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Chapter 2

The next morning, Todd walked through the connectine door of their cabins and into Greg's bedroom saying, 'Rise and shine, sleepyhead.'

Greg was on top of the covers and nude, as was Todd. Greg rolled over, still half asleep, revealing a huge morning woody. When hard, Greg was close to nine and a half inches. He looked up into Todd's face seeing him staring at his cock. He tried to hide it.

'Damn Greg, where in the hell did you get that monster? It sure didn't look like that last night.'

'Uh, sorry about that,' Greg said, secretly glad that Todd had seen it.

'Hell man, there is no need to try and hide it. If I had one like that, I'd be showing the fucker off,' Todd told him.

'Well, you're not so bad yourself,' Greg said.

'Do the guys you get with take all of that monster? I'm just curious.'

'Yea, they do. In both ends.'

'Damn,' Todd said.

'Since I talked to you and told you I was gay, it is so easy to talk to you about this now.'

'I'm glad. I want us to be friends now instead of coach and student. I have other gay friends and am proud to have them as my friends. And relax. I've seen them walk around with boners also.'

'Really? Where?'

'There are several of us that go camping and one of the guys is gay and another is married and bi. We go to secluded spots because we all like being nude. If one of us gets a boner, we just walk around with it. No big deal.'

'They ever see you get a boner?'

'All the time. Had one when I got up about an hour ago.'

Greg smiled and rolled back over and got up, his hard cock sticking straight out, excited that Todd was looking at it.

What would Greg do to get Todd into bed? He had to work on that.

Gred headed for the bathroom to piss while Todd started brewing coffee. When Greg returned, he found that Todd's cock was slightly larger that it had been earlier. His mouth began to salivate.

They each got a cup of coffee and went out onto the balcony, enjoying the breeze and salty air.

After a few minutes, Todd slipped his arm around Greg's shoulders and said, 'How about we get dressed and get a light breakfast before that rock climb?'

'If we must but I'd love to just spend the whole day here nude with you. I feel comfortable when I'm with you.'

'Sport, we got two full weeks on this cruise. We'll be able to do that a lot.'

The dressed, ate, and made it to the rock climbing just in time for their appointment.

'I bet I'll beat you,' Greg said.

'I'll take that bet. What about if the looser gives the other a full body massage?'

'Deal,' said Greg.

Greg knew he could beat Todd, but the thought of having Todd's hands all over his body excited him.

The climb began and Greg easily pulled ahead of Todd. Not wanting to beat Todd too bad, Greg faked having trouble getting his footing letting Todd get closer. At the last minute, greg surged ahead and Beat Todd by only seconds. They laughed and hugged and was soon back down at the base of the tower.

'I can't wait for that massage,' Greg said. How about tonight before bed?'

'You got it sport.'

They spent the rest of the day eating, playing video games, and visiting with a few other guys they met. the other guys seemed more interested in the females. Todd, and Greg for appearances sake, agreed that there were some hoy broads on the cruise.

that evening they went to the dining room for dinner. Greg had seen that the menu for that night was Steak and Lobster and he loved both. The attire was coat and tie, so they went to their cabin and dressed.

'Damn, don't you look spiffy!' Todd said when Greg walked into his room.

'You don't look pretty hot yourself,' Greg said with a smile, wondering if Todd caught what he was insinuating.

They entered the dining room and found their seating wich was with two other guys and four ladies. The conversation during dinner was about where everyone was from, age, and the like. After dinner Greg and Todd excused themselves and headed out.

As they walked olong the deck, Greg looked at Todd and said, 'Hey, if you see a chick you want, go for it. You don't have to spend the entire cruise with me.'

'Greg, you're the reason I came on this cruise. Knowing you are gay, I knew that you'd be pretty much by yourself. I came to be with you. Why do you think I requested that we have connecting rooms? I lied and told them that I was your brother.'

'Thanks,' Greg said laughing. 'I really appreciate that and it will be so much better with you here.'

'You want to take in a movie or see the floor show?' Todd asked.

'Fuck no. I want to go back and get out of this fucking monkey suit.'

Todd laughed and said, 'Yea, I know what you mean.'

They returned to their cabins and quickly stripped. Greg joined Todd in his cabin and they each grabbed a beer and went out onto Todd's balcony. After a couple of beers, Greg smiled and asked, 'Are you ready to pay off that bet?'

'Ready as I'll ever be. Do you have any oil or lotion to use?'

'Yea. Let's go to my room.'

They went to Greg's room and Greg retrieved a small bottle of lotion and handed it to Todd.

Laying on his stomach with his arms out at a slight angle he said, 'Any time you're ready.'

Todd straddled Greg butt and dripped lotion on Greg's back and shoulders. As he began to rub it in, Greg moaned and said, 'Damn, that feels good.'

Todd massaged Gregs shoulders, arms, and back. Sliding off to the side, ha massaged his ass cheeks and down his legs, paying particulay attention to the thighs, sliding his hands down so as to gently touch Greg's nut sack. When Todd had finished with his feet he said, 'Turn over Sport. Let me get the other side.'

When Greg turned over his hige hard cock lay on his stomach. Todd looked at it and smiled. Starting at Greg's toes, Todd worked his way back up Greg's body, massaging his legs, hips, waist, chest, and arms.

Greg looked over and noticed that Todd now had an erection also, and was it ever nice. Not as long as Greg, only about eight inches, but it was thick, about the thickest Greg had ever seen.

When Todd appeared to be through, Greg smiled and said, 'There is one part you missed.'

'Yea, I guess I did say a 'full body' massage, didn't I?' Applying a small amount of lotion on his hand, he reached down and grasp Greg's hard cock and began stroking it up and down.

As Tood began, Greg sighed and said 'Oh yes. That's it.'

Todd stared at the cock as he stroked it, unaware of what Greg was doing. Greg was easing his hand around to gently grasp Todd's cock and was soon stroking it. Todd eased into a sixty-nine position and before long, each man was eagerly stroking the other. Before long, each man was climaxing, sending huge torrents of cum out onto their own chest and stomachs.

When it was over, Greg smiled and said, 'Damn, I needed that.'

'So did I,' Todd replied, adding 'and if anyone would have said that I'd do this with a student or former student, I'd have called him a liar.'

'Todd, do you jerk off at home?'

'Yea, almost daily but also alone most of the time, don't you?'

'Oh, yea, daily. Sometimes twice a day, and what did you mean by 'alone most of the time'?'

'Occasionally, a buddy will stop by and if we get to watching porn we might jerk off, but we jerk our own.'

They looked at their cum covered bodies and began laughing. 'We better get cleaned up, and get to bed,' Todd said.

They headed for the bathroom, where they wipped the cum off their bodies and Greg headed for his room.

Each man, in his own bed, began thinking of what had just happened.

After a while, Greg got up and walked to Todd's bedroom to tell him that he hoped they could do it again, but he heard Todd softly snoring. Gerg returned to his room and got back into bed, but sleep was not to be had. He looked at his clock a while later. Two in the morning. He got up, eased back into Todd's room and quietly and gently slipped into bed next to Todd.


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