A couple weeks after Kilo and I had sex, i received a call from his brother. I has met his brother once and from what I remembered, he was even sexier than his brother. He is taller than Kilo, maybe 6'3', like Kilo, he was very thin, but he was even more muscular than Kilo was. He also had the same full lips and perfect teeth, but his jaw bone was very prominent, so he looked very masculine, which i loved. So i was shocked when i answered the phone, and the conversation we had. This is what happened...

It was about midnight, and i was working on college applications, when the phone rang. I looked to see who it was and it said Blocked, but i answered anyway. 'Hello,' i said,'Is this Michael,' he asked,'Yes, can i ask who this is,' i asked him,'This is Adam, Kilos brother.' I had no idea why his brother would be calling me at such a late hour.'Can I help you with something Adam?' I asked,'Well, my brother told me about what happened with you two, and from what he told me, your a pretty good fuck.' I could not believe the words i was hearing come out of his mouth. 'So i was calling ask you if you would...' he trailed off,'What, if i would want you to fuck me?' I asked, starting to get excited.

'No, i was actually going to ask if, you would want to top for me.' I had never topped before, but if it was the only way i could get Kilos hot older brother, then i would try anything. 'I'm usually a bottom, but since you are Kilos brother, i would be willing to try being a top.' I said, after thinking it over a few seconds.'Great, i heard you have a pretty big dick, and i am definitely a size queen,' he said. It was true, I was pretty well hung, not compared to kilo, but i was bigger than most men. My cock is about eight and a half inches long and is pretty thick, I've never had any complaints.

'So, when can we hook up?' i asked,'Well, I'm in Detroit for the next week, but I'll me back in Fresno after that, can we meet up then?' he asked,' Sure,' i said,'But I was hoping it would be tonight, i haven't gotten off in almost a week.' 'Well, i could help you with that right now, i have been told I'm pretty good at phone sex,' he said. 'We'll see about that, let's do it.'

'I'm rubbing my cock through my jeans, it's so hard,mmm, you want me to take them off?' he asked,'Yeah, take them off and play with that big cock.' I replied,' Oh, it's so hard, your voice is so sexy, it feels so good.' I was starting to get bored with this already, but then he started playing with his asshole.

'I'm fucking my tight ass with a huge dildo, i wish it were your cock in me right now!' he said,'I wish it was my cock to,' then i heard him start pounding his ass hard. This turned me on so much, i could hear every time the base of the dildo slapped his ass as he rammed it in and out of his hole.'Aah, I'm gonna cum,' i yelled into the phone. The first stream of cum flew past my ear and hit the wall behind me with a smack, the second hit me right on the cheek, the third and fourth stream landed on my stomach. After i came all over, my body was shaking. 'That was the strongest orgasm I've ever had,' i told adam,'I can tell.' he replied.

'I can't wait until next week when i can have that tight hole of your,' I said a couple minutes later,'I can't wait to have your big dick fill my hole and shoot a big, hot load of your cum in me, i hope it's as strong as it was today,' he said,'It will be, i will save all my cum for your hole.'



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