After our dads said that they would have to talk over our request, they headed into the cabin. Brad and I looked at each other, thinking the same thing.

We eased up to a window and listened.

'What are we going to do, Mark?' Dad asked. 'I damn sure didn't want them to find out, especially like this.'

'I know. Our plans of them going off to college and us moving in together and saying we were just roommates to cut expenses is useless now.'

'That's minor now. What are we going to do about the wanting to try gay sex with us?'

'Jim, if they are curious about it they're going to do it with someone. Personally, I'd feel better is it was with us. Who knows what a stranger might do with them.'

'I fully understand and agree with that, but damn-it, those are our own sons.'

'I know. That's what makes this so fucking hard. One part of me says to do it to protect them, yet another part says don't do it.'

'Same with me,' Dad said.

'Jim, let's both take time to think it over today and tonight and discuss it again tomorrow.'

'That sounds like a good idea.'

We hurried away from the window and down to the lake. Dad and Mark joined us here and told us of their decision.

Looking at them, I asked, 'Can we all at least jerk off together later?'

There was a pause before Mark said, 'I'm game only if Jim agrees to it.'

'Yea, I guess we could do that,' Dad said.

We swam a while and later had dinner. After dinner was over, we lit a fire and sat around it. After a few minutes, Brad and I took the lead and began fondling our cocks. They quickly began to stiffen. Dad and Mark watched, and as their own cocks began to stiffen, they both reached down and started stroking. Soon, all four of us were stroking away, all aiming for a climax.

We sat around the fire in an arc, first dad, then me, Brad and finally Mark.

I climaxed first, shooting several large volleys out onto my chest and stomach before it began to subside.

'Damn, son,' Dad said, just a second before he himself began shooting large volleys our onto his chest and stomach.

Brad and Mark had watched and seconds later they both climaxed just a second apart, they too erupting out onto their chest and stomachs.

'Shall we all hit the lake?' Dad said after we had all returned to normal breathing.

We did and after washing up, we returned to our chairs and after sitting down, Brad said, 'Can I ask a question?'

'Sure,' his dad replied.

'Well, when we saw you sucking each other, it appeared that you came in each others mouth. Did you really swallow it?'

'Yes, we did,' Mark answered.

'Is it safe to do that?' I asked.

'Yes, it is, son,' Dad replied. 'Semen is just pure protein.'

'We just wondered,' Brad said.

The next morning after breakfast, Dad and Mark sat us down and gave us their decision.

'Boys,' Mark began, 'we've made our decision. We know that since your curious about man-to-man sex, if we we're not the ones to initiate you, you might possibly end up trying it with someone that might do you harm. We don't want to take the chance of that happening.'

Dad spoke up saying, 'We want you two to fully understand that if at anytime you want to stop whatever is going on, just say so and we will stop immediately.'

'We understand and agree,' I replied.

'Now, it's in your court. You tell us what you want to try and when,' Mark said.

As Brad and I sat next to each other on the bench at the picnic table, I said, 'We want to see what it's like to get sucked.'

'Right now?' they asked together.

'Yea,' we replied.

They looked at each other as Brad and I began getting hard.

'Spread your legs,' Dad said.

We did and our respective dads knelt between our knees. Simultaneously, they took our stiffening cocks into their mouth and we gasped at the surreal sensation. They began pistoning on up and down on our cocks, taking more and more into their mouths until they were swallowing all of our cock. We could see that they were both rock hard.

As they sucked, they both looked up into our eyes. It was fucking unreal to watch our cocks going in and out of our own dad's mouths. We turned to each other and began tongue kissing as our dads watched.

They took their time, sucking us lovingly, but being young and always horny, it didn't take either of us long to climax. We watched as both our dads eagerly swallowed our thick nectar.

As they both pulled off, I said, 'Man, that was fucking awesome. A lot more satisfying than jerking off. I loved it.'

'Fucking right,' Brad added.

'It looks like you two could use he same relief,' I said.

'You sure?' Mark asked.

'Yep' we replied and old them to take our places on the bench.

They did and we knelt between their knees. After looking at each other, we lifted their cocks and slid the heads into our mouths. Following their lead, we did the same to them and soon we, too, had our noses buried in their pubic hair.

'This is fucking unreal,' Dad said.

'Is it ever!,' Mark added.

We did our best to service them as they had serviced us. As we looked up into their eyes, we saw them kiss as we had done. We continued sucking our dad's cocks and soon we heard them moaning softly and saw their breathing get heavier. We knew that they were close. Seconds later dad climaxed and huge volleys of hot salty-sweet cum began filling my mouth. Glancing sideways, I could tell that Brad was also receiving his dad's load.

We both collected it all, then after pulling off, we looked up into our dad's faces and swallowed. They smiled.

I leaned up and pulled dad toward me and kissed him passionaely. Seeing me, Brad did the same.

After a long passionate kiss, we seperated and Dad asked, 'Well?'

'I can't speak for Brad, but it was a hundred times better that I had ever imagined. I loved it and want to do it again.'

'I agree one hundred percent,' Brad added.

'Well, I know I enjoyed the hell out of it,' Mark said.

'Better that your lover?' Brad asked.

'Close,' Mark replied.

Brad looked at me and asked, 'Next time, Rex, let's trade dads.'

'Sounds good to me,' I replied.

'Holy fuck,' Mark said, 'what have we created?'

'Two sons that are finding their true selves,' Dad answered.

The rest of the morning, kisses between the four of us was open and frequent, as was groping.

After lunch, Brad and I nodded to each other and as he walked up to dad, I walked up to Mark. We both dropped to our knees and sucked each others dad off and swallowed. Afterward, they sucked us off.

'I think this is going to be the best campout ever,' I said. Everyone agreed.

After another swim, more kissing, and dinner, we looked at our dads and told them that we wanted to sit back and watch them have sex, doing everything that they enjoyed. They agreed.

We went inside and sat near the bed as both our dads lay on it. They began kissing, then dad filpped and they got into a sixty-nine. Before climaxing, they stopped and returned to kissing.

Then, dad lay on his back and pulled his legs up. Mark leaned down and began licking and tongue fucking dads ass. Then after just a few minutes, he got into position and slid his cock up dads ass as dad moaned in pleasure. Soon, Mark climaxed up dads ass and after pulling out, Dad ate his ass and fucked him.

When the finished, they turned to us just in time to see Brad and I began a sixty-nine. They sat up and cuddled on the bed watching us. After we climaxed, and swallowed, dad said, 'I think you two will become even better friends.'

'Definitely,' Mark said.

We talked andasked how long they had been having sex and the details of how it all started. they openy told us everything.

'Well,' I began, 'Brad and I have talked and we agree hat you two need to go ahead and move in together. The sooner the better. We see how much you care for each other.'

'You boys mean that?' Mark asked.

'Yes. We're both in agreement on that.'

That night, Brad and I had another sixty-nine in our tent but not before eating our first ass. We both agreed that we totally loved it and everything we had done so far. From that night on, we turned our seperate sleeping bags into one large one.

The next day both our dads said it felt strange having sex in front of us and watching us have a sixty-nine in front of them.

We convinced them that for the rest of the trip, any of us could have sex in front of any of the others.

For the next three days, there was lots of kissing and sucking and we saw our dads fucking each other a few times.

Thentoward the end of the first week, we told our dads we wanted to fuck them and get fucked. Surprisingly, they agreed, but warned us that the first few times it would hurt like hell starting out. We said that we understood.

They took us into the cabin and had us lay on the bed. They lubed us up and began working our asses with their fingers. After a while they said it was time and we could cry out if we wanted to, and if it was too bad to tell us and they'd stop. We had already agreed that neither of us would tell them to stop.

They both entered us and as the head of their cocks entred, we both cried out in pain. They ook their time, and soon they were both balls deep in our asses. After pausing a moment, they began to slowly piston in and out of our asses as we moaned in pain. However, the pain rapidly turned to pleasure and we were both telling them how great if felt and that we wanted them to cum up our asses. They soon did and it was awesome and we told them so.

After they pulled out, Mark looked at us and said, 'Now it's your urn to experience the pleasure we jus had. Fuck us.'

They got into position and we did, as both of them were saying for us to fuck them hard. Soon, Brad and I filled our dads asses with our cum.

Needless to say, afterwrd there was lots of kissing all around.

That night, Brad and I fucked each other and i was awesome.

the rest of the campout was mainly sex. Mark and I would fuck and suck while Brad and dad did the same. Brad and I would sixty-nine on the grassy lawn with Dad and Mark doing the same thing right next to us. We'd even frequently have a 'daisy chain'. I'd suck Mark while he sucked Brad who was sucking dad and dad sucking me.

After our return to civilization, dad and I lived nude and did Brad and Mark. The four of us were frequently together and when we were there was sex. When we weren't ogether dad and I had sex as did Brad and Mark.

A month before Brad and I left for college, Mark sold his house and he and Brad mooved in with dad and I.

In college, Brad and I had our own apartment, and for appearances, we had a two bedroom apartment. However,only one bed was used. However, every summer, we took two weeks vacation and went back to the cabin where everything began.

At the end of our sophomore year we announced to dad and Mark that we were lovers. They were thrilled.

We graduated in accounting and went to work for the same company. After six years, Dad and Mark both retired from their positions asofficers in their companies with nice retirements. They had combined their savings and decided to finance us starting our own accounting firm.

Before long, Bad and I purchased a tract of wooded property outside of town. We cleared enough in the center to build a home for the four of us. It was basically two two-bedroom houses together. we all lived their nude and each had our own friends over. Both our friends and well as theirs hought it was wild that a father and son were lovers with a father and son.

That was six years ago and dad and Mark live the easy life and Brad and I make sure they do. We are all deeply still in love with our partners and ith each other.

And it all started with one campout with two fathers and their sons.




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