Having been a young man in reform school, didn't give me much start in life. I had to completely start over, begining from the beginning, proving myself and my self worth, not only to others, but to myself. I wanted them to know that I could be trusted, and that I really wanted to be a good person and an upstanding citizen. I also wanted to prove to myself that I was not a life long criminal as most people would want to label you.

My story really began when I was thirteen, when I began to hang around three guys named Larry, James and Carlton. They were, as they use to say, from the other side of the tracks, and as my mother always called them, they were bad seed. Every time we went out somewhere they were always shoplifting, stealing stuff from stores, mostly little things like cigarette lighters, wallets, small things that you could stick in your pocket.

I guess I was about three years younger than they were, and I really just wanted their acceptance. I really didn't want to be a criminal or a theif. But I was, like most young guys my age,wanting to be liked by the older guys. I was starting to smoke behind my Parents back, somtimes I drink beer, basically just doing things I shouldn't.

The day I realized that I sexually attracted to guys, I was about fourteen I guess, I was standing beside the road, next to the car, and we were taking a leak. No one else was around and Larry whipped out his awesome looking cock, God it looked so friggen huge, I don't think he saw me staring at it,but I was.

I never did anything sexually with any of those three guys but, I was young and full of young masculine sexual desires. I remember I would lay awake at night thinking about seeing Larry's cock, it was then I learnrf to stroke off.

Well It was on this one particular Friday night that Larry, the oldest, had borrowed his Dads car and we had gone for a joy ride, you know, just cruising around. We drove over to the next town, a small little country town and there was this little country store there, it was closed for the night, so we parked the car, got out, and walked around to the back of the store. Larry, James and Carlton decided to break in and rob this store, I didn't like that idea but I was with them, they broke into the back door, and the owner was still inside stocking the shelves.

Larry and the other guys had no idea he was still in there when they broke in. I was standing in the back, out of the store when I heard some noise. Out ran James, with a load of stuff in a bag, Carlton cames out and was telling James something like Man you shouldn't have Hit that man, he's fucking Hurt, bad.

I was in a quandry as to what had happened. I looked in the door and there laying on the floor was The owner His head was gashed open and bleeding, and he was hurt, maybe even dead, from the way he looked .

I was scared shitless. Now what will happen, we agreed not to tell anyone and to keep it quiet within ourselfs.

Larry and hit the guy with a big can of something and Split his skull, and then he robbed the cash register too.

I was almost shaking, I didn't like this feeling.

Well needless to say the guy lived and we were found out and arrested, they had tracked the tire tracks to Larrys dads car and to make a long story shorter we had gotten caught, charged and Larry, James and Carlton got five years each for: robbery, assult with intent to do bodily harm, breaking and entering, and a couple other charges. I got the rest of my teen years in a reform school for minor boys.

Well the reform school was a rough place, there were boys of all ages there, ten years thru eighteen. I was fourteen, and I was placed in this dormitory with ten boys from fourteen to eigthteen, with one head master in it.

I was there about five nights when I was held down and raped in the ass by four older boys, and forced to suck their cocks, and swallow their cum.

Life was rough there and you just took whatever was handed to you, but I adjusted to it.

Im twentytwo now and I look back at it all and I must really be honest, I grew to like getting fucked and sucking guys cocks. But I had no choice back then, It was forced on me.

I got this new job working at this really nice lounge, cleaning tables and working as a bus-boy, cleaing the floors, Just sort of a janitorial bus-boy sort of Job, it pays pretty good and I felt like I was really doing good.

Well on Friday and Saturday nights they have a Piano Player at the piano bar named Vince Everson, A dark skinned man, looked to be African American, but rather light complected.

I began to notice he was always smiling at me and treating me really nice, and I sorta befriended him. I would take him drinks and get him what ever he would ask for. He was always so damned polite and he was really a gorgeous man, I noticed he reminded me a lot of the actor Will Smith. He had the same shaped face and hair cut style.

He was, as I remember a very good Pianist, he played Jazz mostly and some other things to, mostly by request. I would always take my breaks and go to this one seat right beside the piano and set and watch him play, I began to notice every so often he would look in my eyes and wink with one eye and just smile.

It began to be more than just a liking of his music, I was beginning to be infatuated with him, I couldn't do enough for him, I was so turned by him I wanted to lick his shoes as I remember. I was really beginning to like him a lot, and my thoughts were really turning to wanting to have sex with him.

This one Friday night, I was setting beside his piano as he was playing and I looked down and noticed his crotch, he had what looked like a log laying down his leg, it looked like a firehose, god damn it looked big. I could clearly see the outline of his cockhead, I swallowed hard and my cock gave a leap in my trousers, I looked up and noticed Vince staring at my eyes and where I was looking and he smiled and winked at me again, and he went back to playing the piano.

Vince got off at midnight, I got off at eleven thirty. I had finished my cleanup work, and went to the piano and just set, I was getting ready to go and Vince, looked at me and said, 'What you gonna do after were finished here tonight?' 'I haven't got anything planned.' I said.

'Well you got an apartment or a house or something?'

'I live in a mobile home at the edge of town in a trailor park.'

Vince smiled and said, 'That will do just fine.'

I really didn't know what he was getting at. About a half hour later I was standing out by my little used Toyota and he came out and we were the only ones on the parking lot, he walked up and said, 'Ready?' I said, 'Sure, he said, 'You got any beer at home? I said, 'yes I have a twelve pack of Bud in the Fridge.' He said, 'My favorite.'

We got to my trailer and walked in and since I have had my own place, I really strive to keep it neat and clean, I was thankful that I had cleaned house that morning. I got us a beer and handed one to Vince.

Vince got inside, threw off his coat and started undoing his tie and then he grabbed my by my shirt and said, 'Mother fucker, I have wanted you for a month now, but I wasn't sure about you untill I noticed your cock getting hard while you were looking at my cock tonight. It was all I could do not to grab you right there at the Piano.'

I almost swallowed my tongue. Vince was all over me like a sex starved Maniac. And I loved that feeling.

I was being felt up and rubbed and kissed by this gorgeous man, I wanted him to rape me if he wanted, I was that turned on.

We finally got to the couch and I started undoing his shirt, His chest was awesome nicely built and muscular, not like a body builder, but that look of a twenty eight year old, well taken care of body, tight curley hair, god it was gorgeous, and his manly body aroma was so intoxicating. I noticed a very long, thick, cock bulging out in his slacks. I layed my hand on it and damn it was big.

I undid his belt, undid his slacks, and pulled down his zipper I slid his slacks down his legs and off his feet, reached up and looked at his huge, thick, long throbbing bulge and watched it as he flexed it and made it bounce, I looked up at Vince and smiled, He winked and smiled back.

"Hey baby, its all yours, do what you want with it.' I did, I slid his boxers off and a ten inch long, six and a half inch around, uncut black cock flopped up against his stomach, he just smiled and said,'You like?' I licked my lips and said, 'Oh hell yeah! I LOVE.'

I started licking that awesome looking dark peice of meat, slipping that lovely foreskin back and forth off the head and started sucking that gorgeous thick cock. The more I sucked that massive cock the bigger it seemed to get, I could barely get my mouth over the head and down on it at all, I was stretching my mouth to the limit.

Vince was really enjoying it and he was saying 'Holy shit man, that feels soooo fucking good.'

I Layed into his cock like a wild man with a vacuum cleaner for a mouth, sucking for all I was worth.

Vince was pumping his hips up toward my mouth as I went down on his cock as far as I could go.

My cock was about to split, extremely hard and throbbing in my trousers. I was almost embarrassed to let Vince see my cock, its only seven inches long hard, altho it is quite thick. It was nothing compared to his monster.

I finally got up and took off my trousers and He looked at my ass and smiled and winked, I said.'Man, you like?' Vince smiled, and said,'Hey Man, I love.'

I looked into his eyes and said, 'Its all yours do what you want with it.' I laughed at Vince, he couldn't wait to get his hands on my ass.

He looked at me and said, 'Hey man, wheres the bedroom? this is getting into some serious shit and we need a bed.'

I led him down my hallway, both stark naked and our hardons were flopping like a christmas tree about to fall off a tree truck.

I climed up on the bed and Vince followed, He grabbed my legs turned me over on my back, raised my legs up and my ass was sticking up and he slid his tongue between my ass cheeks as he spread them apart. I must say here that I absolutely love to get my asshole eaten out. It is probably one of my favorite things to do.

Vince had me climbing the walls almost screaming with pleasure as his long tongue penetrated my asshole. I thought maybe the neighbors in the trailer park might complain from the sound.

I was in the third heaven, in about fifteen minutes, My cock was almost hurting it was so hard, my nuts had disappeared into my body by now, and I was in an almost catatonic state.

Vince had taken his hand an rammed four fingers up my hole when he said, 'Baby boy, I think your ready, I got him some lube I keep beside the bed in the little table, he lubed up my asshole really deep and then his big cock, I felt it like nobodys business and he slid that horsecock up my asshole. I guess he had about seven inches in me,and it was hurting a little, well, it was hurting a lot, but I knew from past experience it would eventually subside.

Vince said, 'Fuck man, your insides are so fucking hot, I'm gonna love you good baby doll,' And love me good he did, He slid all ten inches up my ass and I felt like it would come out my mouth, but I was loving it. I felt that spot you touch inside your love channel and It felt like a touch of heaven.

Vince started not only fucking me, but making love to me. I felt each and every inch of that awesome cock as it gently slid in and out of my ass. He would shove it into my ass to the balls and then pull it out gently to the tip of the head, and then ram it back in. I was about to explode it felt so good. I could have died then and there and died happy. Vince was an awesome lover, he was taking me to another world.

I just layed there and felt the awesomeness of his love making.

It took him almost an hour of absolute intense fucking to bring himself off, and I was almost ready to pass out from pleasure by the time he finally said, 'Baby Im gonna do it, I'm gonna fill you with my love.' I felt his body begin to shake and tense up, and he huffed and blew out his air very hard and slammed his cock, which I could feel how it had swollen up tighter and bigger, I felt his cock start to pump out the cum into my intestines. It was the most awesome sex of my life, I could feel it as his cock shot off inside me, and my cock started acting like a roman candle, shooting about ten shots of cum into the air and all over me.

I reached up and started licking like a wild man, all over Vinces body. 'Baby, I loved it too.' he said.

I didn't want to let him go and I definatelly didn't want that awesome big black cock to leave my asshole, and when it did I almost felt saddness creap over me.

I just layed there and felt like I was in a trance.

I told Vince to spend the night with me, He did, we kissed, cuddled and just loved each other all night and finally fell asleep about four in the morning. I woke him up the next morning licking on his cock and sucking him off, he finally just grunted and raised up on his elbows and groaned a loud groan as his gorgeous cock filled my mouth with rich, thick, creamy cum. God man no one had ever gotten to me like Vince. And mother fucker could he make music, not just at the piano but he made me sing, all over my body.



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