Chapter 2: Penis or Pizza

I could hear Mike was already in the shower as I was walking down the hall towards the lavish upstairs bathroom. After I'd undressed in the bedroom I had to take a minute to fluff up my stuff before letting Mike see me naked, therefore I was running a couple minutes late catching up with him. As I entered the bathroom I could see Mike's profile inside the steamy glass shower enclosure. I could see he was busy soaping up his muscular body. He turned his head, smiling and began motioning for me to join him. I was definitely under the Cadet Captain's spell, opening the glass door it was if I was sucked inside.

Once inside I stood there in awe drinking in the beauty of Mike's body, especially that big beautiful cock of his hanging free from the forest of black pubic hair. Of course my cock was at full mast by that time. I didn't know why I was fascinated by Mike's cock, other than the fact that it was huge, but I had been captivated by male appendages since I was a youngster. Maybe in another life I'd been a snake charmer, because for me there was nothing better than watching a good-looking trouser snake make the transformation from flaccid to fully erect in a matter of minutes.

Even at a young age I considered the male sex organ to be something of a mystical art form. I didn't think that made me queer and surely didn't consider Mike queer. Both of us dated girls, but for me there had always something special about the male penis, especially the one hanging from Mike's body. There it hung in its entire splendor and it was mine for the entire weekend. Over the years the few cocks I'd seen fascinated me. One of my fondest memories was seeing Michael Angelo's statue of David. I could stand and look at it forever; however, our society and media had made these art works out to be bad.

The American media and government have become obsessed with all things sexual. Sex is no longer viewed as a normal part of life. So many times shame replaces reason. But that is the way life is in America compared to other countries where nude art is accepted.

Nude statues and other artist renderings prompted me to become a history buff studying ancient history and nude art. The sculptures and paintings of the past were so lifelike: detailed to the finest degree. I so enjoyed many of the naked sculptures such as Adonis and Hercules. Mike's body and penis rated right there with the sculptured art of the past.

Some penises I'd seen hanging on males were larger and some smaller than average; others were ugly and some were simply gorgeous. Just the fact that a male's penis was out in the open compared to the female sexual genitalia that was hidden away inside was enticing. Yes, I'd had a thing for dicks and now I had the hots for Mike's thing.

Mike's thing was so fucking stunning hanging there in all its glory. I turned around facing my back to Mike's front pulling the door closed cautiously as Mike was wrapping his big arms around me. His hands began roaming over my body soaping it up. It felt so good to have his soap slippery hands began gliding over my body, exciting every sensory nerve ending. I could feel his semi erect cock growing harder, brushing against my buns as it bounced behind me. At six feet two inches Mike stood a good two inches taller than me and had twenty pounds of muscle on me. Suddenly, the fingers of his right hand brushed against my erect nipple causing me to gasp and squirm. Mike had just learned one of my secrets: my nipples were sensitive to touch.

Having found my secret Mike commented, 'My, those buds are hard sensitive little fuckers.'

'Oh Yeah, I'll give you an hour to stop playing with them,' I replied turning my head looking back up into Mike's face with a wry smile.

I wanted to kiss him but refrained. I'd discovered a couple years earlier that there was a direct connection between my nipples and my dick. The nipples got hard and so did the dick and vice versa. My friend from church discovered that secret during one of our sleepovers. Mike stood glued to my back with his hard member wedged in between my butt cheeks. I could feel his accelerated heart rate.

Mike's nimble thumbs and fingers of his big hand were titillating, toying with my nipples while his erect cock was moving rhythmically in between my ass crack. Listening to Mike's rapid breathing in my ear while he was sensuously touching my nipples was so exciting. All I could do was moan under his touches. Although I'd never done it before, I secretly wished Mike would kiss my ear, then my mouth before taking me anally in the shower stall butt fucking me.

Back in the day in my area of the country boys kissing boys was not done; however, butt fucking was and it was also referred to as cornholing. I'd heard about cornholing from an early age, however never engaged in it. In fact, the term cornhole was a little ambiguous and confusing to me as a youngster. The name referred to a little known lawn game as well as anal intercourse.

The game basically is one where players toss bags filled with feed corn into a hole on the end of a raised platform. I remember the first time I heard my parents talk about playing cornhole I was taken aback. We were on are way to a family reunion when my dad raised the issue of cornhole games, saying that one of the things we would be doing was cornholing at the reunion. Needless to say, at nine or ten years of age hearing that we were going to be cornholing was unsettling.

On the playground at school recess I'd heard stories relating to butt fucking; however, as an event at a family reunion I was a little disconcerted. I was curious and confused; of course, my state of mind was set at ease after we arrived on the big tobacco farm. Leaning my head back into Mike I said, 'I could stand here and let you play with my nipples all night long.'

'That ain't no problem cause we got until Sunday night or whenever you got to be home to do anything we want to do with each other,' Mike said nuzzling my ear.

'So, what are you up for when we get out of here, penis or pizza?' I ask.

'What do you want to do?' Mike asked.

'I'd rather mess around a little,' I replied, 'that is if you don't mind, and then maybe we can go get some pizza later.'

Mike was excited about that call. We rinsed our bodies off before going back to Mike's bedroom where he folded the spread off his queen bed exposing the fresh white sheet. We flopped down with our heads on the pillows looking into each other's eyes not saying a word while our hands began slowly exploring the other's body.

The first thing I discovered was Mike didn't seem to have the protruding or sensitive nipples that I had, but his cock sure made up for that shortcoming. For almost an hour we lay there caressing each other; our hands roaming over the other's body, stimulating each other with our touches before turning opposite on the bed.

Once we assumed the sixty-nine position Mike said, 'Let me know when you're about ready to cum. I don't want any cum in my mouth.'


I'd never tasted another guy's cum and really didn't know if I wanted to go that far this soon in the relationship. I grasp Mike's big cock with one hand and his scrotal sac with the other. As I held the big shaft I began looking at the huge head visually exploring it before I began licking all around the crown. Mike had the most prominent and broadest cockhead I'd ever seen.

The glans must have been two to two and half inches wide. Instead of round it was kind of a horizontal oval shape. Before long I began to notice a pearlescent droplet appearing from the urethral opening. That was the first time I'd experienced another boy precumming. The taste of the fluid on the tip of my tongue was kind of bland. I wasn't all that familiar with precum yet in my life and didn't want Mike to cum, so I eased off a little. I wanted things to last forever that night.

Mike on the other end was sniffing at my pubic bush and kissing all around my crotch area. Then he would take one of my nuts into his mouth, rolling it around while rubbing his hands over my buttock. I was wondering if he was going to find my other sensitive area: my asshole.

I had come to enjoy titillating my asshole inserting fingers while I jacked off. Once again the thought of Mike slipping his massive cock into my ass sent shivers through my body. I knew instinctively that his massive member entering my asshole would be painful, but I felt that the pain might be worth the pleasure in the end. I decided to wait a while as we had almost three days to discover each other.

Nike's tongue was working on the area beneath the urethral opening in my cock totally driving me wild. I had my mouth stretch as wide open as possible with Mike's cockhead inside, licking the pee slit. We were both working towards climax. Our balls were pulling up inside our bodies. Mike slapped me on the ass signaling that he was about ready to shoot. We both released our lip grips and began jacking each other off to fruition. The saliva provided a slick natural lubricant to make the finish enjoyable.

After we ejaculated we lay there once again looking and watching; watching our dicks deflate. Finally, Mike asked, 'You hungry?'

'Oh yeah, I worked up quite an appetite,' I replied.

'Lets get cleaned up, dressed and go get a pizza,' Mike said.

We got up and rinsed off, dried and began putting our clothes on. I felt so refreshed. I also felt good about the fact that things between Mike and me weren't a one-way thing. He seemed to enjoy sex with me as much as I had with him. We were off and running for the local pizza parlor. In just a few hours since that fateful meeting in the boy's bathroom Mike and I had shared our penises and now it was time to share a pizza. 



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