Gerry kelly have been driving the same rout now for well over 12 years now, I always remember his smile as I was his fav. passenger all through my 4 years of high school and 4 years of college. I finally ran into him about a week ago at the local Java House cafe, He was telling me all about his divorce from his X wife and his daughter and her husband that the had move back to Ireland again. His x wife was not a very good looking women and was very over weight and  out spoken. She was the Transit Supervisors for many years yelling and screaming at people all the time. The proper word to describe was a real BITCH !  

Gerry left me his number to call him for another get together. I thought  Gerry was a very good looking middle age man in his early 50's very short hair light brown balding a bit along with a nice pair of Irish green eyes. He was a solid 180 around 5'11 and very  clean shaven. It was 3 in the afternoon on Thursday as I decide to call Gerry to see what he is up to for the weekend, The phone rang 4 times as I heard his voice say 'Hello " I said " Hi Gerry Troy here any plans for Saturday " He sounded very excited as he now invited me over to his new Condo for dinner and to watch the hockey game Saturday night.

Saturday night came by really fast as I was ringing his condo suit " Hello " Hi Gerry Tom Here " I heard the buzzer sound  as I went in through the doors to the elevator. His unit was on the 15 floor over looking the south of the city. It had a 2 bedroom with a huge master and un suite in it, The Kitchen and dining area were very nice. The living room was huge with a nice fireplace along with a 60 inch new Sony TV that was mounted onto the wall. He give me a quick tour of his place before we headed off now for the complete  tour of the Condo Building. The fitness centre was huge along with the pool ,hot tub and the men's change room that had a brand new Sauna just put in it. " I then told Gerry that he got a very nice place " The dinner was great from the Japanese food restaurant just around the corner from his place. We also had a very nice bottle of red merlot wine that he served with the meal.  The meal was all finished as we were now resting before he ask me if I would like to go down for a hot tub and sauna ? He told me that he has extra swim trunks in his closet for guest that comes over for a visit. He then walk over to his colset and gave me a nice pair  of light blue Nike swim trunks. I was now in the Hot Tub as Gerry was changing  into his trunks. I then saw Gerry come over to the Hot Tube wearing a new pair of Under Armour red med size briefs with the out line from his huge head of his penis and shaft showing extremely will.  

The time was now after 6 as we headed into the sauna. The sauna was very hot as myself and Gerry were having a great discussion about life over all and about sexuality.  I ask him if he believes in being Bi curious ? He smiles and reply back "Yes I do Troy and I would like to try it one day " I then got a little hard now and smile back as I  told him that I had the same feelings as him. I was now staring at his huge bugle now as his cock looks like it was getting a nice semi on now. We left the sauna now and headed back up to his condo to watch the hockey game now. It was into the 3 period of the game as myself and Gerry were feeling no pain from the Wine and the Irish Whiskey that we were drinking. Gerry then got up from his Lazy Boy chair and came over to the couch and sat down right next to me. " He said Troy can I ask you something "I then smile and said yes. I like to have sex with you tonight and it has been a very long time since I have been with anyone. I smile back at him and nodded my head okay before we went into the bedroom.

The bedroom lights were dim as I started to undress down to my white Jockey underwear before I headed over to his King Size bed. I was now laying there all excited watching him undress as he was now standing there in his 70's style red spandex briefs close to the bed. He then came over to me and got on me and was kissing my lips deeply as I felt him rubbig his huge bugle all over my bulge as my hands were  now down the back of his briefs touching is light hairy ass. My God I said  as I roll down his briefs and  saw his very nice 8  inch semi cut cock. He was moaning loudly as I was now sucking his cock good and hard" More Troy, More Troy" as I was deep throating his tool all the way down to his balls. My lips and my tongue were working over his groin area real good. I can hear him gasp of sexual pleasure a few times as his penis was pouring out lots of his pre cum. I then stop for a bit to check to see how he was doing, I can see the look in his eyes he wants more now. He then ask me now if he cold fuck my ass ? I told sure put he got to use a condom and lube.Okay he told me as he got up and went into the washroom to get the stuff.

I was now watching putting on the new Altra thin heat active condom along with the some lube. I was now on the right side of the bed bend over as he came up from behind me and started slowly putting his huge cock into my tight hole. Fuck I scream out as he push it up a little further ! It took him about a good minute or more until he was all the way inside me. The fuck was feeling real great now as he was thrusting  my hole with great sexual tension now. I can hear his loud moans  after his cock was sliding in and out of me much faster and faster !

It was now time to change to a different persessions now. I was now on my back as Gerry was still standing now at side of the bed getting ready to fuck me in the missionary style. I watch him slowly pull my my legs over his light blonde hairy chest as I stare into his green eyes. He was now going very slow putting his penis inside my hole once again. Fuck did it hurt and it felt great at the same time as he was all the way inside of me now. I was watching his eyes open and close after each stroke of his cock,It took him a good 5 mins now until he was in full throttle and fucking me good and hard. I saw all the sweat pour off his fore head and chest covering my some what hairy chest as he was yelling even louder of sexual climax. My God I scream as I watch him push his huge balls right up to my tight hole, He stop for a second and start again, He stop for a second and start again. I can now see he was really enjoy this fuck. The fuck lasted for a good 20 minus plus. " My God Troy I close Dude that came from his deep voice several time. I reach down now and felt his huge balls before he was now screaming to me that he is cumin. FUCK TROY I AM SHOOTING ,FUCK TROY I AM SHOOTING ! as his hole body explode with a huge orgasm.I can now feel his penis hole shooting out his hot juicy load of  hot cum inside me. He was now all exhausted from the fuck as he took his time pulling out of me. I then watch him pull of the condom that had a good ounce of cum in the bottom sack. My God Troy that was the best fuck and orgasm ever my friend. He was now laying there quietly giving his cock a rest that was still hard a bit. I was still horny and begin to suck and lick off all the seamen that was left on his dick from the fuck, He got so excited again before I blew him and ate out his virgin ass hole.

I then went and got the lube and condom and begin to fuck his hole this time.I can see he was loving every minute as I was banging him good and hard by now. It only took me about 5 minutes before I hit climax shooting off a huge load into his not so virgin hole anymore. The both of us got up to hit the shower room as we wash and hose each other all off  before we went out to dry off. The time was well after midnight as I came him a huge hug at the door before I left.

I never heard or see Gerry again until about 2 years later when I seen him with another huge women that was yelling at him over by the store check out counter. I can see he was now wearing a wedding ban on his left finger. He then see me and turn away very quickly  as I started to approach him. I thought to myself as I walk out of the  store. That this Idiot really deserve what he gets from the person who he ends up with wow !




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