The week that I had to wait for Adam to get back into town was the longest week I had ever had to wait. As I had promised, I had saved my load for him and had not jacked off all week, so I was so horny all the time. But it was well worth the wait, because that was a night I would never forget.

I received a call from Adam around noon on Thursday,' Hello?' I said,' Hi, it's Adam,' he replied,' Hi Adam, are you back in town?' I asked eagerly,' Yeah I just got off the plane, are we still on for tonight?' 'Yeah, what time can you come over?' I asked,' How's eight?' he said,' That works for me, see you then, bye.' Just that short, simple conversation got my cock hard as a rock. It will all be worth it tonight, I told myself, and my cock.

At exactly eight o'clock, the doorbell rang. I answered the door to see Adam standing there, looking sexier than I had ever seen him. While he was gone, he had grown stubble, and it made him look so manly and sexy. He had the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen, and his brown hair just made them even sexier. He was wearing tight jeans that showed off his well toned legs and big bulge, he also had on a tight, white t-shirt that showed off his muscles in all the right places. I wanted to grab him, throw him on the floor and have my way with him right now, but I restrained and invited him in.

'Do you want something to drink?' I asked him,' Sure, do you have wine?' he asked,' Red or white?' I asked,' Red, please.' I walked back into the living room with a full bottle of wine and two glasses, poured us both generous glass fulls, and sat on the couch next to him. 'I hope you like sweet wine, I can't stand when wine is too bitter,' I told him,' Sweet wines cool, I don't like bitter wine either.' Before I knew it, both our wine glasses were empty,' Should we move this to the bedroom?' he asked,' Yeah, it's this way.' He followed me to the room and shut the door behind him. We both sat down on my bed, and I noticed he had a bulge in his pants. Apparently he noticed that I was hard too, he reached over and began rubbing my hard cock through my shorts.

He leaned over and touched his full lips to mine, I put my hand on the back of his head and we began kissing passionately. I felt his tongue exploring every inch of my mouth and tickling my tonsils. He nibbled on my bottom lip a little and I sucked on his bottom lip. 'Wow, you're an amazing kisser,' I told him,' You too.' I began slowly pulling his shirt up, revealing his beautiful six pack abs, and then I pulled it off completely. He was so into it, he didn't bother to take my shirt off, he ripped right of my chest, his strength and manliness aroused me so much. I kneeled in front of him and began unbuckling his belt when he put his hands and said,' Isn't that my job?' 'Oh, right, I'm used to bottoming.' He pulled me back onto the bed, and kneeled in front of me, pulled my shorts off and began rubbing my cock.

The feeling of his soft yet manly hands on my cock was amazing, but that was nothing compared to what was coming next. He bent down, and began licking the head and the shaft, teasing me. He began bobbing up and down with precision, using the perfect combination of hand and mouth. He knew exactly what he was doing and was doing it so well. I could feel his tongue licking my balls when he deep throated me, and it was the most amazing feeling having my whole shaft engulfed in warm, wetness and having my balls licked all at the same time. 'You give an amazing blowjob,' I told him,' mmm,' he moaned.

He stood up and took off his pants and boxers. His cock was amazing, even better than his brothers, though not as thick. I was about the same length as his brother, and nearly as thick, it turned slightly to the right at the tip, and was thickest at the base, then tapered towards the tip. It was beautiful, I would love nothing more than to suck on it and have it in me, but I was the top tonight, damn!

I pulled him onto the bed with me and flipped him over onto his stomach, if I going to top, I'm going to do it right. I spread his ass cheeks and spit on his tight hole. I began licking all around his hole, he began moaning, so I decided to take it further. I began licking just his hole, and the moans got louder, I started sticking my tongue in and out of his asshole, and it was amazing. I rimmed him for a good ten minutes before he told me,' Stop teasing me, I want you in me.' So I flipped him over, lifted his legs into my shoulders and slid my cock into his asshole.

It was much tighter on my cock than I thought it would be. I felt his hole begin to open little by little and I began thrusting. I could feel all his muscles squeezing and milking my cock as I pounded him, he had clearly practiced this. 'You're ass is so good, keep squeezing me like that,' I told him, he moaned with pleasure in reply. I could feel that he was close, his hole began squeezing harder. He let out a loud moan and began stroking his cock. He blew a huge load all over his stomach, chest and neck. 'I'm gonna cum,' I moaned,' Cum in me Michael,' he said. I felt his hole begin to milk my cock and it felt so amazing. I shot a huge load in his ass, I could feel his squeeze me after every stream of cum, which made my orgasm so much stronger. I collapsed onto him with my cock still in his ass. 'Wow, that was amazing,' I said, panting,' I think that was the best fuck I have ever had, my brother was right about you, you are amazing.' 'You were pretty amazing too, we have to do this again.'



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