within minutes, Jason arrived. As he began work, he acted as if he hadn't seen anything. Todd had to say something to see his reaction.

'Uh, Jason, I hope we didn't offend you when you came in.'

'Oh, no sir. In fact, to be honest I've been caught in exactly the same situation myself. Don't you two worry about a thing.'

'Well, can I be forward and ask a question?'

'Of course.'

'Uh, are you gay?'

'Yes, sir, I am,' he answered as he continued changing their beds.

Todd glanced at Greg and raised his eyebrows. He was asking what Greg thiught. Greg nodded slightly saying 'yes'.

Todd turned back to Jason and asked, 'Do you ever get a chance to jopin any of your guest for fun?'

'It's strictly against the rules, but yes I do. I have to be very careful about it though.'

'I can understand.' Then after a pause, Greg spoke up and said, 'Did you like what you saw earlier?'

'Yes, I did.'

'If you'd like, we'd like you to stop by when you're off duty,' Todd said.

'I'd like that. Will tonight after nine be convenient?'

'It would be perfect.' Todd told him.

In conversation, they found out that Jason was twenty-three and loved being used to please his partners in every fashion. He admitted to being a 'cum junkie' saying that he couldn't get enough of it.

He finished his clean-up and said he'd see them later that evening. As he stepped to the door, he said, 'However, when I visit, you won't recognize me. I'll say 'Where have you been?' when you open the door and will barge in. I hope you know that will be for my security.'

'Yes, we do.'

When Jason left, Todd looked at Greg and said, 'I think we're going to have us a sex slave tonight.'

'It sounded like that to me also,' Greg replied.

They went to dinner then to one of the bars and checked out the males cruising around for pussy. Shortly before nine they returned to their cabins, not knowing which one Jason would knock at. They anxiously waited. At twenty after nine there was a knock on Greg's door.

To be continued...




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