Devin was sitting in the grain truck at the field's edge under the shade of a tree trying to stay cool. Gnats swarmed in his face and he fanned them away as best he could as he watched the combine loop around the field. His father was at its controls working his way across the Knight's field, one of three they were hired to harvest. The Knight farm was small and Ellis Knight couldn't afford the expense of his own combine so he hired the harvesting out. In the past it was ole Hank who lived across the road from the Knights but he was having health issues and his old combine was in need of repair.

The Knights struggled to support themselves with the small farm and Mrs. Knight worked in a nearby paper mill. Ellis and Evelyn had four children, Jeff, a senior in high school, Sheryl who was Devin's age at sixteen, Bobby who was fourteen and CJ who was the youngest at ten. Devin knew Sheryl well, their rural county school being so small and she was an attractive girl; so attractive even her lack of makeup she was still more alluring than most for the guys in their class. But Devin struggled with his attractions, worried about what others would think if they knew he was more enticed by Jeff than Sheryl, who was tall and muscular and so attractive with his dark skin and shaggy brown hair. He wondered where Jeff was at, if he was around somewhere. If he'd run into him while at their place.

Devin saw the grain begin to pile up in the bin of the combine and he started the truck and eased out into the field heading toward the combine. The rowed field was rough to navigate and he eased along slowly till he came upon his father who was stopped waiting with the auger rotated out ready to unload.

Once the grain was transferred to the truck Devin pulled it back to the shady spot at the field's edge and rolled the windows back down to let what breeze was blowing cut through the cab. He had his iPod playing with the earbuds in his ears and he sat back letting his mind wander.

"Hey, Devin!"

Devin was surprised to hear someone calling out to him and he fumbled to remove the earbuds as he sat up. Looking down he saw Bobby standing by the truck. Bobby was so slim, his features so soft he looked more feminine than masculine and his thick straw blonde hair was disheveled, naturally wavy, and for a moment Devin let the thought of how cute Bobby was float through his mind. But he was just a kid, only fourteen and he pushed the idea away.

"What's up?"

"Ma-ma wants to know if you and your daddy want to eat dinner with us?"

"No, mom is preparing lunch so we'll be going home shortly" Devin replied. "But tell her thanks for the offer" he added as he saw the look on Bobby's face, a look of disappointment.

"Okay, I'll tell her" Bobby said and he hesitated a moment as if he wanted to say something else. Something of a different nature, then he looked up at Devin holding one hand over his eyes as if to shield them from the sun, even though he was in the shade of the tree. "See ya around?" It was more a question than a statement but Devin didn't catch it. As he watched Bobby walk back toward the gate to the field he thought of the comments his younger sister, Donna, had said about Bobby, how the other boys picked on him, called him a sissy and queer, and he considered how cruel it was, this bullying. And he considered how he could so easily be the target of such taunts. If only he had the courage of his convictions to be able to tell his classmates how he felt, what his desires truly were but this wasn't Atlanta or Birmingham where that might be feasible. This was Oak Hill, population 800, and it was different here.

Four years later.

Devin was home from college helping his father in the barn do some maintenance on the equipment. It was late June and the harvest was still months away but his father didn't like to rush and always wanted things ready to run when the time come. It was hot, even in the shade and inside the barn was just as bad. They were soaked with sweat after a short time and they had to wipe their brows constantly to keep it out of their eyes.

It was only ten in the morning and it would be hotter that afternoon.

"Gerald, you and Devin in here" Maddie called out, Devin's mother.

"Yeah, over here at the combine" Devin replied and he stood up moving out so she could see him.

"Mrs. White said the Knights have a good crop of butterbeans and okra and ours hasn't made much. You want to run over there and get a bushel or two of beans and some okra for dinner tonight?"

"The Knights have a large garden?" Devin asked and his father stood up from the combine.

"They stopped regular farming two years ago and started crop farming. Doing pretty well from what I hear. That middle boy talked his father into it" Gerald said as he wiped his greasy hands.


"Yeah, I think that is the boy's name. Surprised a lot of folks around here for everyone thought it would be the oldest son who took over, but he left; went into the military. The Navy I think" Gerald replied to Devin.

Gerald pulled out his wallet and slipped several bills from it holding them out to Devin.

"I need to finish here, so you go on over there and see what they have. Get what your mother wants and anything else that looks good."

Devin took the money and followed his mother out of the barn and into the house. She went on into the kitchen as he went to the large utility sink in the mudroom to wash his hands and arms of the grease smeared on them. Cleaned up a little he headed out to his car, a six year old Mustang, and headed to the Knight's place.

He'd not been there since they harvested their crops four years ago. The next couple of years Hank Robbins was once again doing it for them and after that Devin had not heard any news or gossip about the Knights, being away at college more than he was here in this rural region he considered home. As he drove down the narrow two lane highway passing other farms, low ranch style homes or old wood sided farm houses sitting tall on their brick piers he thought of Bobby, and what he had been like in high school. Even though he was two years younger he was the same age as his sister and the small school made it where everyone knew everyone else. Bobby had grown tall with his lean body making him appear more so with his long gangly arms and long legs. And he had been attractive, so cute the girls hung out with him all the time. But the boys had stayed away from him except to bully him on occasion. Devin had steered clear of Bobby, afraid to be around him. The association would have been too much, his fear of his desires becoming known.

He turned on Highway 168, a highway he rarely had a need to travel and proceeded toward the Knight's place. It was less than three miles and Devin came upon the drive to their house. It was a narrow dirt lane that wound through the woods and everything appeared as it did four years ago, except for the new mailbox and the small sign next to the drive advertising the vegetables they had for sale. The filtered sunlight through the tree canopy flashed over the windshield as he eased down the drive to the house sitting among several large oak trees. It was an old farm house, some say the original part was built in the 1800's and it had several additions giving it an eclectic look, one that Devin found inviting. Devin pulled around the house and to the barn where he parked next to the two trucks and car that were already there. The barn door was open and he could see large wood bins filled with freshly picked vegetables lined down one wall and there were five people picking through them. He moved inside and saw Sheryl sitting at a table on the opposite wall with a small cash box ready to take their payment.

"Well, I'll be damn, Devan!" Sheryl exclaimed as he moved toward the beans his mother wanted.

"Hey Sheryl, how have you been?"

"Good. You home for the summer?"


A young guy came in carrying two buckets and Devin looked at him trying to place him for he looked familiar.

"That's CJ, my youngest brother" Sheryl said when she saw the look on Devin's face.

"For a minute I thought it was..."

"Jeff" Sheryl interrupted, "yeah, he looks just like Jeff when he was fourteen. He's just not as cocky as Jeff...thank God." Devin looked at Sheryl and they laughed at her judgment of Jeff both knowing it was true.

"Where's Bobby?" Devin asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

"Oh he's out back in the garden. Why don't ya go say hello" Sheryl said and there was something in her voice, something knowing, something left unsaid.

Devin walked toward the back of the barn toward the rear doors where he could see a portion of the field that was being cultivated with vegetable crops. Rows of beans and squash plants ran the length of the field with the tree line beyond and the vivid blue of the sky above, but within his framed view no sign of Bobby. As he came to the door he saw a new tractor parked to the side and the area of cultivation, nearly half of the forty acre field that was behind the barn. Over to the side he saw the caged tomato plants, lush green in color growing thickly within the cages and shooting out the top. Moving among them was Bobby. From a distance he appeared no different from what Devin remembered from school two years ago with the bright straw blonde hair which none of his siblings had and a tall lean body, but as Devin got closer he noticed a difference, his body filled out a little more, a lean muscular build and he looked more masculine. Devin was approached from his back and he studied the body in front of him as he got closer. He noticed right away the tight jeans and the t-shirt he was wearing, the sleeves ripped out and the sides cut open revealing his body, showing the natural dark skin tone, the lean torso and when he turned slightly working around one plant Devin saw the darker blonde hair under his arms, it wet with sweat.

Devin felt his heart race, a feeling inside he was trying to control as he came closer. But he couldn't take his eyes off of the person in front of him. He continued to study him, to look at the way his hair curled around the edges, the way the sun light reflected off of his sweaty skin and the way his beard was coming in along his jaw line, thick near the chin then thinning out not quite reaching his hairline. Devin knew he should announce his approach, say something, anything, but he was holding his mouth tightly closed, almost afraid of what he would say. Then Bobby stopped raking the hoe over the ground and stood up turning toward him suddenly aware of his presence.

"Devin; home for the summer?"

"Yeah. So how's it going?"

"Good. Finally getting this farm to make some money, but it is a lot of work" Bobby said and he chuckled slightly. He turned to face Devin, took a step bringing them closer together. "It's good to see you, Devin."

Devin knew Bobby had gotten tall, over six feet, but standing here near him and having to look up slightly he realized just how tall Bobby had gotten and he let his eyes quickly scan downward over the torso, one side visible through the slit open side of the t-shirt. His eyes moved further over the crotch of Bobby's jeans where the natural bulge at the crotch looked so enticing and he had to take a breath and force his eyes back up. Bobby was looking at him, his expression serious then he smiled. Devin felt trapped, like a caged animal, afraid of his emotions, afraid Bobby could see what he was thinking.

"So how's college?" Bobby asked and Devin found his out, a way to talk to Bobby and take his mind off of those feelings of attraction, of desire toward someone else.

They talked briefly about college, Devin's plans on returning to farm and Bobby's operation here on his family's place. Then the conversation slowed, the topic exhausted, and Bobby went to say something, something Devin felt anxious to hear, when CJ came walking up.

"Hey Bobby we could use some more tomatoes inside" CJ called out stopping several yards away.

"Okay, I'll bring in a few more" Bobby replied then he turned to Devin, "want to help me pick?"

"Sure" Devin replied and they each went down a different row of plants, carrying the buckets Bobby had with him. The varieties varied, old heirlooms of different types, different colors.

"You want a particular variety picked?" Devin asked.

"No, we'll separate them inside. Cheryl is good at seeing the differences too."

They moved along the row a short distance and had the buckets full. Devin looked over at Bobby seeing him pick a bright red fruit from a plant, wiping his hand over the firm surface then he held it out to Devin. It glistened in the bright sunlight and in Bobby's hand it looked even more desirable. Devin reached out and took it lifting it to his mouth biting through the thin skin into the firm flesh. Juice ran down his chin and he had to lean forward to keep it from getting on his shirt.

"These are really good...are they not?" Bobby asked and Devin nodded his head as he took another bite.

It was late, nearly midnight and Devin lay on his bed. His room was totally dark, nothing could be seen yet in his mind, vividly in bright relief, he saw Bobby in his tight jeans and that ripped t-shirt moving along the tomato plants raking the hoe over the surface of the ground. Devin's hand slipped into his boxers, grasped his erection and stroked it, moved along its length as Bobby was moving in front of him, working the hoe along the ground until he hears Devin and he turns. Devin sees him smile, pull his t-shirt over his head and begin to undo his jeans. Devin can't hold back and he cums, shooting wad after wad within his boxers as his hand smears it along his spurting cock.

For the next few days Devin let images of Bobby cloud his mind. Time and time again one or the other of his parents would have to address him more than once to get his attention. He thought of so many excuses to go over to the Knight place so he could see Bobby but each time he let his anxieties cause him to back down. The next weekend his mother got him to go with her to the small farmer's market in town for she wanted some mushrooms and eggs. The small metal building had the doors open on each end with large fans set at one end trying to cool the interior as people roamed along the bins lining each side. Devin walked with his mother down the aisle toward the vendor his mother knew had mushrooms. As they wove their way through the people Devin scanned the room wondering if Bobby would be there selling vegetables from their farm. They were half way toward the back when he saw Bobby and CJ sitting behind two bins piled high with various vegetables. Behind them was their truck backed in through the garage door with more crates of vegetables ready to be put out. Bobby was busy taking someone's money as his brother bagged their items leaving him unaware of Devin's presence and his intense stare.

On the way back Devin pointed out the Knight's stall and his mother agreed they should check it out, oblivious to Devin's ulterior motives. Bobby saw them approach and he leaned back resting his butt on the tailgate of the truck.

"Mrs. Collins and Devin" Bobby greeted them and his voice changed tone when he said Devin, "can I help you with anything?"

"I don't know...oh look at these tomatoes. What kind are they?" Mrs. Collins asked as she picked one up.

"Purple Calabash; beautiful fruit isn't it. They have a good taste too. Would like to try a few?"

"Yes, give me three or four" Mrs. Collins replied and CJ pulled out a bag and helped her pick the ones she wanted. Devin saw Bobby turn toward him holding up an apple, bright vivid red in color, beautifully shaped, and Bobby bit into it, the crunch of his teeth slicing through the firm flesh louder than expected and Devin watched the way Bobby bit into it, watched the way his jaw worked as he chewed the flesh within his mouth then swallowed. Then he realized how Bobby was looking at him, a mischievous smile on his face and Devin looked away quickly turning his attention to CJ and his mother.

The next day was Sunday and Devin's parents got ready and left for church a little before ten. Devin had begged off knowing it disappointed his mother but he knew he couldn't take another hell fire and damnation sermon, especially one that denigrated gays, made them out to be the cause of all the evil in the world. Instead he slept in, got up late and decided to drive into town for lunch. It'd let him have time to himself.

Devin knew the diner wouldn't be busy until after noon when the churches let out so he arrived around eleven thirty and made his way through the dining area to the counter at the back. There was only one other person at the counter and Devin moved toward the opposite end. Within a few minutes he had a glass of tea in front of him and his order placed. He looked along the counter seeing the small display case at the end with pies and cake on display. He was looking at his surroundings but thinking of something else, of someone else.

The waitress sat his order down in front of him and he began to eat when someone came up and swiveled the bar stool right next to him around. Devin glanced over to see who it was about to sit down next to him.

"Hey Devin" Bobby said as he sat down, "is it okay if I sit here?"

"Yeah,'s it going" Devin stammered.

"Good and you?" Bobby replied.

Bobby sat next to Devin not caring if his infatuation with him showed. Devin had been a boyhood crush of his for over four years. He remembered the first time he really noticed Devin, noticed him in a way that caused him to feel an attraction that would for a couple of years confuse and make him feel entangled by his emotions. Even though their school was small with middle and high school together seeing an upper classman, especially one two years ahead was infrequent but in the community at the places where people met, worked or socialized crossing paths was more common and for Bobby he first really noticed Devin at the grain elevator one afternoon during the harvest for wheat. It was a hot day in May, the sun low it the western sky and Bobby had gone with his dad to the warehouse to buy soybean seed and they were just pulling away with the bed of the truck stacked high with bags of seed when Bobby saw Devin leaning against a truck in the parking lot. Devin was shirtless showing off his lean tanned upper body. The jeans he wore hung low on his narrow waist, tantalizing in the way they hung down over his crotch so close to it Bobby just knew it was just below the waistband. Devin's hair had been longer then, a rough shaggy cut that blew in the mild breeze concealing his eyes. As his dad pulled out onto the highway Bobby saw Devin raise his arm to push the hair out of his eyes exposing the sparse underarm hair and at the time Bobby had thought Devin was so mature.

Now he wondered if Devin still had sparse underarm hair or it had come in thicker, darker, like his light brown hair now seemed darker with its short cut. Devin had filled out, his body more muscular, especially in the last couple of years. The way his t-shirts were stretched over his chest and the sleeves stretched tight around his biceps it made Bobby want to reach out and touch him, made him desire to feel the firm muscle underneath the smooth skin.

He thought of that day he had tried to get Devin to come to his house. It was the year the Collins harvested their crops for them and Devin was in the grain truck running out to the combine when it needed to unload. Devin had been sixteen, old enough to drive and Bobby knew being fourteen made him still a kid in his eyes.

Bobby ordered a sandwich with fries and a soda from the waitress and when she went to put in the order he saw in the mirror behind the counter their reflection, Devin and his own, and he noticed how he was taller than Devin but still very lean compared to the muscular build next to him. He turned toward Devin a little, closing the gap between them.

"You dating anyone in college?" Bobby asked.

"" Devin stammered in response.

"I'm not dating anyone either. Waiting on the right person...I guess" Bobby said as he turned toward Devin letting his leg press against him. He saw Devin hesitate with his fork, it hovering in front of him shaking slightly until he finally brought it to his mouth not replying to Bobby. As nervous as Devin appeared, the way he looked so anxious, he didn't break contact with Bobby, didn't pull away and when he finally turned to reply he pressed back against Bobby's leg.

"You don't have to work today?" Devin asked with a nervous tone.

"No; I promised myself I would always take at least one day off a week and since the rest of the family likes to go to church I usually take Sunday" Bobby replied. The waitress sat his order down on the counter and he picked up his sandwich. Just before he took a bite, and without turning toward Devin, he took a chance.

"You want to do something today?"

Devin hesitated, the turmoil inside of him showing in his eyes, and he shook his head.

"No...I need to get going...there are some things I need to do for dad...maybe some other time..." and he grabbed up his check and headed to the register at the entrance to pay.

Bobby was disappointed at first but when he saw how Devin had left his food unfinished and bolted like someone scared he leaned forward and took another bite of his sandwich suppressing a smile knowing Devin was fighting with his feelings. 'Maybe next time' he thought as he savored the food in his mouth, chewing slowly then swallowing. 'Yes, definitely next time' he thought.

For two days Devin couldn't get the false sensation to go away, the sense of Bobby's leg against his own. He found himself lost to the fantasy of Bobby doing more, of touching him in other ways and he would wake from this trance like state and find himself standing in the barn staring at a wall, or mowing the grass and suddenly be cutting randomly across the yard or at night lying on his bed naked gripping his cock, stroking it, his eyes closed imagining it was Bobby. Bobby touching his cock, Bobby taking it and doing things and he'd cum hard spattering his load over his chest and stomach. He thought of so many reasons to go to the Knight's place, excuses really, but he acted on none of them not sure how to approach Bobby. Instead he tried to focus on the tasks his father asked him to do so that he'd keep himself busy.

Wednesday was a brutally hot day, the temperatures already in the nineties by eleven o'clock. Devin was in the barn changing the oil and filters on the lawn and garden tractor and he had the doors to the barn open on each end trying to draw in some sense of a breeze. He was on his back looking at the blades telling himself they needed sharpening when he heard a vehicle turn onto their drive and pull toward the back of their house. He looked underneath the mower and saw the lower portion of a pickup, an old Chevrolet, the blue paint slightly faded and scuffed up from hard use and he knew immediately it was Bobby Knight's truck. He felt his heart race in his chest as he watched work boots step down from the truck and head toward the screen porch at the back of their house.

He wanted to get up, race to the house to see Bobby, to tell him how all he could think about was him, but he just lay there, paralyzed by his fear, fear his mother could look in his face and see what he was thinking when he looked upon Bobby, fear of what it meant to want another man, and fear of whether or not he could really do it, sex with another man. It made him feel stupid the way he just lay on the rough concrete slab staring underneath the mower with longings he knew could be easily fulfilled if he just got up and went to Bobby. He thought of that time four years ago when they had been teenagers and how it was Bobby who even though younger, too young, was the one who knew what he wanted. Devin rolled over on his back and stared at the exposed structure of the barn roof as he let his frustrations simmer just below the surface. He was a fool he thought as he lay there.

Devin didn't know how long he was on the floor of the barn just laying there staring up with his mind in turmoil but suddenly he heard someone approach, heard their footsteps already in the barn and it was too late to act like he was doing anything. He looked up and saw Bobby standing near his feet.

"You okay?" Bobby asked in all seriousness.

"Yeah...I was...." Devin stammered as he sat up wiping his greasy hands on a rag.

"I brought your mom more of those tomatoes she liked. She told me you were out here and to come on out...I hope it was okay?" Bobby asked suddenly worried he might be pushing too hard. Devin kept his head down as he laid the rag on the concrete floor and leaned forward slightly and Bobby watched him, the way he moved so slow, so tentative in every move. Devin raised his right hand bringing it toward Bobby's legs with it quivering every inch of the way. Bobby didn't move, didn't utter a sound as he waited for the contact, the feel of Devin's fingers pressing against his leg. Devin fingered a fold in the leg of Bobby's jeans, ran his fingers up and down until he finally pushed against the denim hard enough to touch the leg within. Bobby inhaled as he felt Devin run his fingers upward along his leg.

"I...don't know what to do" Devin whispered as he eased up on his knees and hugged Bobby's legs to his torso. He clung to Bobby burying his face in Bobby's stomach and his breath cut through the thin fabric of the t-shirt and caressed warmly the skin beneath. Bobby put his hand on Devin's head, rubbed his fingers over the short stubble.

"It's okay Devin...what do you want?" Bobby replied and Devin looked up at him with a pleading look, one questioning everything and Bobby ran a finger over Devin's lips tracing their full outline. "I have several errands to run but when I get them done would you like to go over to Greenville or...somewhere and have dinner, just the two of us and..."

"Yes" Devin interrupted Bobby and he pressed his face into Bobby's stomach again, pulling up the t-shirt and kissing him softly above his navel.

Bobby pulled back and squatted down in front of Devin lifting his chin till they were eye to eye. Neither said anything, neither moved for what seemed like a long time then Bobby moved to Devin and touched his lips to Devin's, the contact so soft, gentle, and Devin after a moment's hesitation kissed him back. Bobby stood up and rubbed his hand over Devin's head causing him to look up.

"Will you be ready around seven?"

Devin nodded his head yes.

It was a small restaurant in an old space in downtown, but for the small town it was an elegant place with simple dishes. Bobby knew the restaurant for he sold to them regularly. They sat a table along the side wall in a niche that gave them privacy, one Bobby had requested when he made reservations. They ate slowly, talking casually among themselves, their lives farming, Devin's college experiences, and how Bobby got his father to go along with the change to their farming.

The reason they were sitting across from each other hadn't been mentioned, nor had it been on the drive into town. They allowed themselves time to adjust to each other in this new way, to learn about the other. But all through their dinner they tapped each other's foot, Bobby actually rubbed Devin's calf at one point making Devin smile and look down embarrassed. When Bobby passed Devin the salt their fingers touched and for a moment they froze in place letting the touch linger.



"I was wondering if you'd like to stay in town tonight?"

Devin looked up at Bobby and for a moment he didn't comprehend what Bobby was suggesting then slowly, a smile forming on his face he nodded his head yes.

"Where in town are you thinking?" Devin leaned over and asked for all he could think of was the cheap motels and small hotels out at the main exits from the interstate north of downtown.

"There is a small bed and breakfast in town and..." Bobby hesitated but the urge to tell overcame his reluctance to admit to how much he had planned the evening, "well, I made reservations this afternoon."

Devin smiled as he leaned back in his chair looking at Bobby.

"I guess we should pay so we can head over."

The room was set as requested, flowers in the vase on a small table by the bed and only a few candles burning to light the room. It was a small room made more so by the high bed with its old wrought iron frame. The mattress was high off the floor and it looked as if you would be engulfed by it in lieu of lying on top.

Devin stood at the window feeling nervous, anxious about this intimacy with another man, something he had desired for so long. He looked at the heavily landscaped rear yard with its small brick patio area in the middle where a couple were sitting together talking and laughing as they shared a bottle of wine. He could hear Bobby running water in the bathroom giving him the sense of his being alone in the room. He let the day's events unfold in his mind and they mixed with images of the past, the day Bobby stood in the field looking up at him in the grain truck, then he had recollections of times he saw Bobby, at the grain elevator with his dad, at school in the hall or in the cafeteria, in town at the grocery store or one of the restaurants and at social events. He thought of the kid and how he grew up and how their lives had crossed paths so many times. He didn't notice the water shutting off or the door of the bathroom opening. He only sensed Bobby's presence behind him, close to him and when he felt Bobby's hands come to rest on his shoulders he moved back till their bodies came together with Bobby's arms wrapped around his waist.

Devin felt the warm breath, then the lips touch his neck as the hands on his chest began to undo the buttons of his shirt, slowly, one after the next. He put his hands on Bobby's thighs squeezing them as he felt the nip of his ear and the tongue rim around its edges.

Devin opened his eyes and looked down and saw the couple looked up at them and he suddenly didn't care as he saw the guy smirk with disgust. Then he noticed as Bobby slipped his shirt open and pulled it from his shoulders the woman smiled, knowingly, approvingly and he couldn't help but to smile back as Bobby pulled him back into the room letting the curtains fall back into place.

Devin turned to Bobby, kissed him with passion, feeling their lips move over the each other. Devin pulled back and unbuttoned Bobby's shirt, his hands shaking slightly as he slipped each button free. Bobby's chest then stomach came into view, the lean torso with the small nipples and the skin so smooth, tight over his tall frame and Devin ran his hand over the chest, felt the warmth of the skin and when he caressed over the nipples he felt their erect nubs rake over his fingers. He pushed the shirt over Bobby's shoulders letting it drop down his arms and to the floor. He leaned to one nipple, tongued it, kissed it, sucked on it with his mouth then he nipped it lightly with his teeth making Bobby inhale sharply holding his head to the nipple tightly encouraging him to keep it up.

Devin no longer worried what his role was to be as he kissed his way down Bobby's chest, over his stomach and down to the waistband of the low riding jeans Bobby wore. He ran his lips and tongue along the very top edge of the jeans, felt the warmth of the smooth firm skin as he moved along it then he moved up and tongued Bobby's navel as he began to unfasten the jeans, slipping the button free and tugging the zipper downward. Devin's aroused state made him grow impatient and he slipped his fingers over the waistband of the jeans and white boxers underneath and pulled them down working them down each leg till they were below Bobby's knees. Bobby worked his feet out of his shoes as Devin grasped his cock squeezing it, stroking it, bringing it to full erection. Devin pulled the jeans from each leg then he slipped each sock off leaving Bobby naked, his cock angled out hard and Devin moved to it, holding Bobby by the legs as he angled his head to it. He brought his open mouth to the head of Bobby's cock and let it slip into his mouth.

Devin's was a little rough, his teeth scraping the hard shaft and his movements lacking any rhythm, but it still excited Bobby till he couldn't take much more and he pushed Devin off of his cock.

"Slow down...we have to slow down..." Bobby uttered as he guided Devin to stand up. He ran his hands over the muscular upper body feeling the bulge of muscle, the thick biceps, the way his chest had such form, each muscle defined. He caressed the firm skin, raked his hand over Devin's chest and down over his stomach feeling the washboard form with his fingers. He slipped his fingers down inside the jeans and felt the softness of pubic hair and he raked them back and forth through it as Devin pushed his hips forward pressing against his hand. Devin ran his hands up and down Bobby's long arms, over his shoulders and as Bobby's fingers slipped down inside his jeans a little further, raked over the base of his cock he took him by the neck and brought their lips together.

The feel of their bodies pulled together aroused them, the way they moved against each other, with Devin's arms wrapping around Bobby's lean torso embracing him as Bobby slipped his hand down inside of Devin's jeans and grasped his cock feeling the thick shaft flex in his hand. Bobby pulled back and brought his hand out and worked the jeans Devin wore open pushing them down freeing his cock. Bobby stroked it, felt the way the shaft filled his hand, so hard within the smooth skin. Devin kissed him on the neck as he pushed his cock up against Bobby's cock pressing them together between their bodies. When Devin pulled back he put his hand on Bobby's chest indicating he should stay still a moment. He worked his shoes off, slipped each sock off and then worked his jeans and boxers down his legs and off, all the while Bobby watching him, every move and the way his body flexed with his movement, the way his muscles moved beneath the skin.

Devin stood up naked, his cock sticking straight out, fully erect, the head flared wide at the end of the thick shaft and Bobby watched as a bead of clear pre-cum beaded up at the slit and drip down toward the floor. Bobby held out his hand and Devin took it letting him led them to the bed. They moved up on it together, side by side, their bodies touching, brushing against each other till they lay with arms and legs intertwined together.

Bobby hugged their bodies together and rolled over on his back bringing Devin on top of him. He felt the weight of Devin's body on his own and he spread his legs wrapping them around Devin's waist.

"Put it in me" Bobby whispered as he slipped a hand down between them taking Devin's hard cock and working it against his hole feeling the slick head move against him, push against his tightness. Devin shifted down, slipped his arms underneath Bobby's thighs and moved back up bringing Bobby's legs upward folding him in two, raising his ass upward opening him up. Devin pushed downward till his cock breached Bobby's opening and sank into his hole, inch by inch, slowly, gently. Devin worked his cock through the tight ring and pushed down till he felt their bodies come together. Bobby's arms were around his neck hugging him and soon Bobby's lips were running along his jaw, around his neck and to his ear.

"Fuck me...fuck me Devin" Bobby pleaded and Devin began to work his hips, pulling upward and pushing back down, slowly at first, feeling the tight ring of Bobby's opening milk his cock as it piston in and out. Devin shifted slightly, pushed Bobby over a little more, his ass turned upward a little higher and Devin began to fuck, to drive his cock into Bobby with the pent up urgency of his desires, his cock so hard it ached with his arousal and he sank it into Bobby's depths over and over and over.

Bobby moaned, grunted with each push inward by Devin, feeling the fullness of penetration, the way Devin stretched him open and filled his hole. Devin was strong, his muscular body exerting itself powerfully as he drove his hips downward sinking all the way into Bobby. The bed began to rock, to squeak with their movement. Devin's pace increased and he was grunting with each hard push inward, the feel of his whole being centered on the sensation of his fuck, the way Bobby's hole milked his thrusting cock.

"Give it to me...Devin..." Bobby uttered as he clung to the muscular form on top of him feeling its exertions, the heat of it, the way the skin grew slick against him.

"Oh fuck" Devin uttered through clinched teeth as he slammed his hips down hard causing the bed to slam against the wall as he pumped his load into Bobby. He kept pumping his hips, thrusting his spurting cock inside Bobby filling him with his load. Finally spent, his cock too sensitive for any more stimulation, Devin fell still on top of Bobby, his breathing ragged and his body slick and hot and Bobby relaxed underneath him as he felt the way Devin's body undulated with its hard breathing.

Devin lay still only for a moment then shifted into a sitting position on top of Bobby's hips. He felt Bobby cock trapped beneath him, the way it laid along his ass and he leaned forward running his hand over Bobby's chest, up and down he rubbed his hands. Neither said anything as Devin moved over Bobby with his eyes focused on where his hands were moving, watching what he felt. Then he sat up, raised his hips up slightly as he reached back behind him taking Bobby in hand. He grasped the hard cock, felt the curve of it and the shape of its arrow shaped head as his fingers glided over his length. He wrapped his fingers around the hard shaft and held the cock up as he lowered his body till it touched him, pressed against his hole and he hesitated, wondered how much it'd hurt, this penetration of his body. Then he felt Bobby's hands on his thighs, the touch soft, caressing, gently moving up and down and he moved down letting Bobby penetrate him, stretch him open and sink into his depths.

He moved up and down easily on Bobby, the muscles in his legs flexing with his movements. His pace slowly increased and he watched Bobby, watched for the way he was responding to their fuck and when he saw the look, one lost in the moment, an urgency in Bobby's eyes, he drove himself harder, up and down till the bed squeaked with their fuck.

Bobby rose up, wrapped his arms around Devin and shifted around till he had him on his back. He shifted down setting his knees and began to fuck, to drive his cock into Devin with hard powerful thrusts. Devin wrapped his legs around Bobby's ass and urged him to fuck, pleaded with him to fuck harder. Bobby's long lean body moved over Devin gracefully, his ass pumping up and down and his pace increased with his arousal, his need to cum rising quickly.

"Please" Devin whispered and Bobby drove into him hard, pushing cock deep into his hole and he came, hard, crying out with his ejaculation. He kept pumping his hips, trusting his cock slickly through his cum spurting more into Devin until his was spent. For a moment Bobby held himself up over Devin looking down at him. Sweat dripped down out of his hair and landed on Devin's face. Bobby leaned down and licked it off, then he kissed Devin, passionately, letting his body ease down still it rested on top of him.

It was after two the next day when Bobby finally dropped Devin off at his home. As Bobby pulled out of the drive Devin moved toward the screen porch. The screen door opened and his mother was standing there looking at him with concern. He knew what he looked like, his shirt not buttoned fully, the tail hanging out, but he sensed there was something different happening between them. He stepped up on to the porch and looked her in the eyes and he saw the woman that was his mother.

"You sure about this?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure" he replied.

"I just want you to be happy" she said as she place her hand on his arm patting it softly, then she pulled back changing her posture. "I'm going out to the garden for a few minutes and your dad is down at the fish pond. Why don't you go see if he's catching anything" she said moving down past Devin. He watched her move across the rear yard and he savored this sense of relief, a sense of joy he'd not felt in a while.



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