First let me lay the ground work for my story, My name is Steve, Im now 19 years old and I want to relate to you the most awesome day of my life.

This story starts with my Mom leaving me and my Dad, when I was about nine years old. I haven't seen or heard from her since. For a long time I grieved and longed and really missed her, but I grew accustomed to not having her around. I got adjusted to it being just me and the most awesome Dad a person could have.

I must say that my realtionship with my Dad has been awesome. I can't remember a time that I was ever in need of anything. He was a hard working construction worker, strong as an ox, and as I grew older I realized my Dad was as handsome as he could be, well built, good looking, just alround awesome.

I never gave any thought to the fact that every so often Dad would have guys over and they would spend the night with him and as I reached puberty and began to discover myself sexually, I realized that my my Dad was having these guys spend the night and sleep in his bed with him.

This was something that had happened almost as long as I could remember, and I never gave it a second thought.

I remember this one younger guy, I would guess that Larry was about five or six years younger than Dad, he would come over and fix supper, he was a fantastic cook, so friendly and very loving and affectionate, and I didn't give it any concern, but he was very loving and affectionate to my Father, but I just thought it was the way things were suppose to be.

Well I guess I was about eleven when I discovered the pleasures of rubbing my penis, and makeing that fantastic feeling that comes with stroking it back and forth and doing it continually untill it tickled so much I couldn't stand to touch the head of my dick, but I loved it. the more I did it the more I loved to do it.

Well I guess I was about fifteen years old when this one evening I had already in bed almost an hour, I had forgotten that I needed to talk to my Dad about something, I don't even remember what it was about now, but I went back down to the family room.

Dad had just taken a shower and was almost naked except for his boxer briefs. I quietly walked up behind him and he didn't realize I was there.

I noticed something very erotic, and sexually stimulating. I saw what was on the television, it was a all male video, there were two guys and one had a cock the size of a horse and he was fucking this other guy in the asshole, I didn't know that guys did that, I just knew that if felt so good to rub your dick and make that white stuff come out.

I got up closer to my Dad, and I saw he had his balls and cock hanging out of his boxer briefs thru the slit in the front, and had a boner the size of a small log, Damn my Dad had a big cock.

For some reason when I saw Dads hard cock, and stood there trying not to make a sound, I was watching my Father stroke his cock just like I do, I was not only amazed at what I was watching, I was getting so aroused that I couldn't help but reach down and rub my own hardon thru my briefs.

As I Stood there rubbing my own cock, I didn't know which was turning me on more, Watcing my Dad enjoy himself working his gorgeous cock over with his right hand, or watching the video on the screen.

I just stood there as quietly as possible and watched this event unfold, and I heard my Dad start to breath rapidly and moan a little, I watched as his hand started going faster and harder on his cock, he had his left hand under his nuts rubbing and pulling them, then he leaned his head back and he had his eyes closed as he just Said, 'Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck,' and I saw a stream of beautiful white thick, creamy cum shoot almost four feet into the air, and land all over his lap, the arm of the couch, his chest, god he came like a horse, it looked like there was half a cup of cum all over the place, I shot a load almost the same time in my briefs, I was so friggen excited, damn that was the most intensely exciting cum I had ever felt, my body finished jerking from the climax. I stepped back and finished up with my hand in my briefs and went back up the stairs,(Our house is a split level) and I changed into a clean pair of briefs, without cum in them, and went back down just as Dad finished wiping the cum off everthing, I noticed his still half hard cock inside his boxer briefs.

I must say Dad looked happy and content, and said, 'Yeah Steve Hows my boy tonight, you doing alright,' I just smiled and said, 'Sure Dad, just like you, totally happy.'

Dad just raised his eyebrow and said, 'Well o.k. then. Whats up?'

I asked him about my school pictures, which is what I had originally wanted to ask him about in the first place.

Well the months rolled on and the years and During those years I began to find out more about my Dad.

On Friday night there was a Dance at school, and I went with a friend, for some reason I wasn't interested in Girls and I thought it was probably just a phase.

I didn't really enjoy the Dance and I left early and went home. When I got to the house, I remembered that I had told my Dad I would be late getting home, the dance was over at twelve.

I walked into the back door thru the garage, and I saw a buddy of Dad's little honda Civic, parked in our driveway, and I walked in thinking they would be in the family room watching T.V. or something.

I noticed that there was no one up in the house.

I walked up the small flight of stairs and heard some sounds coming from Dads bedroom, the door was cracked just a little, and I walked up to the door, I peeked in and saw my Dad on his knees doing to Larry, the guy from Dads work, the same thing I had seen that guy doing on that video Dad was watching, My dad was fucking him in his asshole and They were both acting like they really liking what they were doing.

All I know that watching my Dad fuck some guy in the ass was so fucking exciting to me I got a aching boner and had to pull it out and start stroking, God it was so exciting.

It took me about five minutes to shoot cum all over the floor.

I heard my Dad grunt and growl really loudly, and ram that cock into his asshole deep and I guess he unloaded his load of cum, all I could think about was all that cum I had seen My Dad shoot out that night on the couch, And I knew Larry was getting all the cream up his ass, The thought was awesome.

Well my eighteenth birthday finally came, and My Dad told me that morning that he was taking me out for the time of my life that night. I was really excited, he wouldn't tell me what he had planned.

Well all day long all I could think of was that, whatever Dad had planned and I couldn't wait for the evening.

Well Dad finally got home from work that night, smiled and said your in for a big surprise.

I had already gotten showered earlier and Dad took a shower and asked me to come into the bathroom and said, I need to talk to you son.

'O.K Dad, shoot.'

Well son I know you have always wondered why I never went out with woman, truth is I'm gay, I hope that don't shock you, do you remember that night you came home and watched me jerk off while watching that video, I knew you were there, and I wanted to let you watch me, I wanted you to know that I was gay, and then the one night you came home early from that dance I had seen you out of the corner of my eye standing by the door of the bedroom, as I fucked Larry in the ass. Well, I had planned to be done by the time you got home, but it worked out differently that night, but I was glad it did.

'I was wishing you had come to ask me about it, but you never did.'

Do you have any questions about me being gay or sex or anything I can tell you about?'

'Well yeah there is, just how does that feel, you know getting your cock sucked and fucking some guy in the ass?'

'Well we'll get to that this evening, lets go have supper now.'

We went out to a nice restaurant and he bought the most awesome Dinner for me, the stupid waiters sang that stupid Happy Birthday song around the table, made me blush and then Dad looked at me and smiled, 'Steve, I love you more than anything in the world, I hope you know that son, and There is nothing I wouldn't do for you.'

'I know that Dad, and I love you too.'

'Well lets go, its time for your initiation.'

'Initiation, What do you mean?'

'Hey son, just be patient, we be there in a minute.'

We pulled into a mall parking lot and parked, got out, and went in.

There on the lower level was a 'Dr. Jay's Adult bookstore and novelty shop.'

We went in, the guy behind the counter just said, 'I need to see his I.D.'

I took my drivers liscence out and showed him.

He let me pass thru, and I notice a new world of books, videos, C.D.'S, and adult toys of all sorts.

I was mezmerized, I noticed this one young guy, god he was gorgeous, standing along the wall looking at some books and he was eyeing me, I smiled and nodded not knowing that was like making a contact.

I followed my dad, and we went to the counter and got some tokens and went in the darker area called the adult rooms.

I walked behind my dad and we went into this area where there were little booths with seats inside and rolls of toilet paper and a trash can. There was a little video player and we put about two dollars worth of tokens into this player and then it came on and there was a gay video of some guy getting his cock sucked, Dad looked at me and smiled and said, 'You want to try that?' it is awesome feeling, 'Yeah that would be great,'

'well son have you ever had a blowjob before? you now with some of your friends or someone else?'

'No Dad, I've only jerked off with my hand,'

Dad smiled and said 'Well son just wait a few minutes. I noticed my Dad was pulling his cock out and then taking down his trousers. He said,'Go ahead Steve, drop your trousers and join in the fun.'

I dropped my trousers and briefs, Dad bragged at the size of my cock, I guess I must have grown, because now my cock was a little thicker now than Dads, his was just a little longer but I was definately thicker.

Dad, looked at my cock and said, 'Damn Son, your looking good there.'

I noticed there was this guy putting his fingers thru this round hole in the wall, Dad smiled at me and said, 'Go ahead son, Happy eighteenth birthday.' I said, 'Really Dad, show me what to do.' May Dad walked over and put his uncut cock thru that hole and I heard him let out a gasp as he gripped the top of that wall with his hands, I watched his ass as it moved lightly back and forth, and listened to the sound of slurping and sucking. I was getting so fucking hot from this experience that I didn't think I would make it long enough to get sucked off.

After about ten minutes I heard my Dad, start breathing really hard, and moaning and just started this jerking movement, and I realized that he was shooting his load.

He stood there for a few seconds and I watched as his hard, reddened, slick looking wet cock pulled back thru. He looked up at me and smiled and said,'Fuck son this guys good, very good. Go ahead it's your turn.'

I walked up to that hole and stuck my hardon thru, and I felt the most awesome feeling thing of my young life, I wanted to explode. This guy started taking my cock to the pubic hair, I was sticking my cock as far thru that hole as I could get it, Nothing, I repeat Nothing I had ever had, had felt like that suck job that day, what a fucking awesome birthday gift.

I felt this guy take me to the precipice of eternity and bring me back and he would take me back up and then let me back down, and after about ten minutes of this almost edging experience, I felt the cum shot building up.

I started grunting and I felt my Dad's finger under my ass, rubbing, and he took his finger and wet it with his saliva, and slid about an inch of his forefinger up my asshole and My god, I exploded, my cock unloaded the most intense cum shot of my life, I heard the guy thru the wall as he gagged from it all.

I was totally wasted after that shot, god was I done in.

I finally came down from my sexual high, and I pulled it back thru, I flopped down on this chair and looked up at my Dad, he was smiling.

'Well how did you like it son? Happy Birthday.'

I just sat there and caught my breath, 'Hey son the gay experience is not over, sex it a two way street. I looked over at the wall and there was a big thick gogeous uncut cock, sticking thru the hole.

'Well son there it is, your first cock to suck off.'

I got up and said, 'O.K. I want to try it all, and I took this thick cock into my mouth, I was totally surprised, it was awesome. I loved it.

I worked at his cock and all my Dad said to me as I sucked this cock was 'watch the teeth, that ruins it for a dude.'

I felt that cock start to thicken up and grow bigger as this guy started grunting and he unloaded this musty, salty, sweet, almost a bleachy taste, but for some reason I liked it.

I had taken my first load of cum and I was hooked.

Dad smiled and said, 'next time will be the anal sex experience.'

We got our trousers back up and when we went out of this video booth.

I watched the door of the other booth and out walked that gorgeous looking dude I had seen before against the wall, as we stood out in the store part, That young man, walked over and handed me a business card, on the back of the card was a cell phone number and a name 'just ask for Lenny,', This was the most awesome Birthday I have ever had, I learned new things that day, and by the way, I did call that number about a week later, and we met that next friday night and spent the night in a motel, god fucking is fenominal, but thats another story.



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