The Caregiver


Danny McGuire's mother died when he was ten years old. He never knew exactly why. He only remembered hearing something about "complications following surgery." He also seemed to remember hearing something about a "hysterectomy." He didn't know what that was, and he was never comfortable about asking his father, who was grieving enough.

Following his mother's death, he and his father became much closer than they had been before. Bob McGuire spent every spare moment with his son. He had plenty of time. He owned several high end jewelry shops along Madison and Fifth Avenues, and other degrees of jewelry in less fancy parts of the city. The lowest end store featured costume jewelry only. He had good managers, and he was rarely in any of the stores himself. He took Danny on ski vacations, ball games, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, Broadway Theater, museums, and just about any other place he could think of. They were more than father and son. They were buddies ... until ...

When Danny was a junior in high school, he wanted very much to go to an out-of-town college or university, but the thought of leaving his father alone, weighed heavily on him, so he told his father that he would only consider a local New York City University. It never occurred to Danny that he might be hindering his father's own chances at love and happiness with another woman. His father said that whatever he chose to do was OK with him.

Bob's acceptance made Danny bolder. When he announced that he wanted to go to college in New York City, he also announced (somewhat proudly) that he was gay. His father was stunned, but he collected himself. He didn't hug his son, or tell him that it made no difference, but he did tell him that he loved him, and then he walked away.

After that, things were never the same. They were cordial to each other, but they were never buddies again. Bob stopped taking his son anywhere with him, and he began to date woman. That both saddened and gladdened Danny at the same time. At the end of his junior year, Danny told Bob that he had reconsidered, and might apply to out of town schools. Bob did not seem upset. In fact, he suggested, Cornell, which was his alma mater. Danny applied to, and was accepted, there.

The subject of their private lives was taboo. Danny never asked his father if any of the women he dated were special, and Bob never asked his son if there was someone special in his life. Bob would have been shocked to have learned that when Danny graduated high school, he was still a virgin.

That situation altered quickly before his first week at Cornell was over. He consulted The Gay Yellow Pages, and learned that there was one gay friendly bar in Ithaca. He went there Friday evening after dinner. He made more friends there that night than in all his high school years. And why not? Danny was a younger version, practically a clone of his father. They both stood six feet tall, with dark blond, very straight hair, blue eyes, square chin, and great bodies. Before Danny had announced that he was gay, they had both worked out together at a local gym. Since they showered together after their workout, they also knew that they were both cut, and had about five inch flaccid cocks. Bob stopped taking Danny to the gym, when he learned he was gay.

A senior student, who lived off campus, invited Danny home that evening, and they spent the night together. Danny happily lost his virginity to an excellent teacher. As an added bonus, Tom Farrell was from New York City, and they could get together on school holidays. They did just that until fate had other ideas.

When Danny came home on school breaks, Bob was cordial enough. He even hugged his son, but he never made any plans, which the two of them could do together. That left Danny plenty of time to get together with Tom. They also had plenty of opportunity. Bob was out almost every night with a different woman, and the boys had sex in Danny's room.

One evening Tom arrived as Bob was leaving, and Danny introduced them. Bob remained his cordial self. He knew what would happen after he left, and even if he didn't condone it, he was glad for his son. Danny consoled himself with the thought that his father had accepted his life style, even if they had grown somewhat apart.

Danny was taking the last final exam of his first semester at Cornell, when his cell phone vibrated. He wasn't supposed to have a cell phone with him, so he let the message go to voice mail. As soon as the exam was over, he listened to his messages. Imagine his shock, and great pleasure, when he heard his father's voice.

"Hi Danny. I've got a surprise for you. You won't be going home by bus tomorrow, as you had planned. I'm already on the road, and headed to Ithaca. I should be there by 5 PM. Then we are driving to Hunter Mountain for a weekend of skiing, before heading back to New York for Christmas. I hope my plans meet with your approval ... (long hesitation) ... I love you, Son."

Danny wanted to cry with happiness. It was like old times with him and his father. He rushed back to his room to pack. His roommate had finished his exams also, and was already headed home to Buffalo. It was only 1 PM. He was very antsy, and he didn't know how he would kill the time. He would have called Tom, but he had left the afternoon before.

He called Bob's cell to let him know that he would be ready for him.

"Great," was all Bob could mutter.

"I love you too, Dad. More than I ever told you."

They arrived at the ski lodge at about 10 PM, and checked right in. They hoped to get a good night sleep before hitting the slopes the next day. They had asked for a double, and although the room was considered a double, it had only one queen-sized bed. Neither Bob nor Danny gave it a second thought. They had often shared a double bed when traveling together, but Danny had been younger, and Bob had not yet known that his son was gay.

They showered individually, and then climbed into bed wearing only their boxer shorts. Their bodies never touched and they both fell asleep rather quickly. They slept well, and only awakened when they received their 6 AM wake-up call.

"You use the bathroom first," Danny told his father.

"OK, but I won't shower until after we ski."

"Fine. Wake me when you get out." Danny rolled over and tried to get a few extra minutes of sleep. Too bad. He missed seeing his dad's magnificent morning woodie; eight fat inches of cut cock. Bob was more fortunate. When he got out of the bathroom, he alerted Danny, who rolled out of bed. His erect cock was a duplicate of his fathers. Bob smiled to himself.

They had a bagel and coffee, generously provided by the lodge, and set out for the slopes. They skied until 1 PM and then called it a day. Back in their room, Danny used the shower first. When he stepped out of the shower, Bob was ready to step in. They checked each other out, of course, but both were flaccid. They were ready for lunch by 2 PM, and went down to the lodge's restaurant.

Over lunch, Danny got his courage up, and decided to quiz his father. "Dad, I've wanted to ask you this for a long time. It's kinda personal."

"That's OK. Shoot."

"I know you have been dating lots of women, but is there someone special? I hate the thought of you being all alone."

Bob smiled at his son. "I appreciate your concern, but let me assure you I'm never alone or lonely. Here's the plain truth. I don't want to get involved. I'm getting lots of sex and having lots of fun."

"But when you get older," Danny protested, "don't you want to have a companion?"

"Sure, but for now, I'm just where I want to be. Now, as long as we are being personal, how about you and Tom?"

"There's nothing going on except sex, Dad. Tom is graduating this June. He has cousins in L.A., and he's always said he wants to move there. I may never see him again, after the spring semester. Don't worry about me. I'm getting plenty of sex also. It's OK for now."

Father and son grinned at each other. That moment in time was probably the most intimate encounter they had ever had together.

That afternoon and evening they gathered around the big fireplace in the lobby of the ski lodge and socialized with the other skiers. One recently divorced woman in her thirties flirted shamelessly with Bob. She was very attractive, and the two of them disappeared for a couple of hours. During that time, Danny socialized with two other male college students, who attended NYU in New York. They were sharing a room, and Danny had suspicions about them, but his gaydar was not honed, and he wasn't sure. He was not about to ask them, and they said nothing to him. He had hoped for an invitation to a threesome.

It was quite late when father and son finally went to bed. This time Bob left a 7 AM wake-up call. Danny woke up about 5 in the morning. He had to pee badly. He was shocked to find himself nesting against his father's butt, with his erection resting comfortably in Bob's crack. Fortunately, Bob was fast asleep, thoroughly exhausted from his recent sexual encounter. Danny jumped out of bed and relieved himself. When he returned to the bed, he lay down a discreet foot away from Bob.

This day they only skied until noon, returned to the lodge, and checked out before the 1 PM check out deadline. They had lunch at the lodge, and headed for home. While they were having lunch, it began to snow lightly. An hour into the trip, it began to snow heavily. Visibility was poor. Danny suggested they stop and check into a motel, but the Thruway was relatively clear thanks to an aggressive snow removal policy. Bob decided to keep going. They would be home in less than two hours.

Bob was concentrating on the road before him. He failed to see a huge semi barreling toward them from behind. It was travelling at a speed much too fast for the condition of the road. As the truck approached them, it pulled into the left lane with the intention of passing them. When it pulled out, it skidded, and started weaving back and forth. The driver tried to steady the vehicle, and eventually he did, but not before he side-swiped Bob's car and sent it off the road. The entire driver's side was bashed in, and Bob was severely injured. Danny was hardly hurt at all, but the impact left him dazed, and he blacked out.


They woke up In Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY. Bob was in surgery. Danny, who was not badly hurt, was being treated in the emergency room for bruises and abrasions. He kept asking about his father, but could receive no information. Finally, when the antiseptics were applied, and bandages put in place, the ER nurse told him he should wait in the lobby for news of his father who was still in surgery. The tearful young man could do nothing but obey her.

It seemed like hours passed before one of the surgeons looked for him in the lobby. He was the only bandaged young man in sight, so Dr. Farrell went right to him.

"Mr. McGuire?" he inquired. Danny jumped up.

"Sit," the doctor ordered him. "We need to talk."

"He's dead isn't he?" Danny sobbed. The doctor took his hand.

"Not by a long shot," the doctor said. "Your dad's a real fighter. He's stable right now, but he's not out of danger."

"Give it to me doctor. I want to know what to expect. My dad is the only family I have."

"Here's the story, Daniel," the doctor began. "Because you were side-swiped, the air bag did not deploy. Aside from abrasions all over his body, he broke the ulna in his right arm, and both the ulna and radius in his left arm. Both of his legs were crushed. We've set all the bones, but we have no way of knowing if we might have to amputate one or both of them in the future. Even if we can save his legs, it's up for grabs if he'll ever walk again. When he's ready we'll send him to rehab, and at some point he'll be sent home. He's going to need lots of home care after that. I wish I could give you better news."

"You gave me great news, doctor. My dad is going to live, no matter what the outlook is. I'll take care of him. Nobody can give him better care than I can, but I have a question. How soon can I have him transported to Manhattan so that we can continue his care at home? My dad owns several jewelry shops in New York. I'm going to have to take over for him."

"Can you manage the stores and care for your father at the same time?" the doctor asked.

"Thank God my dad has a great staff. He always treated them with respect and care, and I know they will all have my back."

"I can't give you a definite answer right now, but by the end of the week, I should have a better idea of his prognosis. In the meantime, where will you stay?"

"At the nearest hotel. Where would that be doctor?"


Three weeks later, Bob was transported by ambulance to a rehab hospital in Manhattan. It was a difficult task. He had been in a full body cast since his original surgery, but just before the transfer, the cast was removed, and the doctors applied a separate cast to each of his four limbs. It was a big step forward. Bob was now much more flexible.

Danny took a sabbatical from school, which turned out to be permanent. He spent his days going from store to store to handle problems, and to help the staff when needed. He also took over the buying function with the help of each store manager. He spent all his evenings in the rehab facility at his father's bedside.

On the first Sunday that Bob was in the facility, Danny spent the day with him. At about ten o'clock in the morning, a nurse came in to give Bob a bed bath.

"Let me do that," Danny implored the nurse. I'll be doing it when my dad gets home, and I'll need the practice. The doctors say he may be in those casts for at least six to eight weeks more."

"Sure," the nurse said.

"Just give me some instructions."

"Of course. I'll also show you how to change the bed sheet with the patient in it. You'll need to know that until we can get him out of bed."

So Danny gave his father a slow and tender bath following the nurse's instructions. He did everything she told him to do, then she said, "Tell you what. I have to leave for a bit. Why don't you do your father's genital area until he can use his arms again? When I get back, we'll change his bed linens."

Danny turned white. He hadn't considered that his father couldn't use his arms. He had to be helped with eating, and performing bodily functions. Bob saw his son's distress, and started to laugh. "It shouldn't be too hard for you to clean me there, son. After all you're gay."

"Yeah, I'm gay, but you're my father for God's sake."

"Pretend I'm your friend, Tom."

Now it was Danny's turn to laugh. "I don't think you would want me to touch you there the way I touch Tom. After all, it's more like fondling."

"Why don't you just get on with it? Who knows, I might just enjoy it. It's been weeks since I had sex, and I'm pretty horny."

Danny shut up. He took the wash cloth, and dipped it into the soapy water. Gingerly he took his father's cock in his hand, and began to wash it gently with the soapy cloth.

"Aren't you glad I'm circumcised? At least you don't have to clean under foreskin."

"Yes, Dad. Thank you for small favors," Danny said facetiously.

As Danny cleaned Bob's penis, balls, and even under his balls, he reluctantly thought he should clean Bob's ass hole as well. He ran the cloth up and down Bob's crack, and Bob started to get hard. "I told you, I was horny," he said. "If the nurse wasn't coming back in a minute, I'd let you finish me off."

Danny could not believe what he had just heard. "Are you serious?" he asked.

"Of course, I am. Didn't you hear the doctor say it would be several more weeks before the casts were removed from my arms? And who knows how long after that, before I'll be able to get enough strength back in my arms and hands to be able to whack off. Obviously, I'm not going to have sex for a long time yet."

By now, Danny was beyond shock. "I can't believe what I'm hearing," he said.

"I guess it's pretty hard for a son to believe that his father is a sexual human being."

"I can accept it, all right, but can we just not talk about it."

Danny avoided bathing his father again while was in the rehab facility. Bob only spent ten days there, and he was told he could go home, and do rehab as an outpatient. Neither father nor son could wait for the happy day when the ambulance brought Bob home.

During the day, they hired a male home health care aide, but Danny spent every evening at home with his father. The very first day of his homecoming, Danny got home about 5:30 PM. He said good night to the attendant, and asked his father if he needed anything before he started dinner.

"Yeah," Bob said. "A bath."

"Why didn't Jake give you one?"

"I didn't want him to touch me there. I wanted you to. I figured you aren't getting anything either, and it might relieve the stress for both of us. You're not going to get all coy and shy on me, are you?"

"No, but I just can't believe what you are asking me to do."

"It's just until we are both back in circulation. It'll be our little secret. After all, I love you, Son."

"I love you too, but..." Danny's voice trailed off.

"Stop talking so much. I need a bath. If you don't want to touch me there, I'll ask Jake tomorrow."

"Ok, you win. Let me get a basin with soapy water and a wash cloth."

Danny gave Bob a full body bath and saved his genitals for last. Finally he took his dad's cock in hand and began to bathe it gently. Again he included his father's balls and ass. Bob began to purr softly. By now he was hard as a rock.

"That feels so good," he said. "Please, Son, finish me off. I need it so badly. Danny was now sporting a good, hard erection, and was getting excited. He began to stroke his father gently. He could see Bob's balls hardening and shrinking. His father was cumming, and Danny lost all reason. He bent over and took his father's rod into his mouth. He ran his tongue up and down the 8 inch shaft.

"Yes, fuck," Bob yelled. "I'm cumming." He gushed an oversized load into his son's mouth. Danny swallowed all that he could. As Bob came, he started to sob. "Danny, boy, "I love you so much. I want to do that to you."

Danny was completely frenzied. He undressed quickly and helped his father move to the edge of the bed. Bob turned his head, and Danny presented his cock to him. Without hesitation, Bob took his son's cock into his mouth and sucked on it expertly. Danny was as hungry for it as his father was, and he came quickly. Bob surprised him, and swallowed all his cum. When it was over, they kissed, and Bob said once again, "I love you."

An eerie silence followed. Finally Bob said, "If you think that this is where I say, 'Forgive me son. I don't know what came over me,' guess again. I knew exactly what I was doing. From the moment you told me that you were gay, I began to desire you. I so feared my feelings that I stopped being your buddy, and taking you places, in case you ever wondered why. I slept with plenty of guys in college, but I always considered myself to be straight. That is, I believed that until I began to desire you sexually."

More silence filled the room. "Aren't you going to say anything?" Bob asked.

"You've left me speechless. What the hell can I say? You know how much I love you, but I never expected anything like this."

"I'm not going to apologize, so please accept that. It's just until I'm back on my feet. I don't want you to be tied down to me for life. I want you to find your lifetime companion. When I am well, I intend to do the same, only it won't be a woman this time."

"For the foreseeable future, you want us to be intimate and make love, and then you want me to go my way, and you'll go yours. Do you really think that will be possible, when we love each other so much?"

"I don't know, but it would be the smart thing to do."

"Nothing about our relationship is smart, Dad. You're asking me to give you up at some point. I don't think I can do that."

"Then let's not talk about it. Let's just make love, and when I am back on my feet, literally and physically, we'll re-examine our options," Bob concluded.

So for the next several weeks, they slept together and made love. Danny even gave Bob a present. One night, he straddled his father, and Bob was able to fuck him. When it was over, Bob cried happy tears. They were unable to find a position where Bob could fuck Danny until all his casts were removed. When that happened they were able to have a full, unrestrained love life.

The arm casts came off a week before the leg casts. Both men missed Danny's gentle touch when he washed his father, but now they fondled each other as part of their love play. When the leg casts came off, Bob's physical therapy was increased. It was a good two years after the accident before Bob could walk again with only the help of a cane.

Bob offered Danny the opportunity to return to college, but he refused. He was doing a good job managing the stores, and now Bob was pitching in. He loved what he was doing, and wanted to continue to do so.

It was just about that time that the insurance company settled with Bob for 1.8 million dollars, and with Danny for $125,000. They were able to pay off all medical debts, and still have plenty left over to invest.

One night in bed, Danny got frisky, but Bob was not responding. "What's wrong?" Danny asked.

"I think we should stop this, and look for companions."

Danny was stunned. "Don't you know how much I love you? I can't conceive of sleeping with anyone else."

"I'm twenty-five years older than you. When I die, you'll be alone."

"That's nonsense. There's no guarantee that you'll die before me. I could get a fatal disease tomorrow. We can cross that bridge after the first one of us dies."

"What'll you do when I'm too old to perform?" Bob persisted.

"Then I'll be content just to hold you in my arms all night."

"You're talking crazy," Bob said, unable to give it up.

"Yeah. I'm love crazy. Please stop blabbering, and make love to me before I bust."

"OK, but promise me that when you are tired of me, you'll look for a new lover."

Danny started to laugh. "That'll be the day. Do you think I could love anyone more than my own father."

"No, but you could love him enough to make him your life partner."

"You're still blabbering, and I'm getting hornier. You better do something about it."

So they made love that night like there was no tomorrow, not once, but three times. They were able to make love together until Bob died at ninety. Anal penetration was a thing of the past for Bob after his eightieth birthday, but they had good oral sex until the end. Danny was able to fuck Bob, until just a few nights before he died.

After the funeral, Danny faced the dilemma Bob had asked him about when he was a youth. 'I'll die before you, and you'll be alone.' He actually didn't care at first, but after a while he became very lonely. He wanted a lover and a companion, especially as he was growing older, and getting ready for retirement.

Soon after Bob's death, one of his store managers began to flirt with him. He was a handsome man in his 55th year. Danny had no idea that he was gay. At first he ignored him. Jeremy Finnegan flirted with everybody, especially all the female clerks.

Several months after Bob's death, Danny resumed going to what had been one of their favorite gay bars. He generally went only on a Friday or Saturday evening. One Saturday evening, for a change of scenery, he decided to go to a newly opened bar that he had heard about. He walked in, and did a double take. There was Jeremy sitting at the bar all alone.

He walked over, stood behind Jeremy, and asked, "Can I buy you a drink?"

Jeremy turned to see who it was. When he saw Danny, he smiled broadly. "Yes you can," he said.

And the rest, as they say, is history.



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