I don't want to sound like I am vain, but I am a fantastically gorgeous individual. I have a very nicely symmetrical face with dazzling green eyes and a killer smile. I can give these smoldering looks that make people melt or flash my pearly whites and watch them stare like a deer in headlights. I've worked out ridiculously so that I might maintain a perfectly toned body. I'm not extremely muscular like a body builder, but I have decent sized pectorals and of course I try to maintain my six pack.

At a very early age I discovered that I was in fact quite a bit more attractive than everyone else in my class. It was early in the game, and I had dated nearly every cute girl in the junior high. There was one girl in particular whose name was Maggie Quinn. Maggie was very taken with my body and she loved making out with me. She was the first girl to let her hand wander down over my body and touch my dick through my pants. I was only fourteen at the time and I had never had sex. I was overwhelmed by the feel and tried very hard not to cum right there in my pants. Maggie was kind of a slut and would remain that way through high school until she was knocked up.

Anyway, I didn't realize that my body was not the only extraordinary thing about me until that night. Maggie decided to treat me with a blow job, but as my dick grew harder and harder in my pants, she realized that it continued to grow. She looked at me in amazement, and I didn't know what else to do, but flash my cute innocent grin. Finally, she had to take a look at it, to feel the weight of it in her hands. She pulled it out and her eyes got really big. I loved when she took it into her mouth. It was so hot and wet and despite her young age, she had some experience.

After that night, I continued to fool around with any and every girl I could get my hands on, and I would get their mouths on my cock whenever I could too. Maggie was also the first to ride my big dick. She came back to me when we were seventeen and drunk and foolish at a party. She begged to see my big dick again, because she had never had one nearly as big as mine. I laughed and started making out with her. One thing led to another and soon I was squeezing my big fat dick into her tight pussy. Well, she was kind of loose compared to most girls her age, and I was happy to stretch her a little more.

It was later that same year when I got my first job at an office. It was a decent job; mostly I filed papers and ran errands for my boss. My boss was a real ass hole, named Randy Durbin. He had dark hair and a fuzzy rarely trimmed face. He was an ass to all of his employees, but I could tell he took a particular interest in torturing me, so I tried to keep as far away as possible. Mostly, I focused my time with Sarah Snell in accounting. She had the nicest rack I'd ever seen in all my adolescent years. She was also an incredibly dumb blond who talked dirty and would go into great detail about her sexual escapades.

One night at an office party, Sarah was quite drunk and I had partaken in the fun despite being under age. The two of use had scampered away into the stock room so we could chat in private. Sarah was laughing about her current boyfriend's tiny penis and for whatever reason I blurted that I had a large dick. It had to be the alcohol talking, or maybe pride. Sarah just laughed, but then she got this quizzical look, like how big? I assured her it was bigger than most. Then I amazed even myself when I kissed Sarah, a woman nearly 10 years older than me. I didn't just kiss her either, I started ramming my tongue into her mouth and really kissing her with everything I had.

She stiffened and seemed ready to shove me away, but then she started kissing back. She wanted my hot young body, and I was getting more and more ready to give her whatever she desired. My tight pants were bulging as my cock grew harder and harder. She parted lips and looked down at the massive bulge with a sly smile.

"This is fucked up," she giggled.

"You want to see it though, don't you?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she put my hand to her massive breasts and I started unzipping the fly to my pants. She moved my fingers into her warm mouth and started sucking on them. Out flopped my massive 10 inch cock and it lay between us slowly reaching its fully rigid state. It was so big around, that she could not close her hand around it as she wrapped her hand around it in disbelief. That's when the ass hole, Randy, walked in.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Randy demanded.

Sarah turned white, maybe even a greenish color. She stood up in alarm and then vomited all over a ream of paper. My dick was quickly growing soft at that site and I was able to quickly cram it back into my pants. Not of course before my boss had a clear understanding of what was taking place. He stood in the doorway, face knotted in pure disgust.

"Get the fuck out," he stated with deadly calm, "both of you."

Sarah wobbled on her feet as she started toward the door. On her way out, my boss caught her arm, "You are lucky it was me who walked in on this little lapse in judgment. He's a horny kid and these things are expected, but you should know better."

"I'm sorry, sir," Sarah offered quietly, near tears.

"Do you have a ride home?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," Sarah nodded.

"See that your ride takes you there."

Sarah made her escape from the room, and I was left with my boss shooting daggers at me with his intense brown eyes. It seemed like an eternity before he spoke another word. My mind ran on in a million different directions and I was worried what his response would be. Oddly enough the most predominant feeling in my mind was irritation. He had interrupted one of the hottest moments of my young life, and I was unhappy with that.

"Do you want to lose your job?" he finally asked.

"No," I stated meekly. I cleared my through and spoke with more confidence, "I'd rather not."

"When I hired you," he continued as he stepped into the room and closed the door, "I thought you had to be the most beautiful young man I had ever seen. I told myself at the time that it would be highly inappropriate for me to let on that I was in fact gay and very attracted to you. I like to think I maintain a professional working environment."

"You're attracted to..." my words made my mouth feel dry.

"Please don't interrupt me," he continued, "I've treated you like shit, so that there was no possibility of running into you and letting my imagination run free. That was of course, until I just laid eyes on the biggest dick I have ever seen. I propose something highly unethical and actually illegal. You can keep your job here, if you let me suck your dick just this once."

I stood there, my dick now completely flaccid and I was shaking in pure disgust at the very idea. I was also terrified of the idea that I might lose my job, but there were other jobs to be found. I didn't need to allow this man to terrorize me and intimidate me. He was right that his actions were illegal and I had every right to file a complaint against him with human resources. Despite all of these thoughts, I just stood there in appalled silence.

He took a step into the room, closing the gap between us. He took another and another. With each step I shuffled back a little until I was bumping into the wall behind me. I pushed myself against the wall as if I expected it to give way and allow me to pass out of my boss' reach. His hand found my face and started caressing my smooth cheek.

"God, you're beautiful," he whispered to me. I didn't know what to do. My lips parted a bit as I fought to draw breath, and he leaned forward to kiss my slightly parted lips. I felt his scruffy face rubbing against my own and I felt his lips sucking on my own. He pulled back and looked into my eyes, inches from my face.

"I...can't" I finally managed.

"Are you sure?" he asked, "I think you'd like it."

He kissed me again and this time he put his hand on my chest feeling the firm pecs through my shirt. I had to admit that he was good at kissing, but I was terrified by the way he was making me feel. I didn't want to enjoy his kiss and I wanted him to stop. We parted lips again and he loosened the tie around his neck and unbuttoned the top button of his light purple dress shirt. His dark chest hair showed on his newly exposed skin.

"Please, don't do this," I whispered. With that he grabbed my dick with his hand and started massaging it through my pants. To my great shame it started to grow and stiffen at his touch. I could not believe it kept getting harder and harder. I even tried to close my eyes and think of terrible memories of breaking my arm and seeing the bone protruding from my skin and I thought of the mold that manages to grow in the shower. Then he kissed me again while my eyes were closed, and my mind instantly flashed back to my incredible time with Maggie Quinn.

The face kissing me was rougher and scratchier than my time with Maggie, but as the tongue found its way over my tongue it all seemed to same. I kept my eyes closed and allowed the wonderful sensations of another person's hand on my cock wash through my body. I started to get goose bumps all over my skin as I felt the hand suddenly push its way down into my pants. It stroked my fat cock with such strength and I started thrusting my hip towards that eager hand. I stopped thinking with my mind and started thinking with my erect cock.

I heard my zipper and for the second time that night, my fat cock came pouring out of my pants and into another person's waiting hand. They could almost reach all the way around it, but not quite, and they used both hands to start stroking it. I could sense that those hands were pleased by how big and thick my cock was. We started kissing more passionately and I found myself grabbing hold of the other person and drawing them into me. In the back of my mind, I knew it was another man, but with my eyes closed all I felt was pleasure.

Briefly, the hands released my fat dick in order to strip my shirt from my body. I raised my hands and allowed them to expose my chiseled torso. They immediately set to work on kissing and worshiping my amazing body, while the hands started stroking my cock again. I made thrusting motions into those eager hands and I moaned as their lips and teeth ran over my hardening nipples. The wet mouth licked and sucked my nipple making me shiver with lust. The lips met my lips again and we kissed passionately, before they returned to sucking on my other nipple.

They licked from my navel over my six pack and between my pecs, I leaned my face down and our lips met at the top. Their tongue plunging into my mouth and I thought I could just taste my sweat on their tongue. I was starting to perspire in the stuffy stock room. Once more they kissed all the way down my body and then in one gagging maneuver stuffed my big cock into their mouth. My eyes popped open and for the first time I was looking down at my boss stuffing my big cock into his mouth.

My eyes were wide at the intense feeling on my cock as he rubbed his tongue all over the head and started sucking hard as he pulled back off of it. I was struck for the first time by how handsome he really was. His brown eyes were looking up over my hot young body and his fuzzy cheeks were working hard to suck my fat cock. At some point his own dress shirt had come unbuttoned and I was surprised to see just how well built Randy was. His chest had a diamond shaped pattern of hair and then another line of hair ran down below his navel and disappeared into his pants. His abs were not as defined as my own, but he did well to maintain his flat stomach and bulging pecs.

He went back down on my dick, trying hard to take as much as he could. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he was giving the best blow job I'd ever had. I started to lose all thoughts about this being another man, and instead I just wanted to feel every sensation I could on my big 10 inch cock as I shoved it into his throat. I grabbed the back of his head and helped pull him down onto it.

"Oh, yea, suck it," I groaned as he worked my fat dick. I thrust my hips forward and felt my cock head ram the back of his gagging throat. He came off of my dick with a cough and a sputter.

"Damn," he smiled up at me, "It's so fucking big."

"Isn't that what you wanted? So shut up and suck it," I growled back as I lined my big dick up with his mouth and shoved it back in. He renewed his efforts and started sucking harder and faster than before. I knew his cheeks had to be hurting from the work he was doing, but I didn't want him to let up on that big dick. I wanted him to suck it forever. I threw my head back and moaned with intense satisfaction.

"Oh fuck, suck that shit," I pulled his head down again and again on my cock. He couldn't take the whole thing, but I loved the feel of it hitting the back of his throat and his wet saliva dripping down my balls. I was never happier that I had been born with such a big fucking dick. It was a key that unlocked so many tight holes.

"I want to ride you," he stated as he came off my big dick. Tight hole, unlocked.

I grabbed my pants and pulled the rubber out of my wallet. Meanwhile he stripped his pants off of his hairy legs and allowed his own erect 6 inch dick to wave back and forth. I was again reminded that I was allowing a man to be all over my dick, but I was also happy that I was making him so hard. The fact that he was turned on by my big dick made me so much hornier. While I fit the large rubber over my cock, he spit into his hand and started fingering his ass. He turned around for me to see, and I was pleased by his nice round muscular bubble butt. His crack had a nice layer of fur sticking out and I could see his two spit soaked fingers plunging in and out of his pink hole.

I smacked his ass with some force and he let out a joyful yelp. I laid myself back on the ground and my 10 inch dick towered over my body. I spit on my own hand and started jacking myself off while he loosened his ass hole.

"You're such a fucking monster," he grinned down at me, "I can't wait to have it inside me."

"Then get on it," I said, thrusting my hands down over my shaft and making the cock head swell to its fattest. He eagerly moved over me and started lowering himself down onto my big dick. With his back turned toward me, I could see it penetrate his hole. It was the tightest hole I had ever experienced. I bit my lower lip as the sensitive cock head was pushed through his tight pink hole. We both seemed to sigh with a little relief when the fat head of my cock finally penetrated him. Then my shaft slid easier into his ass as he lowered down.

Inch by inch he took my dick as he rode it up and down. He struggled for a while, moving slowly while he tried to take the entire cock into his ass. My cock head was screaming with the intense pleasure of his tight ass and I was grunting every time he lowered himself further.

"Oh, fuck yes!!" He exclaimed when at last he allowed his whole body weight to shove him all the way down on my monster cock. I felt my hips flex and force it as deep inside as I could. It was so hot and tight inside of his incredible ass hole. I wanted to leave it buried all the way inside. Then he rose up and slammed back down on top of it again and I realized that felt even better. He repeated it over and over again; ramming himself down on top of my big cock with all his weight causing our flesh to slap together.

After a while he rolled back and placed his hands on either side of my body. His ass rose up a bit and I knew instantly what he wanted. I started thrusting my big cock up inside of his open ass. At the top of each thrust he let out a cry of pleasure and maybe pain, but he had brought this on himself. His ass was mine now to fuck as I saw fit. I let him have it harder and harder. I fucked him relentlessly and without the slightest hesitation. I wanted to fuck until I came everywhere.

"Oh, my God, you're amazing," he panted breathlessly as I fucked him. He was stroking his own erect dick furiously as I rammed my cock inside him.

"This is what you get, you sick gay fucker," I grunted as I fucked him with such intensity. I grabbed his hips and pulled him down while I pulled myself up into his tight hole. I loved the sensation of my monster cock filling his hole so completely. Suddenly, every muscle in his rectum seemed to seize and tighten to even greater degrees. I was shocked by the sensation, but I knew instantly what was happening.

On top of me, Randy was crying out louder than ever before as he dumped load after load of cum all over his own stomach. The force of my big cock ramming against his prostate caused the hot load to explode out all the way up to his hairy chest. I bit my lip again and struggled to keep thrusting my cock inside of his spasming rectum.

"Don't fucking stop," Randy urged, "fuck me 'til you have to cum,"

I didn't need him to tell me, I had no intention of stopping. I just continued to force myself inside despite the intense tightness around my huge cock. I felt myself roaring and grunting with the effort as I fucked madly on the verge of cumming. I wanted to let my big cock unleash its delicious spray of hot cum all over. I wanted my cum all over the bitch on top of me.

"Get off me, I'm going to cum," I moaned as I pushed up on Randy's ass. I forced him down as I pulled the rubber off my throbbing hard cock. I immediately started pumping the immense shaft with my right hand, while feeling my balls with my left hand. With my cock over his chest, aimed at his face I started spurting loads of hot cum all over him. The sticky white ropes of cum globed onto his prickly bearded face and over his neck. Then another hot load splattered his chin and his hairy chest. Again my cock leaked cum down over my hand and my shaft, dripping all over his body as I stroked my cock. My whole body twitched and writhed from the intense satisfaction of my ejaculation.

"Fuck, that was more amazing than I ever imagined," Randy smiled up at me.

"Well, remember that feeling, because this is that last time this will ever fucking happen," I swore not only to him, but to myself as well.



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