Cole had just finished his final year of High School when he got a good paying full-time job working as a Maintenance  Technicians for the city of Marvel Transit Company, He always enjoy staring at those hot looking Bus drivers in their uniforms that they wear. Jerry was his favourite one, He stood around 5'11 short dark well groom hair and a body of a 25 year old man. Cole knew that he was well into his fifty's when he over heard him tell one of the new drivers his age.

Jerry Kelly came over from Ireland in his early childhood along with Mom,Dad and one sister name Connie, He also was very well like by all of his co-workers and passengers that were on his rout. The only thing I could not figure out was his not so good looking wife who he was marry to well over 30 years. 

I just join the local fitness club and notice that Jerry was working out in the weight room, He had very huge pipers and a nice bulge that were jingling in his track pants that he had on. My work out was over when I decided to hit the hot tub that was located in the men's locker room area. I was sitting all alone when Jerry decided to come over to say hi to me before he started to hit the showers. My heart began pounding seeing him in a pair of Brown Bikini, briefs that show off the out line of his massive cock as he stood right in front of me, We chatted for around 10 minutes before he went and took his shower.

It was on my birthday when Jerry invited me out to the local strip club for a few beers. The time was well pass 11 pm when we left the Bar to head on back to his place for a night cap, He told me that his wife went away with the girls for a shopping weekend. He had a very nice medium size house with a beautiful pool and a Sauna that he had just build. We drank down some more shots before he ask me to try out the sauna with him, The sauna felt great since it was a very cold spring night as we were both enjoying the heat from the sauna as my cock began to get hard, I notice  that Jerry was rubbing his huge bulge  that were showing off very well in his Green Speedo that he wore. 

" Hey Cole can I ask you something "

" Anything you want Jerry "

" Was wondering if you ever play around with a man "

" I did last year when I just turn 18 "

" Who with "

" My best friends Dad "

" What happen dude "

" He was all naked getting a drink of juice in the Kitchen"

" Did you blow him "

" He blow me right off "

" Tell me more Cole "

" I was sitting on the counter when he came over and started to suck my dick "

" Did it felt great "

" It was fucking hot feeling his bearded mouth on my nob "

" You making me hard now "

" Did you suck him Cole "

" I deep throat his cock all down my Virgin throat "

" Fuck that sounds nice dude"

" Would you like to blow me like that Cole "

" I sure will dude "

Jerry sat on the top bench as his legs were hanging down as Cole pull the speedo down and tuck it under his super size balls. You can hear the moans from both of them as Cole began to deep throat Jerry 8 inch tool.

" Fuck Cole your mouth can suck a cock "

" You like it Jerry "

" Fuck'n Yea "

This went on for a period of time before Jerry shot off his load of white cum all over Cole hairy nibbles and chest.

" Fuck dude that was the best Cole "

" Thank you Jerry, We have to do it again "

" Next time you can fuck my Virgin hole "

" OH Really "

" Yea, How about my place next time "

" Let make it in a few weeks so that my wife don't get any funny ideals "

" Okay let me know at work and we will pick a time then "

" Sound cool with me "

They both got clean up before Cole went on his way home. You can see that Jerry was a little nervous at the station every time he stop and chatted with Cole. It was well over 3 weeks until they pick a Friday night for Jerry to come over to watch the Hockey playoffs with him.





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