The Bulging Jockstrap Shop

by Paul François

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I hope you like jockstraps as much as I do. I have a red one that tricks try on regularly. What excites me is not so much wearing it but seeing a guy in that gear, having fun with the opportunities that such an iconic gear offers to horny gay men like me. The following jockstrap story is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America.

One of the most photographed streets in Boston is Acorn Street because it offers visitors a reminiscent ride back to colonial New England. It was on this lovely street that 19th century artisans and trades people lived, and today the row houses are considered to be a prestigious address in Becan Hill. One block south is Chestnut Street, and that’s where Brown’s Dick Gear is established; this jockstrap shop is a must for all gay male tourists.

I’ve already given a condensed course on the history of the jockstrap in my short story entitled Jockstrap + Leather Boots = High Performance, so I will just remind readers that it was invented in 1874 by C. F. Bennett who worked for Bike Athletic. Happy 150th birthday, dear Jockstrap! Originally, this gear protected the private parts of bicycle messengers as they navigated the bumpy cobblestones of Boston. The jockstrap slowly became a sex symbol of sorts with a reach well beyond the athletic world. It owes a debt to homosexual men who have embraced it since the 1950s, when a hyper-masculine aesthetic in gay fashion was in vogue.

The owner of Brown’s Dick Gear is Richard Lebrun, a Franco-American from New England. He is Black and is surname Lebrun means Brown. Because he is well-hung, Richard is often nicknamed Dick Bulge. Both the owner and the staff of Brown’s Dick Gear wear the traditional Bike white jockstrap on the job. When you enter the shop, there are photos of men in briefs with nice soft bulges, side by side to pics of men in jockstraps with huge hard-ons. The message is clear: if you want to get hard, wear one of our jockstraps.

Each employee of Brown’s Dick Gear must have a rod at least 6 inches long and 3 inches thick. The owner has a preference for cut meat because the mushroom erotically pokes the fabric and catches the eye and hand of possible buyers. When Dick interviews potential employees, he offers them a scenario which involves convincing a customer to purchase a jockstrap, briefs, a cock ring or a piercing. Dick expects the script to spark mutual touching and lead both men to the dressing room for a “concrete sales pitch”.

Right now, the salesman Henry is catering to the needs of a new client, Ronald, who seems to be mostly interested in a leather jockstrap. He takes off his white jock and puts on a studded leather one. As soon as Ronald sees Henry’s thick hairy cut meat getting stiff, he asks to try the leather gear in the dressing room. Once the door is shut, both men spontaneously kiss. Ron is sure that the jock size will be perfect because he is also well-hung. Henry wants to have fun, so he brought a second studded leather gear. They both caress and kiss each other’s leather framed butt, moan with pleasure, then turn around to rub each other’s studded pouch. In no time, a stream of creamy jizz explodes and convinces Ronald to immediately buy the jockstrap he has been dreaming of for so long (with a discount as indicated further down).

More than half of the store is devoted to the iconic gear. Jockstrap paintings by A Naked Gaymer cover a full wall. This French gay artist has 53 000 friends on Facebook and is also very popular on Twitter, Instagram and Patreon. His art pieces portray ordinary men who have average body features: no muscular gymnasts nor vascular bodybuilders, no Adonis twinks, no overly hung dudes, just the typical Mr. Everyone.  His jockstrap pics breathe natural virility with a heavy touch of both warmth and lust. I wish I could own one or two of his art works.

Catering to a diverse gay clientèle, Brown’s Dick Gear has pictures of jockstrap sluts with monster bulges on the walls of each dressing room. There is even a shelf with lube and condoms. The shop is known for its dedicated staff who helps men try on the gear. A sign reminds guys that if they cum in a “jockstrap session”, they pay for it (20% off, of course). Men can buy jockstraps in just about every color, including leopard, camouflage and rainbow. The virile underwear comes in various fabrics such as cotton, nylon, polyester, leather, satin, metallic mesh, biodegradable and even eatable material.

Ronald has barely left when Brad enters the store. This hairy man in his late forties doesn’t pay attention to the jockstraps on display, nor to the photos by the artist A Naked Gaymer. He walks towards a box which contains a good twenty used jockstraps, stained with cum, sweat and piss. He sniffs them ecstatically just as employee Justin approaches. The latter wears a jock which shows the traces of intense workouts in the gym, smells of urine and traces of sperm still damp. He's attracted to hairy dudes. “We’re about the same size, says Brad. Let me try on your musky Bike jockstrap.”

Once in the dressing room, Brad only removes shoes and pants (he has no underwear). Justin asks him to get completely naked because “that’s when jockstraps take on their full splendor”, he says. The employee obviously wants to admire, caress and sniff Brad’s hairy pecs and armpits while the client puts on the dirty gear. They both get hard and kiss. “I’ve always dreamt of getting my ass eaten while I bury my face in the rimmer’s jock. “At your service, my beloved hairy dude! replies Justin. Your butt is a real smorgasbord: peachy, hairy, musky and tasty!”

While Brad and Justin have hot man-to-man pleasures, another client walks in Brown’s Dick Gear. This man in his thirties looks like a first-class bodybuilder. His name is Hector and he walks towards the display of satin jockstraps, visibly interested in the red ones. Owner Dick Bulge welcomes him, and mentions that he has a photographer on hand to take pictures. “When I say ‘on hand’, you can be sure that he will feel the goods before zooming on them.” Hector is narcissistic and adores being the object of muscle worship. As soon as he has chosen a scarlet red jock, he asks where the photo shoot is taking place. “In the art gallery next door, says Dick. They have a phallic art show on right now. You will be the star in that bright red gear! Sidney, my new employee is Black and freaks on White bodybuilders. He will join us and make you feel like a God!”

Hector gets naked, puts on the scarlet red jockstrap, and starts to flex his muscles amongst art pieces like the phallus flasher of “Antinous the Gay God”, the 16 hard dicks popping out of the “Penis Wall” by Robert Mapplethorpe, and the “Statue-fountain of Priapus, symbol of prosperity” showing an enormous penis. The photographer takes a series of shots while Sidney bites into the biceps and thighs, licks the pectorals and buttocks, becomes hard as iron, rubs his cock on the tiny red bulge looking like a Bing cherry. He pulls out his long Black dagger and begins to slide it in the middle of the inflated pecs. Hector moans with pleasure and promises to buy the crimson and burgundy jockstraps too.

At the end of the day, Richard Lebrun is so pleased with the sales and performances of his employes that he brings them together in the dungeon hidden behind his store for a reward. Under flicks of black light that enhance the white pouches and straps, the staff have fun massaging well-wrapped cocks and well-framed asses. Kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking are part of a buffet for these men who are so proud to wear and promote the jockstrap. What better way to celebrate 150 years of this iconic gear!

by Paul François

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