My mom walked out on dad and I when I was nine. Dad took it hard and joined a support group where he met Mark, another recent single dad.

The support group center had activities for all age kids while their father or mother were in meeting learning how to cope with raising a child alone.

At the first meeting, Brad and I became friends, finding that we had a lot in common. When the meeting ended and dad walked out with another man, Brad and I both ran over.

'Hey, dad,' I called, 'this is my new friend, Brad.'

'Nice to meet you Brad,' Dad said. 'Rex, this is Mark,' he added indicating the man he was with.

'Nice to meet you, Rex. Brad, this is Jim.'

'Hello, sir,' Brad said.

'Hi, Brad,' Dad said, then added, 'Looks like they are best buds.'

'Yea, it looks that way,' Mark said. 'How about joining Brad and I Saturday. We're going bowling then out to dinner.'

'Rex, what do you think?' Dad asked.

'Please, dad, can we?'

'I guess you have your answer,' dad told Mark.

'Great,' Mark replied. The quickly exchanged phone numbers and addresses. 'Why don't we pick you up about three Saturday afternoon?'

'We'll be ready,' Dad told him.

That was the beginning of a great friendship. The four of us were ogether most weekends, going bowling, to sporting events, renting a cabin at a nearby state park, or to video arcades.

It was good for dad to have such a close friend. Brad and I heard them many times opening up to each other about how to handle different situations.

Mark and Brad sold their house and moved into a rental just a block from us, so Brad and I could spend more time together abd attend school together.

Brad and were inseperable. That, of course, led to us 'experimenting' as we grew older. It only went as far as jerking together and sometimes jerking each other but that was it, nothing else.

Then, when we were allowed to stay at home alone, or together, at night, Dad and Mark would go out for time to themselves.

Brad and I graduated together from high school and made plans to go to college together. We were both now seventeen, and thought we knew it all.

Dad and Mark planned a two week long camping trip for all of us after graduation, not at the state park, but at a small cabin on private property owned by a friend of Mark's.

The cabin consisted of one room which contained one queen size bed, sofa and two chairs, TV, kitchen and dining area and in one corner a small close size room wih toilet and lavitory. The shower was outdoors on the side of the cabin with NO privacy.

Brad and I took their tent for us and dad and Mark would have to share the bed.

We headed out on a Saturday morning, and after stopping at a nearby store for groceries, we arrived at the cabin just before noon. We unloaded the car and helped put away the cold items. Then Brad and I took off to explore, collecing fire wood along the way.

When we returned to the cabin and went in, dad and Mark were standing close to each other but suddenly parted, going in different directions. Brad and I looked at each other quizically.

We set up our tent just outside the cabin and placed our sleeping bags in it. We ate lunch and walked to the lake next to the cabin and did some fishing. Later, as dad and Mark cleaned the fish for dinner, Brad said he wished he had brought a swim suit.

'Hey,' Mark said, 'we're on private property and no one else is going to be around. Go skinny dipping if you want to.'

I looked at dad for permission and he said, 'Hey, we all have he same basic equipment and it's nothing to be ashamed about. We just might join you later.'

'You want to?' Brad asked me.

'Sure, why not. We've seen each other naked in the showers after gym class.'

We took off to the lake and stripped on the grassy area next to it as Dad and Mark watched, smiling.

A few minutes later, we saw dad and mark approaching and when they reached the edge of the water they, too, stripped and joined us. It really seemed strange to see my dad and another man naked together and joining Brad and I.

We swam and splashed each other for a while before getting out. As we did, I noticed that it appeared that both our dads were partially erect. When alone, I asked Brad if he had noticed. He said yes he had but he'd seen his dad like that before and didn't think anything about it.

We prepared dinner and ae then sat around he fire a while. When we grabbed a flashlight saying we were going for a walk, Mark said, 'When you're headed back whistle or talk loud so we know you're coming and it's not some animal we're hearing.'

We agreed and tok off. When we returned, we began whistling loudly, then suddenly stopped. Easing around behind our dads, we quietly eased up behind them and as we grabbed them by the shoulders we yelled, scaring the shit out of them.

'You little shits!' dad exclaimed. 'Just watch out. We'll get even.'

Brad and I were laughing too hard to care.

We soon went to bed and slept soundly, awaking to the smell of breakfast cooking. We went into the cabin to find our dads cooking breakfast in just their briefs.

During the day we all went hiking, skinny dipping, and just laying around. Before we know it, dad and Mark said that they were going to bed.

Brad and I were still sitting by the fire and said we'd make sure it was out before we went to bed. A few minutes later we put out the fire and went to bed. As we lay there we heard Mark say, 'The fires out and they've gone to bed.'

As I was drifting off to sleep, Brad got up.

'Where you going?'

'I'll be right back. I gotta piss.'

A few seconds later Brad returned, shaking me violently, saying, 'Rex, wake up.'

'What's wrong?'

'Shhh! Be quite,' he whispered excitedly.

'What the fucks wrong?' I whispered back.

'You'll have o see it to believe me but our dads are in the cabin making love.'

'What!!' I exxclaimed.

'they have a small lantern on and the curtains don't meet and you can see in. Come on and see for yourself.'

We eased out of the tent and went to the window where we could peek in.

There on the bed sat Dad and Mark, their arms around each other, kissing passionately, while stroking each others cocks. Then, as we watched, they changed positions and got into a sixty-nine and began sucking each others cock eagerly.

As we watched, my cock quickly became rock hard. Without thinking, I reached down and slipped it out of my briefs and began stroking. I glanced over at Brad and he was doing the same.

We continued to watch and saw both our dads climax into each others mouth. We expected them to ge up and go spit it out but instead they both swallowed. After another kiss, they settled in bed, cuddled together, going to sleep.

Brad and I eased away from the window and instead of returning to our tent, we walked down to the lake before saying anything.

'Rex, our dads are gay,' Brad said.

'That's fairly obvious,' I replied, 'but does it change the way you feel about him?'

'Hell no. He's my dad and I sill love him.'

'Brad, have you ever thought about doing the same thing? I have.'

'I have too,' he confessed.

'You want to try it?' I asked.

'Yea, but what if we get caught?'

'Hey, how can they get upset with us for doing the same thing that they do?'

'You have a good point, but what if we tell them that we saw them and want to try it with them.'

'That would be wild, doing it with my own dad.'

'I know, but let's think it over before we do anything. We've got two weeks here.'

'Sounds good but do you want to get each other off now?'


We slid our briefs down and began sroking each other as we'd done in the past. As we did, however, we looked at each other and leaned in. Our lips met and our tongues came out. We experienced our first man to man kiss. By the time we climaxed, we were kissing passionately.

We returned o our tent and eventually went to sleep.

The next morning, Monday, after breakfast, Brad and I went to collect more firewood. While we were out, I stopped him and said, 'I have an idea.'

'What is it?' he asked.

After lunch, lets go swimming. But when we get out, instead of dressing, lets stay naked and see what they say. If they question us we'll just say it's more comfortable and since no one else is around, what's it going to hurt?'

'Let's do it. It could lead to what we discussed last night.'

We managed to makeit to lunch and aer eating we waited a short time then Brad suggested he and I go swimming. We stripped off our shorts and briefs and hit the water. When we came out we picked up our clothes and walked to the tent, tossing them inside, then returned to wear dad and Mark were sitting watching us.

'You two going to put something on?' Mark asked.

'Not planning on it,' Brad replied.

'Why should we? There's no one here but us and besides it's a lot more comfortable, so what's it going to hurt?'

'You now, Mark, he's got a good point,' Dad said.

'Yes, he does,' Mark replied, then asked, 'Guys, any objecions if we join you?'

'Nope, not at all,' we both said.

We watched as dad and Mark smiled and began stripping off their shorts and briefs.

I decided to push the subject and said, 'If either of you pop a boner. that's your problem. Feel free to take care of it any way you want.'

Brad picked up on what I was saying and added, 'And if you try to say you don't jerk it, you're a liar. All guys do it, regardless of age.'

Dad and Mark looked at each other and burst out laughing.

'They are smarter than we give them credit for,' Dad said.

Mark spoke up and asked, 'If we do pop a boner, as you call it, and start jerking, what would you two do?'

'Probably join you,' I said.

'You two would acually jerk off in front of your dads?' Dad asked.

I knew I had my opening.

'Sure,' I said, 'after what we know now.'

'And just what would that be?' Dad asked.

'Well, we know you enjoy kissing each other and that you blew each other last night.'

The color totally drined from each of their faces, and Mark fnally said, 'How do you know that?'

Brad told them about having to get up and take a leak and what he saw and tha he go me and we both watched.

Dad looked at me and said, 'Son, I'm so sorry you found out that way. I should have been man enough to tell you to your face that I'm gay. I hope you don't hate me.'

'Look,' Brad began, 'Rex and I had a long talk about it after we saw you. We both still love you regardless of your sexual preference. We just want to know if you're happy with your lifestyle.'

They said they were and explained that neither was into men when they met, but each admitted that they were curious. They said that one night after a few drinks, things just happened and they both experienced a man for the first time together. They said that they realized that it was the lifestyle they both wanted.

'Boys,' Mark said, 'we moved so that not only the two of you could be closer but so that Jim and I could be closer. We've fallen in love with each other and are lovers.'

Bad and I looked at each other and smiled. As if reading each others mind, we stood up and walked to them and hugged our dads, assuring them that we loved them.

'Now, we have a confession to make,' Brad said.

'Are you two having sex?' Dad asked.

'All we've done is jerk together and jerk each other. After seeing you last night we both confessed that we have both been curious also. We discussed doing each other last night but we decided we want our first experience to be with you two, each with our own dad.'

'Oh, Holy Shit!' Dad exclaimed. 'Are you two serious?'

'Yea. We did share our first man kiss last night but tha's all. And don't worry. Seventeen is the legal age of consent here.'

I noticed Dad and Mark both look down towards our cocks. Brad and I were both beginning to get erections.

'Guys,' dad said, looking at Mark. 'We'll have to think this one over.'




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