I'll never forget that Friday afternoon forty years ago. The Cadet Captain stood in front of me his huge hard cock protruding from the fly of his Junior R.O.T.C. uniform. God, he was such a handsome hunk standing there in that uniform. He had the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen. As his erection stood at attention I could see it bouncing throbbing to the beat of his heart approximately at my mouth level. The R.O.T.C. Officer began inching towards me while I sat on the commode in the high school boy's bathroom totally in awe of his member.

I gasped as the protruding prong came closer ever so mesmerized by the dimensions. The size of the shaft and shape of the circumcised cockhead was hypnotizing. With trepidation in my voice I asked, "What do you want me to do with that?"

"Polish the knob Corporal," the Cadet Captain commanded as if he was giving an order on the drill field, "just the knob."

I gulped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. With a certain anxiety my mouth began watering, opening slowly. Although the bathroom was dimly lit my eyes were riveted to the cockhead that was looming closer to my face. I could see every texture line, the large urethral opening and the colossal crimson coronal ring at the base of the broad pink cockhead. My eyes began closing in anticipation of the behemoth boner about to enter my mouth. I was leaning forward preparing to accept it.

Suddenly, I succumbed. Cadet Captain Michael Brown's magnificent cockhead found its way into my awaiting wet mouth. At the time I didn't know why I was drawn to the schlong. I was sure what he wanted me to do and I thought I knew how to perform on him. He'd told me to polish the knob, so that meant I'd have to concentrate my efforts on the glans. I wasn't ignorant when it came to sex acts.

I'd read those steamy paperback romance novels where the girl's lover is standing before her. She unbuttons the fly of the cowboy's Levis. She grasps the huge cock that flops out taking it into her mouth she begins fellating him before he fucks her. The stories in sex magazines and romance novels were how we got our information with regard to sex back in those days.

Those were the innocent days prior to the perverted Internet. There were no Nifty, Awesome Dude, Gay Demon and other erotic websites from which to glean information and sexual satisfaction. There were no cell phones. No adult cable television channels or adult sex stores that I was aware of where erotic films could be purchased. We learned about sex from older kids or brothers who were more knowledgeable; however, being an only child I didn't have that luxury. I'd secretly messed around with some of my friends, but there were no gay romances for boys back in the day.

Back in the day boys didn't kiss each other on the lips or tongue duel. That was an act between boys and girls. As boys we would most commonly engage in mutual masturbation or give each other sixty-nine blowjobs in secluded hideaways. Although I'd sucked cocks before I'd never thought about doing it with any of my R.O.T.C. classmates. Now, my Cadet Company Commander's cock had found its way into my mouth; what's more, I didn't object, I wanted it.

The Cadet Captain gripped the pole so that I was only permitted to engage the first couple inches. I thought back then that all the jocks and R.O.T.C. guys were straight arrows. None of them would dare engage in any homosexual acts. The one thing I remember when this all transpired back in the spring of 1971 was sitting there scared to death. My first thought after Michael's cock entered my mouth was fear. Fear we would be compromised, getting busted in the act.

Somehow I managed to put the fear aside wanting to taste the older boy's cock, but I didn't want to get caught and labeled as a queer. Hell, I'd wanted to taste Michael's cock since the first day I'd met a few months prior when he became the B Company Cadet Commander. He'd always been so damn handsome and athletic appearing in his uniform, athletic uniform or street clothing. His physique complimented every inch of him as well as anything he wore. With Michael's cock in my mouth I forgot why I was sitting on the porcelain potty. All that was on my mind was performing well on Michael's magnificent manhood.

Captain Brown stood there not saying a word. His arms now stretched upwards hands grasping the tops of the stall partitions moving his pelvis back and forth slowly fucking my mouth with his big beautiful cock. I could smell the fresh manly scent coming from his crotch each time my nose would come close to his black bush that was partially exposed. I could hear him moaning slightly as he continued rhythmically fucking my face.

The Cadet Captain pulled his penis from my lips prior to ejaculating. Some of Michael's cum squirted onto my face. He reached over to retrieve some toilet paper wiping the remnants of cum from my chin and face after we finished. Then without a thank you he moved to the urinals to take a piss. He left the bathroom as quietly as he'd entered, leaving me sitting on the toilet so very frustrated to pound the pleasure out of my pud. I got off a good nut finishing my business before returning to the R.O.T.C. building.

"Where you been Corporal? I though we were gonna have to send a search party for ya," the old WW II Master Sergeant instructor growled.

"Must've been something I ate," I replied somewhat in jest.

The R.O.T.C. finished class that afternoon. There were no other classes for me that Friday, so I headed off campus towards the local fast food place where many of my classmates would gather after school. All I could think about while I walked was Captain Brown's marvelous cock in my mouth. God, what a majestic appearing thing it was compared to my pathetic pecker. Mine was not small by any means, but it was not the size of the Captain's cock. I pulled the door to the eatery open and slipped inside unnoticed. For a Friday the crowd was light. I ordered a drink before taking a booth in the corner. Sitting there sucking on my soda I was thinking, was that a one time thing, or was it the start of something more serious between us.

Surely there was no chance of a lasting friendship. Michael was an eighteen year old senior about to graduate where I was an almost sixteen year old sophomore. As my mind kept relieving earlier events my cock had come to life in my uniform trousers. I was thankful I only had to wear the uniform on Friday. I desperately wanted to suck Michael's cock again, but the next time I wanted to do it with us completely naked. Letting my mind wander I hadn't noticed the people coming into the hamburger joint. Suddenly, Captain Brown sat down directly across from me saying, "Sorry to leave you in the lurch, Corporal."

I just sat there not knowing how to answer or whether I should. Finally, I said, "That's okay. I'll never tell anyone."

"Thanks," Michael said, "Why don't you let me make it up to you?"


"Let's go for pizza and to the movies tonight. My treat."

"Sure," I replied, "I ain't got nothing better to do tonight."

"What do you want to see?" Michael asked.

"Patton!" I exclaimed, "I've been waiting to see it since it was released."

Captain Brown beamed exclaiming, "Me too! Let's get out of here."

We both exited the booth making our way to the parking area. With Captain Brown in the lead the two of us walked across the parking area to the 67 red Camaro SS convertible. The top was already down. I slid into the passenger side and Captain Brown in the driver's seat. I thought to myself if this was the real Army I'd be driving the Captain. As we departed he turned towards me saying, "While were together outside school Mike is fine, Randy."


"You need to change your clothes and probably clear things about tonight with your folks," Michael said.

"Yeah, good idea."

"Okay, give me directions."

I gave Mike turn by turn directions to my house. Once there I suggested that Mike go in and meet my mom. Entering the house I said, "Mom this is my Cadet Captain from R.O.T.C. Mike Brown. Mike my mom, Helen."

"Pleased to meet you Mrs. White," Mike said extending his hand.

"So what do you two have planned for tonight?" my mom asked pleased that I was hanging out with Mike.

"We're going for pizza and to the movies to see Patton if that's okay with you Mrs. White?"

"Sure, not a problem," my mom said, "Are you going to stay overnight with Mike tonight after the movie, Randy?"

I looked at Mike questioningly. He immediately took the lead saying, "Sure, if it's okay with you Mrs. White."

"Sure," my mom replied.

"I better get changed and get some things if I'm staying over, Mike."

I bounded up the stairs to my room leaving Mike to talk to my mom. I changed into a pair of casual slacks, short sleeve button down shirt and penny loafers. I threw a change and some toiletries into my bag, gave my cat that was snoozing on the foot of my bed a pat on the head and was back downstairs in a matter of minutes.

"Thanks mom," I said as we were departing.

"You boys enjoy yourselves," mom said as we closed the door.

We headed towards Mike's house. After that masterful display with my mom I knew why Michael was so popular and advanced in R.O.T.C. as fast as he had. He was master manipulator, politician and schmoozer. Michael's house was located in the more upscale section of town. When we arrived and went inside there was an envelope on the kitchen table. Mike opened it and began reading. Then he looked inside pulling out two twenties saying, "Here's pizza and the movies for tonight," Mike said waving the two twenties with a big smile.

"Cool," I said.

"My mom and dad had to go out of town to my grandmother's. She needed them to come up for the weekend. Come on upstairs to my room. We got the whole place to ourselves for the weekend."


Once in his room Michael began removing his uniform neatly hanging it in the closet. There he stood in his white T-shirt and boxers. Before removing his underwear he grabbed some casual clothing laying them out on the chair. Once his clothing was on the chair he pulled his T-shirt over his head throwing it in the hamper. There he stood wearing nothing but boxers.

I stood back drinking in the beauty of his well-toned tanned body. Once again my mouth began to water. His body showed a dusting of dark hair on his large legs, but what caught my eye was the black treasure trail snaking into the waistband of his boxers. This guy was as close to a ten as I'd ever seen from the top of his head sporting a flattop haircut to the size twelve feet. He smiled at me pretentiously pulling his boxers off.

My mouth was agape as I gazed upon the treasure Michael uncovered. I stood there more in awe than when I'd seen Michael's cock a few hours earlier. He made no attempt to cover up. My God, I couldn't believe the beauty of his flaccid cock. The thing must have hung at least six inches over a scrotal sac filled with walnut size nuts. The pink cockhead hanging below the nut sac was captivating. He had an ample supply of black curly pubic hair surrounding the base of his cock.

For some reason I wanted to drop to my knees burying my face in his crotch licking and sucking his flaccid penis to life. Some guy's cocks could appear as good looking flaccid as when erect. Michael was one of those boys that had not only a delicious appearing hard cock but soft as well. Looking back I think the well-defined abs and slim waist must have enhanced the size and beauty of his adolescent genitals.

I shifted my gaze from his crotch up to his powerful pecs and biceps. He could have been a poster boy for the Marines. This guy made up a totally appealing package. Michael knew I was looking over his body. He asked, "You wanna join me in the shower before we go out?"

"Uh - uh," was all I could utter.

"Come on get undressed and join me," Michael said as he turned leaving me alone in the bedroom while he went to prepare the shower. When he turned to walk away I took notice of those nicely sculpted buns. There wasn't a blemish on his body. There was no doubt in my mind that Michael could have his way with me doing anything within reason that night. I was the Cadet Captain's whore as I'd been earlier in the day.



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