THE BLUE MOON - Chapter 2

written by: Bill Hudley

as Chapter one ended....

We both dozed off, Jake spooned up against my back and his lips kissed my neck and nuzzled against my ear. I woke and glanced over at the bedside clock and freaked when I saw that it was almost 6am. My folks would be up in just a few minutes, I explained to Jake as I dressed and he went with me to the door, I was almost down the kitchen steps when I turned and rushed to him to give him a quick kiss.

"I'll come by your store after work, we gotta do this again Jake. I don't want this to be just a one time thing, I still want you inside me."

He hugged me and I ran off toward my house. I hated this part, all I really wanted to do was go back to bed with him and cuddle up, tears brimmed in my eyes because I had to leave him so suddenly.


I quietly slipped in through the kitchen door and went directly to the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom. I undressed and cleaned myself with a washcloth as best I could then stepped across the hall into my room. Luckily, my folk weren't stirring about as yet.

I lay back on my bed and images of Jake filled my mind. It dawned on me that in all my gay sex experiences at school I had never failed to have an orgasm, but tonight was different on many levels that I'm not sure I quite understand as yet. First of all, I conquered the SNAKE. I got all of Jake's XXXL cock down my throat. Jake said no one had ever done that before, there was a certain pleasure in knowing that Jake had never been serviced as I had done. The scary parts were that all during our time together, I kept getting strange feelings, wanting to kiss him, cuddle him to me, all things that I've never done before.

Occasionally I would reciprocate and go to bed with a guy at school but there was never any intimacy like I felt with Jake. That's what threw me for a loop, with Jake the sex was intimate and very emotional, entirely new concepts to me sexually, and I like them enough to know I want more.

It was only a few minutes until I heard my Mom stirring about in the kitchen and I dressed and went to prepare our breakfast. I got the sausage in the skillet and made sausage gravy and biscuits for us. Mom went to bring Dad to the kitchen in his chair. After a quick clean up I was off to work.

All day whenever there was a break in my mental activity, thoughts of Jake and the things we did last night filled my thoughts. I could hardly wait to get back over to his place again. When I left work I drove straight home, changed clothes and walked the few block over to Jake's store.

When I entered there were two customers there, Jake just waved and said he'd be with me shortly. I went to the 'old farts' area around the stove to sit and wait until the customers were gone. Finally when they were gone, Jake walked over and I felt my heart rate amp up just watching him walk toward me. We were alone and he sat down in a chair beside me. He crooked a finger motioning for me to come closer. When I did, he lightly kissed my lips and sat back in his chair.

"Thanks for last night David. It went way beyond wonderful. I hope I get to return the favor soon."

Looking into his eyes I felt my cock stir in my shorts.

"Anytime Jake, when you want us to do that again just let me know. I'll come running to you. I liked it a lot."

"I'm sorry we fell asleep before I could get you off, I want you just like you took me David, and maybe even more later. Jeez, I'm boning up just sitting here with you. When can you come back and we can finish what we started?"

"After our supper tonight! I can be here about 7:30pm after cleaning up from supper if you want."

Jake just looked at me, not talking for a few moments, then took my hand and squeezed it a bit and said...

"I want! I really like feeling your body against me, I like your beautiful, hard cock, but most of all I just like you David."

We heard a car pull up outside and Jake rose and went behind the counter. Mrs. Andrews, my neighbor walked in and said hello to Jake and handed him her shopping list, seeing me at the chairs, she came back to ask about my Dad. I stood to greet her and we talked for a few minutes about my folks and when I would get to go back to college. When Jake came by and asked her if there was anything else she said goodbye and went to the counter to pay. I followed and took her groceries out to her car for her.

Back inside, Jake took me by the hand and led me to a nook behind the meat cooler and pushed me against the wall and kissed me like I'd never been kissed before. I became confused by the tenderness of his kiss and the raw lust it brought out in me. I pulled him into another hard, rough tongue fuck kiss, grinding our bodies together. Jake pulled back and stepped away a bit.

"Damn David, we have to be careful here. It will be closing time soon, then dinner for Mom and I. You go do what you have to do and get you cute little butt back here when you're through at home for the night. We've got unfinished business, you and I."

"Yes, I agree Jake. I'll be back at your place as soon as I can get through at home. Jeez, Jake, my heart's racing from excitement."

Another quick kiss, just a peck on his lips really, and I was on my way out the door. Just as I opened the door, Jake's hand rubbed over my butt, stopping me in my tracks and I let him feel all he wanted. I turned to look at him over my shoulder.

"That feels so good. It will feel even better when we hide the 'Snake' deep inside there."

Jake leaned over and was breathing into my ear, goose flesh sprang up all over my body.

"Yeah, we'll hide it there tonight David...but I'm gonna want you in me sometime very soon too. I went to sleep thinking about us last night. This is so unexpected but so very good too. Hurry back David."

I was out the door and running back to my folks house. Mom came into the kitchen just as I opened the back door.

"David! I was wondering where you had gone off to. You're all hot and sweaty, did you go for a run?"

"I ran over to the Asher's store. I met up with Jake down at the Blue Moon a couple of nights ago. We played basketball together in high school. He's the only person I've seen in town my age, that I know. He has a computer and is letting me use it some."

"How nice that you've found a friend here. Be sure and tell Mrs. Asher hello for me and your father. The poor dear, she's had a very hard time coping with her husband's sudden passing. I wish there was something I could do for her.

And Jake, her son, having to give up going to college, and with a full sports scholarship too. That won't happen to you David. You're going back to school when that disability check for you father starts up. You'll go back the next semester, for sure."

"I know Mom and I thank you for that. I just wish there were something I could do for Jake. If he doesn't get in school soon, he'll never go to college."

"David, there's something else we need to talk about. I've told you about your Aunt Margret's problems, her health has been in rapid decline since before your Uncle James passed away nearly three years ago. It's Cancer, she's asked your Father and I to come and live with her in Florida. She says she doesn't want to die alone and she will leave her house to us in her will. If we were to take her up on the offer, you would still be at school, it would just be fewer visits with us until you graduate. Also, eventually you will inherit the house in Florida. A much better inheritance that this little house in Benton, Georgia for sure. Her place is in downtown Orlando and they've lived there over 30 years. Your Dad's doctor's all say it would be good for your father there too."

"Mom! That's great news. You and Dad should go. I'll get down there to see you as often as I can, but you need to go there. I'm sorry about Aunt Margret but I know she needs you too. You're her only sister. I'll come every semester break to visit, and holidays too when I can."

"Thank you David...I think it's what we need to do also. It will take forever for this place to sell I fear, so we might have better luck renting it. It's paid for and the rental money would help and you could visit more often."

"I think I should go tell Dad I'm all for it, he's bound to get better in the nicer climate in Orlando. Oh...with the rental money you can get him so rehab help too. If we can get him walking again it will make such a big difference in his attitude as well as his health."

"Thank you son. You're such a good young man and we're so very proud of you."

"Family comes first Mom, always has and always will. You get down there and comfort Aunt Margaret and get Dad out in the sunshine. We're all gonna be fine, nothing's gonna keep the Di Basi clan down for long!"

"Now I need to get dinner started, go take care of Dad and I'll cook."

We would have fried cube steak dredged in flour and covered with white gravy, biscuits, mashed potatoes, English peas and with sweet iced tea. In less than 30 minutes I was calling Mom and Dad to the table.

While we were eating I told Dad that I thought he and Mom should go to Florida. He looked to Mom and she nodded yes and then he turned to me. I put my hand over his good one and looked into his eyes.

"Going to Aunt Margret's will be good for all of you. She'll have family with her when her time comes, you and Mom will both be better off in the Florida sunshine."

He sat silent, looking at me for for several seconds, I saw his lips quiver a bit I could tell he was trying to speak, Mom moved to him and he motioned her away. I held his look, keeping my eyes on him and trying my best to will him to say his first words since the stroke.


I couldn't stop it, I started crying like a kid. My Dad's first words were 'good son!' I rose and hugged him, kissed his cheek and said...

"Good Father."

Across the table Mom was wiping away her tears when he turned his head and said to her...

"G...gud wife, luv u"

That started Mom and me to crying again. Dad is speaking! He's getting better. The Di Basi's are gonna bounce back!

I cleaned up the dishes and put away the leftovers, then went into the living room where Mom and Dad were watching a TV show. She had pulled a straight back caned bottom chair over and sat beside him in his wheelchair, I saw that they were holding hands. I went to my room, sat down on my bed and cried again, a release of all the built up tension and fears for Dad's condition had all been eased when he finally spoke again. I knew in my heart that my Dad would get back to his old self again. He may still be partially paralyzed but he'll be Dad again, the Lord willing.

I changed and went to tell the folks I was going over to Jake's to play some computer games. I jogged the few blocks over to his house and found him out in the yard weeding out a flower bed. I jogged right up to him.

"JAKE! The best dad spoke at dinner, the first he's been able to say anything since the stroke. He told me I was a good son and my Mom that he loves her. We both over the moon, we're so excited."

"Wow! that is good news David. I'm happy for you."

"What's up Jake, you seem a bit down tonight. Anything wrong I should know about?"

"No...things with you and I are about the best thing happening to me right now. My Mom told me today that she's getting married Mr. Burgess, the Druggist at Rite Aid over in Blairsville. I don't know how I can keep this store going by myself."

"Jake...sell the store and the house or rent the house and get yourself into college. You may not have another chance like this. My folks are leaving too! They'll be moving to Orlando where my Aunt is dying of Cancer. Jake you have to take this opportunity. It's your ticket out of here."

"You're right David, I know that. I don't imagine I could get the scholarship back from App State after nearly two years. You think I could get into UT-Chattanooga where you are."

"It were your grades?"

"I had a 3.5 GPA in High School.'

"You'll have to take some tests but I don't think you'll have a problem getting in at UTC."

"You wouldn't mind me being there David?"

"Why would I mind having my friend at school with me? After last night I think I would mind if you weren't there."

Jake blushed crimson!

"I'm so sorry we didn't finish, if you want, we can do it again tonight and you get to go first."

"Jake...I want...I want like you wouldn't believe. I've thought of little else but what we did last night. Yeah, I want it."

Jake was still blushing.

"You were fantastic, I couldn't believe the way you made me feel, I just hope I can make you feel as good."

"You don't have to worry about that...I could get off all night long just kissing you, not to mention what I want you to do later."

"C'mon, let's go get started...Mom's away with the druggist, we've got the place to ourselves."

Just inside the kitchen Jake tugged at my arm and I turned to him. He put his arms around me and pulled me into a gentle, sensuous kiss that left me with my heart pounding in my chest and my lungs gasping for more air. I lay my head on his chest and hugged him tightly to me.

"Wow Jakey, you sure know how to kiss."

He laughed.

"No ones called me Jakey since I was 10 years old."

"Sorry, it just sort of slipped out!" I said.

"It's okay, now I can call you Davey, Jakey and Davey, but we probably should just keep it private around here."

"So when is you Mom going to be married Jakey."

"She hasn't told me yet." he said laughing.

We made our way to his room, him in front of me, holding my hand as we went to his room. He started up with more kissing and I was limp as a dish rag when he was through. We fell onto his bed and wrapped around each other with our arms and legs. He continued with the fantastic kissing while I was unbuttoning his jeans. Jake was going commando and I tugged his jeans down to his knees.

I paid my respects to the 'Snake' caressing and kissing it and marveling at the size. Even after having it all down my throat last night, I was awed just looking at it.

"No David, you need to come up here and let me take care of you. I want to touch and kiss every inch of you, and we'll save those extra stiff inches you have there until the last. Give me another kiss before I start my worship of your rockin' hot body."

Jake started out on my nips (which drives me up the wall) and I'm groaning and moaning trying not to buck him off the bed. His tongue on my abs and the lower region below my navel had much the same effect as my nips, but when he grabbed my nut sac and pulled hard, I roared loudly. Damn, he knows all the right places to get me worked up. By now my cock is flat against my stomach and leaking like a rusty faucet. It took Jake two tries to pry it down to his mouth level. At first he licked and lapped up the clear pre cum, I'm uncut and Jake loved getting his tongue under my foreskin almost as my much as I loved having his tongue there , I might add.

After what seemed like hours, Jake pulled my cock down, looked into my eyes and took all of me, deep into his throat. He made swallowing motions that felt like he was milking me for my semen. I suppose I was lost in what his mouth and lips were doing and I yelped in surprise when two fingers entered my rectum and began stroking against my prostate. I've been fucked before but I've never felt those sensations, no ones ever touched that gland in me before.

In moments I was begging Jake to please, please fuck me. When I felt the big blunt head of the "Snake" bumping against my anus, I had to rethink this. I wasn't sure I would ever get just the enormous glans in me let alone the length and girth of him. I lay on my back and with each hand I spread my cheeks as wide as I could. I felt Jake applying more lube but this was different, very cool and it seemed to be numbing me a bit. I later found out that he used Anal Ease to get us started.

Jake was so sweet, talking to me, telling me how good I made him feel, and all the time he was gently, slowly getting his cock inside me. Suddenly I felt a white hot pain searing my opening, my wide open eyes clamped shut trying my best to block the pain, I was breathing hard and felt like I needed to get the 'Snake' out of me before I was torn and bleeding.

Bless him, Jake never moved and he kept asking if I wanted to stop. With one hand I pulled on his neck and we locked in another frantic kiss. Jake was jacking my hard cock while we kissed and in a few moments, the pain eased and I pulled on his legs to get more of the 'Snake' in me. It took us a long while but finally I felt full, almost to bursting. Jake was deep inside me. He began a gentle rocking motion that began to feet good and I started rocking against him. We finally reached the point where he's in as deep as he can go and I arched up against him, grinding on his huge spike deep in my guts; it is absolute heaven, I've never felt anything quite like this.

Jake began withdrawing a bit then plunging deep again, each thrust like that sent chills and goose-flesh over my skin. I loved the way it made me feel.

"More Jake, more. Fuck me now, god I'm so full of you. Fuck it Jakey, fuck me."

Jake slowly began his rhythm and I broke out in a sweat, as he built up speed slowly, I felt that I might pass out from the pure pleasure his big cock was giving me. Jake stopped and grabbed two pillows and put them under my butt, taking my ankles in each hand and he began long deep strokes, making me shudder with each deep plunge, I reached down to feel where his big cock entered me and was surprised when I noticed my own cock hard and throbbing.

I grabbed my cock and started jacking as Jake pounded my butt. Ohmigod did this feel good. The 'Snake' churning my guts and me jacking my cock like there would be no tomorrow.

Jake was covered in sweat, he kept saying...

"Ooh such a sweet tight ass Davy, you like my big cock in you huh? I sure do like it in you...such a sweet ass. Oh god, babe, you're milking my cock. Oh jeez...come with me Davey, you nearly ready babe? Let's cum babe, you're so good, so tight, so sweet. My Davey."

My body felt like there was a loose wire shorting out; every few strokes there was this electrical jolt that shocked my entire body. I couldn't speak, I couldn't think beyond the cock filling my ass and the tickling in my balls. Sometime time a few hours ago or maybe it was just a of a minute or two ago, I began fucking back at the 'Snake', throwing my ass up to meet his down stroke. This was pure lust, I've never felt such sexual abandon. I've never been a part of such a base sexual act.

Before I could even get the thought to my brain, my semen was racing through my cock covering my body with semen and sweat. My body tensed, legs straight, toes pointed, my back arched as I roared loudly at my release. Jake's semen was running out of me and onto the sheets. He collapsed atop me, his lungs heaving for air.

It seemed it was ages before we could speak. Jake managed to kiss my lips lightly.

"The're the best Davey, nothing will ever top that."

When I woke Jake wasn't in the bed. I found him in the kitchen standing at the sink looking out the kitchen window. I walked up and put my arms around him and hugged him to me. He wriggled out of my hug and stepped away, I was shocked that he didn't want me to touch him.

"What's wrong Jake...did I do something to upset you?'

"No, it isn't you, it's me. You better get your things and go before my Mom comes back."

'But Jake, I..."

I was crushed, the most meaningful thing in my life had been when we were making love and now he's pissed and wants me to leave. I ran back to his room and put on my clothes, I had to get away from here before he saw me cry. I hadn't a clue what was bothering him. Just a short while ago I felt closer to him than anyone else on earth. I was crazy about him, even thinking, dreaming about us as a couple someday. Now he just wants me gone.

I tugged my shoes on and ran out his kitchen door without a word to him. I was afraid that I'd start crying if I said a word. I don't know what I did or said but somehow I sure screwed things up between us. Instead of heading home I went to my secret place in the woods behind our house. I used to go there as a little kid. now I just needed to cry out this awful hurting in my chest. What's worse, every step I took the feeling deep inside me reminded me of the unbelievable love making we share. The ache in my ass and balls reminded me of what I had lost so suddenly.

Some how I cried myself to sleep and I woke just as the sky began to lighten at dawn. I quietly slipped into our house and to my room, feeling like I had lost everything and I didn't know why.

I got a couple of hours sleep before I got up to cook breakfast and head off to work. Mom commented that I looked tired and I told her I just didn't sleep well. I managed to go through the motions at work, sort of on autopilot, doing what I had to but not really thinking about what I was doing. I went home after work and lay down for a while then got up to cook our dinner. After the cleanup ! went back to my room and lay on my bed, Mom stuck her head in and I told her I was just sleepy from being awake so much last night.

The next day was much the same. I wanted to talk with Jake but I knew that he would have to come to me. He made it plain that he didn't want me around that night. While I was a quivering, quaking mess inside, I kept a calm exterior, I didn't want to have to explain anything to my family. There really wasn't much to explain, Jake got what he wanted from me and he was done. It was as simple as that.

The weekend came and it was now four days and no word from Jake. I tried to reconcile myself to the fact that no matter what I thought, the feelings I had for him were definitely one sided. He got his blow job and a good fuck and that was all he wanted. How could I have been so blind not to see that sex was all he wanted.

I retreated into a shell, I stopped going to the Blue Moon, I went to work and came home, after each evenings family dinner I retreated to my room and read book after book from the lending library in town. Then one Saturday night I decided that it was silly to hide in my room so I headed down to the Blue Moon. I pulled out a stool and sat at the bar.

Kenny rushed over to ask where I had been and was afraid that his kidding around had made me mad and I'd stayed away because of him. I told him that I had been under the weather a bit and was staying home a lot. He gave me the beer I'd ordered and went off to the other customers. I watched the TV for a while and had a second beer. Kenny came back to me with an envelope in his hand.

Davie, that tall guy, your friend, left this here for you a couple of weeks ago I guess. Anyway he asked that I give it to you if you came in. I looked at the envelope; My name was on the front in neatly printed block letters, when I turned it over I saw that it was completely sealed with scotch tape, which I thought odd at first but then realized it was his way of making sure no one would tamper with it trying to get open. I felt my heart rate bump up a bit and I tucked the envelope inside my shirt. I wanted to tear it open and read it right them but I knew I had to be alone when I read it. I was certain it was his way of telling me to fuck off and never speak of what we'd done to anyone.

By the third beer I was no longer interested in anything Jake Asher had to say to me. I managed to get home and into my room and I laid the envelope on the bureau and set about getting ready for bed. Fuck Jake Asher...if he didn't know what he'd thrown away the to fucking bad for him. I took the envelope and stuck in a book with my school things and crawled in bed. I lay awake for hours thinking about what could be in that envelope but I was determined that I would not open it. If Jake wanted to clear his conscience, he'd have to do it face to face.

Things with my folks started happening fairly quickly, first the disability claim with Social Security was approved and Mom and Dad began making plans to move to Florida. I would stay here in Benton until I could start the next semester at college. We began packing up the things that they would take with them and since they wouldn't be taking their furniture I was left with a fully furnished home. Mom and dad told me that when it was time for me to go back to school that I should auction off all the furnishing in the house and put the money into my college fund.

The day that Mom and Dad left for Florida I drove them to the airport in Chattanooga, they would fly to Atlanta and change planes there to Orlando.

Aunt Margaret had arranged with her church to have someone meet Mom and Dan and bring them to her house. I decided to spent the night in Chattanooga and went to a gay bar there. I only stayed there less than half an hour, I knew that this was not what I wanted or needed. I went back to my room and drove over to the University the next morning and made all the necessary arrangements to resume my Third year at college. I drove back to back to Benton arriving home about four pm.

I checked the mailbox and pulled out the small stack of bills and flyers and dropped one, when I bent to pick it up I saw that it was from Jake Asher, sealed with tape just like the one left at the Blue Moon. I was curious but not enough to open it. I had gone from being terribly hurt to very mad. Jake was a jerk and I didn't need or want to read or hear his excuses. i put the second letter with the first in my school things.

Soon it was the day of the auction and I would be leaving Benton for good. I was happy to be going back to school, there was a time when I thought I never get an opportunity to finish college.

The crowd started gathering early, going through the house looking at everything and making up their minds what they might bid on. At 11:00am the auctioneer started and from that point on, things went at a hectic pace. The furniture items went first and for more money than I ever imagined. By 2:00pm everything but the house was sold. I had put a reserve price on the house, it if didn't bring a minimum of $75,000 we wouldn't sell. Mom and Dad had agreed with me that we would just keep the place and rent it out through a real estate agent if it didn't sell for at least the reserve.

The bidding started fast and quickly rose to $70,000 then stalled there long enough to make me think we'd be keeping the house. The auctioneer was trying all the tricks he knew and then there was another bid at $71,000, then another, the bidding was back on track and finally ended at $81,500. I was overjoyed.

By five o'clock most everything was taken away, I knew I'd be staying the night at Edna Scott's rooming house. I went around the house making sure there was nothing left outside, and I went back in the house to lock up and go over to Edna's. When walked in the front door there stood Jake Asher.

Despite all the things I had vowed I'd tell him if I ever saw him again, I felt like I had just taken a hard punch in my stomach, a wave a nausea passed over me and I thought I might throw up. My skin felt clammy and I was in a cold sweat. I just stood there, unable to say a word. With a catch in his voice Jake said...

"So you're really leaving town?"

I nodded, still not sure if I would speak or throw up.

"I had hoped that the two letters would at least get you to talk with me."

I was getting my 'mad' back.

"I never opened either of them, they're packed away. You used me for a blow job and a pretty good fuck, no...honestly it was a great fuck, like none I've ever known. Anyway, you got your rocks and told me to leave. I figure that was all that needed to be said. What I can't figure out though is why you are here, is it just to remind me of what a total shithead you are? why did you wait until my last day here? Did you just come to say goodbye?"

"I've wanted to see you, talk to you for some time now, but after not hearing from you after the letters I figured it would be best to stay away...Then when I heard about you auctioning everything off I figured I'd never get another chance so I decided last night to come here today. I knew it would probably be your last day here and I had to see you again before you walk out of my life. There's so much I wanted to tell you but I can see you don't want to hear it. I'm so very sorry David. I could go on for hours about how I messed things up for us, but now I don't think it would make a difference. I will say that it was never just a blowjob and a terrific fuck to me. It did confuse me and I make the biggest mistake of my young life asking you to leave. But the one thing I want you to know as you leave Benton for good is that with all my heart, I love you David."

I was trembling inside as I fought to keep him from seeing me cry. I've already shed more tears over him that I care to remember.

"Where are you staying tonight David?"

"Over at Edna Scott's, then I leave for Chattanooga in the morning."

"Could we go get a beer or coffee somewhere before you leave?"

"I don't think that's a good idea Jake. After the way I felt when I saw you here, I know I'm not ready to sit down and talk it out with you just yet. Once I get back to school I'll read your letters. After that I'll decide if we need to talk."

"Oh...uh...okay...I understand...I'm so sorry I fucked everything up with us. All I want is for us to feel like we did that night again...not the sex part...but the love thing...I guess it's too late now but I do love you David. I know we're young, but I also know I want to be with you, no one else will do, I want you."

Now I was really fighting back tears. Damn him...and God help me, in spite of everything...I'm still crazy mad for him.

"Jake...before you go, leave me you phone number and address."

He asked for my phone and I handed it to him to enter his number and address. When he gave the phone back to me I called his number. There, now you have my number. He smiled back when I rang his number.

"I'll be at UTC, I've got a small apartment on McCallie Ave. just down the street from campus. Jacob, I'm not promising you anything. So much has been going on, getting my parents moved to Orlando, getting this place ready for the auction, I haven't had much time to think about us, or what you did."

"Well David, I'll leave and let you get on with closing down."

He stepped forward and held out his hand, I looked at it then up to his face, then put my arm around him in a hug. I felt him sob into my shoulder as he hugged me very tightly to him. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear...

"I really do love you David."

He pulled away and went out the door quickly, I imagined him crying as he left, I know I sure was.

Mom and Dad had given me their car, a six year old Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV which came in handy for going back to school. I had it packed to the roof with my school things and a couple of boxes of things from the house that didn't sell and I couldn't just throw away.

I got registered for the first semester of my third year (again!) and breezed through the first weeks since I had already covered that part before. I had the time and I read David's letters that first week back at school. The first was most all apologies, saying that he really didn't mean for me to just leave, he always thought we'd be together again that next night. I never occurred to him that I might take his wanting to be alone as giving me the brush off.

I guess I could understand that, but it still hurt me, it still does. That probably means that I still care a great deal about him, if his words that night more than a month ago still sting. I thought he and I had connected with this great emotional bond between us and then it was all trashed when he asked me to go before his Mom came home.

The second was all about his realization that what he had felt that night that confused him so was the fact that he was in love. He managed to say that he loves me in at least every other line of his letter. He even told me that he would take me to Colorado and we'd get married. He made it clear that he wants us top be partners and lovers.

On the second day back at UTC I got a text message from Jake, nothing important, just asking if all went okay on the trip and wishing me well. He also told me that he was running the store alone now, his Mom was practically living with the druggist in Blairsville. He mentioned that Kenny at the Blue Moon asked about me every time he saw him. In the last paragraph he reiterated his love for me and how that if ever I would give him the chance, he would beg and plead for a chance to prove his love for me. His last lines made me cry. Near the end he wrote...

"My only excuse is my inexperience in matters of the heart. Having never before experienced the emotional side of making love, I was completely blindsided by the magnitude of our act of love. That night you were barely out of sight when I realized that I was driving you away. It's seems somehow appropriate that my first experience with matters of the heart was having my own shattered by my foolish and inconsiderate reactions. My wish is that one day you'll forgive me and take me back, and one day know just how much I want and need you.

"David please, give me the chance to make this up to you, I love you like I never knew was possible. I can't imagine my life without you with me. I know that you could not have shared that incredible night we had and no longer have any feelings for me or for us and what we shared. We both need the 'us' that we created that night David. Can either of us live without it?

There was no stopping the tears this time. I cried for what we'd lost, I cried because he seems so earnest and humbly sorry, and most of all I cried because I couldn't hold him in my arms now...when I needed him the most.

On my Third day back at school I called him. I told him I had read the letters and that he was forgiven. I'm not yet ready to resume our sexual relationship but we can work on becoming better friends. I even asked him to come up to Chattanooga on Saturday after the store closed.

I would meet him out in front of my apartment on McCallie Ave. just down the street from the University. With the money from the sale of furniture and the house banked away, I splurged and rented a just barely off-campus apartment. It was quiet and close to just about everything and I rode a bike to classes. The little apartment gave me the opportunity to cook my own meals. While I was staying with the folks. I became accustomed to home cooking and and I really enjoyed the cooking part.

I kept looking out to the street and finally I saw the blue and white panel van with ASHER'S MARKET on the side. I rushed out to greet him. Outside we shook hands but the moment I closed the apartment door he rushed to hug me.

"Thank you David, I was so scared that I'd lost you forever."

He kissed my neck again and gave an extra squeeze with his arms then let go.

"We'll just play it by ear and see how things go Jake. I'm glad you are here.

Now what we need to do is get you moving on selling the store and house and getting your butt into college."

"I've already told my Mom that I was going to go to college even if I have to work and pay every penny myself. I think we're going to lease the store and auction off the house like you did. She's promised to give me half the money we get for the house and half of the monthly lease payments on the store.

In two months she'll be getting married again, and I'm gonna need a date for the wedding. Would you go with me, be my date, David?"

I couldn't help but laugh. I told him I would go with him but we'd need to cool it. Blairsville, Ga. will never be ready for a male gay couple.

In just a couple of hours, Jake and I were back to being our old selves again. It felt good to be with him, and it was good to feel him touch me, which he did a lot, even just passing by he'd pat my back, muss my hair, come up behind me and hug up against me.

I thought to myself that he's wearing me down, I can't stay pissed at him for much longer, I'm still crazy about him, and I want to lay naked with him again. That last night was so perfect , we would do that again, and I hoped that we could achieve that same level of connection we had that night in his room. Just thinking about that night made my rectal muscles contract. I've remembered often the feelings that ran through my mind and body as the 'Snake,' deep inside me, stretching me to my limits, brought chills and thrills to our lovemaking.

We got Jake's things from the van and I started cooking up an early dinner for us, I was going to surprise him and take him to his first Gay Dance bar. Alan Gold's was just down the street about 6 blocks from my apartment. I didn't let on to him about my plan. Jake insisted on cleaning up after our dinner, washing the dishes and silverware and I sat and watched him scurry about, telling him where to put the pots and pans.

We sat on the couch for a while and watched some of the Britcoms on PBS Saturday nights. A little after 10pm I told him to go change into something nice because we were going out. He didn't even ask where, I changed into the low rider Calvin Klein's I wore that first night we made love. With them I wore a Orange and White Checkerboard print (like the end zones at Neyland Stadium at UT-Knoxville.. Jake came out wearing very tight jeans also and a Green T-Shirt that had "Ask me about my Grandson!" printed on the front, with an arrow pointing to his left side..

I cracked up when I say his shirt and we had a good laugh. While we were laughing I noticed that his eyes were almost the same color as the shirt. The greenest eyes I've ever seen. When we quit laughing Jake just stared at me without speaking for over a minute, I was feeling a bit self conscious then he walked to me, put his arms around me and leaned in to kiss me. I started to turn my head when his free hand took my jaw and turned me to his lips. He kissed me, running his tongue along my bottom lip. I fought to keep from giving in to him, but I wanted it just as much as he did. As soon as tongues touched the rockets and explosions started again in my head. I put my arms around his neck and held on. What ever it was we were feeling, lust, love, something in between, it was stronger than it ever had been before. We were still in my bedroom and I knew we wouldn't be going out anytime soon. We had urgent business to attend to right here and right now!

I don't remembers us getting naked, but we were, lying together on my bed, Jake's tongue punching against my uvula like it was a punching bag. I was moaning for him, wanting him inside me again. I'm beginning to think that the 'Snake' may have ruined me for any other man. That's just fine though, if all goes like we plan, there will never be another anyway.

Suddenly Jake pushed up on one arm. Looking down into my eyes he smiled.

"David, I need you to fuck me, I have to give myself to you like you did with me. Breed me David, fill my body with your semen, and my mind with your love."

I reached for the lube and Jake rolled onto his back. I gently began playing at his opening, twirling, swirling the lube on him and in him. When I crooked the two fingers in his rectum and stroked his prostate, a deep roar came from deep inside him and semen began to pool in his stomach. Once I had him stretched and lubed I knee walked up and he raised his arms to hug me to him.

"I never thought I'd get this chance, to feel you in me, to give myself to you this way. Kiss me David, I love you, I need you. Now, please take me now."

I held his ankles and he guided my throbbing, leaking cock to his anus. Gently I bumped at his anus while we were locked in a tongue battling kiss. He only moaned when the spongy head of my cock slipped inside him. He broke away as his breath began to come in short gasps, I rocked back and forth, moving only fractionally inside him, watching his eyes and face for signs of too much pain. I felt his hand on my thighs, gently pulling me deeper into him. He had one hand stroking his cock and the other at his butt, feeling my cock slide in and out of him.

"Um...David...fuck me harder baby, I want more of you in me. He increased the pressure with his hands, pulling me deeper and faster. 'Oh sweet jeezus...Davie...Oh this is so sweet...hmm..fuck your Jakey David, fuck me good baby. Suddenly Jake's eyes opened wide as saucers, I was grinding hard against his pelvic bone and my cock filled his hard little bubble but.

On my next thrust in he threw his hips up and ground my cock deeper inside him, yelling out...Oh sweet Davie...fuck me baby...fuck me hard...Oh Jeez, I never knew this was possible, you feel so good inside me. Keep fucking me...don't stop, I don't ever want this to stop...On No...don't make me cum's so good...your so good. Aww fuck, I can't stop it...I'm gonna cum Davie, pump me hard, bang my ass. Ohhh!!! Jake grabbed great fistfuls of bedding as his orgasm started, his head thrashed from side to side, and a rumble deep inside him came roaring to the surface.

"Oh god...oh with me Davie...come with...AWW FUCK... Oh my god...DAVID! DAVID! I know now...I hot...your cum is so hot in me."

My body had tensed rigid as I shot him full of my semen, every muscle in me wound as tightly as possible and then frozen in place by our mutual orgasm.

Jake's arms went around my neck and hauled my body on top of him, holding me tight and kissing me everywhere he could get his lips. I love you, David, I know know how you love me. Never, ever leave me. You're mine David, your mine....mine...mi..

We both dropped into sleep of some sort, maybe it was just a semi-conscious state of rest. No doubt about us now, just as soon as we can get his store leased and the house auctioned, he will be moving in here with me. Jake now knows what I felt that night at his house, the fantastic connection between us is now complete.

When Jake get's here, he find a job for a few months until he can get started in school. Meanwhile, he'll work with a tutor to be sure he gets a good score on his SAT's. We found a place called Academic Tutors that specializes in preparing students for their college ACT's and SAT's. Oh yeah, he;s started back working out at our high school gym back in Benton, he's determined to try out for the College basketball team when he gets to school.

So my grand plan to go slow and just be friends for a while ended in a bit over six hours together. I'm not upset in the least, in fact I was really turned on by the way he took charge and wouldn't let me get out of his first kiss. I know now that he didn't mean to end our budding relationship that night when he told me to go, all he wanted was a little space to think out what was happening with us. It was me that really fucked up our relationship with my pouty ass attitude, getting all hurt and pissed off by words he didn't think could be construed differently than he meant them.

Jake and I will be just fine, I drive down every weekend now to help get the house and contents ready for the auction, while Jake holds down the store. We have our Saturday nights together, and I drive back to school late Sunday afternoon. We do miss each other during the week and once we're together full time there's gonna be a lot of loving to make up for. I think a couple of months of Staying naked and in bed on Saturday and Sunday should get us nearly caught up.

The End.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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