Colt was well into his late 30's around 5'9 a good 160 with brown eyes and beard with a hairy body as well. He alway had a fantasy about making it with a Mature Daddy Bear type, Someone around Early 50's with a nice build and personality. Colt just got over a very bad relationship that last over 15 years from a very uptight emotional women. It was on a late summer day when Colt fantasy finally came true.

He was camping in the Rocky Mountains about 4 hours north of the city of Vancouver, Canada.The time was late afternoon as Colt had just got off his bike when a man in a camper van pull in close to where he was park for the night. " Hello dude my name is Arn " As the burley man approach him, "Hi I am Colt " He told Arn before they shook each other hands. The 2 of them seems to be very happy with each other after many beers they both drank. The time was well after 6 pm when Arn ask Colt if he was interested in staying and camping with him for the night. It was a good hour before Colt told Arn how he really feels about him before he ask him if he would fuck his Virgin hole. You can see that Arn was 100% Colt type he was around  52 years old a solid 220 about 6 "1 blue eyes, nice blonde trim beard and a very hairy body. He told Colt that he just retire from teaching and coaching High School football for well over 30 years plus. Arn then told Colt about his personal life and agree with Colt that it would be nice to fuck a man once again.

The rain started to come down hard by now before Colt went over to put a cover on his bike for the night, The beers were going down real good as the temp. outside started to get very humid from the rain.  " Fuck it hot Colt " Came from Arn voice as he was getting some more beers out along with the bottle of Rush Poppers. Arn then told Colt what poppers are use for and it well make him feel great when he was fucking his tight virgin hole. 

The time was just after 10 pm when they both undress each other and for Colt to get fuck for the very first time. You can see Colt was all excited when Arn started to undress himself as he was standing in front of him now in his light powder Blue Hanes Briefs with his sweaty hairy chest along with his hard nibbles all erected. Colt then got all undress as Arn stared to pour massaged oil all over his hairy body and then his.

Arn began now to pull his nice 8 inch semi hard cock through the hole in front of the underwear,He then pull Colt legs over his sweaty hairy chest and spit his saliva over his cock. He took a good snort of poppers before he pass the bottle to Colt to take. You can see Colt eyes closed as Arn told Colt to hang onto his underwear waist band very tight. You can now hear Arn took a huge gasp of excited has his hard cock started to go up Colt tight hairy hole. " Fuck it hurts Colt scream out as Arn began to fuck him real good. Arn then reach over and grab the poppers once again for them both to take. It took about a good 5 minutes when Colt was all relax and feeling know pain as Arn was fucking his Virgin hole in full throttle as his huge balls were slapping against Colt hairy ass hole.

" My God " Colt started to scream as Arn began to fuck him much faster and harder, You can see them both cover with buckets of Arn sweat that was pouring out of his body, " Fuck I am close dude" Arn scream out has Colt hang on evan tighter to Arn underwear, It was about a minutes later that Arn Scream out that he was going to shoot his load off. Arn then pull out of Colt ass real fast and started to shoot his hot load off has it flung and  it hit Colt face and hairy chest. " My God that was fuck great dude" Came from Arn voice as he watch Colt wipe off all of his cum from his chest and face with a towel. " My God Arn " That was fuck'n hot dude before he started to suck the rest of Arn hot cum of his semi erected dick.

It was around 7 am in the morning as Colt good up and wet for a piss before he went back into the Van to seen if Arn was up. He then began to watch Arn rub his bulge a few time before he went over to give him a blow job. They both took a few more shot of poppers as they begin to 69 each other for a good 10 mins or more. Colt then began to suck Arn huge cock as Arn pre cum started to pour out of his cock hole. " Fuck, Fuck " Arn scream once again has his cock flung out 2 huge loads at once all down Colt throat and the next load all over his nice Bear Cub lips. They both got up to get clean up down at the river close to wear they were both park for the night. Arn made them both coffee with  some nice bacon, eggs, and bread before they both decided to head on down the road.

Colt began to watch Arn  put on a fresh pair of Black briefs UnderArmour underwear along with a muscle spandex T-shirt that match his briefs. Arn then went over to the chair to grab his cut off torn crotch blue jeans shorts and slowly put them on as Colt eyes were all full of hot passion once again. They both shook hand as Colt got on his bike and drove of down the dirt road close to the main highway.




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