I had been a worker at the Supercenter Grocery Store since I was a sophomore in High School. I had been hired as a stock boy and bagger, helping people out with their groceries, etc. and stocking shelves.

I was really getting into this working thing, I had even gotten the prospect of become a managment trainee for the company here at the store.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud nine. I guess you could say I felt like this would be my career in life, I knew that if I got a managment position for the company, or an assistant Managers position, I would probably have a job as long as they have a store, especially if I applied myself and got good at my job, which I planned to do.

I hade made friends with several guys in different departments.

I guess you might say I was wanting something more than just a casual relationship with several of these guys.

I remember on night late, I was helping close out he store, I had finished up up front and the produce manager, Toby Childress, was in the back, now I had always had a good feeling inside my guts about Toby, he was very good looking, about six years older than me, not married, very nicely built and sexy as hell. Every time I got close to him I felt these vibes eminating from him, what was this shit? I felt like I wanted to grab Toby and start making out with him there and then, I just wrote it of to a wishful thought.

Then there was Trent Logan, the Butchers Apprentice, he as another guy I felt like that about, Trent was closer to my own age. I had these same feelings for him when ever I got around him.

Finally there was Matt Hershey, He was a real doll, god he was beautiful, every time I went to the bakery department to get a roll or donut for my break, he would come out and smile and went out of his way to make me happy, I didn't put two and two together about Him.

I would make my rounds almost every day viewing these three guys, god I would get to the Managers office to do my work with a hardon almost ninety percent of the time. Just thinking about any one of them was a turnon for me. I'm not sure if any of them knew it tho.

Then that one night when the Produce Manager Toby, was in back getting things closed down for the night, I walked back to give him his order sheets for the next day, He had to do the ordering of produce for the upcoming weekend, It was a Wednesday night.

I walked in the back, and I didn't hear anything. I looked around for Toby, and I found him in a vegetable walk in cooler with his pants down around his ankles stroking on one of the most awesome uncut cocks I had ever seen, it was mouthwateringly beautiful.

I just quitely watched and rubbed my crotch, I felt like I really wanted to run over and start sucking on it, god it was gorgeous.

I was getting so fucking turned on watching Toby slide that awesome foreskin back and forth on his cock, I was about to cum in my trousers.

My seven inch cock was wanting to be released from its restraints in my white briefs, it was leaking pre-cum and I finally unbuckled my belt and let my pants drop to the floor slid down my briefs and started to stroke my own hard cock, god It felt so fucking awesome to finally feel something rubbing my hard, throbbing, cock.

I watched Toby as he leaned his head back and started rubbing his nipples with the other hand, as he stroked his gorgeous cock. Leaning his head back, he opened his eyes, then he just froze, I didn't realize what made him stop, but he pulled up his trousers enough to walk and started to come around the corner toward me, I looked up and noticed one of those round mirrors in placed at the corner, so you can see a fork truck comming down the side isle, and I realized he had seen me.

Problem was, I was just on the verge of shooting my wad and didn't want to stop, I was trying to finish before he got to me, around the corner.

Opps! didn't make it, Toby came around the corner and there I was, my trousers around my ankles, my hard cock in my hand, and I was looking Toby right in the face, 'UGHM, Ah, Ah, Ah,' was all I could manage.

Toby amiled, lookd at me, and took my head and started to kiss me on the lips, I went from very warm to ultra Violet hot. Toby was sticking his tongue into my mouth and I felt his hand reach out and take my cock, I felt like passing out. I went weak in the knees and just let out a groan, and a gasp.

The next thing I knew Toby was on his knees, with my cock completely stuffed to the balls in his mouth, I had never felt anything like this before in my life. Toby knew how to suck cock, I was a gonner, I could only lean back against those cardboard boxes and let him work my cock over, as I moaned and grunted.

It took Toby about seven minutes to bring me off, I had never felt anything so awesome before, I wanted to marry Toby, god this guy could suck.

Finally I let him suck the last drop of my cum from the slit in my cock as he gently squeezed every little last drip.

I just layed back and got my breath as I watched Toby continue to stroke that awesome uncut cock, I said, 'Can I Try that?'

I pulled up my trousers and my briefs, snapped them and took Toby, and leaned him back against the same boxes I had been leaning on.

I knelt down on my knees, and engulfed his cock into my mouth.

Now I have had some strange things in my life take place, but his was the most fantastic feeling and sensation I have ever felt. That cock was smooth like velvet, very hard, yet so soft and smooth, I could feel Toby's heart beating thru the erectile tissue of his hard cock.

I felt his hand go behind my head and pull my mouth onto his hard cock as he began to pump it into my mouth, I felt awesome, Toby was really likeing what I was doing. He was getting more and more almost violent with his face fucking of me and my mouth. I felt his body start to go rigid as his hands pulled my mouth very tight against his cock, I felt his cock start shooting out its cum, and I just swallowed it as best I could.

Toby was leaning over on top of my head holding my head against his body as his cock finished shooting its vollies of cum.

I had taken a guys load for the first time in my young life, and I loved it.

We dressed and made arrangements to meet like this on a regular basis.

Three days later I had to be in the store when a refrigerated trailor was brought in with a load of bulk meat for the Meat department.

I met with Trent Logan, the butchers apprentice, we were waiting for the guys to unload the truck and just set in the Meat department break area and chatted, I was very mesmerized with Trents looks, god he was gorgeous, younger than Toby but still awesome, he had been a sports champion in High School, but decided not to attend college, but went into the Butchering Union and now here he is.

We chatted about he ususal young guy macho stuff,

Trent just smiled this gorgeous smile and asked me if I had a gal friend, I said, 'No, Me and girls don't hit it off very well,'

'You too?' Trent smiled a really big smile, 'Hey man what the hell do you do for sex, your a young guy, I'm sure you get boners, like the rest of us.'

'The usual I guess, you know stoke off, or get a blowjob or something like that.'

'Man, I have never had a blowjob before, are they as much fun as guys let on?'

'Are you fucking kidding me, they're fantastic.'

'Really, I would love to find out someday.'

'Well Trent, how about now?'

'Well man a blowjob would be fantastic, but who's gonna suck my cock, here, you?'

'If you'd like, yeah man, I love to suck cock,'

'Man, no shit, are you gay?'

'Well......Yeah! I am, is that a problem?'

'Heck no, I just didn't figure you for being gay man, thats all.'

'Well lets go,' I took him to my office and locked the door.

When I turned around and started to undo his shirt, he let out a big gasp and a smile and said, 'man this is fucking weird, a dude getting ready to suck me off, wow, who would have believed this shit?'

When I slid his boxers down and saw his hunk of meat hanging down almost eight inches, and it wasn't even hard yet, I couldn't it. God Trent was big.

I leaned over onto his cock and started to lick his cut cockhead, and watched his cock start swelling up thick, very thick, and very long, and extremely hard. I heard his voice change to a wimpering dude as I began to rubb his nutsack and take his cock to the hilt, I though he would faint, he almost fell over.

'Jesus fucking christ man, that feels so fucking great, Awh Shit man, don't you dare stop,'

I was swirling my hand around his shaft as I took his cock to the pubic hair. He was astounded that a dude could make his cock feel so awesome.

I was gone into my own zone as I sucked this awesome cock, I had taken my pants down as I was stroking my own hardon with gusto, god I wanted to nut really bad.

Trent leaned into my mouth with his cock, and grabbed my head and started skull fucking my mouth, I just stopped my movements and felt him getting rough with my mouth, but I was up for it.

I was getting face fucked like a blowup doll.

OH Jesus, Man, god this feels so fucking good, and I got the heavey end of his long, hard, cut cock, and I was loving it.

Finally after about twenty minutes I felt his nuts tightening and pulling up beside his cock and he started lightly jerking as his nuts emtpied into my throat, god he tasted awesome. I kept his shooting cock in my throat and mouth as my hand was flying back and forth on my own cock and I shot a load all over the floor.

Trent got his breath, looked down, and said, 'Fuck Man, you really enjoyed this shit don't you?'

'What are you saying Trent, you didn't enjoy it?'

'Are you fucking crazy, god man that was the most awesome climax of my life, and It was, without a doubt the most fantastic Blowjob I have ever had.'

God man, you can suck my cock anytime you want to, O.K.?'

I smiled and cleaned up my face, we wiped off Trents big cock and then I wiped my cum off the floor, we got dressed and went out to finish our work for the day, every time I looked up and Trent was looking at me he would wink and smile, it was a little way of showing his gratitude.

I must say, that between Trent and Toby, I had my pipes cleaned about ever couple days, Trent finally opened up and tried sucking my cock for me and he was quite good at it.

Trent was just a newcomer to the game of man on man sex.

Now the straw that really broke the camels back was the guy in the Bakery Department, he was different, rather quiet, introverted, but he was very handsome, almost black close cut hair, gorgeous smile, perfect looking teeth, nicely built but not athletically muscular, just a rather handsome, very good looking chap, I had never gotten a shot at his crotch yet, because He was a baker, every time I saw him he was wearing that white apron, he came in early in the mornings, like at four o'clock, and began making donuts for the morning rush, and then breads and cakes. he always wore a bakers hat and his eyes just exuded sex all the fucking time, I would get a hardon every time he would speak to me with his baritone voice, deep and so masculine it made your stomach hurt.

I made it my first priority to go by the bakery department and get a couple fresh donuts everymoring when I got to work. And Matt would make it his point to come out and give me the donuts of my choice, he would never take any money for them which I always tried to pay for them.

He would just say as he smiled this gorgeous smile,'My Treat for my favorite Assistant Manager.' and then wink at me.

I was really wanting to get to get to know him big time.

I had been doing my usual routine when Matt asked me over to his apartment for a drink and maybe a movie, 'I just thought you might like to do something with me Friday night, I never go out or anything, But if you don't want to I'll understand.'

'No Matt, I would love to come over, maybe we can go out to supper or something.'

'Wow man, that would be awesome, maybe you'd like to see a movie afterward?'

'Sure, we'll just take it by the minute O.K.?'

'Great, then Friday night it is, 6:OO alright then?'

We met at his apartment and went to a nice Seafood place and had an awesome dinner, then went to see a wonderful movie.

During the Movie, something happened that made me aware of where this evening was going. I felt his hand come over and touch my hand on the arm of my theatre seat, when it happened I just left my hand there, and didn't move it. I felt his finger sorta rubbing around and down between my fingers, which for some reason was highly erotic and stimulating, after I had gotten a hardon that was actually hurting, I found myself looking over at Matt, and he was looking straight into my eyes, I read his looks like it was a sign on a billboard, it said, 'Lets get out of here and go somewhere and fuck.'

We were setting on the upper tier of seats and not many people were up there, Matt leaned over and there in the theatre he put his hand behind my head and kissed me like I had never been kissed before. I felt his hot tongue sliding inside my mouth doing that love dance with my tongue, sliding down between my lips and my teeth, and he was wimpering and moaning as he went, god he was so turned on.

He looked into my eyes and said,'I've lost interest in this movie, want to go to my place for the continuance of this?'

All I could respond with was a 'Ughn Huh!'

I was in a dream like state.

Matt was setting next to me in my car, he had his hand hanging over on my crotch and was rubbing my now very swollen, hard cock, making rings around the bell of my cocks head with his fingers, I was about to shit, god it felt so hot. I was boiling by the time we got to his apartment.

We almost ran into his apartment and hurried to the bed room and before I knew it, we were naked, laying on the bed making out, I don't remember even looking at Matt's cock, all I knew is I wanted it however he wanted it.

I felt him raise me up, a first for me, and he started eating my ass hole with his tongue, I almost went straight thru the roof. I was lifting up to the clouds with his artwork, believe me this was one baker that knew how to handle 'Buns'

my buns never felt so good.

And from the way he was chomping away at my asshole I think he liked my buns too.

I was about to shoot off from getting my asshole eaten out when I realized he had lubed up my asshole with this light oil, he had shined his cock really good with it too.

Then I realized it was really going to happen, I felt a pain I had never felt before, Jesus Friggen Christ, it hurt, and I realized That Matt was slipping his ten incher into my asshole, I realized then just how big his cock really was, I felt like by the time he had stuck that cock into my asshole, I had a lump in my throat, the head of his cock, God Damn, he was huge, I hadn't even gotten a glimpse of this monster cock of his.

Matt smiled and said, 'Baby, just hold on a minute, it will feel lots better, and he slowly started rocking in and out with his horsecock, but the funny thing about it, I had never wanted to be fucked untill that night.

Matt was a fucking machine, and a master craftsman at it.

I felt his cock start to bring me the pleasure he had promised, and then I began to reciprocate with the fucking motion, god I couldn't get enough of this huge cock, It took us about an hour of intense fucking to get off that night, but it was the most awesome sex of my life. Yes I still loved the blowjobs, giving and recieving, and yes I still messed with Toby and Trent, but the one that made me fall in love, was Matt, I couldn't get enough of that awesome cock, I guess thats why were still together after ten years. He is the one that I can't get enough of.



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