Sometimes Life plays some strange tricks on you, as I found out about three years ago.

I had been going to college, working on my engineering degree, and a side degree in business administration.

I finally achieved my goal, graduated and had been putting my resume out to various large corporations, I had done well in my education, I was in the top five of my class, graduated with honors, so I was proud when I heard my name called for my diploma.

But now as the card my father had given me at the graduation party they had thrown me, It read.. ' And Now,,,Some really good advice for the graduate,,'GET TO WORK.'

That is exactly what I planned to do.

I had sent my resume to at least a list of a hundred corporations or more, some by typed letter and some on the internet.

I was laying back in the tub at my apartment, enjoying the war water gently sloshing on my nuts, making me so fucking horny I thought I would bust.

I was almost to the point of blowing my load,enjoy a little self love there, when the cell phone rang, I came out of my sexual stupor and jumped up to answer the phone.

'Hello',, This is He,' I said, there was a very nice sounding lady on the phone that wanted to know if I could get to New York City to have an interview with a Mr. Daniel Allison Paddison.

Of course I would be there, I only lived in Ohio at the time. I had my own car, I packed my bags and took everything that I thought I would need, and off I went, I left on a Friday morning, and was to be there for the interview on the following Monday.

I got my hotel room across from the huge building that the Paddison Corporation Owned and had their corporate offices in.

I stood below the building and looked up, Holy shit was it a big building, almost 40 stories tall, very posh and modern looking, I was a little surprised because I had never heard of the Paddison Corporation.

I was anxious to get there and I knew if given the opportuniy I could to them a great job. I was willing to take any opening they wanted me in.

It was Saturday night, I needed some action, it had been months since I had felt the touch of another person, and I was so fucking horny I felt I could fuck all night and still not be completely satisfied.

I got dressed casually, and went out to find a bar or something.

Now I usually don't do the bar scene, just not my cup of tea, but I was in a strange city and wanted to test the waters, so to speak.

I walked up 42nd street north, and saw this little pub and bar, and I saw a couple guys walking out of the door holding hands, I felt a twinge in my stomach, I had found what I was looking for.

I went in and it was not full but not empty either, I walked up to the bar and this doll of a bar tender came up and gave me the widest, most awesome smile I had seen in a long time, he had a beautiful pearly white smile and the most cute face a guy could have, damn was he hot.

'He handsome what can I get for you,' he said.

'I'll take a big glass of you,' I said without even thinking.

'Sorry sweetie David, my boss, is my boyfriend, and he might have a problem with that, but I can give you a nice drink, whats your poison.' he said with an adoreble smile.

'But if it wasn't for him being here, I would be all over you like a bass on a junebug.' he said as he licked his lips sensously.

Now I don't usually go for femish guys, just not my style, but I would have fucked this dude in the middle of broadway during rush hour traffice, he as so sensual, or maybe I was just that fucking horny.

Well I had had about five drinks when I had to unleash the liquid in my bladder,

I asked Tim,(the cute bartender) and he directed me to the mensroom.

I got inside that I could tell someone was getting a blowjob in the cubical to my left, there were two sets of feet under the wall, both with there pants down around their ankles and they were facing each other. Just hearing the sounds of a mouth slurpping on a guys cock gave me the hardest boner I had felt in a while.

I was standing at the urinal whan the door came open, and then I hear it snap locked I didn't pay it any mind, but as I looked to my right there stood Tim, the bartender, and he walked right up beside me at the next urinal, whipped a very nice cut cock, and began to stroke it, I looked down and then up at his face, he was admiring my boner, he reached over and took my hardon in his hand and then leaned down and I almost fell backward as he began sucking my cock, damn it felt great, his mouth was so hot, wet and he could take the 'whole enchalada' I mean to the balls which he had pulled out of my trousers.

I was in heaven, hearing those other guys doing their deed in the stall, and Tim working on my cock giving me the most awesome blowjob I had felt in many months.

I just moaned and grunted and whispered as I was about to blow my load, wanting to give Tim the opportunity to get off if he wasn't into swallowing, he just grabbed my ass and went at it harder, I was in la la land when my cock began to belch out several shots of hot creamy cock sauce, into Tim's mouth, and he swallwoed it all, looked up and smiled at me as I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth savoring the taste of his clear, sweet pre-cum.

It didn't take me very long and Tim let out a grunt and rewarded me with his cum, it tasted fantastic, hadn't taste cum in a long time.

We straightened ourself up and went back out in the bar, had a few drinks and I tipped Tim an nice time and told him goodby, 'Believe me, It was my pleasure, sweetie,' and he patted me on my cheek, 'I'll be back that's a given,' I said. 'Just don't make it to long.' he said.

I left and went back to the hotel room and slept like a baby, I felt so good, got my pipes cleaned and drained one too.

It was the following Monday that I appeared at the Office Building of Paddison Corp, I went up to the office of Mr. Paddison, but I was to see him personally, I just thought the job must be important, I sat outside the office in the Secretary area, and I waited, looking thru a pamplet of some sort when I heard my name called, I got up and said, 'Yes I'm he,' I walked to the double office door, and was allowed to go into this huge fantastic office, which looked like something out of a mega movie.

I walked in and was greeted by a man of in his mid forties, Hello son, Im Reginald Paddison.

I introduced myself and he offered me a chair, and a cup of coffee or a soft drink.

I was really just anxious to get on with the job.

Mr. Paddison had my resume in front of him, Well son your resume is quite impressive, I love the fact that you have the education and were top in your class.

'Well son, can I call you Collin?' he said.

'Oh, yes sir, please do.' I responded.

'Well Collin, I have a special proposition for you, if your interested, you look like a trustworthy, very nice young man.'

'My proposition is this, I need someone about your age to be a mentor, caretaker and sort of a tutor for my son, you will be very well paid, and taken care of.'

It is not a corporate job but you will be given a car to use, given total insurance coverage a very handsome salary, and benefits like you would never have to want for anything. Sound alright to you Collin.'

I thought I might have to pinch myself to see if this was for real, 'Well sir, let me give this some thought.'

'Well Im in need of someone no later than tomorrow, but it is a chance of a lifetime. My son really needs someone to just take care of him more or less.'

I gave it some thought and decided to give it a try.

'Well have my chauffer drive you to your place and pick up your things you will be living at my estate in upstate New York and you will have your own little apartment inside the estate. I need someone I can trust, his mother is dead and I have to be gone on business a lot of the time.'

I went down to the ground floor and went to the front desk and asked for Mark, the company chauffer, I saw this young man about thirty, in a chauffers outfit, hat and all and gave him the note from Reginald Paddison.

He looked at me and smiled and said, 'Your really in for a surprise,' he said.

'A surprise, is this kid a retard, or handicapped or something or is he just a spoiled brat that needs his ears boxed.' I asked, the chauffer just laughed and said, 'You'll see, all I will say is keep your balls covered and protected.'

I was beginning to wonder if I had made a mistake.

When we pulled onto the property after about a two hour drive, I was mesmerized, this place looked like a English castle, loads of rooms, of which I was led to a two bedroom apart, or suite as they called it, it was bigger than the apartment that I was renting in New York City. I was in awe with this estate.

I was then led by the butler to Lawrence Reginald Paddison's room, I was expecting to see a little boy come out and I was shocked to see this young man, Holy shit he was good looking, very well built, he looked like he was at least seventeen or eighteen years old. Lawrence took one look at me and smiled, 'Hi I'm Larry, I hate being called Lawrence, so just call me Larry, Please. You must be Collin?' he said with a nice smile.

I stood there speachless, this kid was in a pair of what looked like biker shorts and a tank top shirt, with an incredible bulge between his legs.

I looked up at his face and he had caught me staring at his crotch, 'See something you like?' He said.

'Well Larry, I would be lying if I said I didn't,'

Larry reached over and put his arm around my shoulder and said, 'I think we are going to get along really well.'

I saw the butler, look over at me and say, 'I have never seen Master Lawrence act that way to anyone before.'

Larry just smiled at me and said, 'You might as well get on the job, come with me.'

The butler left and went downstairs and I went with Larry, we walked into Larry's bedroom, and he turned and walked up to me and I grabbed my crotch remembering what the chauffer had said to watch my nuts.

I felt Larry, lean over and pulled my head to himself and kissed me, I was bowled over, but I loved the feel. His lips were hot, wet and sensous.

I pulled away, and looked into his eyes, 'AHHH! dont you have a girlfriend?'

'Who the fuck wants a girlfriend, I learned from My past caregiver before he went back to England, that a guy can give better blowjobs and they know how to really take care of a guys needs, thats why I ask my father for a new one, and your it, so I suggest you learn to enjoy sucking cock and getting your cock sucked, so If you not committed to something for the evening, please lets get on with it, its been at least two months for me, and Im so fucking horny it could shit. So please get undressed.'

I began to feel his hand unbutton my shirt and undo my tie, and pulled them off.

Next he undid my belt and undid my trousers, which were now tenting, I saw a big smile appear on Larry's face when he saw the bulge, his hand slipped into my trousers and felt my hard throbbing cock thru my briefs. 'Oh Fucking yea, now were talking,' he said.

I looked down at his beautiful body as he knelt down and pulled the elastic out adn took my cock into his mouth, 'HOlY FUCK, Damn dude, you've been doing this for a while, haven't you?'

'Ugh Huh!' Larry said. Then I realized he couldn't speak very plain with his mouth full.

I wasn't complaining, mind you.

As young Larry was giving me about he best blowjob I had ever had, I felt the cum boiling deep in my groin, I just let him have it, I unloaded my load into his mouth and watch him as he acted like a starving dog, squeezing my nuts and milking them for all they could give, I remember then what he chauffer had told me, Watch your nuts, That son of a bitch had gotten head from this kid, himself.

My body finished its jerking motion, and unloading my cum into Larry's mouth and he licked me clean, I felt exhausted and drained.

'Now get that sweet ass of yours on the bed,' Larry said.

I was wondering what he had in mind, then I noticed him getting a tube of lube from his night stand, hey I just thought, 'Im gonna get fucked, won't be the first time and I get paid for it to, awesome, how bad can it be.'

I watched as Larry pulled off his tank top shirt, Holy shit was his upper body beautiful, thick chest muscles, tanned and ripped, an eight pack that only comes from working out, and the light smattering of beautiful hair that makes a true mans man wilt with the seeing of it. This kid was gorgeous. then he took off his sneakers and socks, I watched as he began to slide his running shorts off and when I saw his cock, I had second thoughts, MOther fucker his pubic hair was thick and gorgeous and there hanging between his legs was a cock like I had never seen before.

I looked surprised when I saw it, and Larry smiled, 'well what do you think of it?'

All I could say was 'HOly Fuck kid, how much did your Dad have to pay to give you that? Just how big it anyway?'

Well Me and Nigel, measured it when He worked here. I was just seventeen then and it was nine inches long and 6.5 inches around, you like it? Nigel sure did.'

I was waiting th eonslot of that monster to be crammed into my asshole when I felt his gentle touch and he raised my ass up and began to face dive into my ass, his tongue was bathing my asshole in the most awesome feeling licking and tongue fuck I had ever felt. I was in total love and heat with this kid and by the time he was done, I wanted his cock full depth inside me, I didn't care if it was fifteen inches long and nine inches in circumference, I just wanted it.

I felt his fingers sliding lube deep inside me, and then he got up, raised my legs up over his shoulders and I felt the cock against my asshole and the heat from it was incredible, making me want it more.

Larry looked straight into my eyes and leaned into my body and I felt the sting of initial entry, I felt myself pushing my asshole upward receiving his full manhood, and the game of the century was on, Larry began to slowly and gently slide his hot cock, balls deep into my body and I felt his shaft brushing over that sensitive prostate, sending shivers and sensations thru my whole body, god I was quickly falling in love with this kid, I thought about the statement that was made to me by the chauffer, 'YOur in for a big surprise,' I had no Idea that the surprise he spoke of was over nine inches long and six and a half inches in circumference. But what the fuck, I love surprises, and I was really loving this one.

I was wondering, as he fucked my ass so wonderfully, just how the fuck did this kid learn how to do this in just a few short years.

I Heard his soft gentle moans and he began to pick up speed and I knew he was getting closer to filling me with his seed.

I began to milk Larry's cock with my asshole muscles, Larry began to ramm it home to the balls and I knew he was just about there, 'Oh god, Oh Fuck, UGMMMMMMM! and I felt his body doing it's thing as he filled me with his load of cum, I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him tight against my body with his cock still empaled inside my body and I started shooting my load without even touching my cock, it was awesome, and I was inlove with this spoiled little brat.

We finally seperated and just lay there naked, I finally asked Larry as he leaned over and licked my nipples and played with the pools of my cum on my belly, and smiled and looked into my eyes.

Man Larry, where the hell did you learn to suck cock and fuck like you have, you didn't learn that overnight and by chance, you've had some experience, Fuck kid, how old were you when you first had sex with a guy Larry?'

He looked over and said, 'Well lets see, I guess it was when I was fifteen, Nigel, my caregiver at the time, decided I needed to start learning what sex was, and that first night we did anything, He taught me to give and receive a blow job, He was uncut and I thought that was cool, I loved his cock and that neat foreskin, and when he shot his load he told me that to spit it out and not swallow your lovers cum was basically an insult, and that when you had a man or woman in bed with you, you were to be loving and considerate when giving them pleasure, to treat them like you wanted to be treated.

Nigel and I did that almost everynight after that, but he couldn't take my cock like you did in his ass, we tried but when I fucked you tonight, it was the first time for me I have wanted to do that but your my first guys to take my cock, Nigel told me that I was way above average sized in the cock department and I had nothing to be ashamed of.'

'Fuck Larry you can say that again, your bigger than most guys I know.'

We began to sleep together and I got to fuck Larry's ass the next night, and Yes I was surprised at the size of his cock and I had nothing that I ever regretted about taking this job, It paid way more than I ever thought it would. The Benefits have been astronomical.

Larry and I are unseperable, and I wouldn't have it any other way, we go on ski trips together, I have been to Paris with him and several tours of Europe, and many places in the USA,, I love the new job and the job seems to love me too.



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