I woke late this morning and was in my usual mad rush to get to class on time, I was halfway across campus before I realized that I'd left my cell phone in my dorm room. What the heck, I'm a grown man, I should be able to go 4 hours without my phone. I have only three classes today, one two-hour lab class and two one-hour lectures. After the last class, I headed for the Student Union to get something to eat, I ran into a couple of buddies and we talked about anything and everything for an hour or so then I went back to my dorm room; I have a paper that is due in two days that needs a bit of polishing up yet.. I'm David Di Basi, a 22-year-old Junior at the U. of Tenn.-Chattanooga.

When I walked into my room the phone wasn't on the nightstand where I always kept it. A quick look around and I found it on the floor. When I flipped it open I saw that I had 5 missed calls, all from my parents. I knew something was very wrong, my parents would not have called me that many times in just over 5 hours. I called my Mom's cell and when she answered I could hear the fear in her voice.

My Dad had a stroke this morning a bit after 9 am, Mom had one of the nurses to take the phone and tell me the particulars. He suffered a stroke or a cardiovascular incident. It is the loss of brain function due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. In my dad's case it was there was partial paralysis down his left side as well, hopefully temporary but only time will tell that. The nurse gave the phone back to Mom and I told her I'd be home early tonight and I'd come straight to the hospital. She did sound a little relieved, knowing that I'd be on my way there soon.

When I got to the hospital, Dad's doctor was just leaving his room. He took me a little ways down the hall, out of hearing range for my Mom or Dad and told me that the paralysis was severe and even with rehabilitation he might never completely recover. My Dad couldn't walk and might not ever again, he's struggling just to speak at all now but therapy should help that. My dad's job had been eliminated at the local bank when it was bought out by a Mega Bank in Charlotte. Dad hadn't worked in almost 5 months, the stress nearly killed him.

I knew that their savings accounts were getting very low, there was enough money in my college fund for me to finish the last year and one semester but I decided that it would be best for me to leave school and come home to help out, and get a job to bring money into the house again. My Dad is nearly six feet tall and in no way small, I knew Mom would never be able to maneuver him from bed to chair. She mentioned that maybe we should look into a nursing home but I balked at that. I knew my Dad would give up in one of those places. He had to be at home if he was to have any chance at getting better and rehabilitated. He might be wheelchair bound for the rest of his days but rehab could give him mobility and the ability to do some things for himself.

With Italians like us, family always comes first, I packed up everything and officially withdrew from school and drove back home to Benton, Ga, a little wide spot in the road in the hills of North Georgia. The place I was so eager and happy to get away from when I went off to college. Now, I'm back again in the place I was so desperate to leave just a couple of years ago. My Mom was so shattered by Dad's stroke and temporarily, she was almost as helpless as he is. I took over the cooking and cleaning when I first came home. But the three of us knew I needed to get a job.

Both Dad and my Mom were insistent that we would not touch the money in my college fund, saying that using that for anything but my education would be admitting defeat. They're determined that their son will have a college degree, I might be delayed a bit, but their son would be a college graduate.

At the end of my first week, Mom was coming around, getting over the initial shock and getting back into her routine. I was out everyday looking for work. Midway into my second week home, I applied for work at the vacuum cleaner factory on the outskirts of town.

The job was assembly line work, installing motors and connecting the wires then testing my work by turning the machine on. If it worked, I moved on to the next unit. It's mind numbing work, but good pay for our small town. Ten days after submitting my application, they called me for a second interview and offered the job starting at $13.00 per hour which is big money for our little town.

Every Friday I came home and handed Mom my check. I'm amazed at how well she can manage the money, even saving some each week and she always made sure I had at least $30.00 a week to spend as I wanted. Taking a cue from Mom, I saved most of what she gave me.

Sometime during the beginning of my second week there I started walking down to The Blue Moon after supper, Mom cooked and I cleaned up after we ate. I could have taken Pop's car but it was less than a five-minute walk and I didn't want Mom to worry that one of her church friends would see their car at a place where folks go to drink beer.

I would drink a couple of beers, shoot pool and hope someone near my age would come in. I've known I was gay since Junior High School, but I never let anyone know in my hometown. My first experience was at college during my second month there. I was studying at the Library and felt nature's call and went downstairs to the restroom, I was surprised and happy to learn what went on there under the halls of higher learning. I was totally surprised by how open most of the gay guys were there, even those you would have never guessed by looking at them.

Before I left college I was having sex two, three times a week. There was always someone in the middle stall in the library if times got hard (no pun intended.) Back home, I was already tired of masturbation, and wondering how I could get a trip into the city and back in a day.

Tonight was your average Thursday at the Blue Moon except that it seems there is more action at the pool table than usual. I turned away from the TV blaring out a horrible ESPN show with two guys yelling at each other, both talking at the same time. All I understood from watching is that Sports TV generally sucks! There was a loud yell from the pool table area and I turned around.I decided that I'd rather watch the guys shoot pool.

There was a guy there I hadn't seen before, very tall, blonde curly hair and a good pool player and really cute.l. I watched him run the table through two racks of balls then he came over to the end of the bar for another beer before starting another game. I noticed that he sort of stared at me, I thought there was something familiar about him, but I couldn't come up with anything. We nodded hello, he smiled, took his beer, turned to go back to the pool table, about halfway there he stopped and looked back at me, a bigger smile broke out on his face and he came back to where I sat.

"David? Aren't you David Di Basi?"

"Uh...yes...I am, but you have me at a disadvantage, you look familiar but I can't come up with a name, I've been away for almost three years now."

"I'm Jacob, uh...Jake Asher, we played basketball on the high school team, I was a year behind you.".

"Jake! Yes! I remember now, we called you 'Old Dead-Eye' cause you could hit a basket from anywhere on the court. We both played forward. Hey man, it's good to see you, you're the first familiar face I've seen here anywhere near my age. Dude...I sure thought you'd be playing College ball by now."

"Yeah, I had a scholarship to Eastern Carolina but my Dad died right before my first semester was to start, I had to give it up and help my Mom with the store. Dad ran a little grocery that has a great clientele he and Mom grew over the years, my Mom and I are trying to hang on to them."

"Oh man, I can feel for you, my Dad had a stroke a few weeks back and he's paralyzed on his left side, I came home and got a job to pay the bills, my Mom never learned to drive, so they are really dependent on me."

"Where did you get a job David?"

"I got hired by the Vacuum Cleaner factory on Blairsville Highway, good pay t for this town but the job is mind numbing. I install the motors and turn them on the be sure they work and that's it."

"Listen David, I've gotta get back to the pool game, when it's over I'll come by and well catch up with each other if that's okay with you."

"Sure thing Jake, I'll be here, no place else to go." I laughed.

Jake went back to his game and I watched as he ran off ten balls before he scratched. The guy he was playing wasn't as good as Jake but took his time and was doing well. I was thinking back to our High School days and what a great Player Jake was when suddenly, I remembered Jake's other nickname. In the locker room, all the guys called him 'Jake the Snake.' Jake is tall, 6'5" or better, he got the nickname in the showers because his cock hung halfway down his very long upper thigh.

More flashbacks ran through my mind as I remembered seeing 'The Snake' swell up bit as he washed in the shower. I also remember jacking off a lot, thinking of all the things we could do with his 'snake.' I shook my head, trying to push those thoughts our of my dirty little mind. I was hard again just thinking about 'Jake the Snake' again.

A bit later I had to go the restroom and pass on the beer I'd rented for the night. Coming out I met up with Jake going in.

"There you are David, I didn't see you and thought you'd got tired of waiting and left. I'll be out in a sec...and we can catch up on the past couple of years, okay?"

"Sure Jake, meet me at the bar; I'll get us a couple of beers."

We took our beers over to a booth along the wall with the Jukebox and stretched out with our legs over the seats and out backs to the wall. We both talked about the misfortunes in our families and how dead and lonely this town is for younger guys like us. We have to drive 20 miles one way, to see a two-year old movie. We talked about school, some of the guys and girls we went to school with, and how we both wanted to get back to college. Soon we noticed that it was eleven pm and we both had to get to work in the morning. We left the Blue Moon and started walking home. At the corner to my street we stopped and chatted a bit more and Jake left to go a couple more blocks to his street.

Back in my room I undressed and slipped into my bed naked, naturally my hand went to my cock and I was hard in seconds thinking about 'The Snake', again. I didn't ever bother with lube tonight, just a few tissues close by and I closed my eyes and remembered Jake's tall, muscular body, wet and slippery in the showers at school. I remembered one day when he turned from facing the wall to wash his hair. Standing there under the water, his eyes closed while he lathered up his scalp, I watched the 'Snake' thicken and grow to almost halfway hard. I remembered seeing the head of his cock creeping out of the uncut foreskin.

BAM! That image of his cock head creeping out of the foreskin did the trick, my body tensed and I barely got the tissues in time to catch my load, I got a huge nut right then. For the first time since I left college, I tasted my cum. Damn! What great luck running into Jake the Snake again. At least he's a new fantasy for beating off.

At work I stopped by the pay office at 4:30, picked up my paycheck and clocked out, glad for a weekend off. Mom was at the kitchen table pouring over her accounts books when I got home and I gave her my paycheck.

"How are we doing Mom? Do we have enough coming in to cover all the expenses? We can always cut back on what you give me, I've saved most of it anyway."

"We're doing well David, thanks to you, I'm putting a bit aside every week and it's adding up slowly but surely. We've managed to get the medical bills paid, the part that his insurance didn't cover. I'm so thankful we managed to pay that Cobra insurance. It took most of what we had saved, but without it your Dad would have died, I'm sure of that. We both thank you for the sacrifice you've made. We love you David, you're a good son. Once his Social Security disability starts, you can go back to college. That's the most important thing David. You getting your degree. You'll see, the day you get that diploma your Dad and I will be right there with you."

I bent down and kissed her cheek. "You're an angel Mom. I love you and Dad too. This little set back won't keep the Di Basi's down for long."

I went along to my room, changed into shorts and a tee-shirt and went to the kitchen to see what we would need from the store to do a proper Italian spaghetti dinner. I learned to cook back in the eighth grade and it's one of the things that I do take the most pride in. There's just something so special about making a hearty, delicious meal and sitting down with family and friends and enjoying the people as well as the food.

I made a short list of ground beef and sausage, for meatballs, Mom always had some of her specially made Marinara sauce in the fridge. I took my old bike from the garage and decided I'd ride over to Jake's store to get the items I needed for our dinner.

Jake broke into a great smile when I walked in and asked me what I needed, I handed over the list and he started picking the items from the shelves, he worked his way to the meat cooler last. He wrapped up the beef and sausage and met me back at the register. He offered a cup of coffee and I readily accepted. We sat in the area around the heating stove where a few regular customers spent most of the bitter winter days sitting by the fire and talking about any and everything imaginable.

We chatted about our luck in running into each other last night. Jake mentioned that one of their customers had asked him to come down sometime for some pool and a beer. He'd forgotten about it until yesterday afternoon and last night was his first night at The Blue Moon.

I told him that I'm there most week nights just to give my folks some alone time and for them like they were before I came home.

"So David, wanna play a game or two of pool tonight?"

"Sure thing Jake. You're on"

Jake looked up to the clock and saw it was closing time for him, I left with the understanding that we'd meet up again tonight at the 'Moon.' I hurried back to the house and made up the meatballs and finished the prep work for a Caesar Salad, making fresh croutons and hand tearing the Romaine lettuce, leaving the dressing for last. I took six oil packed anchovy fillets, a clove or garlic and a block of Parmesan cheese, added the egg yolks, Dijon mustard, fresh lemon juice and whisked it all together with olive oil and vegetable oil.

By the time I had the salad and dressing done, the pasta was done and the sauce had been simmering for half an hour. Mom wheeled Dad into the kitchen and although he still has trouble with his speech, his eyes are more expressive than ever. He was very happy to have a real Italian meal.

Dad managed to eat with one hand fairly well, twirling up a fork full of pasta and sauce. When he put the first bite into his mouth I watched him close his eyes and savor the taste. When he took a bite of the Caesar Salad he gave a moan of appreciation after his first taste. He looked over to me and gave me that odd smile he has now, the right side is like it always was, but the left is nearly motionless. I had forgotten the wine so I grabbed it from the fridge and poured us all a glass, when I sat Dad's by his right hand I leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"I love you Dad." I whispered.

He looked up and I saw tears welling in his eyes.

I pushed the Salad bowl over and gave him more salad and patted his hand. I saw a tear roll down my Mom's cheek as she watched him. We finished our meal and I cleaned everything up and went to get ready to meet up with Jake at the 'Blue Moon' tonight. After a quick shower I put on my favorite CK low rider jeans which were now skin tight after 4 months eating mostly Italian dishes. An Orange U.T. Vols tee shirt and canvas shoes finished it out. I told the folks goodnight and that I had met up with a high school friend and we were going to meet up at the 'Blue Moon.'

Over the past couple of months Kenny the bartender, and I had struck up a playful friendship or sorts, teasing each other at every opportunity. Kenny is a few years older than me but not much, he's under thirty or at least he looks to be. He's one of those guys that everyone seems to like immediately. When I walked in in those tight CK jeans Kenny gave out a wolf whistle and I blushed a bit.

As I climbed onto the bar stool, Kenny sat my beer on the bar.

"Dude! Who knew you had such a built body?" Kenny joked.

"Oh Jeez Kenny, are you getting turned on by these tight jeans?"

To my surprise Ken just raised an eyebrow then winked at me. I was expecting some sort of put down, or smart ass remark as usual. He really threw me a curve ball with his reaction. A few minutes later Jake came in and sat beside me, we laughed and talked for a good while sitting at the bar. I noticed that Kenny kept looking over at us every few minutes and it was more than just checking the level of beer in our bottles too.

Jake put his coins on the pool table and waited for his turn, I put mine behind his and went back to the bar stool while Jake watched the guys playing. Kenny came over and leaned down close and asked...

"Is that your new boyfriend Dave. I saw you guys leave together last night now here you are again."

He raised his eyebrow again and wiggled it this time. I laughed and almost choked on my beer.

"Now Kenny, don't get jealous, Jake over there and I played basketball together in High School. He got a scholarship to play college ball, but his Dad died and he had to stay home and help his Mom. Besides Kenny, you know I'd never let anyone but you suck my cock."

It was Kenny's time to choke...he sputtered and stammered and walked away to serve someone else. I noticed he was still red faced while he was serving the guy at the other end of the bar. I went over to the jukebox and punched in a couple of songs then went back to the bar. The next time Kenny was down near me he came over and leaned in again.

"It's that butt of yours that gets me so excited David."

When he turned to walk away I saw the hard lump in his jeans. I was really surprised, I thought all his talk was just that, talk. I never dreamed he could be gay or Bi. I noticed that after his comment, he would smile at me every time our eyes met. I went over to the pool table where Jake was into his game and beat the last winner easily. I got lucky when my time came to play, Jake scratched on the break and I ran in 6 balls before he had a chance to shoot. He soon whipped me convincingly. I went back to the bar, ordered another beer and went to the restroom. Just as I was buttoning up my fly, Kenny came in to piss. He stood back from the urinal to show off his cock for me. I laughed and told him to put that thing back in his pants where it belonged.

"Ken...let's cool it on the gay talk, alright, folks will get the wrong idea, and by the way, if you don't know it, my butt is off limits. There's no where else in this town to go and drink a beer so I'd appreciate your letting up on the joking around. Okay?"

"Dave, I'm just fooling around, jerking your chain. I'm sorry if I've offended you, I was just playing around like I do with all the guys."

Jake played three more games before he was beaten then he came back to sit with me at the bar. Eventually we got around to talking about the lack of sexual opportunities and if by some miracle we found a willing partner, the news would be all over the town before we finished the act. Everyone knows everything in a town as small as ours.

"I hear ya David, if it wasn't for the internet, I'd have no sex life at all."

"Lucky dog! We don't have cable TV or the internet at home. See this hand? That's my sex life right there." I said.

"Aw man, that's brutal Dave...say, you're welcome to come over to my place and watch internet porn whenever you like. My Mom hit's the sack about 8 pm, she's been asleep now for a couple of hours. Wanna go to my place and get off?"

" mean jerk off together like teenagers?"

"Whatever works for you, it doesn't bother me a bit, it's kinda neat watching a hot guy jacking off. You wanna go to over to my house."

"Sure, it beats the hell out of sitting here talking about it. Let's go."

I was trying my best not to show the excitement that was building in me. He likes to watch guys jack off! At the very least I'll get a close up look at the fabled "Snake", with any luck at all I might get to stroke it a few times.

There was precious little room in my jeans for a hard-on, but I struggled along, finally getting everything adjusted and comfortable just as we turned onto Jake's street. We had walked the ten blocks or so to his house and went in through the kitchen door. He stopped at the fridge and got a couple of beers and led the way to his room. He said his Mom's room was on the other side of the house and we wouldn't wake her.

He went to his laptop and punched in a few keys and a porno movie with two guys and a girl came on the screen. Right away I noticed that the guy who was fucking the blonde girl was sucking his buddy's cock while he fucked her. I was bone hard in seconds.

"Pretty hot, huh?"

"Damn! Yeah...that's hot alright." I stammered.

I saw that Jake was unbuttoning his Levis and he looked over to me and said.

"Get comfortable David. You mind me getting naked? I need the room when I watch this."

I gave out a sort of nervous laugh.

"Uh...from what I remember of you in the locker rooms at school, you'll need a lot of room once that thing starts growing!"

"C'mon Dave, drop trou and let me see what you have there."

I undid the buttons on my jeans and pushed them off my hips then let them fall to the floor, I looked over at Jake just in time to see 'The Snake' spring free from the confinement of his undershorts. Long, hard and fat, the 'Snake' exceeded all my fantasy expectations I had conjured over the years. That's one big cock. I was entranced, I couldn't take my eyes away from it. When I stepped backwards toward the bed while my eyes were still glued to Jake's big cock, I didn't remember to step out of my Jeans and nearly fell, Jake was on his feet and caught me before I hit the floor.

Everywhere our naked bodies touched was like fire against my skin, when I felt his hard cock against my thigh and I thought I was going to ejaculate right then. I backed up to the bed, never taking my eyes off of Jake's cock. When I sat on the bed my hand automatically went to my cock and I stroked it slowly.

Jake seemed to be as interested in my cock as I was his. When he saw the clear pearl of pre cum slide down my corona he moaned aloud.

"Oh fuck...what a beauty...please don't freak out David...but I have to do this. I just gotta have it!"

Jake leaned over and licked the new clear pearl of pre cum, he moaned as I gasped in surprise. Jake got on his knees in front of me on the bed. He took my cock and pulled it down to the level of his mouth and lips, he ran his lips and tongue over every inch of it, making love to my cock then finally sucking both testicles into his mouth. Looking up into my eyes he reared back and pulled hard on my ball sac. I was completely in his power, he could do whatever he wished, he took all of my throbbing cock into his mouth and throat, bobbing and sucking until his nose was pressed against my trimmed bush.

Something in me clicked at that moment, I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but right then, I felt an exquisite rush of emotion and feelings for Jacob. I fell back onto the bed and pulled Jake up with me. We lay facing each other and we kissed tenderly and deeply, again I was surprised by the feelings and emotion Jake was evoking in me.

In all the sexual encounters I've experienced I never once felt any sort of emotional bond or tie with my partner of the moment, it had always been about me getting my rock off, not so with Jacob Asher, he moved me nearly to tears with his sweet, gentle kisses and his loving caresses. So different than all the other times that had been just rough, raw, lust. Most times with strangers or a passing acquaintance.

Jake Asher was making love to me, and the difference between sex and what we are doing is like night and day. The feelings that coursed through me as we kissed, our bodies pressed together, touching from our lips to our toes was the most sensuous feeling of my life. I never wanted this to end.

Our erections throbbed between us, each pulled up pointing to our chests, with our crotches pressed against each other, the 'snake' extended a bit above my navel. I moved my hand between us, my fingers wouldn't meet as I grasped his big cock. I managed to scoot back more onto the bed and asked him to turn so that we were in a 69 position. On my first try I got about a third of him in my mouth, after gagging a couple of times I managed to relax enough that all of him finally went down my throat.

Quickly, I started swallowing motions that milked his cock and made him grab up fistfuls of the bedding as he gasped and bucked deeper into me.

I felt his hand on my head, never really pushing me down onto his cock, but just a connection between us that let me know he really liked what I was doing. Jake pulled off my cock and cried out...

"I'm cumming David...jeezus, no one's ever done that...suck it all down then milk it...OH it comes OH, DAVID! OHMIGOD!


I pulled back enough that I could taste his semen, his has a sweet taste and there sure was a lot of it. I swallowed all I could manage and while he was recuperating, I licked up the bits that were missed. I knew my throat would be sore for a couple of days but I got all of him, I conquered 'the snake.' It lay across his thigh now, a spent and very limp serpent.

When our breathing calmed a bit, Jake turned and we lay facing each other. He smiled and leaned in to give me a most tender, kiss. Our tongues gently touching and caressing, him making little nibbles on my lower lip.

"Thanks David, that was wonderful. I've never had anyone take all of me like that before, you're totally amazing. You've already spoiled me for anyone else."

"Well once it's ready to go again I do want to try getting it up my butt. I want your cock in me Jake. I've dreamed about your big cock since we were in the showers at school after practice. It's big and it's pretty Jake, I want every bit of it inside me."

We both dozed off, with Jake spooning up against my back and his lips kissing my neck and nuzzling against my ear. I woke and glanced over at the bedside clock and freaked when I saw that it was almost 6 am. My folks would be up in just a few minutes, I explained to Jake as I dressed and he went with me to the door, I was almost down the kitchen steps when I turned and rushed to him to give him a quick kiss.

"I'll come by your store after work, we gotta do this again Jake. I don't want this to be just a one time thing, I still want you inside me."

He hugged me and I ran off toward my house. I hated this part, all I really wanted to do was go back to bed with him and cuddle up, tears brimmed in my eyes just thinking about him.

The End


Bill Hudley


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