Every once in a while all of the stars align and a perfect human specimen is created; the perfect mix of hot muscle stud, intelligence, smooth-talk, and of course a big dick. I am one of those perfect individuals and my piercing green eyes and smolderingly good looks only make me more irresistible. I loved giving others the opportunity to please my big dick. Every girl wanted me, but many knew they couldn't handle me. I had nearly scored with a smoking hot girl, nearly 10 years older than me, when I was only seventeen but we were interrupted. It was that night that changed me; I missed the bus to 'cougar' town and instead ended up on a one way trip to hairy-ass-ville.

After fucking my ass hole boss, Randy, I found myself unable to jerk off without thinking about his mouth on my dick. I could hardly get wood when I was making out with a girl and my normal porn sites just were not doing anything for me. I had crossed a line. In a way, I had lost my mojo. For nearly a week after fucking my boss, I moped about, wanting to cum so bad but unable to find that spark of passion. Every girl I met was boring to me and I didn't know what to do to bring back that feeling.

I'd finally decided that I knew what I needed. I realized that Randy's ass had felt much tighter than any pussy I had ever experienced and his blow job was far better than any girl my age, but that was irrelevant. It was anal sex. It was new and exciting. That was what I needed to pull myself out of my sexless pit of despair. I decided to 'accidentally' bump into Maggie Quinn in the halls at school. She was one of the sexiest and kinkiest girls at our school. She had given me my first blow job and was the first to take my big dick. Maybe, I could convince her to partake in some other unique experiences.

In the halls, I was chatting with my best friend, Scott Ransom, about his most recent relationship problems. His girlfriend, Katie, who I found to be a religious nut job, was so virtuous she might one day become a nun. Scott was tired of discussing their mutual feelings and watching sappy romantic comedies while I was off having fun with any and every girl I wanted.

"Just break up with her," I said for the thousandth time as I scanned the growing crowd for Maggie.

"Do you know how guilty she makes me feel though? Every time I approach the subject she does something incredibly sweet and innocent, I just can't break her heart like that," Scott pondered.

"Of course she makes you feel guilty," I chided, "she's religious. It's sort of what they do."

"Her religion has nothing to do with it," Scott defended.

"Oh, so she closes her legs to you because she doesn't enjoy people touching her special place, not because her religion forbids premarital sex. Or maybe, she's just not attracted to you."

"That can't be," Scott frowned, "I'm good looking. Aren't I good looking?"

"I was being sarcastic," I smiled at him, "but no, you're butt ugly."

"Ha, ha."

Then I saw her coming out of a classroom with her long curly sandy brown hair. It was almost like watching a runway model. I felt a stir in my pants as I remembered that this gorgeous, naughty girl was my first. She would definitely be the cure to my problems.

"Sorry, Scott," I said as I pulled my backpack on tighter, "I've gotta run."

"Yea, whatever," Scott lightly punched my arm, "thanks for nothing, as usual."

"I already told you, break up with her," I said over my shoulder as I made my way through the crowd of other students. Everyone was off to lunch in the opposite direction in which I was trying to travel. This cute blond sophomore placed her hand on my abs as she passed by. I glanced at her briefly and remember her mouth around my dick the year before, but I couldn't quite place her name. She gave me a knowing smile before moving along. Clearly, I had made an impression. I turned from the blond and there she was, Maggie Quinn.

"Hey, *****, don't normally see you around lately," Maggie giggled as she twirled a strand of her curly brown hair.

"I know, I stay busy," I started, "what do you say we catch up later tonight?"

"Not tonight," Maggie stated, "I've got a project to finish. How about tomorrow?"

"I'll pick you up after I'm out of work, let's say around seven?"

She laid her hand on my chest and gave me a nice seductive kiss on my lips, "It's a date," she whispered and I could taste the bubblegum flavor of her lip gloss. I smiled to myself as I watched her hot little ass walk away. Then I stood in the hall realizing that tomorrow was a long time to wait. I was horny now.


The day came and went faster than I expected. Especially, when my history teacher assigned a pop quiz and I was forced to study all of the material I had not read yet. It's much easier to remember things when you learn them at the last minute. The problem is you forget everything after the quiz. All day long, as I sat in class I was fighting a growing boner. If my pants would constrict my dick in just the right way it would start to get hard. I'd not cum for a long time and I was in serious need of release. Getting lucky with Maggie was almost a sure thing, but I wasn't so sure she would give in to anal sex if that was what it would take to make me cum. I guess we would find out.

At work I ran into Sarah. She was quick to ignore me and move in the opposite direction. She had such wonderful boobs. Goodbye cougar town. I collected my stack of papers from the incoming documents tray and started sorting them. When I was done I filed all of the expense reports and forwarded all the pertinent documents to their corresponding sales associate. If you are bored in my explanation of my job, then it is an accurate summary. I was just about to leave for the day when Randy appeared in front of my desk.

"I'm staying late today," Randy stated, "we have a new client coming tomorrow. An old friend of mine. Actually more like a... what's that term people use? Oh, yes, a frenemy. Point is, you have an opportunity to advance your position here if you help me close this deal tomorrow. Interested?"

"I'm busy tonight," I responded coldly as I continued to pack up my belongings.

"That's ok, I'll get you caught up on everything you need to know tomorrow. I'm meeting the client, Ben Worthshaw, at Antonio's Italian Restaurant tomorrow night. Most people your age don't get job opportunities like this."

"I'll think about it," I said as I brushed passed him and left.

I was eager to get far from Randy and his propositions. The last time he proposed something I ended up with my dick inside of his hairy ass, and now I was going to go fix that wrong with my reliable Maggie Quinn. She was my final hope to make my cock finally pump out a white hot load again.

As eager as I was to get Maggie alone so that I could bang her brains out, I also have a reputation to maintain, so I bought her dinner first. We ate and then we shared a booth and started kissing. Then we started making out, her hand slid under the table and started stroking me through my pants. My cock was getting hard fast. Bingo! We have a winner! I was finally going to cum that night.

"Let's get out of here," I breathed to her. I noticed for the first time an older couple watching us with utter disdain from across the way. I was so horny and ready for action I didn't even think about the other patrons at the restaurant. Oh, well, they're probably just jealous.

Outside the restaurant, in my good old Pontiac Grand Am, Maggie eagerly started pulling the button open on my pants. My cock was so rock hard and ready to blow. I leaned down and we kissed again before she continued tearing her way into my pants. Finally, my big 10 inch cock sprang out of my jeans and she started gobbling it down. She didn't take very much of it before she gagged and had to pull it out some. She sucked the head nice and hard, but refused to take it much deeper. I found my hand pushing down on her head as I closed my eyes. In my mind I saw Randy. No!

Maggie came off my dick, "Stop pushing me down like that. I'll try to take more just give me time."

Maggie went back to work. I tried really hard to keep my hands to myself. She wasn't doing it quite right. "Maybe use your tongue more," I suggested.

She tried, but it just wasn't the same. I started to think about Randy again. Fuck! What did that gay freak do to me? I was just a teenager and thoughts about the same sex were normal. This would pass, and I would laugh about it later. Then again, he was so much better than anyone I'd ever had.

"What's wrong?" Maggie asked as she realized my dick was starting to go limp in her mouth and hand.

"I don't know," I said, "this may sound crazy, but have you ever considered anal sex?"

Maggie started cracking up laughing. At the sound of her laughter my dick really started to become flaccid. This was clearly not the response I was hoping for. "Where did that come from?"

"Just something, I'd like to try," I stated, "is that so wrong?"

"No," she smiled, "I just... well. We fuck and then you never call or talk to me. It's fine, because I like to fuck you, but that's a rather intimate and weird request for someone you barely know. I'm afraid it would hurt, especially at your size. That's a place no man has gone before."

"We can take it easy," I assure her, "I hear it feels amazing."

"Know a lot of people who have anal sex, do you?" she giggled.

This was getting awkward fast. My dick wasn't even hard any more. "Forget it."

"Oh, come on, baby," she put out her bottom lip and started rubbing my hot body, "We can still do other things. I'm just not sure about that yet."

"No," I frowned, "I'm not in the mood any more. I'll just take you home."

Maggie looked pissed, but finally sat up in her seat. I put my dick back in my pants and zipped it shut. Just when things started getting good, Randy had to fuck it up again. I drove Maggie home in an awkward silence and she slammed the car door as she left. Well, it seemed I had burned that bridge. For a while I sat there and then I started driving. I didn't really think about where I was going; I just let myself drive.

I looked at the familiar office building ahead of me. Randy's red Chevy Monte Carlo SS was still in the parking lot. I replayed his words in my mind, "I'm staying late tonight." He had come all the way over to tell me those words. It was like some sort of invitation. He really was the best I'd ever had. Pleasure was pleasure and right at that moment I was so fucking horny. My cock started to stiffen as I sat in my car thinking about his lips around it again. I got out of the car and went inside.

Randy looked up from his desk which was covered in paperwork. He was wearing a v-neck t-shirt that showed off a large amount of his chest hair. His body was muscular and fit. I'd not really noticed that before. He smiled at me and I felt my cock stiffen in my pants.

"Excited to see me?" Randy asked through his broad grin.

"What did you do to me?" I asked hysterically, "I can't get off for anyone. I just want to cum so bad."

He stood from his desk and walked around to stand in front of me. He placed a reassuring hand on each shoulder and then kissed my lips. I kissed him back. When we parted he said, "Let me help you."

I watched him drop to his knees, his hands sliding down over my body, as he started unfastening my pants I stripped my shirt off over my head. He was quick to free my 10 inch boner and it sprang out between us. His smile grew larger and then he licked the head of my cock teasingly.

"It's so fucking big," he said to me before taking the head of my cock into his mouth. His tongue did that swirl around my raging mushroom head and I started to leak precum into his mouth. He sucked on it harder, clearly enjoying the taste of my cock's delicious juices. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my cock in as far as he could take it. Again, I rammed my dick in and felt it squeeze in the back of his eager throat. I pulled my cock out so he could strip off his own shirt. His hot hairy chest was turning me on.

"Fuck my face some more, babe," he encouraged me as he whipped out his own dick and started stroking it. He didn't have to tell me twice. I grabbed his head and started ramming my big dick into his throat. He gagged and struggled, but he sucked it so well with every thrust. His saliva started slicking up my big cock as it rammed into the back of his throat. His hot, wet mouth felt better than anything I'd ever experienced before.

"Oh, fuck," I threw my head back, "take that fucking dick."

For a week I had gone without blowing a load, and now I finally had what I needed to send me over the edge. "I'm about to cum."

I pulled my dick out, thinking I would just come on his hairy chest or his scruffy face, but as my dick start shooting its first thick stream of cum he gobbled my dick down again and kept sucking. My body spasmed as I felt his hot mouth around my sensitive cock and I continued to erupt a week's worth of cum into his throat. He slurped it down, sucking on my cock the whole time, eager to get every drop. I cried out in pure delight as I finally felt that wonderful release that I'd needed so badly. When my cum finally stopped flowing like a leaky faucet, Randy pulled back and let me see the wad of cum still in his mouth. Impulsively, my lips were drawn to his and our tongues locked. I could taste my own cum and realized it was not that bad. Salty and slick on my tongue. It lubricated our tongues as they rolled over each other.

When our kiss finally ended, he pushed me back and set me down in the office chair. His own six inch dick hovered between us and he was stroking it vigorously as he looked me up and down. He grabbed my pectoral muscles and felt my nipples with his other hand. He stroked his dick harder and faster. I realized that I wanted him to cum. He had made me feel so good, it was only fair that he get to cum as well. I reached my hand out and started stroking his dick for him. He moved his hand and started thrusting the hard shaft of his cock into my hand as I stroked him. I startled even myself when I looked up at him and said, "I want you to cum."

"Yea," Randy smiled, "I wanna cum all over you."

"Give me that hot load," I started jerking his cock harder and faster as he thrust it towards me. Suddenly, I saw it gushing out and landing all over my exposed abdomen. The hot warm liquid running down towards my navel was pure bliss. I continued stroking his dick until his orgasm was finally complete. He used his fingers to wipe up some of the cum from my stomach and then licked his fingers clean. He scooped up another finger full of his hot sticky cream and started raising it towards his mouth, but then he paused.

I looked up at him, parted my lips, and took his entire finger into my mouth. Slowly, I sucked on his finger savoring the taste of his cum in my mouth. It was a new experience and I felt so alive. My heart was pounding as his finger finally left my mouth, wet, but no longer from the cum.

"You are so fucking sexy," he smiled down at me, "you better remember that feeling, because this is the last time this will ever fucking happen."

I laughed, "Someone is full of bull shit."



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